The Older Brother's Wish, the Younger Sister's Wish
Kanji 兄の想い、妹の想い
Romanji Ani no omoi, imōto no omoi
Episode Number 3
Manga Chapters Chapter 4 (from page 8), Chapter 5, Chapter 6
Arc Agent of the Shinigami arc
Previous Episode The Shinigami's Work
Next Episode Cursed Parakeet
Japanese October 19, 2004
English September 23, 2006
Theme Music
Opening *~Asterisk~
Ending Life is Like a Boat
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The Older Brother's Wish, the Younger Sister's Wish is the third episode of the Bleach anime.

When a Hollowfied Sora Inoue attacks his younger sister, Ichigo Kurosaki and Rukia Kuchiki set out to save her.



Rukia theorizes that a powerful Hollow is after Ichigo's soul.

Having just been attacked by Acidwire, Ichigo Kurosaki wonders why Orihime Inoue's brother would come after him, prompting Rukia Kuchiki to admit she does not know before theorizing that a powerful Hollow who wants to devour Ichigo's soul is sending several Hollows after him from the shadows, which she notes would explain the appearance of Sora Inoue.


Ichigo demands to know what he should do about Sora.

Grabbing Rukia by the collar, Ichigo demands to know what he should do before asking if he cannot kill Sora, only for Rukia to push his hand away and point out that Sora will be left wandering around forever and will undoubtedly attack again if Ichigo does not kill him. Suddenly, Rukia realizes they do not have time to worry about Sora, and when Ichigo asks why, she reveals that Orihime herself is in danger.


Orihime finds her teddy bear Enraku has been torn open.

Meanwhile, at Orihime's apartment, having finished the food Tatsuki Arisawa brought her, Orihime states it was delicious as Tatsuki suggests they have dessert. While Orihime offers to bring out some leeks and bean jam, which she claims go great together, the face of Orihime's stuffed teddy bear Enraku face suddenly tears open as he falls off Orihime's shelf. Noticing this, Orihime crawls over to the fallen bear and picks him up while wondering how he became torn up like this. As Tatsuki walks over to Orihime, they both hear a distant crash followed by another one, prompting Tatsuki to wonder what it is as Orihime stares in confusion.


Rukia explains why Acidwire will attack Orihime next.

Elsewhere, as he leaps from rooftop to rooftop while carrying Rukia on his back, Ichigo expresses shock at the concept of Hollows targeting their own kin, which Rukia states happens frequently. When Ichigo asks what she means while running along telephone wires, Rukia details how Hollows are fallen souls who were not guided to Soul Society by a Shinigami or protected from Hollows, causing them to become Hollows themselves, before explaining how Acidwire will go after the soul of the one he loved most in life now that he has failed to devour Ichigo. Reminding Ichigo of the bruise on Orihime's leg, Rukia states this is a mark left by a Hollow.


Orihime is attacked by Acidwire.

Ichigo asks if this means the car accident was Acidwire's fault, and as Rukia notes this may be the case, he leaps off the telephone wires over nearby building. Back at Orihime's apartment, as she and Tatsuki hear something approaching, Orihime notices a drop of blood falling on her carpet and looks down to see blood coming out of Enraku and pooling in her hand. As a scared Orihime wonders what this is, Acidwire's hand suddenly bursts out of her back, causing her to fall back with a lifeless look on her eyes. Tatsuki calls out to Orihime, only to be sent flying into the wall by Acidwire, whom she cannot see.


Acidwire forces Tatsuki to the ground.

Landing on the ground, Tatsuki notices her shoulder has been injured and wonders why there is blood before being flung along the length of the wall. As she gets to her knees, Tatsuki begins to faintly see Acidwire in front of her, causing her to wonder with fear what he is as Acidwire forces her to the ground. While Tatsuki gasps for air, Acidwire looms over her as she presses her hand into his chest. On the other side of the room, a frightened Orihime wonders what is happening and what Acidwire is before seeing her own body lying on the ground near Tatsuki and Acidwire. Recognizing herself, Orihime notices a Chain of Fate on her chest and begins tugging on it.


Orihime frees Tatsuki from Acidwire's grip.

