The Legendary Quincy
Kanji 伝説のクインシー
Romanji Densetsu no Kuinshī
Episode Number 11
Manga Chapters Chapter 33, Chapter 34 Chapter 35, Chapter 36
Arc Agent of the Shinigami arc
Previous Episode Casual Soul Realm Assault Trip!
Next Episode A Gentle Right Arm
Japanese December 14, 2004
English November 18, 2006
Theme Music
Opening *~Asterisk~
Ending Life is Like a Boat
Episode 11 Screenshots

The Legendary Quincy is the eleventh episode of the Bleach anime.

Ichigo Kurosaki and Rukia Kuchiki meet Uryū Ishida, a Quincy.



Kagine reveals that the incident at Don Kanonji's show was broadcast nationwide.

At the principal's office in Karakura High School, a furious Kagine addresses Ichigo Kurosaki and his friends by inquiring as to whether they know what they have done before turning on a screen behind him, which displays the ruckus Ichigo and Rukia Kuchiki caused at Don Kanonji's show the previous night, as he reveals that this incident was broadcast nationwide. Grabbing Ichigo by the collar, Kagine demands to know if he is aware of how much damage he has done to the school with the airing of this footage,


Tatsuki tells Kagine that there is no reason for her to be here.

However, Tatsuki Arisawa gets Kagine's attention and notes that she understands why Ichigo and Rukia were called in due to their actions on television before asserting that there is no reason for her and Orihime Inoue to be here too. When Kagine points out that they were both present during the incident, Tatsuki claims that they were there purely by coincidence and had nothing to do with the situation, leading an irritated Ichigo to note that Tatsuki is simply trying to save herself and Orihime from punishment as Tatsuki sticks her tongue out at him.


Kagine berates Keigo Asano for his lack of awareness.

Tatsuki asserts that they are leaving and exits the room as Orihime bows and follows her, but when Keigo Asano attempts to leave as well, Kagine pulls him back by the back of the collar of his shirt and declares that he is equally guilty for not doing anything to stop Ichigo despite being present during the incident. When a bewildered Keigo wonders what the problem is with them having been on television, Kagine angrily lifts him up and asserts that he is here precisely because of this lack of awareness before declaring that he is flabbergasted by Keigo's ignorance. Suddenly, Rukia tears up and apologizes for being unable to stop Ichigo and his desire to be on television.


Ichigo and his friends escape with the help of Rukia Kuchiki.

As Rukia tries to wipe away her tears and asserts that it is all her fault, a stunned Kagine drops Keigo and assures Rukia that he understands it is not her fault. While Ichigo, Keigo, Mizuiro Kojima, and Yasutora Sado make their way to the window, Rukia claims to not care what Kagine does to Ichigo so long as he spares her, only for Kagine to notice too late that Ichigo and his friends have escaped, leading to him yelling after them as they run away from the building. Promising that things will only get worse for the boys if they run away, Kagine turns around to discover that Rukia has also vanished and beseeches the principal to take action on them.


The principal tells Kagine that he does not need to be so harsh.

The principal merely assures Kagine that he does not need to scold the students so severely just because they were on television, and as Misato Ochi stands next to him and grins, Kagine tearfully proclaims that he cannot believe the faculty would act like this. Shortly afterward, Ichigo and his friends walk through the campus as Keigo states that all is well which ends well before praising Rukia as the reason they got away. When Ichigo tells Keigo to not compliment Rukia because she tried to sell him out, Tatsuki points out how her act also allowed Ichigo to escape, prompting Rukia to slyly affirm that it was merely an act and that she would never dream of selling out Ichigo.


Ichigo's friends wonder what kind of relationship he has with Rukia.

When Rukia's Denreishinki starts beeping, she and Ichigo immediately grow serious as Rukia asks to speak with him before excusing them from the group and running off with Ichigo, leaving their friends to stand in surprised silence as Keigo wonders what that was about. Orihime wonders if Ichigo and Rukia are seeing each other, but Keigo assures her that Rukia would never fall for Ichigo like that as they begin walking away. However, while Keigo and Mizuiro disagree on how suspicious this behavior is, Sado stops in his tracks and looks up at the third story of the building next to them, where Uryū Ishida silently stares down at the group before walking away, prompting Sado to narrow his eyes.


Ichigo and Rukia find a fat Plus, but no Hollow.

