The Tragic Sword Fiend! Haineko Cries!
Kanji 悲劇の刀獣!灰猫、号泣!
Romanji Higeki no tou-jū! Haineko, gōkyū!
Episode Number 262
Manga Chapters None
Arc Beast Swords arc
Previous Episode The Person with the Unknown Ability! Orihime is Targeted
Next Episode Imprisonment?! Senbonzakura & Zabimaru
Japanese March 16, 2010
English July 15, 2012
Theme Music
Opening Anima Rossa
Ending Tabidatsu Kimi e
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The Tragic Sword Fiend! Haineko Cries! is the two hundred sixty-second episode of the Bleach anime.

Haineko falls for a Tōjū who is fully aware. However, when he loses control, Haineko decides to defeat him herself.


262Rangiku notes

Rangiku notes there is faint Reiatsu here.

In Soul Society, a cloaked 10th Division Lieutenant Rangiku Matsumoto and four unseated 10th Division members leap from rock to rock through a canyon. As they land on a flat rock, Rangiku notes there is faint Reiatsu here before telling the unseated 10th Division members to find it, prompting the unseated 10th Division Members to comply.

262Haineko leaps

Haineko leaps from rock to rock.

Telling them to relax, a cloaked Haineko leaps onto the rock from behind them before telling Rangiku and the unseated 10th Division members to leave it to her. When a surprised Rangiku asks her if she believes she can handle this job, Haineko pulls down the hood of her cloak and tells Rangiku to stop treating her like a kid before sticking her tongue out. As a strong wind blows, Haineko leaps from rock to rock.

262Narunosuke lies

A young man lies among the flowers.

Stopping atop one of the rocks, Haineko looks at a field of red flowers and expresses surprise upon seeing a young man with blue hair lying among the flowers before noting she has found a Tōjū. As the young man notices something, Haineko approaches him and states he is a Tōjū. When the young man attempts to get up, Haineko points her sword at his face and tells him to not move. Looking at the young man's face, Haineko expresses surprise before blushing. As the young man closes his eyes in resolve, Haineko wonders why she is feeling so strange and notes the young man must be a Zanpakutō Spirit because she is also a Zanpakutō Spirit.

262Haineko realizes

Haineko realizes she is lovestruck.

Noting she can tell the young man is a lot younger than she is just by looking at him, Haineko tells herself she likes older men and has never had an interest in skinny-looking wimps. Telling herself she is into mature guys with more meat on their bones, Haineko realizes she is lovestruck as pink lightning flashes behind her. Cursing, the young man attempts to get up, only to collapse. Asking the young man if he is alright, Haineko stops herself as the young man breathes heavily. Expressing confusion, Haineko tells herself she likes manly men who are filled with testosterone and not passive weaklings who break a sweat just trying to stand up.

262Haineko raises

Haineko raises her sword over her head and prepares to kill the young man.

Shaking her head, Haineko proclaims a Tōjū is a Tōjū before telling the young man she is going to have to take him down. As Haineko raises her sword over her head, the young man looks up at her. As Haineko expresses surprise, her inner self expresses disbelief at the young man using puppy eyes on her before noting it is working. As her inner self proclaims she only wishes to take care of the young man and crashes to the ground, Haineko lowers her sword and turns away before saying the young man needs some help. Looking up at Haineko, the young man expresses surprise. Meanwhile, the unseated 10th Division members stand over several defeated Tōjū as one of them asks the others if they are okay.

262Haineko approaches

Haineko approaches.

As the other unseated 10th Division members confirm this, Rangiku sheathes her sword before expressing surprise upon seeing Haineko approaching. When Rangiku asks her if she was able to find a Tōjū, Haineko confirms this, prompting Rangiku to ask her if she dealt with it. When Haineko looks down and confirms this, Rangiku expresses confusion. Beginning to ask Rangiku something, Haineko sees the broken sword forms of various Tōjū lying on the ground nearby as Rangiku asks her if something is wrong. Denying this, Haineko states it is nothing worth talking about and laughs before looking up.

262Rangiku accuses

Rangiku accuses Hitsugaya of eating her sweets.

Later, in the Seireitei, as Rangiku sleeps in her office, 10th Division Captain Tōshirō Hitsugaya tells her to wake up. Getting up, Rangiku sees Hitsugaya and Hyōrinmaru standing behind her and stretches before asking Hitsugaya what he is doing here. Telling her to not mind why he is here, Hitsugaya asks Rangiku why she is lying around, prompting Rangiku to say she is depressed because someone took the sweets which she had been hiding. When Rangiku accuses him of eating the sweets, Hitsugaya asks her why he would do this and states it is rude to not share before telling Rangiku she should not hide them from others.

