The Immortal Man
Kanji 不死身の男
Romanji Fujimi no otoko
Episode Number 39
Manga Chapters Chapter 110, Chapter 111, Chapter 112, Chapter 113
Arc Soul Society: The Sneak Entry arc
Previous Episode Desperation! The Broken Zangetsu
Next Episode The Shinigami whom Ganju Met
Japanese July 5, 2005
English July 1, 2007
Theme Music
Opening D-tecnoLife
Ending Happypeople
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The Immortal Man is the thirty-ninth episode of the Bleach anime.

After learning to access the power of Zangetsu in addition to his own, Ichigo Kurosaki concludes his battle with 11th Division Captain Kenpachi Zaraki.



Zangetsu asks Ichigo Kurosaki if he wants to fight, win, or live.

Approaching Ichigo Kurosaki as he lies bleeding on the ground after being grievously wounded by 11th Division Captain Kenpachi Zaraki, Zangetsu inquires if he wishes to fight, win, or survive. When Ichigo decides that he wants to win, Zangetsu claims to not hear him, prompting Ichigo to elaborate that simply fighting or surviving have no meaning on their own before proclaiming that he wants to win as he grips his broken Shikai, Zangetsu.


Ichigo finds himself in his inner world once more.

As he kneels before Ichigo, Zangetsu acknowledges this and declares that he will take Ichigo there as his cape flares outward and engulfs Ichigo, transporting him to his inner world, where he finds himself standing on the side of a skyscraper. Upon recalling his last visit here where he was falling toward the ground, Ichigo frantically lies flat against one of the windows and clings to the sill, and when Zangetsu questions what he is doing as he appears nearby, Ichigo claims that he will fall again if he does not do this.


Zangetsu tosses an Asauchi to Ichigo.

Zangetsu explains that he does need need to worry about this because he only fell due to his transformation into a Hollow causing his inner world to lose its stability and points out how it is not even shaking now despite the intense combat Ichigo has been engaging in. Though Ichigo wonders if this means his mind is normally in this upside-down state, Zangetsu ignores this and comments on Ichigo having grown a bit stronger before commanding him to stand as he tosses Ichigo an Asauchi, which a surprised Ichigo struggles to catch. With Ichigo berating him for throwing an unsheathed sword, Zangetsu instructs him to hold onto it because it is his sword.


Zangetsu brings out Ichigo's Shikai, Zangetsu.

While Ichigo expresses confusion at this, Zangetsu describes an Asauchi as being the nameless Zanpakutō wielded by Shinigami who are too weak to join the Gotei 13. Ichigo protests that his Zanpakutō is Zangetsu, only for Zangetsu to note that he is referring to the blade which he allowed to be broken earlier as he brings out Zangetsu, to Ichigo's astonishment. Declaring that he cannot give this to Ichigo, Zangetsu throws Zangetsu over the side of the building, and when an incredulous Ichigo attempts to run after it, Hollow Ichigo tells him to get out of the way before hurtling past a surprised Ichigo and grabbing Zangetsu in midair.


Hollow Ichigo attacks Ichigo with Zangetsu.

After somersaulting, Hollow Ichigo lands on a separate skyscraper, and when a stunned Ichigo asks him who he is, Hollow Ichigo asserts that Ichigo should know him as Zangetsu appears next to him and reveals that they will be testing whether Ichigo deserves to wield Zangetsu by seeing if he can take it from his own hands, due to his opponent being himself. As he dares Ichigo to take Zangetsu if he can, Hollow Ichigo leaps forward and attacks Ichigo, who blocks with the Asauchi as he is pushed back to the other side of the skyscraper by the force of the blow and realizes that he cannot stop himself. Smirking, Hollow Ichigo disengages the blade lock and leaps back.


Ichigo envisions his Asauchi as a wooden stick.

With Hollow Ichigo exerting his powerful red Reiatsu, an intimidated Ichigo expresses amazement at how powerful Zangetsu is and observes that its Reiatsu is burning up the atmosphere, leading him to envision his Asauchi as a useless wooden stick by comparison. Suddenly, Hollow Ichigo begins spinning Zangetsu around by the cloth wrapped around its handle and promises to kill Ichigo if he just stands around before initiating Deadly Darts by hurling Zangetsu at Ichigo, who narrowly dodges as it crashes into the wall behind him. While an annoyed Hollow Ichigo pulls back Zangetsu, Ichigo is left astonished by his fighting style.