Soon afterward, upon arriving in an alleyway with a cowering fat Plus alongside Ichigo in his Shinigami form, Rukia checks her Denreishinki while Ichigo observes that there is no Hollow present and wonders what is going on. When Ichigo suggests that her Denreishinki may be broken, Rukia notes the strangeness of the absence of a Hollow despite them receiving a purification order for one. Addressing the fat Plus, Ichigo asks him if he happened to exterminate a Hollow, which the Plus assumes is the bug-like creature he saw earlier, prompting him to tearfully admit he was so scared that he thought he was going to soil himself as he lunges forward.


Rukia interrogates the Plus about what he saw.

Stopping the Plus by planting a foot on his face, an irritated Ichigo tells him to stay away and reiterates that he is asking him what happened, but Rukia tells him to wait and grabs the Plus by the collar before inquiring if someone saved him from the Hollow and what that person looked like. However, the Plus reveals that he had his eyes closed the whole time because he was scared and tries to lunge at Rukia too, only for an irritated Rukia to plant her foot in his face as well. As he notes that it is time to perform Konsō, Ichigo leans down to the Plus, who frantically wonders what Konsō is and why Ichigo is holding a big sword, before sending him to Soul Society.


Orihime and Tatsuki examine the list of top exam scores.

While a blue glow fills the alleyway, Uryū watches this event from a rooftop above them and sees a Jigokuchō flutter away. The next day, at Karakura High School, the students gather around a list of the highest test scores for the final exam of their first semester, where Tatsuki sees that Orihime has placed third and rubs her head while praising how consistently she does well on tests. When Michiru expresses surprise at Orihime being so smart, Tatsuki admits that she does not look the part as Chizuru Honshō cuddles Orihime and heaps praise on her as well. Looking closely at the list of scores, Keigo asserts that no one aside from the girls betrayed him and Mizuiro by getting into the top 50.


Keigo is stunned by Ichigo placing 23rd on the exam scores.

However, Mizuiro directs Keigo's attention to Ichigo's name, which is in 23rd place, prompting a shocked Keigo to demand to know how Ichigo scored so high. When Ichigo bluntly states that he just studies at home because there is nothing else to do, Keigo reminds him that he always invites Ichigo to come hang out with him and realizes that this is what Ichigo was doing when he turned him down. Tearfully and dramatically declaring Ichigo to be a pervert and a nerd, Keigo dons a pair of thick glasses and tells Ichigo that he can have them, only for Ichigo to casually smash them on Keigo's face while refusing his offer as Mizuiro expresses surprise at Ichigo actually studying.


Ichigo rejects Keigo's offer of nerd apparel.

Ichigo explains that school can be tough when one has orange hair like he does, leading Keigo to solemnly note that life really is full of different perspectives before donning a headband and telling Ichigo that he deserves it, only for Ichigo to cut it off his forehead with a pair of scissors while refusing once more. Declaring that he will never hang out with Ichigo again, Keigo tells Sado that he can still join them since he is not in the top 50, only for Sado to silently direct their attention near the top of the list, where his name is in 11th place. Completely shocked by this revelation, Keigo and Mizuiro run several feet down the hall, where Mizuiro curls up in the fetal position.


Orihime tells Ichigo that Uryū is in their class.

Asserting that he never thought Ichigo and Sado were so evil, Keigo proclaims that he will never play with them again as he and Mizuiro run to the end of the hall, prompting Tatsuki to note that Ichigo made him cry again. Ichigo wonders how "evil" the student who ranked first must be by comparison and looks at the list, where he reads the top name as Ametatsu Ishida and expresses confusion at having never heard this name before. When Orihime corrects him by explaining that the name is actually Uryū Ishida, Ichigo asks her if she knows him, leading her to reveal that he is in their class, embarrassing Ichigo as Tatsuki notes that he is terrible with names and faces before pulling Orihime away.


Rukia yells at Kisuke Urahara for not answering her calls.

As he continues to look at the list, Ichigo wonders if there really is such a student in his class. Elsewhere in the school, Rukia stares at her Denreishinki while it calls the Urahara Shop before angrily realizing that he is not there. Placing the Denreishinki against a wall, Rukia berates Urahara for not answering when she calls him and always showing up when she does not need him as she contests his claim of being a businessman. After staring at the Denreishinki in silence for a few seconds, Rukia sighs and notes that she wanted him to take a look at it because she cannot tell if it is broken or not as she crouches down and taps the Denreishinki.