As Orihime notes she cannot breathe, Acidwire presses his hand into Tatsuki's throat, causing Orihime to snap out of her daze and run headlong into Acidwire's arm, freeing Tatsuki. Orihime runs over to Tatsuki and puts her hand on Tatsuki's arm while calling out to her, but Tatsuki only sees the imprint of a hand on her arm, causing her to recoil in terror and tell Orihime to stay away from her. While Orihime asks Tatsuki what is wrong, Acidwire tells her it is useless because Tatsuki cannot see or hear them as Tatsuki falls over. When Orihime asks how he knows her name, Acidwire wonders if she has forgotten his voice and tries to get her to recognize him.


Ichigo protects Orihime from Acidwire's blow.

However, Orihime fails to recognize him and tells him to stay away, prompting Acidwire to proclaim that he is saddened by this as he swipes at Orihime. Suddenly, Ichigo arrives and blocks Acidwire's hand with his Zanpakutō before declaring that he is Acidwire's target as he pushes Acidwire away. With Acidwire reeling back in pain, Ichigo slashes at him, only for Acidwire to retreat into Hueco Mundo through a portal of darkness. While Ichigo notices Tatsuki laying nearby and laments her getting caught up in this, Orihime recognizes him and wonders why he is here, prompting Ichigo to ask her how she can see him, which Orihime does not have an answer for.


Rukia tells Ichigo he can only be seen by other spiritual beings.

Noticing the Chain of Fate on Orihime's chest connected to her body, Ichigo recalls hiding behind a pole to avoid being seen by pedestrian, which prompted Rukia to explain that Shinigami are spiritual beings that can only be seen by other spiritual beings before stating that it is impossible for ordinary people to see him in his Shinigami form. As Ichigo realizes Orihime is currently a spiritual being, Acidwire confirms this and emerges from a cloud of pink mist behind Ichigo while revealing Orihime is currently a spirit before claiming that she is dead. Yelling in anger, Ichigo runs at Acidwire and slashes at him, only for Acidwire to easily dodge him.


Acidwire slams his tail into Ichigo from above.

Acidwire maneuvers around Ichigo and grabs Orihime's Chain of Fate before rising up, causing Orihime to be pulled along with him. When Ichigo turns around and slashes at him, Acidwire blocks with his tail before smashing it into Ichigo, who is sent flying through the wall and out into the street as Rukia watches from below. Stopping himself in midair, Ichigo curses as Acidwire tells him to not move while holding up Orihime in his hand. As Rukia watches in shock, Acidwire slams his tail into Ichigo from above, sending him crashing into the street below, before retreating into Orihime's apartment as Rukia tells a motionless Ichigo to hang on.


Orihime realizes that Acidwire is her brother.

Seeing this, Orihime demands that Acidwire let her go because Ichigo is hurt and begins struggling, only to stop when Acidwire asks once more if she has forgotten him. As she looks into Acidwire's eyes, Orihime recognizes her brother. Meanwhile, in the street outside, Rukia tells Ichigo to wake up as he gets to his knees with blood on his face and tells her to shut up. Berating Ichigo for speaking this way, Rukia asks him where he was hit, prompting Ichigo to state it does not matter because he is okay. Rukia states this is good and reminds Ichigo that Acidwire is a monster even though he was once Orihime's brother before asserting that he no longer has a Human heart.


Acidwire explains why he has been growing lonely to Orihime.

Back in Orihime's apartment, Orihime asks Acidwire if he is really her brother. When Acidwire confirms this, Orihime claims he is lying because her brother would never do what he is doing, but Acidwire reveals he has grown lonely because Orihime has been forgetting about him bit by bit before stating that Orihime praying for him every day after his death is what gave him peace while he watched her. Noting that Orihime became friends with Tatsuki about a year after he died, Acidwire points out how she began praying to him less often after this before recalling how she stopped praying for him altogether after she entered high school.


Acidwire chokes Orihime for not listening to him.

As Orihime tries to tell him he is wrong, Acidwire grabs her by the shoulders and demands that she never betray him again if she has even a shred of feeling left for him. Ordering Orihime to just listen to what he tells her, Acidwire promises to devour Ichigo and end this quickly before preparing to go outside. However, when Orihime begs him to not harm Ichigo anymore because he has nothing to do with this, Acidwire confronts her and angrily blames her for his transformation into a Hollow before grabbing her with both hands and promising to kill her first if she does not listen to what he says as he begins to choke her with his fingers.


Ichigo cuts off Acidwire's hand.

