The Person with the Unknown Ability! Orihime is Targeted
Kanji 未知なる能力者!狙われた織姫
Romanji Michi naru nōryoku sha! Nera wa re ta Orihime
Episode Number 261
Manga Chapters None
Arc Beast Swords arc
Previous Episode Conclusion?! Hisagi vs. Kazeshini
Next Episode The Tragic Sword Fiend! Haineko Cries!
Japanese March 9, 2010
English July 8, 2012
Theme Music
Opening Anima Rossa
Ending Tabidatsu Kimi e
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The Person with the Unknown Ability! Orihime is Targeted is the two hundred sixty-first episode of the Bleach anime.

Orihime Inoue must help a transfer student who is being controlled by a Tōjū.


261Light shines

A light shines on front of the Mouthless Tōjū.

In a dark realm, a Mouthless Tōjū with a large tail for her lower body sobs while wondering why she has been abandoned. When a light shines in front of her, the Mouthless Tōjū reaches toward it as the light engulfs her.

261Chizuru grabs

Chizuru grabs Orihime's breasts.

Meanwhile, in the Human World, several students walk into Karakura High School. Calling out to Orihime, Chizuru Honshō grabs Orihime's breasts from behind as Orihime expresses shock. When Chizuru proclaims she is glad Orihime is alright, Orihime expresses confusion, prompting Chizuru to state she has been worried ever since she learned someone attacked a high school girl last night.

261Tatsuki hits

Tatsuki hits Chizuru.

As Chizuru hugs Orihime while saying she was worried it might have been her, Orihime notices two other girls discussing the attack as one of them wonders if people are going to get assaulted at random. As Chizuru leans in toward Orihime, Tatsuki Arisawa hits her in the head with a downward chop. As Tatsuki states there was nothing random about this, Chizuru falls backward onto the ground as Orihime expresses concern for her. Opening the door, Misato Ochi tells the students to take their seats and says she wishes to introduce a new transfer student, prompting Orihime and Tatsuki to express surprise.


A girl writes her name on the board.

Later, a girl writes her name on the board before turning around to face the class. As Orihime and Tatsuki express concern, Kon, in Ichigo Kurosaki's body, sleeps at his desk. As Chappy, in Rukia Kuchiki's Gigai, draws in her notebook, Misato introduces the girl as Kyōko Haida and states she is their classmate now before saying she wants them to make Kyōko feel very welcome. As Kyōko bows and states she is very pleased to meet them, the students talk among themselves and discuss how they have never seen her before. Later, Ururu Tsumugiya waters the ground outside of the Urahara Shop as Ichigo expresses surprise at someone attacking a high school girl.

261Ichigo asks

Ichigo asks Urahara if this involves the Tōjū.

Saying this is how it appears, Kisuke Urahara reveals the victim carried a phone with a pink bear charm. As Rukia sits nearby, Ichigo states this is a weird detail and asks Urahara how he found out about it, prompting Urahara to say this is a secret. When Urahara states it would take all day to explain, Ichigo expresses annoyance before asking him if he believes this has something to do with the Tōjū, prompting Rukia to say it is very difficult to track the Reiatsu of the Tōjū because they are extremely unstable. As Rukia states a Tōjū may be involved in this incident, Urahara says a Zanpakutō Spirit attacking Humans is not good.

261Orihime introduces

Orihime introduces herself.

Meanwhile, as a strong wind blows outside of Karakura High School, Orihime picks up her books as Kyōko stands nearby. When Kyōko greets her, Orihime looks up in surprise before greeting Kyōko in return. When Kyōko asks her what her name is, Orihime introduces herself and smiles before stating it is nice to meet Kyōko, who stares at her. As Orihime expresses surprise, Tatsuki calls out to her and holds up her lunch while saying they will miss their entire lunch break if Orihime does not hurry up, prompting Orihime to apologize before stating she will be there in a minute.

261Orihime expresses

Orihime expresses surprise upon seeing Kyōko has left.

Asking Kyōko if she wishes to sit with them, Orihime expresses surprise upon seeing Kyōko has left. Looking around, Orihime wonders where Kyōko went. Later, Orihime, Tatsuki, Michiru Ogawa, and Ryō Kunieda walk along the street as Michiru says she knows something which the others do not. Revealing Misato told her Kyōko is incredibly smart, Michiru states Kyōko is apparently very good at sports as well. Saying this is amazing, Orihime notes Kyōko solved a math problem very easily this afternoon. When Tatsuki asks her if Misato knows why Kyōko transferred, Michiru states she does not know because she did not ask Misato about this.

