That Man, For the Sake of the Kuchiki
Kanji その男・朽木家ゆえに
Romanji Sono otoko・Kuchiki-ke yue ni
Episode Number 250
Manga Chapters None
Arc Zanpakutō Unknown Tales arc
Previous Episode Senbonzakura's Bankai! Offense and Defense of the Living World
Next Episode Dark History! The Worst Shinigami is Born
Japanese December 15, 2009
English April 22, 2012
Theme Music
Opening Anima Rossa
Ending Sakurabito
Episode 250 Screenshots

That Man, For the Sake of the Kuchiki is the two hundred and fiftieth episode of the Bleach anime.

Kōga Kuchiki's past is revealed.


250Electricity crackles

Blue electricity crackles around Kōga.

As blue electricity crackles around Kōga, Muramasa smiles and recalls their past. In the past, blades clash as a screaming Shinigami is cut down by an unknown attacker. As several more yelling Shinigami run toward each other, Ginrei Kuchiki and Kōga stand on top of a nearby pillar of rock.

250Ginrei pulls

Ginrei pulls down the scarf covering his mouth.

Pulling down the scarf covering his mouth, Ginrei notes they appear to be outnumbered and states the rebel forces are growing daily. When Ginrei asks him if he has thought of how they should proceed, Kōga says there is no time to come up with a plan and states he is going down there.

250Koga tells

Kōga tells Ginrei his reaction seems odd.

Telling Kōga to not be rash, Ginrei says this is war and states it cannot be waged by one person. Pulling down the scarf covering his mouth, Kōga admits this is true before saying they both know they are likely to lose the battle if he does not do something. When Kōga tells Ginrei his reaction seems odd and refers to him as his father, Ginrei tells Kōga to refer to him appropriately in battle. Apologizing, Kōga states he will be going and leaps off of the pillar of rock to the battle below. As Ginrei says Kōga is always willing to rush headlong into danger, Kōga crashes into the ground, startling the Shinigami nearby.

250Koga glows

Kōga assumes a battle stance and glows with blue Reiatsu.

As one of the Shinigami wonders who Kōga is, another Shinigami tells Kōga to identify himself. As a third Shinigami recognizes Kōga, the first Shinigami wonders if Kōga is a member of the Kuchiki Clan. As Kōga glows with blue Reiatsu, the dust around him is blown away as the Shinigami express surprise. As Kōga stands up, one of the Shinigami tells the others to surround Kōga and states he is their enemy. Drawing his sword, Kōga says the Shinigami will curse their misfortune for every having laid eyes on this sword and assumes a battle stance as he glows with blue Reiatsu.

Koga releases his Zanpakuto against the rebels

Waves of purple energy radiate outward from Kōga.

As one of the Shinigami tells the other to not be afraid of Kōga because he is only one man, another Shinigami asks the others if they are ready. As the yelling Shinigami charge at him, Kōga releases his Zanpakutō, Muramasa, which causes waves of purple energy to radiate outward from Kōga. As the Shinigami wonder what is happening, the Zanpakutō of one of them emits a pulse of purple energy. As its owner wonders what is happening to it, another Shinigami asks him what is wrong. Stating his Zanpakutō is moving on its own, the owner turns around and cuts down a Shinigami standing behind him.

250Shinigami blocks

A Shinigami blocks another Shinigami's attack.

As a Shinigami tells him to stop this and wonders what has come over him, another Shinigami stumbles over to him and attacks him. Blocking the attack with his sword, the Shinigami asks his attacker if he has gone completely crazy. When his attacker denies this and says his Zanpakutō has a mind of its own, the Shinigami states this is ridiculous and kicks his attacker back. As the Shinigami asks his attacker if he takes him for an idiot, his Zanpakutō emits a pulse of purple energy. As the Shinigami says this is impossible, the tip of his Zanpakutō begins to move toward his head.

Koga's skills in battle are praised by Yamamoto

Yamamoto commends Kōga.

As other Shinigami struggle to hold their Zanpakutō away from their heads, the Shinigami notes his sword is turning on him. As a Shinigami begs Kōga to stop this, the Zanpakutō impale their owners through their throats as Kōga lowers his sword. As Kōga walks forward, a dead Shinigami falls over behind him. Later, in his office, Captain-Commander Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto tells Kōga to raise his head. As Kōga looks up, Yamamoto states Kōga's work on their behalf has been very impressive. Saying the rebellion in their land is far from over, Yamamoto states they made progress toward restoring peace today.