Suddenly, Ichigo leaps back into the apartment and tells Acidwire to stop before stabbing his Zanpakutō into Acidwire's tail, causing Acidwire to flail in pain. As Ichigo continues to stab his tail, Acidwire drops Orihime and attempts to grab her once more, only for Ichigo to move between them and cut off Acidwire's hand. With Acidwire rearing back, Ichigo kneels beside Orihime to check on her before standing as he asks Acidwire if he knows why big brothers are born first. Claiming that this happens so they can protect their younger siblings, Ichigo declares that Acidwire should not threaten to kill Orihime even if he is dead.


Acidwire offers to spare everyone else if Orihime comes with him.

As Rukia enters the apartment, Acidwire proclaims that Orihime is his and reveals that he raised and protected her since their parents abandoned them when she was three. Extending his hand to Orihime, Acidwire promises to spare everyone else present if she comes with him, but Rukia warns Orihime that this is a trap since Acidwire no longer harbors the feelings of a big brother. Upon seeing Orihime's hairpins, Acidwire recalls fond memories of raising and growing up with her as a Human and begins screaming in pain as he bashes his head into a wall. With a crying Orihime calling out to him in concern, Acidwire pulls back and proclaims that she belongs to him.


Ichigo blocks Acidwire's lunge.

Acidwire lunges at Ichigo, who blocks him with his Zanpakutō and declares that Orihime does not belong to anyone before pushing Acidwire out into the street. As Acidwire flies into the air, Ichigo leaps after him and prepares to strike, but hesitates for several seconds, prompting Rukia to tell him to finish Acidwire off. Suddenly, Acidwire uses Vitriol Shot, covering Ichigo's hands in acid that burns him. While Ichigo drops his Zanpakutō in pain, Acidwire slams his tail into him from above, forcing Ichigo to the ground, before lunging at him once more with his mouth open.


Orihime intercepts Acidwire's attack with her body.

However, at the last second, Orihime intercepts Acidwire's bite with her body, to the shock of both him and Ichigo. Falling to her knees, Orihime apologizes to her brother for begging him to not leave her alone the day that he died and states that this is why he could not rest in peace before noting that she has always sensed him beside her. Theorizing that Acidwire protected her from being hit by the car yesterday by pulling her leg to get her out of the way, Orihime points out that he will never be able to rest if she keeps depending on him before revealing that this is why she wanted to show him that she is happy and that he does not need to worry about her.


Acidwire's mask briefly disappears.

Orihime tearfully says that this instead made him sad and lonely as she collapses, prompting Acidwire to claim this is not true as his mask begins to disappear and reappear. When Acidwire begins to scream in pain, Ichigo wonders what is going on as Rukia explains that Sora is currently fighting the Hollow within him. Noting that Sora did not become a Hollow by choice, Rukia states that he was likely taken over by a Hollow, which Ichigo expresses confusion at, and points out that Ichigo was his original target before detailing how a Plus who is devoured by a strong Hollow is controlled by that Hollow.


Acidwire's mask shatters.

Laying out how a Hollow who is after Ichigo took control of a soul that Ichigo would be reluctant to fight and forced him to attack, Rukia states that Sora is desperately fighting that Hollow for his sister's sake. Suddenly, Acidwire's mask shatters completely, causing Orihime to shed a tear as she sees Sora's face before falling over. As Ichigo rushes to help Orihime, Rukia tells him to stay calm and reveals that the Chain of Fate still connecting Orihime's soul to her body is preventing her from dying. Rukia walks up to Orihime and tells Sora to get back as she prepares to heal Orihime with her Kidō.


Rukia heals Orihime.

As Rukia places her glowing hands over Orihime, Sora sees the hairpins in Orihime's hair, prompting Ichigo to note that Orihime told him Sora gave her those hairpins before stating that this is why she wears them every day. Hearing this, a solemn Sora pulls Ichigo's Zanpakutō out of the ground nearby and holds it up to his face while noting that he will soon revert to a monster even if he stays here before stating that he wants to disappear while he still has a measure of sanity as he holds Ichigo's Zanpakutō up to his own throat. Ichigo tries to dissuade Sora, but Rukia stops him.


Sora prepares to purify himself before he reverts to a Hollow.