The Second Victim

Kyōko stands behind the girl with a double-bladed sword in her hand.

At nighttime, a girl runs along an alley and turns around before screaming as something slashes at her. Sitting on the ground, the girl trembles as her phone falls to the ground. As Kyōko stands behind the girl with a double-bladed sword in her hand, the double-bladed sword dissipates. Later, as the police investigate the scene, one of them says the girl is in a state of shock before stating she appears otherwise unharmed. As Ichigo and Rukia stand on top of a nearby roof, Rukia presses several buttons on her Denreishinki as Ichigo asks her if she is detecting a Tōjū with it. Denying this, Rukia closes the Denreishinki before saying it appears to be different from a Tōjū in many ways.

261Students play

Several students play a basketball game on the court.

As an ambulance with the victim inside leaves, Ichigo asks Rukia what she believes is happening, prompting Rukia to state she is not sure before saying they need to go down there and investigate. Noticing the girl's phone has a pink bear charm on it, a surprised Ichigo notes this is the kind of charm which Urahara mentioned. The next day, several students play a basketball game on the court. Maneuvering around one of the students, Kyōko throws the ball into the net. Expressing awe, Chizuru states Kyōko plays like a professional as Michiru notes she must be a serious athlete. As Orihime watches, Kyōko catches the ball before tripping over another girl's foot and collapsing.

261Orihime takes

Orihime takes Kyōko to the nurse.

As the girl apologizes and asks Kyōko if she is alright, Tatsuki blows the whistle and calls for a time-out. Saying she did not mean to trip Kyōko, the girl states their feet got tangled up as Tatsuki asks Kyōko if she believes she can walk. When Kyōko does not respond, Tatsuki asks those present if someone can take her to the nurse. Later, Orihime walks with Kyōko, whose arm is over Orihime's shoulder, and says it is just a little further before stating their nurse is one of the best ones in the school district. As Orihime says Kyōko will barely notice their nurse is working on her because she is so gentle, Kyōko notices some flower pots on a ledge above.

Orihime protects Kyoko

Orihime uses Santen Kesshun to protect herself and Kyōko.

Walking out onto the ledge while telling her friend how they had a good time, a girl accidentally knocks one of the flower pots off of the ledge. As the flower pot falls toward her and Orihime, Kyōko screams and falls down. Moving in front of Kyōko, Orihime uses Santen Kesshun, forming an orange shield above herself. As the flower pot shatters and falls to the ground in pieces, Santen Kesshun disperses as Orihime kneels next to Kyōko and asks her if she is alright. Stating she knew it, Kyōko looks at Orihime and says she knew Orihime was special from the moment they met. When Orihime asks her what she means by special, Kyōko states she is referring to Orihime's power before saying Orihime is a special Human who possesses special powers.

261Kyoko reveals

Kyōko reveals she possesses certain special powers.

Standing up, Kyōko states she has decided Orihime is worthy of her. When Orihime asks her what she is talking about, Kyōko reveals she possesses certain special powers as well before saying they should be friends because they both possess special powers. Shaking her head, Orihime states Kyōko has got it wrong before saying she is not a special person. As Kyōko expresses confusion, Orihime admits she possesses a few special powers which she has accumulated over the years before stating this does not make her special. When Kyōko angrily says this is the definition of special where she comes from, Orihime frowns.

261Kyoko suggests

Kyōko suggests she tell Orihime's friends about her power.

Noting Orihime's power is a secret, Kyōko asks Orihime why she would keep something like this a secret before suggesting she tell Orihime's friends about it so they can stare at Orihime suspiciously every time she walks into a room. Stating they will be terrified of Orihime, Kyōko asks her if this will be fun. Standing up, Orihime asks Kyōko why she would wish to do something so mean. Expressing surprise, Kyōko glares at Orihime before revealing she used to hang out with a girl named Mai Suzuki. Saying they were always together, Kyōko states Mai was the only person whom she could call a friend before revealing they came to completely trust and respect each other after a while.

261Kyoko waves

Kyōko waves at Mai from several seats away.

Saying Mai was the only person whom she could go to and talk openly about what was going on in her life, Kyōko states she believed Mai would accept her even if she were different from other people. In the past, Kyōko and Mai sit at a table in the library. When Kyōko says the page which Mai is studying will likely not be on the test, Mai expresses surprise before pointing out how their teacher said it would be on the test. When Kyōko states the teacher made a mistake and is going to use the next page, Mai asks her how she would know this, prompting Kyōko to smile. Later, Mai looks in shock at her test before turning to face Kyōko, who waves and smiles at her from several seats away.

