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The Six Fullbringers is the fiftieth volume of the Bleach manga series.

Publisher's summary

After a long battle, Ichigo Kurosaki loses his Shinigami powers and is now living a quiet and peaceful life. But when a mysterious man named Kūgo Ginjō approaches him, Ichigo might have a chance to regain his powers. But what are Ginjō's true motives…?

Bleach All Stars

茶渡 泰虎
Yasutora Sado
Ep347OrihimeCharaPic2.png 黒崎 一護
Ichigo Kurosaki
Ep351SadoCharaPic2.png 井上 織姫
Orihime Inoue

Ep351GirikoCharaPic.png 毒ヶ峰 リルカ
Riruka Dokugamine
沓沢 ギリコ
Giriko Kutsuzawa
Ep352RirukaCharaPic.png 銀城 空吾
Kūgo Ginjō


433. The Six Fullbringers

Kūgo explains more about Fullbring. Ichigo agrees to help Xcution.


Cover of 433. The Six Fullbringers.

Ichigo is shocked to learn that Yasutora Sado is with the members of Xcution. Sado is surprised to see Ichigo there. Ichigo starts getting aggravated, demanding to know why he is there and why he's even skipping school. Ginjō tells him to calm down which he doesn't. Ichigo demands Ginjō tell him what's going on and he tells Ichigo to calm down again, saying he won't repeat himself. He continues by saying that he will understand if he just listens to what he has to say, telling Ichigo and Sado to sit. Riruka Dokugamine then asks if the two know each other, yelling at Ginjō if the others knew. Ginjō tells Giriko Kutsuzawa to get Sado something to drink. Riruka demands to know if he's ignoring her. She then notices something and demands to know if Ichigo is the Ichigo Kurosaki that they have been after, and yells at Ginjō to turn on the lights so she can see him. Ginjō says later. He then says to get down to business. Giriko tells him that before starting, he must sheathe his sword. Ginjō complies and Giriko tells him that he can pay for the destroyed floor tiles later.

They start and Ginjō asks Ichigo if he knows why the holes in Hollow’s chest are open. Ichigo replies no. Ginjō continues by saying that they lose their hearts by not being saved by a Shinigami. He asks Ichigo if he knows where their hearts go. Ichigo doesn't reply and Ginjō continues to say that their hearts become their masks and that the outward appearance and abilities of the Hollow all come from its heart. He then says that everyone in Xcution had a parent who was attacked by a Hollow before the Xcution member was born and a bit of the Hollows' power stayed in their mothers' bodies and was passed down onto them when they were born. He says that they don't like their powers and that Ichigo should understand a bit at the very least what they must feel like, since he, too, was once part Hollow. Ginjō says that they want to rid themselves of this power and through the years spent gathering allies with the same abilities, they found the truth. They can pass their powers onto a person who is the exact opposite of them, someone with the powers of a Shinigami and a Human. Ginjō says that Ichigo wasn't the first child of a Shinigami and a Human, and that many of their old allies changed back into Humans by passing on their powers to these others.

Ginjō asks if Ichigo understands that in order for them to be Human, he must become a Shinigami again. He says that they found Sado, who said he would also participate in order for Ichigo to regain his powers. Ichigo asks if that's true. Sado replies yes and tells Ichigo that ever since Ichigo lost his powers, he has not been able to look at him. Sado says that Ichigo wants to fight and to protect the people around him and that he doesn't need to hide it because it makes him who he is. Ginjō cuts in, saying that his powers will come back and that Xcution will give their powers to Ichigo. Ichigo finally says that he'll help them. Ginjō says that they will then help Ichigo. Riruka then asks if it's ok to just trust someone like that. She says she is going to see him with her own eyes before shining a flashlight at Ichigo.

Ichigo recoils from the light and Riruka is frozen for a minute before thinking to herself that Ichigo is good-looking. She falls down and Ichigo asks if she's alright, to which she replies no, blushing.