250Yamamoto states

Yamamoto states there is great turmoil in Soul Society.

As Kōga says Yamamoto is too kind, Yamamoto states there is great turmoil in Soul Society over this revolt. Saying the challenges which they face shall test their resolve, Yamamoto states they will soon learn if they are capable of bringing eternal peace to their world and says they will need great strength like Kōga's in order to succeed in their mission. When Yamamoto tells him to continue to further his efforts for this cause, Kōga agrees to do so and states he pledges his life in an effort to bring peace to this world. Later, Ginrei and Kōga walk along a hallway.

250Ginrei and Koga walk

Ginrei and Kōga walk along a hallway.

When one Shinigami asks another Shinigami if he heard about Kōga, the other Shinigami denies this and asks the first Shinigami what happened. Saying everyone is talking about it, the first Shinigami states Kōga took out several dozen rebels by himself. As a third Shinigami says this is amazing, the second Shinigami states there are rumors of a 3rd Seat position being secured for Kōga. When the third Shinigami says Kōga probably deserves it and wonders why he dresses like a member of the Kuchiki Clan, the first Shinigami expresses surprise at the third Shinigami not knowing about Kōga's background.

250Ginrei asks

Ginrei asks Kōga why he launched an attack on his own.

Stating Kōga is an accomplished scholar and warrior, the second Shinigami reveals Kōga married into the Kuchiki Clan. Later, Kōga asks Ginrei what is wrong and says he seems upset. When Kōga asks him if it is something Kōga has done, Ginrei confirms this and looks over his shoulder at Kōga. When Ginrei asks Kōga why he launched an attack on his own during the battle, Kōga rests one hand on his sheathed Zanpakutō and states he was confident he could handle the situation. When Kōga says he knew he could defeat the enemy as long as he could wield the power of Muramasa, Ginrei turns to face him.

250Koga asks

Kōga asks Ginrei what he means.

Stating Kōga does not appear to realize what is happening, Ginrei says people with access to great power need something extra to control it. When Ginrei asks him if he knows what this is, Kōga states he is not sure, prompting Ginrei to say they need heart. When Kōga asks him what he means, Ginrei states power must always be controlled by its possessor and says power is too great to wield at times. Stating Kōga requires a heart which is sensitive to the use and limitations of this power in order to maintain balance, Ginrei says he is well aware of the tremendous scope of Kōga's abilities.

250Koga performs

Kōga performs Jinzen.

Stating Kōga lacks the heart to make the most effective use of those powers, Ginrei says Kōga should use this incident as a warning to himself and tells him to not forget he bears the title of their clan and responsibility for his actions on its behalf. When Kōga begins to protest, Ginrei states this is all and tells Kōga he may leave. Bowing, Kōga thanks Ginrei and leaves. Later, Kōga sits on a rock near a cliff and performs Jinzen. As the scenery around Kōga changes to countless columns protruding from an endless ocean, Muramasa asks Kōga why he seems so troubled.

250Koga asks Muramasa

Kōga asks Muramasa if he is using his power incorrectly.

When Kōga asks Muramasa what makes him think Kōga is troubled, Muramasa says he can sense something is bothering Kōga. Chuckling, Kōga states this is just Muramasa's imagination, prompting Muramasa to say Kōga cannot hide from him. Stating they are one, Muramasa says their trust in each other is what makes them strong. When Kōga asks him if he is using his powers incorrectly, Muramasa states he does not know and says Kōga's power has not yet reached its full potential. When Muramasa states there is no way to know how much of it Kōga will be able to produce or what he will be able to do with it, Kōga says he understands.

250Blade glows

Kōga's blade glows purple.

Stating they are a Shinigami and a Zanpakutō Spirit who were meant to be together, Muramasa tells Kōga to trust in Muramasa and himself. In the real world, Kōga stands up and pulls his Zanpakutō out of the rock before sheathing it. As the wind picks up, Kōga tells himself Muramasa is right and notes trusting himself is the answer before telling himself this will lead to peace. Later, in the Seireitei, as purple energy surges upward, several Shinigami stand before Kōga, whose blade glows purple as the Shinigami kill one another with their Zanpakutō.

250Koga cuts

Kōga cuts down three Shinigami.