262Hyorinmaru asks

Hyōrinmaru asks Rangiku where Haineko is.

When Rangiku asks him to get her some tea, Hyōrinmaru agrees and walks away as Hitsugaya says he never gave Rangiku permission to treat Hyōrinmaru like her servant. When Hitsugaya says they cannot relax yet because they have not finished hunting down the Tōjū, Rangiku states she knows as Hyōrinmaru asks her where Haineko is. Taking a mug of tea from the plate which Hyōrinmaru is holding, Rangiku says she does not know and states Haineko is probably sleeping somewhere before drinking the tea. Elsewhere, Haineko sits on top of a cottage and wonders if this is really okay before noting she does not owe anything to anyone and is not a Shinigami.

Haineko treats Narunosuke

Haineko bandages the young man's right forearm.

Sighing, Haineko leaps down to the patio and opens the cottage door. Sitting inside, the young man expresses fear as Haineko says she has come back and pulls a box of food out from under her cloak, prompting the young man to smile. Later, Haineko bandages the young man's right forearm. Looking at his arm, the young man thanks Haineko before asking her why she is doing this, prompting Haineko to state he needs help. Pointing out how destroying all of the Tōjū is her sworn duty, the young man asks her why she would be treating the injures of her enemy, prompting Haineko to say it is not fair to attack an opponent who is too wounded to fight back.

262Narunosuke explains

The young man explains how he allied with the other Tōjū in order to survive.

Stating the young man is not like other Tōjū she has met because he is very nice and not aggressive, Haineko wonders what she is talking about and notes the young man seems harmless before asking him if he is actually a Tōjū, prompting the young man to say this is the name which Soul Society has given him before stating he is simply a Zanpakutō Spirit who has lost his master and not a beast. Revealing his master was a cowardly Shinigami, the young man says he has discovered he is just like his master before stating he needed to protect himself in order to survive. Saying he was scared and knew he was weak, the young man states he believed he would be protected if he aligned himself with the other Tōjū.

262Narunosuke expresses

The young man expresses pain.

Revealing he was hunted down like they were because he was close to them, the young man says he ran and hid at the first sign of danger and notes he is still hiding to this day before expressing pain. When Haineko tells him he needs to get some rest because he is obviously in a great deal of pain, the young man looks at her and thanks Haineko before smiling. Blushing, Haineko asks the young man if there is something on her face, prompting the young man to state she is not like any other Zanpakutō Spirit or Shinigami whom he has met. Noting this, Haineko says she is going to help the young man with his situation, prompting the young man to express surprise.

262Haineko promises

Haineko promises to ask the others to treat the young man like a regular Zanpakutō Spirit.

Revealing she will ask the other Shinigami and Zanpakutō Spirits to treat the young man like a regular Zanpakutō Spirit instead of a Tōjū because she can tell there is nothing dangerous about him, Haineko holds up a bag and states she brought the young man some sweets. Taking the bag, the young man asks Haineko if she could really do this, prompting Haineko to tell him to leave it to her as she throws a sweet into his mouth. As the young man chews, Haineko asks him what his name is, prompting the young man to reveal his name is Narunosuke. When Haineko introduces herself, Narunosuke says it is nice to meet her before referring to her as Miss Haineko, prompting Haineko to ask Narunosuke to not call her this because it makes her sound old.

262Rangiku explains

Rangiku explains why they must destroy all of the Tōjū even if some initially seem harmless.

When Narunosuke suggests Lady Haineko as her title, an angered Haineko proclaims this sounds even worse before laughing alongside Narunosuke. Later, in her room, Rangiku tells Haineko this is not possible. When Haineko asks her why it is not possible, Rangiku states there is no way of knowing when a Zanpakutō Spirit will become violent and dangerous once it loses its master before saying they have to deal with all Tōjū the same way because of this unpredictability. When Haineko states there may be some Tōjū who are not dangerous to them in any way, Rangiku says she wishes this were true before revealing the 12th Division's research has proven there is an extremely high possibility for each Tōjū to lose their mind and go out of control even though they are different.

262Mayuri and Nemu study

Mayuri and Nemu study the Tentacle Tōjū.