Characters in order of appearance

  1. Yasutora Sado
  2. Ichigo Kurosaki
  3. Kūgo Ginjō
  4. Riruka Dokugamine
  5. Giriko Kutsuzawa
  6. Unnamed Hollow (flashback)
  7. Fishbone D (flashback)
  8. The Demi-Hollow (flashback)
  9. Hexapodus (flashback)
  10. Unnamed Hollow (flashback)
  11. Shrieker (flashback)
  12. Bulbous G (flashback)
  13. Grand Fisher (flashback)
  14. Numb Chandelier (flashback)
  15. Hollow Ichigo (flashback)
  16. Yukio Hans Vorarlberna
  17. Jackie Tristan

Episodes adapted from this chapter:

434. Berry in the Box

Ichigo begins his training with the help of Riruka.


Cover of 434. Berry in the Box.

As Don Kanonji's TV show comes to an end, Karin Kurosaki tells Yuzu Kurosaki to go to bed. She replies that Karin should go to bed too, but she refuses. She tells Yuzu that it is okay if she is worried about Ichigo, who has come home late the past two days, saying that she will wait up for him. They hear Ichigo come in and rush to see him. He tells them to go to bed or they will be late tomorrow.

An annoyed Ichigo arrives at Xcution's hideout and asks why he was called there. Kūgo teases him and Ichigo asks if he is going to do some training in a larger space. Riruka enters the room with a doll house, telling him that he will be doing just that. After Ichigo asks why she is late, she tells him that she always has things to do. Yukio Hans Vorarlberna tells her it is time that she stopped opening doors with her foot, as she reveals her underwear when doing so. He complains about this and Riruka tells him off for talking to her like he is the boss and acting differently because they have a guest. Yukio, however, is playing a hand held video game and wearing headphones. He takes them off and asks her to repeat what she said. Jackie Tristan stops an angered Riruka from responding and tells her to explain the doll house to Ichigo.

Insisting that she intended to, she shows him the doll house, claiming it will be his training ground. She explains that her Fullbring power allows her to place people or things into anything that she thinks is cute or adorable. She places her pass on Ichigo and he is pulled into the house. Disorientated, the miniaturized Ichigo demands to know what is going on. Riruka tells him that his training is to defeat the doll in the house. As the doll approaches him, she reassures him that it is not strong and should be easy to beat if he uses Fullbring.

Characters in order of appearance

Episodes adapted from this chapter:

435. Panic at the Dollhouse

Ichigo's training in the dollhouse continues.


Cover of 435. Panic at the Dollhouse.

As Ichigo runs from the attacking doll, Riruka criticizes him for running and encourages him to stand and face it. Ichigo complains that he has not adjusted to the situation yet and asks why he has shrunk. Riruka once again explains about her Fullbring, "Dollhouse", saying that while Kūgo could only turn his pendant into a weapon to fight battles with, but she is different. Her Fullbring allows her to freely move objects that she gives permission to into and out of things that she likes.

The doll attacks Ichigo again and Riruka tells him to use his Fullbring to defeat it. Ichigo protests, demanding to know what using Fullbring has to do with regaining his Shinigami powers. Riruka says that Ichigo should do as he is told, as well as calling him lame for not wanting to risk his life without knowing why he is doing it. Ginjō comments that Riruka is being a tyrant.

When Ichigo evades another attack, Riruka compliments him on his dodging skills. Ichigo asks for a hint on how to use Fullbring, but Riruka replies that everyone in the group has been able to use Fullbring since birth and thus they have no hints or tricks to reveal.

The doll yells at Ichigo, saying that he should stop running away. Riruka tells the surprised Ichigo that there is a Yakuza member that she abducted from the neighborhood inside the doll, calling it Mr. Pork. Mr. Pork then informs Ichigo that he was told to kill him within the next 15 minutes or else he would be stuck inside the toy forever. Ichigo indignantly calls this a lie and Riruka whacks Mr. Pork before closing the roof of her dollhouse, leaving the two of them to duke it out. While Riruka leaves to get a snack, Jackie asks Kūgo if Ichigo will be alright, but he states that he does not know.

While Ichigo runs from Mr. Pork, Ichigo tries to figure out what he could use for a Fullbring. Outside, Jackie asks Riruka if she is concerned about Ichigo and about the timer on Mr. Pork, which she denies.