261Kyoko asks

Kyōko asks Mai if she is going out with the boy.

Later, Mai hands a CD to a teenage boy and says she got it for him before stating the boy said he wanted it. As the boy thanks her, Mai says she will see him later before running off. As Mai runs down the hall, Kyōko calls out to her before steeping out from behind a pillar. When Kyōko asks her if she is going out with the boy, Mai looks down, prompting Kyōko to state the boy is bad news. As Mai expresses shock, Kyōko reveals the boy has many other girlfriends and steals money from his parents when he needs it. Saying she did not wish to tell Mai, Kyōko states she does not want to see her get hurt and cannot stand to see the boy playing Mai for a fool.

261Kyoko attempts

Kyōko attempts to console Mai.

As Kyōko says she would stay away from the boy if she were Mai because he is not worth Mai's time, Mai calls her a creep and states Kyōko scares her before saying Kyōko is not normal. When Kyōko begins to walk toward Mai and reaches out to her, Mai tells her to stay away, prompting a concerned Kyōko to attempt to console her. Backing away, Mai tells Kyōko to not come near her anymore and proclaims there is something wrong with her before running away. Watching Mai run away, Kyōko looks away as a pink bear charm falls from her hand. In the present, as Orihime calls out to her, Kyōko opens her eyes and looks up at her.

261Reiatsu surges

Violet Reiatsu surges around Kyōko.

As Kyōko stands up, Orihime asks her if they can still be friends regardless of whether or not they possess special powers before saying she would like to be her friend if Kyōko would let her. As Orihime smiles, Kyōko shudders violently and falls to her knees. As Orihime asks her what is wrong and kneels down to help her, Kyōko emits violet Reiatsu, which surges around her and past Orihime. As Orihime wonders what is going on, a sword manifests in Kyōko's hand before disappearing. As Kyōko expresses pain, the violet Reiatsu dissipates as Kyōko pants. When Orihime reaches out to her, Kyōko slaps her hand away before running away with tears in her eyes.

261World loses

The world around Kyōko loses its color as the Mouthless Tōjū speaks.

Recalling the sword manifesting in Kyōko's hand, Orihime wonders if she was holding a Zanpakutō. Meanwhile, Rukia stands on top of a telephone pole as Ichigo appears on a nearby rooftop with Shunpo. When Ichigo asks her if she sensed it, Rukia confirms this and states it was only there for a moment before saying it is the same Reiatsu which they sensed last night. When Rukia reveals it is near Karakura High School, a shocked Ichigo asks her if she is sure about this. Meanwhile, Kyōko runs down an alleyway before leaning against a wall. As the world around Kyōko loses its color, the Mouthless Tōjū states she hopes Kyōko was not taking Orihime seriously after all which she has experienced.


The Mouthless Tōjū appears behind Kyōko and speaks to her.

Saying Kyōko would have made the same mistake she made with Mai if she had not shown up, the Mouthless Tōjū states those who are surrounded by friends have it very easy before saying they will never understand what her and Kyōko have gone through. Appearing behind Kyōko, the Mouthless Tōjū states they have been abandoned by everyone. When Kyōko expresses doubt, the Mouthless Tōjū opens her eyes and asks Kyōko what is wrong, prompting Kyōko to note Orihime only said she wished to be her friend. When the Mouthless Tōjū says Orihime did not mean it, Kyōko asks her if she thinks so, prompting the Mouthless Tōjū to confirm this before noting Kyōko possesses a very short memory.

261Kyoko throws

Kyōko throws the pink bear charm into the trash can.

Stating their abandonment has taught them to not trust what other people say, the Mouthless Tōjū says other people are likely to lie to them before noting this is why she and Kyōko were drawn to each other. In the past, Kyōko takes the lid off of a trash can before throwing the pink bear charm into the trash can. As Kyōko looks at the pink bear charm, the Mouthless Tōjū states she understands Kyōko's anger before telling a surprised Kyōko to unleash her feelings. As Kyōko looks around, the Mouthless Tōjū says Kyōko's emotions will turn back on her and her heart will be crushed if she does not let her feelings out.

261Kyoko opens

Kyōko opens her eyes, which turn yellow.