Continuing to heal Orihime, Rukia says that Sora is making the right decision because Hollows can never return to what they were previously before telling Ichigo to let him pass on. Ichigo tries to protest, but Rukia assures him that purifying a Hollow is not killing it because their soul is cleansed so they can enter Soul Society, which is why Shinigami exist. As Ichigo looks up at him, Sora smiles and nods before preparing to purify himself, only to stop when Orihime calls out to him. Opening her eyes, Orihime states that Sora gave her the hairpins on the day that he died and that they had a fight because she thought they were childish.


Sora purifies himself with Ichigo's Zanpakutō.

Orihime recalls how she let Sora go to work that day without saying anything to him and notes that this was the last time she would see him alive before sitting up and telling Sora to have a nice day. Telling Orihime he is off, a smiling Sora impales himself with Ichigo's Zanpakutō, causing him to dissipate into motes of light that fly up into the sky as Ichigo's Zanpakutō falls to the ground. As she watches this, Orihime turns to Rukia and begins crying into her chest. The next day, at Karakura High School, Orihime insists that a sumo champion came to her apartment and blasted a hole in the wall with a gun, to the disbelief of Ryō Kunieda, Mahana Natsui, Michiru Ogawa, and Chizuru Honshō.


Orihime has her memories replaced by Rukia's Kikanshinki.

While Mahana tells Orihime to make her story more realistic and suggests the idea of a professional wrestler causing a brawl outside, Chizuru states that she likes Orihime's silly imagination as Orihime asks Tatsuki to back her up, which Tatsuki does, to the surprise of the other girls. Watching this, Ichigo asks Rukia if this is the result of what she did yesterday, which she confirms. The night before, Rukia uses her Kikanshinki on Orihime, who passes out. When a shocked Ichigo asks her what she is doing, Rukia explains that she has erased Orihime's memories of tonight's events and replaced them with new ones, to Ichigo's surprise.


Ichigo agrees to help Rukia perform her Shinigami duties.

Dragging Tatsuki over to Orihime, Rukia admits that she cannot choose the new memories before stating that they will find out what they have to deal with tomorrow. In the present, Ichigo asks Rukia if this is what she used on his family the other day, which she confirms. As he looks over Karakura Town, Ichigo admits that he cannot promise to risk his life for a stranger, but asserts that he is also not the type of scum to passively watch someone get hurt in front of him before agreeing to help Rukia perform her Shinigami duties as he holds out his hand, which a smiling Rukia shakes while stating that she is counting on him.

Next Episode Preview

Orihime thanks her brother for protecting her and tells him that she will do her best to be happy before asking him to be careful as well. Crying, Ichigo informs Orihime that this is the next episode preview before noting with shock that they are out of time again.

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Ichigo Kurosaki
  2. Rukia Kuchiki
  3. Orihime Inoue
  4. Tatsuki Arisawa
  5. Acidwire
  6. Sora Inoue
  7. Ryō Kunieda
  8. Michiru Ogawa
  9. Mahana Natsui
  10. Chizuru Honshō


Powers and Techniques Used

Shinigami Techniques:

  • Hohō (歩法, Step Method)

Kidō Techniques:

Hollow Techniques:

  • Tail Shaker (テイルシェイカー, Teirusheikā)
  • Vitriol Shot (ヴィトリアルショット, Vitoriarushotto)


Timestamp Track Listing
01:30 Bleach 5th Anniversary Box CD 1 - 05 - BL_86
03:35 Bleach OST 1 - 07 - Creeping Shadows
05:22 Bleach OST 1 - 08 - Raw Breath Of Danger
07:01 Bleach OST 1 - 21 - Number One
07:37 Bleach OST 1 - 09 - Enemy Unseen
09:28 No Official Release
10:38 Bleach OST 1 - 01 - On the Precipice of Defeat
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18:45 Bleach OST 1 - 22 - Going Home
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21:20 Bleach OST 1 - 13 - Burden Of The Past