Sado returns from doing some shopping and asks what the Dollhouse is. Jackie tells him what it is and a shocked Sado lifts up the roof of the Dollhouse to tell Ichigo to use his Substitute Shinigami Badge as a Fullbring. Ichigo remarks that they really did think alike as he had come up with the same idea just then. However, before Ichigo can try to use his badge, the fifteen minute time limit ends, causing Mr. Pork to enter "Mad Beast Mode."

Characters in order of appearance

Episodes adapted from this chapter:

436. The Time Discipline

Giriko's Fullbring puts Ichigo in a tight spot. He must survive 15 more minutes against Mr. Pork in "Full Beast Mode".


Cover of 436. The Time Discipline.

Ichigo is confronted by Mr. Pork in his "Full Beast Mode". Riruka, shocked by this new development, turns to Giriko and asks him what he did. Giriko replies that she was the one who told him to lend his power for Ichigo's training. Riruka says that she is sure there are other ways to do it without making something that gross. Sado interrupts, saying they should focus on getting Ichigo out of the box.

However, Giriko tells him that the box also has a timer on it. He reveals that those inside will be allowed to leave if they survive 30 minutes within it. If Ichigo is removed before then, he will receive the wrath of the "God of Time". Giriko explains that if someone breaches the conditions of his timer, all those subject to the timer will be incinerated without a trace. Sado interprets this as a threat, but Riruka claims otherwise, saying that she has seen it many times. When Sado asks him to disengage his Fullbring, Giriko claims to be unable to do so without killing Ichigo and Mr. Pork.

Meanwhile, Ichigo is fighting Mr. Pork, whose powers have increased. Managing to gain a small upper hand, he hides and wonders how he will activate his Fullbring from his Substitute Shinigami badge. Sado explains to him that pride was in his heart when he first used his powers, revealing that his Fullbring is the skin on his arms. He informs Ichigo of the pride he has always taken in his skin and tells him to think of a time when he felt pride in his Shinigami powers. Ichigo thinks back, realizing there have been many times when he has felt pride. He then focuses on a moment with Rukia and his badge responds, with tendrils of black energy forming in the shape of Tensa Zangetsu's tsuba.

Characters in order of appearance

Episodes adapted from this chapter:

437. Swastika Break

Ichigo manages to utilize Fullbring for both defense and offense, defeating Mr. Pork.


Cover of 437. Swastika Break.

Riruka and Sado are surprised at the sight of Ichigo's Shinigami badge activating. Mr. Pork discovers where Ichigo is hiding. As Kūgo comments that like all his battles are etched into his soul, they are also etched into the tools he possesses, stating that every time Ichigo touched it after finishing a battle, his memories of the battle were engraved into its soul. He claims that this is the greatest asset of someone who has fought many battles when they learn to use Fullbring.

Mr. Pork attacks the wall that Ichigo is hiding behind, but Ichigo manages to escape and jumps up over Mr. Pork’s shoulder. Ichigo launches his badge at Mr. Pork, but the second he lets go, all of the black Reiatsu coming out of the badge’s side disappears and it does no harm to Mr. Pork when it hits him. The badge drops to the floor and Ichigo rushes to get it.

Once he grabs hold of the badge he realizes that the black Reiatsu only comes out when he is holding it. He tries to use it to cut Mr. Pork, but it only dents his arm. Ichigo notes that it makes sense that a sword's guard will not cut an opponent. He then uses it to block one of Mr. Pork’s punches. Though he is slightly injured, it works. As he grabs the badge with both hands, Ichigo feels the sensation of his old Getsuga Tenshō technique.

As Kūgo wonders if he is doing this by instinct or through experience, he notes that Ichigo has calmed and his fighting style has changed. Ichigo flings a large amount of wheel-shaped energy at Mr. Pork's head, defeating him. Riruka and Sado are both surprised that Ichigo won. Ichigo wonders if the power will help him reclaim his Shinigami powers.

Meanwhile, Orihime arrives at Sado's home and remarks that Ichigo and Sado still have not returned to school. Noting that the bread she had previously left is gone, she concludes that Sado does come home occasionally. Orihime is challenged by Moe Shishigawara, who requests that she die there.

Characters in order of appearance

Episodes adapted from this chapter:

438. Knuckle Down

Ichigo is released from the dollhouse and hears Rukia's voice coming from his badge. Uryū's attacker reveals himself to Orihime.