When the Mouthless Tōjū's sword form manifests and clatters on the ground, Kyōko bends down and touches it, causing a large amount of violet Reiatsu to surge around her. In the present, the Mouthless Tōjū tells Kyōko to stop denying her true feelings before stating Kyōko wishes to kill Mai. Expressing shock, Kyōko tells the Mouthless Tōjū she is wrong. As her hair separates, the Mouthless Tōjū tells Kyōko to let her be the instrument of Kyōko's revenge before moving into a shocked Kyōko, who tells the Mouthless Tōjū to leave her alone. As the world around her returns to normal, Kyōko opens her eyes, which turn yellow, and sighs with happiness.

261Mai sees

Mai sees Kyōko holding the double-bladed sword.

Meanwhile, as a girl asks another girl if she can take over her cleanup duty today, Michiru tells Chizuru, Tatsuki, and Ryō they will not believe what she did next. When Orihime rushes past them, all four express surprise as Michiru wonders what is wrong. Meanwhile, Mai runs up the stairs of an apartment building. Reaching the rooftop, Mai pants as a hand grabs her shoulder before throwing her several feet away. As Kyōko steps forward, Mai asks her what she wants before begging Kyōko to not hurt her. As Kyōko chuckles with the Mouthless Tōjū's voice, Mai looks over her shoulder to see Kyōko holding the double-bladed sword.

261Sword disappears

The double-bladed sword disappears from Kyōko's hands.

As Mai expresses terror, Kyōko slashes at her, only to stop mid-slash. As her eyes return to normal, Kyōko tells the Mouthless Tōjū to stop it, only for her eyes to turn yellow once more as the Mouthless Tōjū says she is only trying to fulfill Kyōko's wish and asks Kyōko why she would ever stop. As the Mouthless Tōjū states this is what Kyōko wanted, Kyōko's eyes return to normal as Kyōko denies this before saying the Mouthless Tōjū is mistaken as the double-bladed sword disappears from her hands. When a crying Mai states she did not mean to make Kyōko so angry, Kyōko says it is alright before stating she is not going to hurt Mai, who says she does not believe Kyōko.

261Face appears

Kyōko's possessed face momentarily appears in front of her real face.

When Mai states Kyōko is going to kill her, Kyōko denies this and tells Mai to listen to what she has to say before hugging Mai. As Kyōko says she is not the one who chased Mai up here, Mai screams and struggles to free herself, prompting Kyōko to call out to her as her possessed face momentarily appears in front of her real face. When a screaming Mai faints, Kyōko states it is hopeless and says no one will ever accept her as the sun sets. Wondering how anyone could ever accept her, Kyōko bids Mai farewell as a tear slides down her cheek. As violet Reiatsu erupts around her, Kyōko screams in pain as the Mouthless Tōjū states this is perfect because Kyōko's heart is perfectly synchronized with hers.

261Mouthless Toju manifests

The Mouthless Tōjū manifests her real body into the world after synchronizing her heart with Kyōko's.

Saying she has been waiting patiently for this moment, the Mouthless Tōjū proclaims Kyōko's body and soul belong to her now. As the Mouthless Tōjū laughs, Orihime arrives on the rooftop and tells Kyōko she is here before expressing shock. As Mai lies on the ground, Kyōko holds the double-bladed sword as she fades away to reveal the possessed version of herself underneath. As Orihime wonders what has happened to her, the violet Reiatsu surges around Kyōko as Orihime shields herself. As the Reiatsu dissipates, Orihime expresses shock upon seeing the Mouthless Tōjū has manifested her real body into the world. When the Mouthless Tōjū states she is too late, Orihime demands to know what she has done to Kyōko before telling the Mouthless Tōjū to bring her back immediately.

261Ichigo forces

Ichigo forces the Mouthless Tōjū's claws back.

Raising her arm, the Mouthless Tōjū tells Orihime to be silent as three claws extend toward Orihime, only for Ichigo to appear in front of Orihime and block the claws with Zangetsu. As Orihime calls out to Ichigo, Rukia lands behind the Mouthless Tōjū and picks up Mai before leaping to another part of the roof. As Orihime calls out to her, Rukia says she thought this Reiatsu felt odd before stating it felt off because it was fused to a Human. When the Mouthless Tōjū asks him whom he is supposed to be, Ichigo introduces himself and proclaims he is the Substitute Shinigami before forcing the Mouthless Tōjū's claws back.

261Flame burns

Orihime envisions a small blue flame within the Mouthless Tōjū's body.