Rukia pulls Ichigo away after receiving a purification order.

Suddenly, the Denreishinki starts beeping again, prompting a shocked Rukia to pick it up and run off while mentally stating that she found him. Back at the exam listing, Keigo proposes that he and Ichigo go to a karaoke bar because it has an attractive hostess, only for Rukia to run up and pull Ichigo away by the hand while telling him to come with her for a minute, leaving a stunned Keigo to note that she is quite aggressive as Mizuiro admits that he thinks they really are seeing each other. Letting go of Ichigo's hand, Rukia informs him that she has received a Hollow purification order, prompting Ichigo to state that he hopes there really is one this time while continuing to run alongside her.


Ichigo accidentally bumps into Uryū Ishida.

As he and Rukia continue to run down the hall, Ichigo accidentally bumps into Uryū on the way and apologizes to him before continuing to run off as Uryū brushes his shoulder and walks away. That night, Ichigo stands in the street in his Shinigami form and notes with irritation that there was still no Hollow even after all that effort. Dragging Ichigo's body over to him, Rukia tells him to shut up and get back in his body before inspecting her Denreishinki once more as Ichigo tells her to do something about her useless cell phone. While Ichigo lifts up his body and returns to it, Rukia demands to know if he is saying that this is her fault and reminds him that she merely relays the orders she receives.


Uryū confronts Ichigo and Rukia in the street.

Standing up, Ichigo merely tells Rukia to hurry up and fix it, which she asserts is what she wants to do as well. Suddenly, Uryū asks them if they are breaking up, prompting Ichigo and Rukia to turn to face him in surprise, as he walks into view while wearing a white uniform. As Uryū greets them both by name, Ichigo demands to know who he is and how he knows their names, only for Uryū to reveal that he knows Ichigo can see Souls, to the shock of both him and Rukia, before noting that a new Hollow has appeared. A few seconds later, Rukia's Denreishinki begins beeping, prompting her to look at it and confirm that she just received a purification order for a new Hollow nearby.


Uryū brings out his Heilig Bogen, Kojaku.

When Ichigo asks Rukia what direction the Hollow is going to appear in, Uryū raises his arm and points down the street while asserting that it will appear over there before criticizing Ichigo for calling himself a Shinigami while not knowing such a basic thing, to his consternation. The cross on Uryū's wrist flares with blue Reishi and forms his Heilig Bogen, Kojaku, as Uryū generates and pulls back a Heilig Pfeil before releasing it, causing the Heilig Pfeil to arc across Karakura Town and pierce a Hollow's head right as it enters the Human World. As the Hollow disintegrates, Ichigo looks on in shock while Rukia realizes that the purification order has disappeared.


Ichigo is angered by Uryū's criticism of his abilities.

Turning to face Uryū, Ichigo demands to know what he is, prompting Uryū to state his name before revealing that he is a Quincy who hates Shinigami, to Ichigo's confusion, and clarifying that he hates Ichigo specifically, shocking the latter. The next day, at Karakura High School, an irritated Ichigo walks through the halls while recalling Uryū's criticism of his Shinigami abilities. As he wonders why he had to be insulted like that by someone he just met, Ichigo vows to get Uryū the next time they meet, only to stop in his tracks as he tries to remember what Uryū said his name was. While Ichigo attempts to recall Uryū's first name, Orihime pops up behind him and comments on him mentioning Ishida again.


Orihime informs Ichigo of her and Uryū being in the same club.

Though Ichigo tries to deny this, Orihime guesses that he is referring to Uryū Ishida, which Ichigo enthusiastically confirms while striking a pose and telling Orihime that she is well-informed. Copying Ichigo's pose, Orihime denies this and explains that she is merely in the same handicrafts club as Uryū, which is why she knows his name, to Ichigo's shock. Shortly afterward, Orihime opens the door to their homeroom and points out Uryū to Ichigo, who peers through the opening at him. Affirming that Uryū is the one he was thinking of, Ichigo asks Orihime if he is really in the handicrafts club, which she confirms before pointing out Michiru, who is bringing a torn stuffed doll over to Uryū.


Uryū rapidly and easily repairs a stuffed doll.