Cover of 438. Knuckle Down.

After Ichigo defeats Mr. Pork, he asks Riruka if she could get him out of the doll house, but Giriko interrupts saying if that was Ichigo's true Fullbring, then Mr. Pork, who is currently lying on the floor, would have fulfilled the requirements and turned back to his original form; Giriko asks that if they should wait to see before bringing Ichigo out. Mr. Pork starts to return to his original form, and Ichigo demands to be let out. Riruka answers him saying that she will let him out. She grabs Ichigo and Mr. Pork and gets out a screwed up piece of tissue paper which she uses to make herself sneeze over Ichigo and Mr. Pork. By doing so, the love heart she put on Ichigo's top reveals the letter “R” on it which shines and then Ichigo and Mr. Pork are popped out of the doll house and are returned to their original size and state, with Mr. Pork in his Human form. Riruka tells Ichigo that if she sneezes on it, then her doll house Fullbring will be deactivated; Ichigo says that he got that and is annoyed that he is soaked in Riruka's snot. Kūgo asks Ichigo if he needs a towel to use, but Ichigo answers in a sarcastic way saying that he would rather stand here and let it soak in. Ichigo yells at Kūgo saying that he knew about this, but kept quiet about it. The black Reiatsu from the sides of Ichigo's badge begins to disappear making Ichigo state that he was worried that he didn't know how to pull the Reiatsu back and wonders if there was a time limit on it. Suddenly, the badge begins to produce some noise so Ichigo puts it up to his ear and listens, the badge begins to talk saying “of course not, Ichigo would never-” the voice stops, and Ichigo cannot hear it anymore. Ichigo then recognizes the voice and that it belongs to Rukia Kuchiki, which confuses him.

Meanwhile, Shishigawara thinks back on how he got the job of killing Orihime. It is revealed that the man who attacked Uryū ordered Shishigawara to defeat Orihime which he gives him a photo of her, Shishigawara says that this one’s a chick while looking at the photo, to which the man asks him if he can’t attack girls. Shishigawara is somewhat surprised saying that what the man said is not true. He thinks to himself that he will prove himself useful, that he will kill this chick and prove himself useful to Shūkurō Tsukishima. He introduces himself to Orihime and asks her if she minds dying. He thinks to himself that in fights, being preemptive is key, and once Orihime turns around, he will slam her with a big one as his introduction. He jumps up into the air screaming about to attack Orihime, but when she is turned around and facing him, he flings himself back when he sees how beautiful she is. He tries to get back up to fight her, but is knocked back by himself again, he lays on the floor apologizing to Tsukishima in his mind saying that this is as far as he can go. He then changes his thoughts and is determined to defeat her for Tsukishima. He gets back up and faces her slightly. While blushing, he asks if she is ready and saying that he is going to kill her, just like he did with that four-eyes. Orihime starts to get angry and asks if he was the one who attacked Uryū. He notices that her aura’s changed and he could fight her like this. Orihime demands an answer from him, but he simply says that the fact he just mentioned it is enough proof, to which Orihime agrees. She asks Shishigawara where he is from, but he tells her that she has to force it out of him. A voice interrupts Shishigawara and Orihime, telling Shishigawara that it is enough. A man appears behind Orihime and tells her that the one who attacked Uryū was him. Shishigawara is shocked to see the man and reveals him to be Tsukishima.

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Episodes adapted from this chapter:


Ichigo and Mr. Pork are dismissed for now, while Orihime confronts Tsukishima.


Cover of 439. KEEN MARKER.

After being released from the dollhouse, Mr. Pork demands money from Riruka for his work. She declines and threatens him with her Fullbring, which scares him and makes him apologize. Riruka gives Mr. Pork a phone and says that she will call him when there is another job for him to do and that he should appear within 15 minutes of her call. After the yakuza leaves, Riruka tells a surprised Ichigo that he can go too. Kūgo tells him that he must allow his body time to recover and asks him to rest for a few days.