When Ichigo slashes at her, the Mouthless Tōjū leaps back, prompting Ichigo to leap after her as the Mouthless Tōjū says she has heard about Ichigo. When Ichigo asks her what they should do, Rukia states they need to be very careful. When Rukia says they will be left with no choice but to kill Kyōko if she has been completely absorbed by the Mouthless Tōjū, Orihime tells them to wait a minute. As Ichigo tells her to make it quick, Orihime reveals Kyōko is still fighting inside of her body, prompting Rukia to ask her if she is sure of this. Envisioning a small blue flame within the Mouthless Tōjū's body, Orihime states Kyōko is suffering as the Mouthless Tōjū proclaims this is enough before leaping toward them.

261Ichigo and Mouthless Toju clash

Ichigo and the Mouthless Tōjū clash.

Swinging Zangetsu, Ichigo clashes with the Mouthless Tōjū, who slashes at him with her claws. Blocking with Zangetsu, Ichigo notes it is faint before saying he can feel it. As Rukia asks Ichigo what he thinks they should do, Orihime begs the Mouthless Tōjū to let go of Kyōko and not draw this out any further. Stating this is out of the question, the Mouthless Tōjū says she might let Kyōko go if Orihime does not mind becoming her host and giving her complete control. When Orihime states this is impossible and says the Mouthless Tōjū should already know this, the Mouthless Tōjū expresses confusion as Orihime states no one can belong to her.

261Mouthless Toju explains

The Mouthless Tōjū explains her past and intentions.

Saying her owning another person is an illusion which the Mouthless Tōjū has created in her own mind, Orihime proclaims it is a completely false presumption. Demanding to know what Orihime knows, the Mouthless Tōjū proclaims Orihime is an ignorant child before stating her master despised her. Revealing her master discarded her and perished without her by his side, the Mouthless Tōjū says she lost her honor as a Zanpakutō and was left to die without hope of anyone finding her. Stating she will not listen to Orihime's ideals, the Mouthless Tōjū says she can operate without a master and states she will absorb everything she can.


Orihime's Sōten Kisshun separates Kyōko from the Mouthless Tōjū, who is left vulnerable.

Proclaiming she will show everyone what she can do after gaining power on her own, the Mouthless Tōjū pushes Ichigo back. As Ichigo proclaims the Mouthless Tōjū is out of control, Orihime calls out to Kyōko. When Orihime asks Kyōko if she can hear her, the blue flame grows in size as Kyōko's eyes open. When the Mouthless Tōjū begins to contort in pain, Orihime notes she is suffering horribly as Rukia tells her to use Sōten Kisshun. When Rukia theorizes Orihime can separate the Mouthless Tōjū from Kyōko, Orihime nods and holds her hands up to her hair clips before using Sōten Kisshun. As a glowing yellow sphere forms around her, the Mouthless Tōjū groans in pain as Kyōko separates from her. When Rukia proclaims she is vulnerable now, Ichigo fires a Getsuga Tenshō at the Mouthless Tōjū.

261Rukia holds

Rukia holds up her Kikanshinki and reveals she has wiped Mai's memory after the battle.

Later, as Mai and two of her friends walk across the street while giggling, Kyōko watches from afar. In the past, Rukia holds up her Kikanshinki and reveals she has wiped Mai's memory. In the present, as Mai and her friends walk past her, Kyōko sighs and looks away. When Orihime puts her hand on Kyōko's shoulder and says her name, Kyōko looks over her shoulder in surprise as Orihime laughs and states they should walk home together. When Kyōko turns to face her, Orihime asks her if something is wrong. Shaking her head, Kyōko laughs, prompting Orihime to laugh as well. When Kyōko says Orihime wishes to stop by a sweet shop, Orihime confirms this before asking Kyōko how she knew, prompting Kyōko to state she knew by the look on Orihime's face.

Shinigami Illustrated Picture Book

261Chojiro explains

Chōjirō explains why Gonryōmaru manifested.

At a bar, 6th Division Lieutenant Renji Abarai asks 1st Division Lieutenant Chōjirō Sasakibe what is wrong, prompting Chōjirō to reveal Gonryōmaru manifested because he was tired of how Chōjirō never stands out. Stating it has been bothering him for a while now, Chōjirō takes a drink as a drunken 9th Division Lieutenant Shūhei Hisagi recognizes him. When Hisagi asks him when he got here, an astonished Chōjirō breaks into tears and proclaims he is worthless as Renji assures him he will figure something out for Chōjirō.


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