• He made Bankai Version 1 Scarmask Ichigo Kurosaki (an opponent with Immense Spiritual Power) look like a child during their combat by easily shattering his hollow mask and took a point-blank Getsuga Tensho to the face with minor injuries while not taking the fight seriously. He even went as far as defeating Third Hogyoku Form Sosuke Aizen (an opponent with Immense Spiritual Power) by simply touching his chest and easily pierced his chest with his Bankai blade. Not to mention he is one of the Commander of Aizen's Arrancar Army, so technically, he would be stronger than everyone of the Espada. Grimmjow Jeagerjaquez (an opponent with Immense Spiritual Power) was brought down to his knees with Base Aizen merely releasing a friction of his power, Gin withstood the release of Third Hogyoku Form Aizen transforming into Fourth Hogyoku Form's Immense Spiritual Power without being dropped to his knees. How can someone with such feats be considered as Great Spiritual Power?

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