Hollow Ichigo mocks Ichigo for not understanding Zangetsu.

Ichigo mentally admits that he would have never thought of a move like Deadly Darts as Hollow Ichigo declares that Ichigo is pathetic and questions how he got so bloody despite holding such a mighty sword. When Hollow Ichigo inquires if one can become friends with someone just by asking for their name, Ichigo is left confused as Hollow Ichigo goes on to assert that this is what he has done because he believes that simply calling out Zangetsu's name is all there is to it and focuses on himself instead of bringing out Zangetsu's power or understanding him, leading him to proclaim that Zangetsu is capable of so much more and would have become stronger had Ichigo opened his heart.


Ichigo dodges Zangetsu as Hollow Ichigo performs Deadly Darts.

While Hollow Ichigo claims that Ichigo could not do this due to not caring about his Zanpakutō at all and thinking he only has to train himself, Zangetsu watches intently from a pole far away. Upon having Zangetsu thrown at him by Hollow Ichigo once more, Ichigo evades it, and while a laughing Hollow Ichigo pulls it back, Ichigo mentally concedes that he is right because Ichigo did not even try to understand Zangetsu. Rolling away from Zangetsu as it sinks into the ground where he was standing, Ichigo mentally asserts that Zanpakutō are living things with names rather than soulless tools and recalls his relief at Kenpachi claiming that his Zanpakutō is always released.


Hollow Ichigo promises to prove what it means to master Zangetsu.

As he berates himself for being so relieved at the time when he is really no different from Kenpachi, Ichigo dodges two more swings of Zangetsu before attempting to clash with the third, only to be knocked back by the force of the blow. Ichigo props himself up with his Asauchi as Hollow Ichigo catches Zangetsu and reiterates that he is no different from someone like Kenpachi who does not know their Zanpakutō's name. After swinging Zangetsu over his shoulders, Hollow Ichigo suggests that they end this and promises to show Ichigo what it means to master Zangetsu while mocking him as someone who could never do even if he tried trying.


Ichigo and Hollow Ichigo swap weapons.

With a cackling Hollow Ichigo leaping into the air toward him, Ichigo grips his Asauchi with both hands and mentally implores Zangetsu to tell him about himself, even if it is only a little at a time, because he wants to learn more about the source of his power and fight alongside him as Hollow Ichigo brings Zangetsu down upon him. Suddenly, with Zangetsu looking up at the resulting clash, Ichigo and Hollow Ichigo discover that they have swapped weapons as Ichigo blocks Hollow Ichigo's Asauchi strike with Zangetsu. Stunned by this alongside Hollow Ichigo, Ichigo looks at Zangetsu and realizes that he has been given one more chance, which he thanks Zangetsu for.


Hollow Ichigo returns to Zangetsu's cloak.

Back in the real world, Kenpachi stops walking away upon being alerted by Ichigo's recovery. In Ichigo's inner world, with Ichigo gone and half the blade of his Asauchi embedded in the skyscraper beneath his feet, Hollow Ichigo asks Zangetsu if that was enough. Confirming this, Zangetsu thanks Hollow Ichigo for coming out, which Hollow Ichigo brushes off as necessary due to them needing Ichigo to win as the king of this world. Upon deciding to go back now that he is done, Hollow Ichigo begins dissipating into black smoke that enters Zangetsu's cloak and instructs Zangetsu to train Ichigo well because the latter's power will be his own one day.


Ichigo stands as his Reiatsu surges around him.

Zangetsu mentally tells Ichigo that he hates rain and details how it grows cloudy and rains when Ichigo is upset and sad, which he cannot stand, before wondering if Ichigo can grasp the terror of being rained on in this lonely world. After promising to give Ichigo everything he has in order to hold back the rain, Zangetsu vows to not let any rain fall on this world if Ichigo places his trust in him and assures Ichigo that he is not fighting alone. Back in the real world, Ichigo stands with a reformed Zangetsu over his shoulders as his blue Reiatsu surges around him, prompting a stunned Kenpachi to express disbelief at him move again after seemingly losing his pulse.