Anime Notes

  • Orihime Inoue begging Enraku to speak to her and an embarrassed Tatsuki Arisawa commenting on the strange name choice for the stuffed bear.
  • Tatsuki suggesting that Enraku's fabric may have torn open due to rot, which Orihime denies.
  • Ichigo Kurosaki bringing up how he believed Hollows attack randomly and devour Souls because they are hungry, leading Rukia Kuchiki to clarify that they do so after attacking their own families and devour Souls to ease their own pain rather than to satiate hunger.
  • Rukia listing Souls that were left behind as part of the subset who eventually transform into Hollows.
  • Rukia bringing up widows who follow their husbands to their graves shortly after the latter pass as coming to pass due to their husbands devouring their souls.
  • Rukia explaining that she asked Ichigo about Orihime's family earlier due to the bruise on her leg being a mark left by a Hollow and concluding that her older brother will definitely come after her if she is the only family he has left.
  • Orihime identifying the substance pouring out of Enraku as blood.
  • Tatsuki frantically asking Orihime what is wrong after she collapses.
  • Tatsuki wondering what is going on after Acidwire wounds her.
  • Orihime questioning why her body is lying on the other side of the room and what is happening to her, as well as whether she is dead, before noting that she feels dizzy.
  • Orihime stating that she does not like this while pulling on her Chain of Fate.
  • Orihime asserting that she has to save Tatsuki after snapping out of her daze.
  • Orihime identifying Ichigo, Acidwire questioning if Ichigo believes he can stop him, and Ichigo proclaiming that Acidwire will have to go through him in order to get to Orihime after protecting her from Acidwire's initial strike.
  • Ichigo noting that Acidwire is not attacking and halfheartedly hoping that he will simply run away.
  • Ichigo noticing Orihime's lifeless body lying nearby, which leaves him shocked due to Orihime standing behind him at the same time.
  • Rukia questioning why Ichigo is hiding behind a street lamp, prompting him to explaining that he does not want others to see him in his Shinigami attire.
  • Ichigo internally realizing that his sword cannot cut through the scales on Acidwire's tail.
  • Orihime biting Acidwire's finger as she attempts to free herself from his grasp.
  • Acidwire stating that watching Orihime pray made him happy.
  • Acidwire noting that Ichigo showed up right before Orihime stopped praying to him altogether.
  • Acidwire lamenting how Orihime constantly talking to him about Ichigo made him feel as though he was fading from her heart, which Orihime attempts to dispute, and concluding that his unbearable loneliness made him want to kill before slamming Ichigo into a wall when the latter attempts to attack him from behind.
  • Acidwire demanding to know why Ichigo continues to get in his way.
  • Acidwire noting that Orihime was more like a daughter than a sibling to him and that their parents were monsters who would silence a baby's cries with abuse, forcing him to hide her from them until he fled from the house with her when he turned 18.
  • Acidwire declaring that Orihime belongs to him since he raised her and that he will not allow Ichigo to have her.
  • Acidwire proclaiming that Orihime will die for him if she is not willing to live for him.
  • Orihime explaining that she wanted to share the things that made her happy instead of praying to Sora everyday in order to share her happiness with him rather than her sadness so he would not suffer for her.
  • Rukia assuring Ichigo and Sora that Orihime can still be saved.
  • Sora being told to stand back by Rukia and admitting that he knew Orihime stopped praying so that he would not worry about her, but did not want her to stop since her heart belonged to him when she did.
  • Ichigo asserting that those who die and those who are left behind both feel alone and that Sora forgot about Orihime's by getting caught up in his own while Sora internally notes that he thought Orihime threw her hairpins away.
  • A shocked Ichigo demanding to know why Sora purified himself.
  • Rukia clarifying that purifying a Hollow cleanses them of their sins.
  • Orihime recalling how she and Sora ate dinner without speaking after their fight over her hairpins.
  • Rukia assuring Orihime that her wounds are mostly better, only for Orihime to dismiss them as irrelevant.
  • Ryō Kunieda dismissing Orihime's story.
  • Ichigo picking up on Rukia mentioning that the new memories will be random as Rukia uses the Kikanshinki on Tatsuki as well.
  • Rukia observing that the Kikanshinki worked well as Orihime and Tatsuki smile.