In the past, 12th Division Captain Mayuri Kurotsuchi and his lieutenant, Nemu Kurotsuchi, study the Tentacle Tōjū. In the present, Rangiku states it is their job to stop the Tōjū before they can hurt someone and asks Haineko why she is asking before wondering if she has found another Tōjū. Denying this, Haineko says she is simply curious about the Tōjū and bids Rangiku farewell before leaving. As she walks along a corridor, Haineko tells herself she cannot let anyone know about Narunosuke because the Shinigami would kill him even though he is harmless before Noting Rangiku mentioned Tōjū have a very good chance of losing their minds.

262Haineko imagines

Haineko imagines Rangiku making fun of her liking younger men.

Wondering if there are Tōjū out there who have not lost their minds, Haineko realizes Narunosuke is just a scared Zanpakutō Spirit who lost his master and is not a Tōjū. Telling herself explaining this will change Rangiku's mind, Haineko imagines Rangiku making fun of her liking younger men and notes this may not work. As Haineko continues to think and walk, Suzumebachi calls out to her as she floats next to Tobiume's head. As Tobiume asks her how she is, Haineko walks past them and notes she must do something about this herself as Suzumebachi and Tobiume express confusion. Later, Narunosuke quickly eats from a bowl as Haineko sets more food on the table.

262Haineko and Narunosuke eat

Haineko and Narunosuke eat together after Haineko returns.

When Haineko asks him if it is good, Narunosuke confirms this as Haineko notes she cannot see him becoming violent because he is simply a young man. Telling herself Narunosuke is a Zanpakutō Spirit like herself and not a Tōjū, Haineko states she is glad Narunosuke likes it. As Haineko begins to eat, Narunosuke asks her if he is still going to be dealt with as a Tōjū and if she talked to the other Shinigami and Zanpakutō Spirits like she promised, prompting Haineko to express shock. Choking on her food, Haineko recovers and reveals she asked Rangiku about it before saying it may take some time for her to get back to Narunosuke because Rangiku's superiors, who would have the final say on the matter, are very busy.

262Narunosuke clutches

Narunosuke clutches his head in pain.

As Narunosuke states he understands, Haineko reveals the candy which she brought Narunosuke for lunch yesterday was candy which Rangiku hides from everyone else because she claims they keep her from catching colds. As Haineko asks Narunosuke if he has ever heard of something so crazy, Rangiku sneezes and rubs her nose. Later, Haineko and Narunosuke sit on the porch and laugh as Narunosuke states this is pretty funny. When Narunosuke clutches his head in pain, Haineko asks him if he is okay, prompting Narunosuke to say he is fine. Noting Narunosuke is still not completely healed, Haineko suggests he rest some more.

262Rangiku expresses

A stunned Rangiku expresses shock at Haineko calling her dear.

Saying he cannot thank Haineko enough because no one has ever cared about him before, Narunosuke states she is special, prompting Haineko to internally express shock before expressing happiness. Later, an exuberant Haineko skips along a corridor before stopping in front of Tobiume. Expressing surprise, Haineko laughs and hits Tobiume's head several times before skipping away as Suzumebachi wonders what happened to her. When Haineko run in front of her and proclaims she is back, Rangiku asks her what is going on, prompting Haineko to say it is very amazing to be alive. When Haineko asks her if she feels the same way and calls her dear, a stunned Rangiku expresses shock at Haineko calling her dear.

262Narunosuke glows

Narunosuke glows with blue Reiatsu as the black snake rises into the air.

At night, Narunosuke clutches his head and looks at his hand before noting it is happening more often. The next day, a cloaked Haineko hums while moving through a field of red flowers toward the cottage. Inside, as Narunosuke glows with blue Reiatsu, the black snake around his arm uncoils and rises through the air before vanishing alongside the blue Reiatsu. As Narunosuke opens his eyes in surprise, Haineko greets him and walks inside while revealing she brought Narunosuke lunch again. Taking off her cloak, Haineko reveals she brought some sake as well and asks Narunosuke if he can have a sip before stating she thought they would have a drink together because Narunosuke is probably feeling better.

Narunosuke leaves

Narunosuke decides to leave after learning he is a Tōjū and will be treated as such.

Looking away, Narunosuke tells Haineko the last thing on his mind right now is having fun. When Haineko expresses confusion, Narunosuke says he needs to know what is going to happen to him and points out how Haineko promised she was going to handle it. When Narunosuke asks her if she was just telling him lies, Haineko denies this and begins to explain before sighing and stating she will tell Narunosuke the truth. Later, Narunosuke says he understands as Haineko apologizes. Telling Haineko it is okay, Narunosuke states none of this is her fault and says a Tōjū is a Tōjū before stating he must accept his situation and not expect any help. When Narunosuke stands up, Haineko asks him what he will do, prompting Narunosuke to say the Shinigami will eventually find and destroy him if he stays here.