Later, Kōga and several Shinigami run along a corridor. Running ahead, Kōga cuts down three Shinigami, who fall over behind him. As Kōga sheathes his blade, the celebrating Shinigami walk up and compliment his skill as Ginrei and Yamamoto watch from the top of a nearby building. Later, in Ginrei's study, Kōga asks Ginrei if there is anything more he can do before he leaves. When Ginrei remains silent, Kōga expresses surprise. Later, in his inner world, Kōga wonders what Ginrei is thinking. When Muramasa asks him what he is talking about, Kōga says Ginrei never seems to accept him.

250Ginrei sits

Ginrei sits in his room.

Stating this is the case regardless of how great his achievements may be, Kōga says Ginrei seems to look down on him. Telling Kōga to have confidence, Muramasa states Kōga is strong. Later, at the Kuchiki Family Manor, Ginrei sits in his room. Kneeling outside of his door, a woman asks him if he has a moment and refers to him as father. Saying it is about Kōga, the woman states Kōga has been acting different lately and refuses to talk to her about anything. As Kōga slashes through a Shinigami, Ginrei tells the woman to try to not worry.

250Reiatsu surges

Blue Reiatsu surges from Kōga.

Saying Kōga is a sensible man, Ginrei states Kōga's powers are far greater than his own. As Kōga assumes a battle stance and blue energy surges from him, several Shinigami run away in terror as Ginrei says Kōga needs to time to develop his powers properly and learn how to use them responsibly. Later, as Kōga and three other Shinigami walk along a hallway, one of the Shinigami reveals most of the rebel forces were suppressed after the last battle. As a second Shinigami tells Kōga he has done great work, a third Shinigami states they are proud to be working with him.

250Koga sees

Kōga sees three men from his commendation.

As the third Shinigami says Kōga is an inspiration to all of the men under his command, Kōga thanks the three Shinigami and states there is no need to flatter him. Saying he is not doing this for the recognition, Kōga states he wishes for order to be restored to Soul Society before stopping and expressing surprise. As three of the men from his commendation look at Kōga before walking down an alley, one of the Shinigami wonders what this was about as another Shinigami says he is not sure who they are. Revealing he has seen them skulking around, the Shinigami states they probably like keeping secrets.

250Koga says

Kōga says he is honored by Yamamoto asking for his help.

As the three Shinigami laugh, one of them tells Kōga they are probably jealous of his accomplishments as the three Shinigami laugh once more. The next morning, Kōga expresses surprise at Yamamoto wanting his help and says he is honored by Yamamoto asking. Stating he is in the process of organizing a special task force to deal with the remaining rebel units, Yamamoto says he wants Kōga to become its leader in order to make sure the job gets done properly. Agreeing to do this, Kōga bows and smiles. At night, Kōga tells Ginrei that Yamamoto has put him in charge of his special task force.

250Koga asks Ginrei

Kōga asks Ginrei if he is unhappy to hear this.

As Kōga states he is supposed to begin immediately, Ginrei says he understands and tells Kōga to try to not tarnish their clan's name in the process. Expressing surprise, Kōga asks Ginrei if he is unhappy to hear this and states Ginrei's son-in-law now has an important assignment to carry out. Saying he understands Kōga's enthusiasm, Ginrei tells Kōga to be careful to not misunderstand Yamamoto's intention. Expressing surprise, Kōga states he shall leave Ginrei now and stands up. As Kōga walks away, the woman watches him walk away from behind a corner and expresses concern.

250Men sit

The three men sit at a table.

Meanwhile, in a room lit by a single candle, the three men from Kōga's commendation sit at a table. As a glasses-wearing man reveals Yamamoto chose Kōga to lead the special task force, a fat man says they are close to restoring order within Soul Society and states it will be difficult for their faction to override Kōga's position if he continues to accumulate power. Confirming this, a man with sideburns says Kōga has already surpassed his contemporaries and states there may not be anything which they can do at this point. Saying this is not true, the glasses-wearing man states he has a plan.

250Shinigami are cut

Three of the Shinigami are cut down by the others.

One century later, as smoke billows from several areas, Kōga sheathes his sword and looks at the dead Shinigami in front of him. As a Shinigami calls out to Kōga, several Shinigami run toward him as one of them reveals the rebellion has been put down. As another Shinigami proclaims Kōga did it, Kōga smiles before expressing surprise. As three of the Shinigami are cut down by the others, Kōga wonders what is happening and asks the other Shinigami if they have gone mad. As Kōga backs up to a wall with his hand on the hilt of his Zanpakutō, several Shinigami surround him as one of them says their master has decided Kōga shall die as a casualty of war.

250Muramasa materializes

Muramasa materializes next to Kōga.