  • Ichigo questioning why Orihime's brother would come after him and Rukia theorizing that a powerful Hollow wants to consume Ichigo's Reiryoku and likely controls several Hollows.
  • Ichigo grabbing Rukia by the collar as he demands to know if he is supposed to kill Sora and Rukia pointing out how he will wander around forever if Ichigo does not before realizing that Orihime is in danger.
  • Tatsuki suggesting that she and Orihime have dessert after they finish their dinner, prompting Orihime to bring up the leeks and bean jam jelly she bought earlier as going great together.
  • Orihime and Tatsuki being alerted by crashing noises in the distance.
  • Rukia asserting that Acidwire will go after the soul of the one he loved most in life after failing to kill Ichigo.
  • Ichigo deducing that the accident Orihime was involved in was her brother's doing, which Rukia admits may be true.
  • Acidwire attempting to get Orihime to recognize him and Orihime recoiling in fear after she wonders how he knows her name.
  • Ichigo questioning why Orihime can see him.
  • Rukia repeatedly calling out to Ichigo as she runs to his side.
  • Acidwire demanding that Orihime no longer disobey him if she has even a shred of emotion left for him and promising to finish off Ichigo as he lets go of Orihime and prepares to move outside.
  • Acidwire promising not to harm the others if Orihime comes with him, prompting Rukia to assert that this is a trap since Acidwire no longer has the feelings of an older brother.
  • Acidwire seeing Orihime's hairpins, which causes him to remember his past with Orihime and briefly lose control, to the confusion of those watching.
  • Orihime claiming that Sora could not rest in peace because she begged him to not leave her when he was dying on the hospital gurney and revealing that he actually protected her from the car that nearly hit her earlier by pulling her out of the way by her leg.
  • Orihime telling Sora that she is happy and that he does not need to worry about her.
  • Acidwire's mask briefly vanishing to reveal his Human face, which Rukia details is the result of Sora fighting the Hollow inside of him due to not becoming a Hollow by choice, further elaborating that Sora was transformed into a Hollow by a powerful Hollow in order to force Ichigo to fight an opponent that he would hesitate to kill, followed by Acidwire's mask shattering completely.
  • A flashback to Orihime weeping over Sora's corpse.
  • Orihime sitting up prior to bidding Sora farewell.
  • Ichigo's Zanpakutō falling to the ground after Sora disappears, followed by Orihime crying into Rukia's chest.
  • Mahana Natsui claiming that Orihime could make her story more believable by having a professional wrestler start a brawl outside her house instead.
  • Rukia dragging an unconscious Tatsuki over to Orihime.

  • Ichigo is not left bleeding from his forehead by Acidwire's first tail strike, and after being slammed into the ground, he is not bleeding as profusely.
  • Acidwire only loses one hand instead of two, and his tail is stabbed instead of cut to pieces; additionally, he does not begin bleeding from the eyes.
  • Orihime does not bleed as heavily from the areas of her torso where Acidwire's teeth bite into her.
  • Sora's face is not covered in a large amount of blood after he removes his mask.