As Ichigo notes the convenience of this turn of events, Orihime tells him to watch closely. Grabbing the stuffed doll out of Michiru's hands, Uryū throws it into the air and opens his sewing kit to withdraw a needle and thread before rapidly sewing shut the tear in the doll and biting off the thread. Upon having the repaired doll tossed back to her, Michiru gratefully thanks Uryū, only for him to coldly assert that it was no big deal. With a deflated Michiru apologizing, Orihime notes that Uryū would be a nice guy if he did not say such things as Ichigo observes that he is a weird guy and begins to walk away, only to stop when Orihime inquires if something happened between him and Uryū.


Ichigo confronts Uryū on a stairwell after school.

Assuring her that it was something minor and is not a big deal, Ichigo continues walking away as Orihime sadly accepts that he is not telling her the full story. Later that day, as Uryū walks up a set of stairs somewhere in Karakura Town, he stops at the top and asks Ichigo if he plans on following him all the way home. Stepping into view, Ichigo asks him when he first noticed, prompting Uryū to reveal that he has known ever since Ichigo and Orihime watched him through the door. As Ichigo sarcastically congratulates him on this, Uryū notes that Ichigo's Reiatsu is constantly leaking out and that even a monkey would be able to detect him, to Ichigo's consternation.


Uryū uses Reiraku to prove his spiritual prowess.

Uryū asserts that Ichigo lacks the ability to detect those with high Reiatsu and uses the fact that he had never noticed Uryū before today as proof of this. Though Ichigo tries to excuse this as him being terrible at remembering faces, Uryū clarifies that this is not what he is referring to and explains that he knew Ichigo had unusually high Reiatsu from when he first entered school and that he became a Shinigami in the middle of May, shocking Ichigo, before revealing that he also knows Rukia is a Shinigami herself. Suddenly, several of Reiraku spring up around Uryū, leading a surprised Ichigo to identify them as Uryū explains that they are the compression and manifestation of Reiatsu in the atmosphere.


Jinta Hanakari and Ururu Tsumugiya play janken.

Moving down to Ichigo with Hirenkyaku, Uryū grabs a red Reiraku in front of him and identifies it as Ichigo's before detailing how the Reiraku of Shinigami are colored differently from those of normal Souls. As he lets go of the Reiraku, which disperses and fades, Uryū challenges Ichigo to a duel so he can demonstrate who is stronger between the two of them and how Shinigami are not necessary in this world. Meanwhile, outside the Urahara Shop, Jinta Hanakari and Ururu Tsumugiya play janken. When Jinta hits rock and Ururu hits scissors, Jinta points to the side while telling Ururu to look over there, but Ururu keeps looking downward.


Jinta torments Ururu after losing in janken.

Jinta and Ururu play janken again, and when Jinta hits rock and Ururu hits paper, she points upward while telling Jinta to look up, which he does instinctively. As a shocked Jinta keeps looking up, Ururu cheerfully tells him that it is his turn to sweep, but Jinta emphatically declares that he has not lost yet and that they are playing for best two out of three. When Ururu asserts that he never said this, Jinta begins grinding his fists against her temples at high speeds while pushing for a rematch, only for Tessai Tsukabishi to suddenly hold him high in the air by the collar of his shirt and calmly ask him what he is doing, prompting Jinta to frantically claim that he is not doing anything.


Rukia kicks Tessai Tsukabishi in the behind.

Suddenly, Rukia appears and kicks Tessai in the behind, only to quickly leap back and kneel down to clutch her aching foot as an unfazed Tessai turns around and asks her what business she has here today. After Rukia asks him if Urahara is here today, Tessai lets her inside, where Urahara greets her and inquires what he can do for her before being knocked flat on his back when Rukia hits him in the face with her Denreishinki. Criticizing Urahara's welcoming words, Rukia explains that she has come in person because he has not answered any of her calls, prompting Urahara to sit up and apologize for not taking her previous calls due to his team being very busy lately as he rubs his chin.


Ichigo refuses to duel Uryū over his grudge against Shinigami.