Stating he is ready for them, Kōga tells the Shinigami to attack. As the Shinigami attack him, Kōga proclaims they will not defeat him with sheer numbers. When the Shinigami slash at him, Kōga sends them flying back with a slash from his sword. Holding his sword over his head, Kōga uses Yūkōjōchū Muramasa, which envelops the surrounding area in fog. As the fog clears, one of the Shinigami wonders what Kōga is doing as Muramasa materializes next to Kōga. As one of the Shinigami wonders who Muramasa is, another Shinigami states it does not matter and tells the others to get him before running forward.

250Zanpakuto glow

The Zanpakutō of the Shinigami glow blue.

As the yelling Shinigami run toward him and Kōga, Muramasa tells their Zanpakutō Spirits to hear his voice as purple energy surges from his eyes. As the Zanpakutō of the Shinigami glow blue, one of the Shinigami wonders what is happening as dark figures materialize in front of the Shinigami. When one of the Shinigami wonders who they are, Muramasa reveals they are manifestations of the Zanpakutō Spirits of the Shinigami. Saying they have heard his voice, Muramasa states it has awakened the desires within their consciousness as one of the Shinigami expresses surprise.

Koga and Muramasa surrounded by Onmitsukido

Several Keigun appear in the area.

Saying the Shinigami will be unable to touch him and Kōga, Muramasa states they will die at the hands of their own weapons. As Muramasa smiles, the shadowy figures move forward and kill the Shinigami. As Ginrei looks up in surprise, Muramasa says it appears everything has been settled. As Kōga confirms this, the glasses-wearing man tells him to not move as several Keigun appear on the buildings and ground near Kōga. As Muramasa wonders what this is, the Shinigami tells Kōga they have him surrounded as the fat man tells Kōga he has finally gone too far.

250Koga denies

Kōga denies attacking and killing his allies.

Stating these warriors are not part of the rebel faction, the fat man reveals they were members of the Gotei 13. When the man with the sideburns asks Kōga if he attacked and killed his own allies during this battle, Kōga denies this and says he defended himself when they showed up out of nowhere and attacked him. When Ginrei steps forward and asks Kōga what he has done, Kōga expresses surprise as the glasses-wearing man states it is a good thing Ginrei came by. As the glasses-wearing man tells Ginrei this is a bad situation, the fat man proclaims Kōga has murdered his fellow Shinigami.

250Men express

The glasses-wearing man and the fat man express surprise.

When Ginrei looks at them, the glasses-wearing man and the fat man express surprise. Saying it is true, a wounded Shinigami smiles and states Kōga attacked them, prompting Kōga to look at him in surprise. Saying Kōga had no provocation, the Shinigami states they just wanted to ask him a few questions and says Kōga did it to show off his power in front of the other Shinigami, prompting Kōga to proclaim the Shinigami is lying. Stating Kōga is out of control, the Shinigami says he is mad with power before dying as the glasses-wearing man tells the Keigun to arrest Kōga.

250Keigun restrains

A Keigun restrains Kōga.

Telling them to wait, Kōga states this is not what happened as several Keigun appear around him. When Muramasa asks him what he will do now, Kōga curses and assumes a battle stance. Telling Kōga to stop, Ginrei tells Kōga to stand still and not make any sudden moves. As Muramasa says Kōga's name, Kōga closes his eyes and tightens his grip on his Zanpakutō before sheathing it. As a surprised Muramasa shimmers and fades away, Kōga holds his sheathed Zanpakutō out as the Keigun take it. As the three men smile, a Keigun restrains Kōga with a large band.

250Koga sits

A bound Kōga sits in his jail cell.

Later, as a bound Kōga sits in his jail cell, Ginrei stands in front of the cell and tells Kōga his punishment has been decided. Stating they asked him to tell Kōga in person, Ginrei reveals Kōga will be deprived of the position which he has held for the last century. When Ginrei says Muramasa has been deemed dangerous and will be neutralized, Kōga expresses surprise and states Ginrei cannot be serious. When Kōga asks him if he believes Kōga killed those men to satisfy his own ambition, Ginrei says Kōga should know Ginrei is not one to make rash decisions.

250Ginrei explains

Ginrei explains why Muramasa will be neutralized.

