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Tatsuki Arisawa (有沢 竜貴, Arisawa Tatsuki) is a student at Karakura High School, and is in the same class as Ichigo Kurosaki, her childhood friend and former karate partner.


Bount arc[]

Tatsuki later sees Orihime and the others after they return from Soul Society during the new school semester. Tatsuki greets all her friends as they begin class. At the end of the day, Orihime and Tatsuki share a moment while eating. When Orihime appears troubled, Tatsuki asks if something happened during her “visit to her relatives.” Orihime tells of her feelings of being “useless” and how she thought of Tatsuki supporting her during this. In response, Tatsuki tells her that being considered useful or not isn't for one’s self to decide. This cheers Orihime up.[3]

Tatsuki later appears to forget about Orihime when Orihime is pulled into a strange portal the night before by Ririn, Kurōdo, and Noba, as part of Urahara’s tests for Ichigo and his friends.[4] In the girls bathroom, Tatsuki has a frightening experience. Although she thought she is alone, she hears a noise from one of the stalls. When she opens the door, she sees no one. When the lights begin to flicker on and off, Tatsuki panics and runs outside but encounters an unseen assailant. Only her wristband remains in the hallway as evidence that she ever existed. Tatsuki then becomes the first student to disappear when Ichigo has to find which of his friends is an impostor during the “Death Game.” [5]She and the other missing classmates later reappear in the mountains outside Karakura Town.[6]

Hueco Mundo arc[]

Karakura-Rizer Team

Karakura-Raizer Team.

Soon after Ichigo leaves for Hueco Mundo, she joins the Karakura-Raizer Team and is given a task to defeat Hollows while Ichigo is away saving Orihime. After Kon defeats the Hollow Zonzain, he gets ambushed by four flying Hollows. Seeing Kon's despair, Tatsuki and her other team members appear and introduce themselves. They begin killing the Hollows and Tatsuki demonstrates a new ability called Riser Deadly Magnum. This allows her to generate her Reiatsu and incorporate it into her fighting style; she can also launch the attack from her fists. After they defeat the Hollows, the Shinigami Zennosuke Kurumadani appears before them and collapses. Zennosuke tells them that there is a Giant Hollow Fortress above Karakura Town. Within the Fortress, an Unnamed Female Arrancar claims that Sōsuke Aizen doesn't need to come to Karakura Town personally.[7]

The team heads back to Kisuke Urahara's. Tessai explains to the team that the Fortress is made up of hundreds of weak hollows. The team is given the objective to destroy its core and begins heading into the Fortress. Ururu Tsumugiya and Don Kanonji decide to stay outside and deal with the Hollows while Tatsuki, Kon, Chizuru, and Keigo jump onto the Tower from the glider. Once they get inside the fortress, they encounter even more Hollows. Tatsuki defeats the Hollows, but one gets past her and attempts to kill Kon, Chizuru, and Keigo. Tatsuki grabs it by the tail and slams it against the wall; killing it. The Female Arrancar then tries to kill Tatsuki. The Arrancar claims that she is an Arrancar who has been given great power by Aizen. Before the Arrancar and Tatsuki resume their fight, Chizuru goes into Erotic Mode and grabs the Arrancar's breasts. Tatsuki watches the battle between Chizuru and the Arrancar.[8]

Kon continues going to the core. He easily defeats the Hollow attacking him and then destroys the core. Once the core is destroyed, the Fortress begins to explode. Kisuke then uses his Shikai and purifies the Hollow Fortress. Kon comes back from the exploding Fortress and witnesses Tatsuki and the others sleeping. This takes place during the period when the Fake Karakura town pillars were set up, as the Karakura-Raizers were just a distraction for Kisuke to put up the pillars.[8]

The New Captain Shūsuke Amagai arc[]

Tatsuki is commonly seen in Karakura High School with Orihime, saving her again from Chizuru's advances. She also views the artwork done by Orihime and Rukia, and is notably confused at the artwork itself. She then tells them both that the artwork was supposed to be based on something relaxing.[9]

Beast Swords arc[]

When Kyōko Haida is introduced to Karakura High School, Tatsuki is in the classroom watching her introduce herself. She also calls Orihime to have lunch with her, as the lunch period is almost over. On her way home, she along with Orihime and her friends talks about Kyōko, how she is smart, and good at sports. When Kyōko plays basketball and gets hurt, Tatsuki blows the whistle and calls a timeout. [10]


Karakura-Raizer Watch: As part of the Karakura-Raizer team, she is given a task to defeat the Hollows in Karakura Town. For this, she needs powers of her own, so she is given a watch, which activates her suit. Her suit is Karakura-Raizer Beast.[7][8]


Tatsuki using her fire based technique.

  • Karakura-Raizer Beast Suit: The Karakura-Raizer Suit gives Tatsuki abilities of her own such as:
Raizer Deadly Magnum (ライザー·デッドリー·マグナム, Raizā Deddorī Magunam): In the Karakura-Raizer omake, it is revealed that her spiritual power manifests itself, through her Raizer suit, in flame-like blasts which she can shoot out of her fists or incorporate it in her fighting style easily defeating an average Hollow.[7][8]

Tatsuki's fiery Reiatsu.

Power Augmentation: Like the other Karakura-Raizers, her Suit augments her Reiatsu, giving it a fiery appearance.[7][8]


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