As he walks in behind Rukia, Jinta asks her what happened to Ichigo and asserts that it is best for him to stay away because he does not like him, to Urahara's embarrassment, while Rukia reveals that she needs to ask Urahara something. Back on the stairs, Ichigo confirms that Uryū wants to duel him, and the two stare each other down for several seconds before Ichigo declares that such a thing would be ridiculous. When Uryū expresses confusion, Ichigo questions why he would have to do such a stupid thing and claims that whatever grudge Uryū holds against Shinigami has nothing to do with him. Though Uryū wonders if he is afraid, Ichigo refuses to fall for such goading.


Urahara explains the Quincy to Rukia.

However, as Ichigo states that it would be no contest regardless and begins to walk away, Uryū recounts how he is just a Substitute Shinigami who received his powers from Rukia and thus cannot life a finger without her permission, causing Ichigo to stop in his tracks and demand to know what he just said. Back at the Urahara Shop, as Tessai sets down some tea, Urahara notes that he has not heard the Quincy mentioned in a long time, with Tessai observing that it is almost nostalgic because they have not heard it in almost 200 years. When Rukia asks him what the term means, Urahara explains that they were a tribe scattered throughout the world which specialized in destroying Hollows.


The Quincy train to kill Hollows with spiritual powers.

Urahara reveals that the Quincy were rendered extinct 200 years ago, to Rukia's surprise, and details how Humans with powers like Ichigo's sensed the existence of Hollows and began training to fight against them, which is how the tribe was formed. Noting that their mission was the destruction of Hollows just like that of the Shinigami, Urahara states that the two groups differed on whether or not Hollows should be killed, as Shinigami purify Hollows and send them to Soul Society with their Zanpakutō while the Quincy sought to completely kill them, and admits that it was an understandable reaction with how Hollows got to enjoy the peace of Soul Society despite killing friends and family.


Ichigo exits his body and enters his Shinigami form to begin his duel with Uryū.

Explaining that this is why the Quincy always killed Hollows because they believed that they were avenging their loved ones, Urahara reveals that this belief is why they were destroyed. Back at the stairs, Ichigo decides to accept Uryū's challenge and takes Kon out of his bag. As Kon demands to know why Ichigo stuffed him in his bag despite it being under Rukia's orders, Ichigo tells him that they are changing places, to Kon's horror, and fishes his Gikongan out of the doll's mouth. After wiping the Gikongan on his shirt, Ichigo swallows it and exits his body in his Shinigami form, where he tells Kon to watch him as he defeats Uryū, prompting Kon to run out of the way with his bag while Ichigo tells Uryū to hurry up and explain the rules of this duel.

Next Episode Preview

Rukia introduces herself as the prettiest girl in Bleach and states that she would like to read some letters she has received for "Rukia's Q&A Corner" today. As she reads a letter from someone named Momoko in the Nakano District who wants to know what the secret to her beauty is, Ichigo cuts in and angrily proclaims that this is not the place for that, prompting Rukia to claim that she is waiting for more letters before fleeing.

Characters in Order of Appearance

Powers and Techniques Used

Shinigami Techniques:

Quincy Techniques:

  • Hirenkyaku (飛廉脚, Pure Flying Step)
  • Heilig Pfeil (神聖滅矢, Holy Arrow (神聖滅矢 (ハイリッヒ・プファイル) is German for "Holy Arrow" and Japanese for "Sacred Destruction Arrows"))

Spirit Weapons:


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19:22 Bleach OST 1 - 01 - On the Precipice of Defeat
21:12 Bleach OST 4 - 20 - Number One's One Else