Ichigo wounds Kenpachi before he can even react.

While a smiling Yachiru watches from above, Kenpachi sees that Ichigo's wound has stopped bleeding. Suddenly, as his Reiatsu dissipates, Ichigo leaps forward and slashes Zangetsu through Kenpachi's left shoulder before the latter can react, and as blood spurts from a shocked Kenpachi's wound, Ichigo presses forward and repeatedly clashes with Kenpachi, who finds himself unable to push his Zanpakutō downward when Ichigo meets him with a rising slash from the ground. Having forced Kenpachi's Zanpakutō aside, Ichigo slashes through his right shoulder, sending Kenpachi sliding backward until he brings himself to a halt by embedding his Zanpakutō into the wall nearby.


Kenpachi allows Zangetsu to cut through his face.

Though Ichigo apologizes for needing to end this quickly due to not having much time, Kenpachi merely grins and proclaims that he cannot allow this now that the battle has gotten so fun before rushing at an unnerved Ichigo, who holds Zangetsu out in front of him, only for Kenpachi to allow the tip to slice through the bridge of his nose and his left cheek so he can get closer to Ichigo, shocking the latter. With Kenpachi thrusting his Zanpakutō at him and cutting his right cheek, Ichigo leaps back as Kenpachi declares that he loves it and clashes with Ichigo once more while wondering how he revived and suddenly became so much stronger than he was before.


Kenpachi continues to fight Ichigo despite his injuries.

Despite Ichigo cutting the side of his abdomen, Kenpachi continues clashing with him and admits that he has many questions, but decides to ignore them for now so they can have fun with this fight. After crossing blades with Kenpachi four more times and managing to slash him again, Ichigo leaps several feet back and watches as Kenpachi's Reiatsu erupts around him. Yelling as he runs toward Kenpachi, Ichigo clashes with him once more and questions why a grinning Kenpachi is not falling despite him having the upper hand. As he leaps back again, Ichigo asserts that something is wrong with Kenpachi and inquires if he is really not afraid of being cut or dying.


Ikkaku Madarame sees Yumichika Ayasegawa's new hairstyle.

However, Kenpachi claims that something is wrong with Ichigo for not enjoying battle despite how strong he is and tells him to relish death and pain as the rewards of combat. Meanwhile, outside the Sōgō Kyūgo Tsumesho at the Fourth Division barracks, 11th Division 3rd Seat Ikkaku Madarame sits cross-legged on the veranda, and when 5th Seat Yumichika Ayasegawa slides open the door behind him while asking him if something is wrong, Ikkaku is astonished to see his hair has been permed into an afro by Ganju Shiba's firework and begins laughing hysterically, prompting an irritated Yumichika to put on a wig in the appearance of his usual hairstyle.


Kenpachi is further wounded by Ichigo.

With the sounds of battle echoing nearby as Ichigo continues to fight Kenpachi, Ikkaku explains that he was just noticing how Kenpachi seems to be having a good time. Upon being asked by Yumichika who his opponent is as he notes that the latter is strong, Ikkaku reveals that it is Ichigo and describes him as feeling like a completely different person from when Ikkaku fought him. As Ichigo repeatedly slashes Kenpachi's body, Yumichika worries that Kenpachi might be on the defensive and could possibly lose, but Ikkaku declares that there is no way that this could happen. Back at the Senzaikyū compound, Kenpachi responds to his new wounds by laughing maniacally.


Kenpachi removes his eyepatch, allowing his Reiatsu to surge.

Kenpachi proclaims that Ichigo is now slightly stronger than he is and wonders when he last felt such elation, and as Ichigo mentally questions why he is still so confident, Kenpachi concludes that he can go all-out against Ichigo as he removes his eyepatch, causing his yellow Reiatsu to surge out of him in a spiraling helix column centered around his body. As she watches the column pierce the clouds above, Yachiru is met by a Riteitai who appears behind her and announces that he has a message to deliver. Despite this, Yachiru merely tells him to come back later, leading the confused Riteitai to observe that it is a top-secret message he is relaying.


Yachiru Kusajishi exerts her Reiatsu to intimidate the Riteitai.