262Narunosuke screams

Narunosuke screams in pain.

Stating he must leave before this happens, Narunosuke clutches his head in pain, prompting Haineko to say he is not well and is in no condition to leave. When Narunosuke states he is very grateful to her because his wounds have healed enough with her help, Haineko begs him to not leave yet and begins to explain her feelings for him, only for Narunosuke to scream in pain. When Haineko asks him what is wrong and attempts to approach him, Narunosuke slaps her away and falls to his knees while continuing to scream. Noting this is bad, Haineko recalls Rangiku's explanation of the Tōjū eventually losing their minds.

262Narunosuke pants

Narunosuke pants heavily.

Panting heavily, Narunosuke apologizes for hitting Haineko and says he gets excruciating headaches which cause his hands to begin doing things on their owns. Stating it has been happening more and more frequently, Narunosuke notices a sad look on Haineko's face and asks her what is wrong, prompting Haineko to say nothing is wrong before stating Narunosuke will have to stay here until he no longer has the headaches. Chuckling, Narunosuke says Haineko is very kind. Meanwhile, in the Seireitei, Rangiku expresses surprise at someone taking their supplies.

262Haineko stands

Haineko stands outside of Rangiku's room.

Confirming this is the case, Hitsugaya states they have had a lot of things missing lately, prompting Hyōrinmaru to confirm this before revealing some medicine is missing and someone has taken some food rations from the barracks. As Rangiku expresses concern, Hyōrinmaru asks her if she has any idea whom it might be. Denying this, Rangiku remembers Haineko talking about the possibility of there being Tōjū who are not dangerous to them and sighs. At night, Haineko stands outside of Rangiku's room and prepares to knock, only for Rangiku to tell her to come in. As Rangiku leans against the door, Haineko leans against the other side of the door.

262Haineko attempts

Haineko attempts to comfort Narunosuke as he glows with blue Reiatsu and screams in pain.

When Haineko asks her if she knew Haineko had been gone, prompting Rangiku to confirm this before asking Haineko where she was. When Haineko says she has not been anywhere, Rangiku asks her what is wrong, prompting Haineko to attempt to explain the situation before stopping. When Rangiku reveals they have discovered someone has been stealing medicine and food from their barracks, a surprised Haineko states this is bad news, prompting Rangiku to confirm this before wondering who would do this. Saying she has no idea, Haineko bids Rangiku goodnight before running down the hall. Later, at the cottage, Narunosuke screams in pain and clutches his head as he glows with blue Reiatsu. As Haineko wonders what she can do, Narunosuke tells her he needs to know what is going to happen to him.

Rangiku appears before Haineko and Narunosuke

Rangiku arrives at the cottage.

Admitting she does not know, Haineko smiles and states Narunosuke will be okay, only for Narunosuke to tackle her and tell her to stop lying. Saying Haineko knows what is happening to him, Narunosuke screams in pain and clutches his head once more as Haineko expresses concern. When Haineko tells him to try to pull through the pain, the blue Reiatsu fades as Narunosuke tells Haineko to tell him the truth, only for Rangiku to reveal he is becoming a Tōjū. Expressing surprise, Haineko sees Rangiku standing in the doorway. Stating she knew something strange must have been going on, Rangiku says it makes perfect sense now as Haineko notes Rangiku followed her.

Haineko protects Narunosuke

Haineko prepares to protect Narunosuke.

When Rangiku demands to know why Haineko did not tell her about this earlier and tried to hide it, Haineko looks down as Rangiku states she needs Haineko to try to understand her position. Saying she is a lieutenant and Haineko is her Zanpakutō Spirit, Rangiku points her sword at Narunosuke and orders Haineko to back away from him. Moving in front of Narunosuke, Haineko tells Rangiku to hold on and states Narunosuke is not a Tōjū before saying he is simply suffering. Stating this is just the beginning, Rangiku says Narunosuke will eventually lose his mind and go out of control before stating this is what happens to Tōjū.

262Tentacles sprout

Several tentacles sprout from Narunosuke's back.

As Narunosuke realizes he is turning into a Tōjū, Haineko tells Rangiku to wait and says there must be a way to save his life, prompting Rangiku to state there is no way to save Narunosuke as Haineko expresses shock. Grabbing Haineko's shoulders, Narunosuke begs her to save him as the black snake on his arm uncoils once more. Glowing with blue Reiatsu, Narunosuke screams in pain as several tentacles sprout from his back. As a column of blue Reiatsu extends into the sky, the cottage explodes as Rangiku leaps out of the smoke. Looking up, Rangiku sees a screaming Narunosuke floating in midair with Haineko floating nearby.

