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Kenpachi Space Slicing

I believe it is misleading that Nozarashi is written to be able to "cut through even space itself". It clearly cannot as seen in the scene, where the only thing that we see getting cut is Gremmys clone. Kenpachi broke out of the void himself (probably in a similar manner to how Ulquiorra broke out of the Caja Negacion) which you can see from the way he forces the small hole open with his hand. The hole Kenpachi broke free from does not even remotely look like it has been slashed open, especially considering Nozarashis incredible cutting power.

I understand Kenpachi made his bold claim that he could cut through anything with Nozarashi, but that was proven oh-so-wrong when he could only chip Hoffnung. So I doubt he could cut through something without form when he cannot even cut through something with form.

Another reason is that this so-called ability to "cut through space" was never ever used or even alluded to after this event, suggesting such an ability does not exist. If it did, I am sure he would have used it against Pernida or Gerard.

FUG.L!F3 (talk) 00:02, June 6, 2017 (UTC)

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