As Kōga admits this is true, Ginrei states Kōga's superiors are not worried about Kōga and reveals they believe the power of Muramasa is an urgent and growing problem. When Ginrei says they believe Muramasa will eventually gain control over him, Kōga expresses surprise as Ginrei states those with power must have a heart which is sensitive to its limitations. Saying Kōga was overconfident in the powers of Muramasa, Ginrei states Kōga was blindly making the wrong decisions and says Kōga lost balance before revealing this is why Yamamoto placed Kōga under his direct command.

250Ginrei tells

Ginrei tells Kōga to calm himself.

Stating this is unbelievable, Kōga proclaims he was set up by those who were jealous of his power. Denying this, Ginrei says Kōga's overconfidence caused all of this. Asking Ginrei what choice he had, Kōga states the Shinigami intended to kill him and asks Ginrei if he was supposed to stand there and be murdered. Telling Kōga to calm himself, Ginrei says there is still time until his punishment is carried out and tells Kōga to use this time to show some patience. Stating it may be hard to understand, Ginrei says this will be good for Kōga before walking away.

250Muramasa stands

Muramasa stands in Kōga's cell.

As Kōga looks away, Ginrei walks along a hallway and tells himself he hopes Kōga was paying attention. Noting he must do something quickly, Ginrei tells himself the results will be catastrophic if Kōga loses his powers before moving away with Shunpo. Meanwhile, in his inner world, Kōga states he does not get it and says Ginrei completely dismisses him. As Kōga states Ginrei does not respect his power or believe in him, Muramasa says Kōga does not need Ginrei to believe in him. As Muramasa tells Kōga to believe in Muramasa and in himself, Kōga opens his eyes to see Muramasa standing in his cell.

Muramasa breaks Koga from prison

Muramasa manifests his sword.

When Kōga asks him how he has manifested, Muramasa states Kōga's anger and inner desire has reached out to him. As Kōga expresses surprise, Muramasa says he is compelled to go to wherever Kōga is whenever Kōga reaches out to him because he is his Zanpakutō Spirit. Stating Kōga must live and follow his desires, Muramasa manifests his sword before slashing through Kōga's restraints and the bars of his cell. When two Shinigami guards run toward them, Muramasa cuts them down. Extending his hand to Kōga, Muramasa says Kōga does not need to abide by the rules of a world which despises and envies his power.

250Koga states

Kōga states he is the master here.

Stating there is a simple solution, Muramasa tells Kōga he should use this power to change the world as Kōga stands up. As blue Reiatsu radiates from him, Kōga says he wishes to make one thing clear and states he is the master here. Saying he is in charge, Kōga proclaims he will not be ordered around by a Zanpakutō Spirit. In the present, Kōga stands before Muramasa, Ichigo Kurosaki, and Rukia Kuchiki. Cursing, Ichigo notes Muramasa was able to revive Kōga as Rukia tells him to move. As Ichigo and Rukia leap toward Kōga and Muramasa, an explosion of Reiatsu blows them back.

250Koga stabs

Kōga stabs Muramasa.

As Reiatsu surges around Kōga, Ichigo and Rukia land as Ichigo notes Kōga is powerful. As Rukia wonders how Kōga can have so much power after being sealed away for so long, Muramasa states Kōga has finally awakened. Saying he has waited for this moment for a very long time, Muramasa walks up to Kōga and states they can complete the task which they began centuries ago. Saying Muramasa's name, Kōga stabs Muramasa in the stomach. Expressing pain, Muramasa asks Kōga why he did this.

Shinigami Illustrated Picture Book

250Ichigo stands

Ichigo pretends to be the manifested spirit of Ginrei Kōjaku.

When Uryū Ishida curses the existence of the manifested Zanpakutō Spirits, Ichigo pops up and tells Uryū to not let it get to him. Grabbing Ichigo by the collar, Uryū states this has been annoying him for some time now and asks Ichigo if it is not odd for a weapon to have a will of its own. Grabbing Uryū by the front of his shirt, Ichigo says he told Uryū to cut it out before dropping him and asking him if he heard a noise. As Uryū expresses confusion, Ichigo makes his voice sound like an old man's and asks Uryū if he cannot hear him. Stating his name is Ginrei Kōjaku, Ichigo moves behind Uryū, who asks him if he is really Ginrei Kōjaku. When Ichigo confirms this, Uryū proclaims he is excited as a tear slides down his cheek.

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Muramasa
  2. Kōga Kuchiki
  3. Ginrei Kuchiki
  4. Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto
  5. 5 Unnamed Elites
  6. Unnamed Kuchiki
  7. Ichigo Kurosaki
  8. Rukia Kuchiki

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