262Rangiku and Haineko release

Rangiku and Haineko release their Zanpakutō, Haineko.

As more tentacles envelop Narunosuke, Rangiku lands in a field of red flowers below. Telling Haineko to get out of the way, Rangiku says she is going to get rid of Narunosuke for his own good. Standing in front of Narunosuke with her sword manifested, Haineko states she will find a way to save him. When Rangiku demands to know why Haineko refuses to hear her, Haineko tells Rangiku to think of her as a Tōjū and get rid of her if she must kill Narunosuke. As Rangiku says being unable to get Haineko to listen is disappointing, she and Haineko release their Zanpakutō, Haineko, causing their swords to dissolve into ash.

262Narunosuke floats

Narunosuke floats in midair while panting heavily.

When Haineko surrounds herself and Narunosuke with a swirling pillar of ash, which Rangiku's ash fails to penetrate, Rangiku leaps into the air and notes Haineko leaves her no other choice before deciding to restrain her with Bakudō, only for a tentacle to send her flying into a rock. Floating in midair, Narunosuke glows with blue Reiatsu and pants heavily before grinning. When Haineko tells him to not do this, Narunosuke looks at her with a crazed expression on his face. As Haineko expresses shock, Narunosuke rushes toward her, only for Rangiku to rush out of the dust cloud and block Narunosuke's tentacle with her sword.

262Narunosuke bends

Narunosuke bends down and thanks Haineko after regaining his senses due to Haineko's words.

When Narunosuke sends Rangiku flying away with his other tentacle, Haineko calls out to her before looking at Narunosuke, who yells in a crazed voice. Lying on the ground, Rangiku calls out to Haineko, who stands close to Narunosuke. As Haineko apologizes to Rangiku, her sword turns into ash, which swirls around her and Narunosuke in a tornado. As Rangiku begs Haineko to get away, Narunosuke screams as his eyes glow blue. Saying she is here for Narunosuke, Haineko states she was she he would not hurt her, prompting Narunosuke to look at her as his eyes stop glowing. When Narunosuke says her name, Haineko says his name and recalls how she met him as they hold each other. Bending down, Narunosuke thanks Haineko as the ash envelops them.

262Narunosuke's Zanpakuto form shatters

Narunosuke's Zanpakutō form shatters.

As the ash tornado dissipates to reveal Narunosuke has vanished, shredded flowers fall down around Haineko. Falling to her knees, Haineko screams Narunosuke's name as a Zanpakutō with violet Reiatsu trailing off of it floats in midair before shattering into specks of violet light. As Rangiku expresses shock, Haineko looks at the violet specks falling around her before closing her eyes as tears stream down her face. In the morning, Haineko reveals she was in love with Narunosuke and states she could not help herself. As Haineko says she could not tell Narunosuke, Rangiku states she knows Haineko was in love with him.

262Haineko sticks

Haineko sticks her tongue out.

When Rangiku asks her if she is alright, Haineko asks her what she said, prompting Rangiku to say it was nothing. When Haineko asks her if she believes Haineko was blinded and made a huge mistake, Rangiku denies this before stating she believes Haineko is foolish. Admitting she might be, Haineko says she will give younger guys a rest for a while. When Rangiku asks her why she will do this, Haineko states they will be a lot more fun when she is Rangiku's age and sticks her tongue out, prompting Rangiku to chuckle.

Shinigami Illustrated Picture Book

262Chojiro wears

Chōjirō wears his new clothes, designed for him by Uryū.

As 1st Division Lieutenant Chōjirō Sasakibe and 6th Division Lieutenant Renji Abarai sit across from Uryū Ishida and Ichigo Kurosaki, Renji tells Uryū this is the gist of it before asking him to make a cool outfit for Chōjirō that will make him stand out. Asking Renji why he has to do it, Uryū notices the jinbaori on Chōjirō's shoulders and notes this was very popular in England. When a happy Chōjirō moves close to Uryū and asks him if he recognizes it, Uryū confirms this as Ichigo asks him to not use this as the motif. Later, Uryū reveals Chōjirō, now dressed like an English gentleman, as Renji proclaims he looks great. When Uryū says he based the design off of 19th century English fashion, Ichigo asks him if he is sure this will be okay.


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