Anime Notes

  • Kagine demanding to know what Ichigo Kurosaki has to say for himself and asserting that he has a contempt for teachers when Ichigo claims that the teenager in the footage of Don Kanonji's event is actually his long-lost twin brother.
  • Kagine addressing Tatsuki Arisawa by name when she draws his attention.
  • Keigo Asano frantically stating that he invited Tatsuki and Orihime Inoue to the broadcast, only for Tatsuki to retort that he is infamously delusional.
  • Keigo questioning why he is being held back when he was simply present with Ichigo and Kagine clarifying that this is exactly why he is being held back.
  • Rukia Kuchiki claiming that she humiliated herself by screaming to stop Ichigo from charging in.
  • Kagine assuring Rukia that it was all Ichigo's fault.
  • Kagine demanding to know why Misato Ochi did not stop Ichigo and his friends from running away, prompting her to assert that it is not fair to treat them so harshly for simply appearing on television.
  • Kagine slamming the door to the principal's office hard enough to damage it as he leaves, prompting the principal to remind him that he will have to take the repair costs out of Kagine's paycheck.
  • Keigo expressing surprise at him and his friends successfully escaping from the principal's office.
  • Tatsuki lamenting not having tried to get on television and showcase her singing voice if she was going to get yelled at regardless, prompting Keigo to remind her that the announcer was drowning everyone out as Ichigo internally thanks him for preventing everyone from hearing him yell Rukia's name.
  • Don Kanonji coming to the Kurosaki Clinic to spend the day with Ichigo, who locks the door upon seeing him and realizes that Rukia was bribed by Don Kanonji for his location, only to be trampled over by Yuzu Kurosaki when she see Don Kanonji, giving him the opportunity to exit his body and run off with Rukia to track down a Hollow as Karin Kurosaki stares at them in shock.
  • Ichigo noting that he is actually relieved to have a Hollow show up and mocking Rukia when she tells him to not relax too much as they pass by Uryū Ishida, who stares at them.
  • An irritated Ichigo wondering how many apparent false Hollow alerts they have had this week.
  • Rukia observing that her Denreishinki seems to be working fine.
  • Rukia noting that the Fat Ghost seeing something scary means that a Hollow was indeed here.
  • Keigo agonizing over his poor performance on the final exam and declaring that he and Ichigo can wallow in misery together, only for Mizuiro Kojima to show him the current test scores with Ichigo in 18th place, shocking Keigo.
  • Tatsuki Arisawa, Michiru Ogawa, and Chizuru Honshō discussing Ryō Kunieda's academic and athletic prowess before Tatsuki reveals that she is going to Nationals alongside Ryō after winning the city tournament in May.
  • Keigo melodramatically shielding Mizuiro's eyes after seeing Ichigo with the 23rd highest score.
  • Ichigo explaining how his orange hair makes all the older students want to beat him up and causes the faculty to remain wary of him, leading to any conflict he gets involved in snowballing into much bigger problems, which is why he keeps his grades up since the faculty does not treat him as harshly this way, prompting Keigo to pick up on Ichigo referring to the teachers as faculty and realize that the latter must have faced a lot of discrimination for the way he looks.
  • Mizuiro asking Ichigo where Rukia is since they are always spending time together, prompting Ichigo to declare that he has been avoiding her ever since the television incident because dozens of rumors about the nature of their relationship have been popping up in the aftermath, with Mizuiro acting like this is news to him despite being the source of those rumors as Ichigo and Rukia express their frustration in unison.
  • Ichigo frantically asking Rukia if she is aware of the rumors surrounding them and Rukia denying this as she tells him to complain later.
  • Ichigo promising to get angry if there is no Hollow once again as Rukia tells him to complain while running.
  • Ichigo commenting on Uryū's Quincy attire.
  • Ichigo mentally expressing frustration at Uryū getting involved in Shinigami work and still berating him.
  • Ichigo misremembering Uryū's name as Ari Ishida.
  • Ichigo commenting on Uryū pulling out a pencil box and Orihime clarifying that it is actually a sewing kit.
  • Ichigo sarcastically clapping over Uryū deducing that he was being spied on.
  • Uryū asserting that a good Shinigami can see Reiraku immediately and a skilled one can touch them, meaning that Ichigo would have noticed Uryū's if he were any good.
  • Uryū declaring that he is a Quincy] and has the power to kill Hollows.
  • Jinta Hanakari admitting that Ururu Tsumugiya is more tenacious than he thought she was.
  • Jinta calling Ururu cowardly and Ururu refusing to play anymore.
  • Rukia telling Tessai Tsukabishi to move as she kicks him in the rear.
  • Jinta referring to Ichigo as Rukia's boyfriend.
  • Rukia stating that Ichigo is likely in a lot of trouble at the moment and that this is why she is at the Urahara Shop.
  • Uryū reiterating that the duel will prove who is superior between him and Ichigo.
  • Rukia asking Urahara if he knows what Quincy are.

