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    Let's all talk about every single Quincies that Ichigo fought against, and the result of their fight.

    1. Ichigo fought against Uryu, he almost crushed underneath his own reiatsu and needed Uryu to save his life. Winner: Uryu. 2. Ichigo fought against Quilge, result? He got imprisoned. Winner: Quilge. 3. Ichigo fought Yhwach, almost got decapitated and later on had his Bankai broken. Winner: Yhwach. 4. Ichigo fought against a group of nine Sternritters, and got bodied all over the place and needed Renji to save him. Winner: Sternritters. 5. Ichigo had a rematch against Uryu, the winner of the battle is Uryu, because Whorime showed up to save the day. Winner: Uryu. 6. Ichigo had a rematch against Yhwach, Yhwach blasted him away without even trying. Winner: Yhwach. 7. Ichigo fought against Uryu again, result? He fell off from the Soul King Palace. Winner: Uryu. 8. Ichigo tries to be a man and fight Askin, only to get poisoned. Winner: Askin. 9. Ichigo had another one-on-one bout against Yhwach with little assistance from Whorime, what happened you asked? Ichigo lost both his Hollow and Quincy powers, plus got his Bankai broken again. Winner: Yhwach. 10. Ichigo had his final fight against Yhwach with Yhwach at his strongest, result? Aizen's Kanzen Saimin and Uryu's plot arrow saved the day for the final killing blow. Winner: Yhwach.

    Note: I didn’t mention Shaz, because we don't know if that's actually Ichigo by himself or Ichigo allied up or someone else that knocked out Shaz, or what really happened to Shaz. So it's up to the spectators to decide.

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