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    Lately, I've been thinking lot about about Soul King and the rest of gods in Bleach Universe and some things about them are a bit beyond me. Due to this, I wish to share my theories with you guys.

    1. Yhwach is not human

    Yes, yes, I know, he is a Quincy. And so what? Ebern and Pernida are also not human, and they managed to wield Quincy powers as well. I think that Yhwach should be categorized as Deity, because:

    • He came from Soul King. However, it was never revealed who was Yhwach's mother, or if he ever had one, and frankly, Soul King seems ill-equipped for conceiving a child by any normal means. For all we know, he could be another part of Soul King. Let's be honest, if Soul King is omniscient and can see the future, I doubt he would willingly create Yhwach.
    • His abilities are beyond anything that any human being ever exhibited: he can alter his own soul, has potential to live forever, can consume any being regardless of its power, and can see and alter the future.

    2. Soul King

    Theory: In a distant past, Soul King was an insanely powerful being. Then came the Shinigami. If I remember correctly, someone (not sure who, tho) stated that Shinigami put restrains on Soul King's power. I think they did it by dismembering him and locking him up in that cocoon thingy he floats in. His Right Arm fell to Soul Society and became Mimihagi. His Left Arm and Heart fell... somewhere, and became Pernida and Gerard.

    Now, some part of him may have become Yhwach.

    Consider the following; Askin stated that both Pernida and Gerard had their powers before becoming Quincy. It was not something they got from Yhwach, but a part of their divine nature. I believe that the only reason Yhwach granted those two a Shrift is so that he could turn them to Quincy and make them susceptible to Auswählen, since Auswählen cannot be used against any non-Quincy.

    At its current state, this theory is not really written well (antidepressants, pharyngitis and sleep deprivation can really be a bitch), so by all means, feel free to add your own thoughts.

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    • Personally, I think you have very good theories that mirror what my own thoughts are (I can't be sure if I ever wrote it on this forum but I think I've brought up , and ergo may be the one you referenced, the idea that the soul King was trapped and used by the shinigami, likely explaining all the missing limbs as you pointed out). The only thing that is uncertain as far as I am concerned is if pernida and Gerard weren't always actually in fact human Quincy in a way, at least physically (what I mean is that they may have been quincies that, like Ukitake, took in part of the soul King but just let it take over their bodies where as he suppressed it...I am not committed to this theory by far but just wanted to add this to the list of possible explanations why they were both quincies and parts of the soul King). Basically, you have good explanations until Kubo confirms or denies them

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    • Speculation Alert.

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    • AppleLord wrote: Speculation Alert.

      Need I point out that I stated that this was a theory?

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    • They never explained what became of his legs, If his arms and heart could become sentient I assume any part of him could. Your theory about Yhwach being another part of the Soul King would make sense. Unless they do a sequel manga or a novel we might not get any answers.

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    • Fusedtwilight wrote: They never explained what became of his legs, If his arms and heart could become sentient I assume any part of him could. Your theory about Yhwach being another part of the Soul King would make sense. Unless they do a sequel manga or a novel we might not get any answers.

      Despite him being a divine being, bring his leg is kinda... lame. What would his leg be anyway... hmm.

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    • Seeing what his arms and heart were capable of I wouldn't be surprised if the SK's legs had some kind of power. He is a deity after all.

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    • Likely, maybe we might have more info when The novel "Bleach: Can't Fear Your Own World", Maybe we can get something covered.

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    • Okay guys, update time; what is the Soul King's limbs are like Saint's Corpse?

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    • Yes, and no. The Corpse parts just gives out powers. in bleach, they are completely sentient. Ukitake is the only one who ACTUALLY has a "Stand", if you want to go there.

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    • I know this is an old topic, but its been less than 6 months, so I hope I'm not past this wiki's cut off date for dead threads.

      What if YHWACH is like the Soul King's Soul?

      The current Soul King basically seems to be a vegetable and is missing his arms, legs and apparently heart whilst remaining this important figure head to Soul Society and the Gotei 13. As it stands, it doesn't seem like the Soul King does much of anything anymore consciously besides choose members of the Royal Guard and bestow the Oken to them and we don't even know for sure how much of that he does himself.

      So assuming that the current Soul King is really just a sort of shell, its possible that its more than just his limbs/organs that are missing, and his very essence has flown the coop too. Given Yhwach's ability and how he started life, it seems reasonable that the progenitor of all Quincy be the Soul King's Soul.

      On top of this, when the Soul King's body was damaged, Yoruichi set up the barrier around his arm saying that they'll just make that the new Soul King. So if parts can act in its stead, then this explains why Yhwach could absorb its power and become the Soul King in a fashion.

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    • Given the Novel making Yhwach the soul King....

      The Soul King Being Yhwach's Dad,

      They're at least very alike.

      Then Didn't Yhawch absorb both Mimihagi AND the king? Just absorbing properties, and being directly related seems to allow the prospect that ... They're not so different. Aside the part where they're father a son revealed, we simply don't have an idea to what extent, pre-absorption.

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    • I thought Yhwach was rather like Dark Falz. A physical manifestation of Soul King's hatred.

      I've seen it said elsewhere that death didn't exist at one point, and that Yhwach wanted to bring existence back to that state. But here on this wiki it states that "death has always existed". So we've got to wonder how different things were before Soul King was enslaved. Could the Soul King have always existed, if Yhwach was capable of that merger?

      And in the end, why did Yhwach have to kill Ichigo? Was it about the last remnants of Quincy power? Or would he have been able to subsume Uryu with that? The game still probably should have been over before that (the plot does get pretty nebulous there). But even ignoring that, he dicked around wayyy too much. I guess having Gremmy as one of his constituents must have affected him that way...

      Before I'm done, I kind of feel like Hougyoku has to be mentioned. It is nearly indestructible, has a will of its own, and rendered Aizen immortal. I think it must have something to do with the Soul King. Maybe the legs were involved?

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