  • Rukia claiming that Ichigo wanted badly to be on television.
  • Rukia running off with Ichigo after receiving a Hollow alert, leaving Orihime to wonder if they are seeing each other as she and the others begin to walk away, only for Sado to look up and see Uryū staring down at them through a window on the upper floor of a nearby building.
  • The Fat Ghost passing over to the other side and a Jigokuchō fluttering through the air after Ichigo performs Konsō.
  • Chizuru Honshō praising Orihime for doing well on her final exam.
  • Ichigo misreading Uryū's name as Ametatsu Ishida and being shocked when Orihime reveals that he is in their class, which prompts Tatsuki to assert that he never remembers names or faces as she pulls Orihime away.
  • Rukia noting that another Hollow has been found as she runs off in search of Ichigo.
  • Keigo inviting Ichigo to sing karaoke with him.
  • Keigo observing Rukia's aggressiveness after she pulls Ichigo away, leading Mizuiro to theorize that they really are seeing each other.
  • Ichigo apologizing to Uryū after bumping into him.
  • Rukia asserting that she wants to fix her Denreishinki as well.
  • Ichigo acknowledging that Uryū is weird.
  • A female Quincy fleeing from four Hollows before being attacked and killed by them.

  • The Fat Ghost does not have a section of his ribcage visible through a wound on his torso.
  • Keigo does not bleed when Ichigo cuts through his headband.