Though the Riteitai brings up that the message has been signed by Captain-Commander Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto and 10th Division Captain Tōshirō Hitsugaya, Yachiru reiterates that he should come back later, and when the Riteitai insists on delivering it immediately as he was ordered to, an angered Yachiru turns around and exerts her pink Reiatsu in the form of a cat, frightening the Riteitai, as she orders him to not bother her while Kenpachi is fighting. Back on the ground, Ichigo braces himself against Kenpachi's surging Reiatsu and is left bewildered by Kenpachi's Reiatsu drastically increasing in intensity as soon as he removed his eyepatch.


Kenpachi casually cuts through the building next to him.

With Ichigo accusing him of having a dirty trick up his sleeve after all this time and assuming that there is something in his right eye, Kenpachi denies this and clarifies that the eyepatch is something he had designed by the Shinigami Research and Development Institute to suppress his Reiryoku as he holds it up to reveal that the interior has five small eyes and mouths on it, unnerving Ichigo. Concluding that he will be using all his extra Reiryoku to kill Ichigo, Kenpachi lets go of the eyepatch and casually flicks his Zanpakutō diagonally across the base of the building next to him, resulting in it being completely cut through and collapsing in on itself.


Zangetsu asks Ichigo if he can hear Kenpachi's Zanpakutō crying out.

Despite his apprehension, Ichigo closes his eyes and concentrates as Zangetsu manifests behind him and inquires if Ichigo can hear Kenpachi's Zanpakutō crying out. As Ichigo affirms this, Zangetsu notes that Kenpachi cannot and details how those who fight together while not trusting one another only weaken each other. Zangetsu asserts that one who only believes in himself cannot understand this and asks Ichigo if he trusts him as Kenpachi concentrates his Reiatsu. While stating that this goes without saying, Ichigo begins glowing with Reiatsu as well and promises to put all his power in Zangetsu's hands if the latter will lend him his power in return.


Kenpachi's Reiatsu takes on the form of a skull.

When Zangetsu agrees to this, Ichigo's Reiatsu flares up around him, prompting Kenpachi to praise him for still being able to power up even now, only to be confused when Ichigo explains that he is fighting alongside Zangetsu and declares that he would never lose to someone who fights alone. Decrying the idea of fighting alongside a Zanpakutō because it is merely a tool for fighting, Kenpachi claims that this is the logic of someone too weak to win on their own and declares that this is not his mindset as his Reiatsu takes on the form of a large skull, which leads Zangetsu to inform Ichigo that he is coming before revealing that he cannot stop Ichigo's bleeding for much longer.


Ichigo and Kenpachi grievously wound each other.

With Ichigo's own Reiatsu taking on the form of a Hollow mask, he and Kenpachi rush toward each other before clashing one last time, resulting in an explosion of blue and yellow Reiatsu that levels the surrounding buildings. Shielding herself with her arm, Yachiru stares in shock as the dust clears to reveal Kenpachi with his Zanpakutō piercing Ichigo's side and Ichigo with Zangetsu embedded in Kenpachi's chest, neither of them moving. After a few seconds, Ichigo apologizes to his friends and falls to the side, causing Kenpachi's Zanpakutō to tear out of his torso, where he collapses as Kenpachi looks down at him with intrigue.

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11th Division 5th Seat Yumichika Ayasegawa declares that this is a recruitment announcement for his division as 3rd Seat Ikkaku Madarame encourages those who were inspired by the fighting of their captain, Kenpachi Zaraki, to gather around. With Yumichika claiming that those who join now will have a nickname given to them by their lieutenant, Yachiru Kusajishi, he and Ikkaku conclude by instructing those interested to send applications to them as Ichigo Kurosaki berates them for soliciting.

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Zangetsu
  2. Ichigo Kurosaki
  3. Hollow Ichigo
  4. Kenpachi Zaraki
  5. Yachiru Kusajishi
  6. Ikkaku Madarame
  7. Yumichika Ayasegawa
  8. Ganju Shiba (flashback)
  9. Riteitai


Powers and Techniques Used

Zanjutsu Techniques:

  • Deadly Darts (デッドリー・ダーツ, Deddorī Dātsu)

Quincy Techniques:

  • Shadow (影, Kage)
  • Blut Vene (静血装, Stilled Blood Guise, German for "Blood Vein")

Zanpakutō released:



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