At Sado's home, Tsukishima introduces himself to Orihime. Shishigawara interrupts, insisting that he will deal with Orihime. However, Tsukishima tells him not to do anything and converts the placeholder in his book into a sword, threatening him. Orihime asks Tsukishima if it is a Zanpakutō, which he denies. He reveals that it is his Fullbring, "Book of The End". He tells Orihime to relax, because he is not planning to do anything to her yet. Instead, he will leave after punishing Shishigawara for not listening to what he says. Orihime places herself between them, prompting Tsukishima to remark that she is just as kind as he had heard. He asks her if she cannot bear to see even an enemy hurt in front of her, but she tells him that if he was the one who attacked Uryū, then she cannot let him get away.

Sado and Ichigo walk to Sado's home and he tells Ichigo that Orihime has been bringing him leftover bread everyday lately. Ichigo tells Sado that she is worried about him and that he should call her. Sado tells Ichigo that she leaves him too much and that he will give half of it to Ichigo. When Sado arrives at his door and reaches for the bread, he notices something is wrong with her Reiatsu and shouts at Ichigo that something happened to her.

Characters in order of appearance

Episodes adapted from this chapter:

440. Mute Friendship

Ichigo and Sado race towards Orihime, who is attacked by Tsukishima.


Cover of 440. Mute Friendship.

As Ichigo and Sado rush towards Orihime's Reiatsu, Sado stops Ichigo from calling her, fearing from her very tense Reiatsu that the distraction of her phone ringing could result in her death. Sado tells Ichigo that he can only discern the direction of her Reiatsu, but Ichigo realizes that her apartment is that way.

Tsukishima chastises Orihime for her comment about not letting him leave. Moe tries to impress upon her how dangerous Tsukishima is, but she silences him. Orihime contemplates the situation and what action she should take, but Tsukishima turns away. She tells him to wait and begins to activate Santen Kesshun, but he appears behind her and slashes her with his Fullbring, cutting through her shoulder and deep into her chest.

Ichigo and Sado arrive to find a confused and uninjured Orihime alone. They ask what happened, but she claims that she has a stomach ache after her friend left. She wonders to herself why she called him a friend and decides that she will text Sado later about the situation, so that she does not alarm Ichigo. Sado notes that she thinks Ichigo is still powerless and decides to ring her later. He tries to reassure Ichigo, but keeps him in the dark about his thoughts on the matter.

Ichigo returns to Xcution's hideout and tells them that he knows something happened. When he mentions the attack on Uryū, a drunk Kūgo confirms that Tsukishima is a Fullbringer and former ally.

Characters in order of appearance

Episodes adapted from this chapter:

441. Spotlight Brocken

Ichigo begins the next phase of his training.


Cover of 441. Spotlight Brocken.

Ikumi Unagiya rushes to answer her door, wondering who it could be at such a late hour. She is surprised to see it is Ichigo and invites him inside. As Kaoru Unagiya eavesdrops, Ikumi complains about Ichigo missing work and asking for more time off. When the clearly troubled Ichigo tries to leave, she stops him and tries to convince him to trust her. Ichigo thanks her and leaves.

Ichigo thinks about Kūgo explaining that Tsukishima used to be Xcution's leader and that he came up with the idea to give their powers to a Substitute Shinigami. However, when they did so, he killed the Shinigami and those that gave him their power and then disappeared. He shows Ichigo the Shinigami's badge and tells him that while they do not know his aims, he believes Tsukishima wants to keep Ichigo away from them and is using his attacks on Uryū and Orihime to catch Ichigo's attention. He then tells him that they will prepare for the next stage of his training and tells him to go home until then.

While walking the streets, Ichigo spots Isshin in an alley and hides. He witnesses him meeting with Urahara and the pair go elsewhere at Isshin's behest. Ichigo contemplates Kūgo's warning about Urahara and wonders if he should follow them, but decides not to due to his current power. He notes that he needs to get his powers back quickly.

Ichigo later returns to Xcution's hideout where Riruka reveals that she will place him inside a fish tank. She is surprised by his co-operation and places him inside, where Jackie is waiting. She introduces herself to Ichigo, who activates his Fullbring and introduces himself.

Characters in order of appearance:

Episodes adapted from this chapter:

Author's Notes

Volume 50 Intro Image.png
(Text: SLEEP)

This hay fever medication is making me sleepy every day. I was sleepy drawing the cover. I'm sleepy writing this. I hope I'm not still sleepy when this book comes out.

-Tite Kubo



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