  • In the manga, Orihime bows to Kagine and the others as she is heading out the door with Tatsuki; here, she instead bows before walking away with Tatsuki.
  • In the manga, Keigo reacts to Kagine's explanation of why he is being punished by demanding humane treatment for students in his school; here, he instead wonders why them being on television is such a big deal, prompting an angered Kagine to remind him that he and his friends are here due to this same lack of awareness.
  • In the manga, when Ichigo and his friends escape from the principal's office, Kagine threatens to suspend them; here, he simply yells after them.
  • In the manga, when addressed by Kagine, the principal expresses a desire to show his grandchildren a copy of the recording of Ichigo and his friends on television; here, he instead chastises Kagine for scolding the students so severely.
  • In the manga, Rukia receives a Hollow alert after leading Don Kanonji to the Kurosaki Clinic; here, Rukia instead receives the alert at Karakura High School after escaping from the principal's office.
  • In the manga, Ichigo and Rukia's encounter with the Fat Ghost takes place at nighttime; here, it instead takes place in the afternoon.
  • In the manga, after finding the Fat Ghost alone with no Hollow present, Ichigo bemoans how these missions are taking time away from his studying for finals and accuses Rukia of being culpable due to her broken Denreishinki before inquiring if there is another Shinigami who is purifying Hollows before they arrive, which Rukia denies on the grounds of Shinigami having clearly defined territories to patrol prior to the Fat Ghost lunging at them while expressing his gratitude; here, Rukia instead asserts that she did receive a Hollow alert, and when Ichigo sarcastically asks him if he exterminated a Hollow, the Fat Ghost deduces that Ichigo is referring to the bug-like monster he saw before lunging at them while expressing how terrified he was.
  • In the manga, when stomping on the Fat Ghost's forehead to keep him away, Ichigo demands that the former go thank whoever saved him instead; here, he instead reiterates that he is asking the Fat Ghost what happened.
  • In the manga, after revealing that he had his eyes closed in fright when being attacked by the Hollow and so does not know who saved him, the Fat Ghost offers a figurine in an attempt to earn forgiveness from an irritated Ichigo and Rukia, only for them to smash the figurine by smashing it between their fists in unison; here, he instead lunges toward Rukia, who stomps on his head as well in irritation.
  • In the manga, Keigo learns of Ichigo's reason for studying hard after the initial scores are posted in the classroom and before Tatsuki and Orihime examine their final scores; here, he instead does so after the final scores are posted and the scene takes place in the hallway, mixing his dialogue from the two scenes in the manga.
  • In the manga, Ichigo and Rukia encounter Uryū for the first time on the night before the final exam scores are posted; here, this encounter occurs on the night afterward.
  • In the manga, after seeing Ichigo placing 23rd, Keigo vows to never let the former hang out with him and Mizuiro again before turning to Sado under the belief that he did not score in the top 50, only to run away in tears when Sado reveals that he actually scored even higher than Ichigo did, leaving an embarrassed Tatsuki to observe that he and Mizuiro are still not as obnoxious as they used to be; here, this instead takes place after Ichigo cuts through his headband, and Tatsuki instead notes that Ichigo made Keigo cry, prompting Ichigo to wonder what the student who placed first must be like if he and Sado are considered evil by Keigo for their placements.
  • In the manga, when Ichigo bumps into Uryū in the hallway, he is being pulled backward by Rukia, causing his right shoulder to make contact with Uryū's left; here, he is instead running forward behind Rukia, causing his right shoulder to make contact with Uryū's right.
  • In the manga, after Rukia tells him to return to his body, Ichigo tells her to do something about the false alarms they have been receiving; here, he instead tells her to do something about her Denreishinki.
  • In the manga, Uryū confronts Ichigo and Rukia just as Ichigo returns to his body; here, he instead does so a few seconds afterward.
  • In the manga, when Uryū brings up his ability to see spirits, Ichigo frantically attempts to deny this; here, he instead asks Uryū what he is talking about.
  • In the manga, Ichigo wondering who Uryū was and Orihime identifying him takes place immediately after he and his friends gather around the final exam scores posted in the hallway; here, it instead takes place a day later and with Ichigo walking through the hallway at school.
  • In the manga, Ichigo's flashback to his conversation with Uryū consists of Uryū declaring that he hates Ichigo; here, it instead consists of Uryū mocking Ichigo for not being able to detect Hollows on his own.
  • In the manga, after Orihime identifies Uryū upon hearing Ichigo talking about him, Ichigo is surprised that she knows him and further embarrassed to learn that Uryū is the highest-scoring student in their class, leading Tatsuki to tease Ichigo for his poor memory of people while Orihime explains that Uryū does not talk much, unlike Ichigo and his friends, and that she only knows him because they are in the same crafts club; here, Ichigo begins posing with his hand pointing up in the air and praises Orihime's cleverness, prompting Orihime to copy his pose and deny this before revealing that they are simply in the same crafts club, with Tatsuki remaining absent for the entire interaction.
  • In the manga, when spying on Uryū, Ichigo expresses surprise at the former actually being in his class as Uryū begins to pack up and leave, only to be stopped by Michiru bringing her doll to him; here, Ichigo instead asks Orihime for confirmation that Uryū is indeed in the crafts club and Uryū does not begin to leave before being approached by Michiru, which is called convenient by both Orihime and Ichigo.
  • In the manga, Uryū pulls out his sewing kit and pulls a thread through his needle before taking Michiru's doll from her and repairing it; here, he instead takes Michiru's doll from her, throws it into the air, then pulls out his sewing kit and pulls a thread through his needle before repairing the doll.
  • In the manga, Orihime asks Ichigo if something happened between him and Uryū while he is still standing with her in the doorway and reiterates his answer when he claims that it was only a minor altercation; here, she instead asks him after he begins to walk away, leading Ichigo to answer before departing as Orihime looks down solemnly.
  • In the manga, when Uryū manifests Reiraku around himself, Ichigo can only react in shock; here, he instead correctly identifies the phenomenon by name.
  • In the manga, after Jinta claims that the winner of their match is decided by best two out of three, Ururu points out how he has already lost fourteen times, leading Jinta to declare that it is the fifteenth time that matters while tormenting her; here, she instead asserts that he did not say this beforehand and Jinta does not mention it being the fifteenth time when tormenting her.
  • In the manga, Ichigo picking up on Uryū challenging him to a duel takes place before Rukia visits the Urahara shop; here, it instead takes place afterward.
  • In the manga, when Tessai mentions that he has not heard of the Quincy in 200 years, Rukia is shocked by this time span and frantically asks Urahara what a Quincy is; here, she does not pick up on the time span and is calm when asking Urahara what a Quincy is.
  • In the manga, the medieval depiction of a Quincy fighting a Hollow is shown when Urahara describes them as a clan dedicated to fighting Hollows; here, it is instead shown when Urahara compares the Quincy to Shinigami.
  • In the manga, the dead Quincy illustrating the reason why the Quincy wish to destroy Hollows instead of purifying is male; here, the Quincy is instead female.
  • In the manga, when preparing to begin his duel with Uryū, Ichigo takes Kon's pill out of his bag and recalls Rukia removing it from the plushie in case he needed to enter his Shinigami for against Uryū before swallowing it while noting that Rukia predicted correctly; here, he instead pulls out Kon, who is still in his plushie body and berates Ichigo for stuffing him in his bag even if it was on Rukia's orders, before reaching into Kon's mouth and pulling out his pill, wiping it off on his shirt, and swallowing it.


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