  • In the manga, though he targeted Ichigo during their encounter when the latter was a child, Grand Fisher was not involved in Ichigo's life as a Shinigami until their second confrontation in the graveyard, seemed to have no memory of him, and acted alone like other Hollows do; here, he sends Acidwire to attack Ichigo because he wants to devour the latter's Reiryoku and explicitly commands other, less powerful Hollows.
  • In the manga, Acidwire pushes Orihime's soul out of her body before Rukia explains why Hollows attack their former families; here, he does so afterward.
  • In the manga, after Ichigo reacts with shock to the idea of Hollows attacking their former families, Rukia simply affirms it, causing him to question why; here, Rukia states that it happens frequently, leading Ichigo to admit that he does not understand.
  • In the manga, after wounding Tatsuki's shoulder, Acidwire slams her to the ground, where both of her arms remain down; here, he first drags her along the wall and leaves her to fall to the ground, where she sits up, then slams her down, causing her to attempt to hold him back with her right arm.
  • In the manga, Orihime's observations of her current state are internal; here, she says them out loud.
  • In the manga, after freeing Tatsuki from Acidwire's grasp, a concerned Orihime tells her to run and is puzzled when Tatsuki does not respond to her as she remains lying on the floor; here, an initially relieved Orihime grabs Tatsuki's arm, causing the latter to shriek at the sight of an invisible hand on her arm and back up against a nearby wall.
  • In the manga, after Ichigo wounds his hand, Acidwire remains in the room and does not attack again until Ichigo notices Orihime's Chain of Fate; here, he briefly retreats to Hueco Mundo after being injured and reemerges when Ichigo realizes that Orihime is currently a spiritual being.
  • In the manga, Rukia asserts that normal people cannot see Ichigo in his Shinigami form prior to clarifying that only spiritual entities can see Shinigami; here, she does so afterward.
  • In the manga, when declaring that Orihime is dead, Acidwire suddenly appears behind Ichigo and attacks with his tail; here, he returns to the Human World first, giving Ichigo time to turn around and attack him, before pulling Orihime away by her Chain of Fate and slamming his tail into Ichigo when the latter attempts to pursue him.
  • In the manga, after slamming Ichigo through the wall and out of the house with his tail, Acidwire admonishes him for moving so slowly despite his tough talk and burns Ichigo's hands with Vitriol Shot before slamming Ichigo into the street with his tail; here, he instead holds up Orihime, tells Ichigo to not move, then slams him into the street with his tail.
  • In the manga, Acidwire reveals his identity to Orihime by lifting up the bangs of hair covering his exposed Human left eye; here, since his mask is fully restored, both of his Human eyes instead briefly become visible within the eyeholes, causing Orihime to recognize him.
  • In the manga, Rukia tells Ichigo that he has brought shame to Shinigami everywhere after he gets up, prompting Ichigo to admit that he hesitated because Acidwire is not like the other Hollows he has faced, which Rukia acknowledges; here, she instead asks him where he was hit, and after Ichigo claims to be fine, Rukia warns him that Acidwire must be killed because he is no longer Orihime's brother.
  • In the manga, after Acidwire confirms that he is her brother, Orihime demands to know why he hurt Ichigo and Tatsuki, prompting Acidwire to claim that they were trying to tear him and Orihime apart; here, she instead asserts that her brother could never do this, leading Acidwire to explain that he has become lonely due to Orihime seemingly forgetting about him little by little.
  • In the manga, Acidwire's attempted crushing of Orihime is preceded by him requesting that she come with him so they can live together again and Orihime asserting that the brother she loved would never harm Ichigo and Tatsuki; here, it is instead preceded by Orihime begging him to not harm Ichigo any further.
  • In the manga, Ichigo's freeing of Orihime from Acidwire's grasp consists of him swiftly cutting up Acidwire's tail and severing both of his hands; here, he instead repeatedly stabs Acidwire's tail, causing him to let go of Orihime, and cuts off only Acidwire's right hand when the latter reaches for her again.
  • In the manga, Rukia does not enter Orihime's apartment until the fight's conclusion; here, she arrives while Ichigo is lecturing Acidwire on the responsibilities of older brothers.
  • In the manga, Sora ran away from his parents with an infant Orihime; here, their parents abandoned them instead.
  • In the manga, after Ichigo declares that Orihime does not belong to anyone, Acidwire moves to attack her instead; here, he is forced out of the apartment by Ichigo, who hesitates on cutting him down, giving Acidwire an opportunity to burn his hands with Vitriol Shot and force him to let go of his Zanpakutō before slamming him into the ground again and attempting to bite him, where Orihime steps in and intercepts the attack with her body - the remainder of the conflict consequently takes place on the street outside instead of within the apartment.
  • In the manga, Acidwire removes the remainder of his mask with Ichigo's Zanpakutō while purifying himself; here, he shatters it through sheer force of will just before Orihime collapses.
  • In the manga, Sora grips Ichigo's Zanpakutō by the blade while he is holding it in order to purify himself, which he accomplishes by cutting his face; here, he instead pulls it out of the ground by the handle and purifies himself by shoving the blade through his chest.
  • In the manga, Sora explains his reason for self-purification, Rukia details how Hollows can never return to their former selves, and Orihime bids her brother farewell after Sora purifies himself; here, they all do so prior.
  • In the manga, Orihime concludes her recollection by lamenting having not bidden Sora farewell on the day he died and admitting that it might not have made any difference; here, she simply states that this was the last day she saw him alive.
  • Sora does not cry while Orihime is bidding him farewell.
  • In the manga, Rukia is shown altering Orihime's memory with her Kikanshinki immediately after Sora passes on; here, she is shown doing so in a flashback after Orihime relays her story to her friends at school the next day.
  • In the manga, Orihime's conversation with her friends takes place in their classroom; here, it takes place on the rooftop of Karakura High School.
  • In the manga, Ichigo had already resolved to help Rukia with her Shinigami duties by the time Acidwire appeared; here, he instead agrees to help her after the conflict with Acidwire is resolved, using the same language.


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