The Full Showdown! Shinigami vs. Espada
Kanji 全面対決!死神VS十刃
Romanji Zenmen taiketsu! Shinigami VS Esupāda
Episode Number 221
Manga Chapters Chapter 328 (from page 18), Chapter 329, Chapter 330
Arc The Fake Karakura Town arc
Previous Episode Ikkaku Falls! The Shinigami's Crisis
Next Episode The Most Evil Tag!? Suì-Fēng & Ōmaeda
Japanese May 26, 2009
English September 11, 2011
Theme Music
Opening Shōjo S
Ending Kimi wo Mamotte, Kimi wo Aishite
Episode 221 Screenshots

The Full Showdown! Shinigami vs. Espada is the two-hundred twenty-first episode of the Bleach anime.

Captain Suì-Fēng begins her battle with Ggio Vega while the other two Espada and their Fracción begin their fights.


221Starrk and Lilynette confront

Kyōraku & Ukitake confronting Starrk & Lilynette.

Baraggan Louisenbairn, angered by the loss of four of his Fracción, prepares to take action himself, but is persuaded by Ggio Vega (one of his two remaining Fracción) to leave the remaining Shinigami to them. Suì-Fēng overhears this and she, along with her lieutenant, Marechiyo Ōmaeda, rush over to Ggio and Nirgge Parduoc, and she taunts Ggio about his earlier statement. Elsewhere, Captain Tōshirō Hitsugaya and Lieutenant Rangiku Matsumoto rush to confront Tier Harribel and her three Fracción, Franceska Mila Rose, Emilou Apacci, and Cyan Sung-Sun, while Captains Jūshirō Ukitake and Shunsui Kyōraku confront Lilynette Gingerbuck and Coyote Starrk.


Tōshirō and Rangiku prepare to battle.

Kyōraku complains to Ukitake about the tense atmosphere near Captain-Commander Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto and Ukitake suggests that they give him a shoulder rub later, however, Kyōraku responds that he was saying that being near Yamamoto gave him stiff shoulders. Meanwhile, Suì-Fēng taunts Ōmaeda about his nervousness, and tells him that he should go find a corner and die. Ōmaeda tell her that he has no intention of doing so, and she responds by telling him to "not die on her." Tōshirō and Rangiku prepare to begin their battle and he tells her to stay focused. Meanwhile, Baraggan orders his Fracción to kill Suì-Fēng and her lieutenant and tells them that if they fail, they won't have anywhere to return to.

Kyōraku asks Starrk if he could send Lilynette away, much to her dismay, because he couldn't fight at his full power near a child. Starrk agrees, but says that he won't fight at his full power, and says that they don't have to either, that they could just pretend to fight while everyone else handles their battles. Ukitake begins to protest, but Kyōraku interrupts him by saying that it would be fine any other time, but he couldn't do that this time, and they began their fight.

221Hitsugaya confronts

Tōshirō Hitsugaya facing off against Tier Harribel.

Apacci begins to complain about Tōshirō and Rangiku appearing in the center of them, Mila Rose scoffs at them, and Sung-Sun says that they are "most unpleasant", however, Harribel tells her Fracción that despite their appearances, both of them are captain level and shouldn't be underestimated, and that they should attack with full strength from the start. Rangiku then tells her captain that she'll take care of Apacci, Mila-Rose, and Sung-Sun and that he should go off to face the Espada. Once he receives confirmation that she's sure, he goes off to face Harribel. Apacci tries to stop him, but ceased on orders from Harribel, who began to draw her sword from its sheath.


Sung-Sun taunting Mila-Rose and Apacci.

Once everyone is in position, Captain Commander Yamamoto, orders everyone to put forth all of their strength and attack. Suì-Fēng clashes swords with Ggio and Ōmaeda with Nirgge. Rangiku clashes with Mila-Rose. Tōshirō clashes swords with Harribel, which angers Apacci, but Mila-Rose tells her to save it for later because they have to deal with "this dumb bitch" first. Rangiku then taunts them and they begin to argue with themselves.


Rangiku using Neko Rinbu on Apacci, Mila-Rose, and Sung-Sun.

Once they finish arguing, the focus their attention back on Rangiku and she criticizes them for not surrounding her telling them that they lost their 3 on 1 advantage. She then releases her Zanpakutō and traps her three opponents in her Neko Rinbu technique. However, they break free using a combined Cero and mock her for thinking that could kill them. Elsewhere, Ōmaeda and Nirgge clash blades and Nirgge overpowers Ōmaeda with his brute strength. Suì-Fēng and Ggio clash blades and Ggio asks her if she's okay with her lieutenant "getting his butt kicked like that" and she responds that she doesn't care because it's his fault for being weak. Ggio then charges at her and tells her that she's cold and asks if she cares about her subordinates. Suì-Fēng replies that she believes that a superior should stay at odds with her subordinates. Ggio then tries to kick her in the face, but Suì-Fēng dodges the kick and wraps her leg around his own, and kicks him into a building. She then pins him to the building with Bakudō #30 Shitotsu Sansen. After he was successfully immobilized she releases her Zanpakutō, Suzumebachi.

Shinigami Zanpakutō Introductions

Ichigo Kurosaki introduces Captain Byakuya Kuchiki's Zanpakutō, Senbonzakura. Byakuya attacks Ichigo when he suggests holding the hilt during Shikai release looks silly.

Characters in order of appearance

  1. Ggio Vega
  2. Nirgge Parduoc
  3. Baraggan Louisenbairn
  4. Suì-Fēng
  5. Emilou Apacci
  6. Franceska Mila Rose
  7. Cyan Sung-Sun
  8. Lilynette Gingerbuck
  9. Rangiku Matsumoto
  10. Tōshirō Hitsugaya
  11. Shunsui Kyōraku
  12. Jūshirō Ukitake
  13. Coyote Starrk
  14. Marechiyo Ōmaeda
  15. Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto
  16. Tier Harribel


Powers and Techniques used

Kidō used

Techniques used

Hollow techniques

  • Cero (虚閃, Zero (虚閃 (セロ) is Spanish for "Zero", Japanese for "Hollow Flash"; VizDoom Blast))
  • Sonído (響転, Sound (響転 (ソニード) is Spanish for "Sound", Japanese for "Sound Ceremony"))

Zanpakutō released:



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