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The result of this discussion is: no proof other than a bit of sound, issue was closed years ago
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Hey, I've been watching Kugo's Battle with Ichigo again, and his energy beam sounds exactly like a Cero. So why isn't it marked as one? Miraibuu (talk) 03:01, April 4, 2014 (UTC)

This was brought up more than a few times when the episode first aired. As it stands (and I'm paraphrasing from Salubri here), the only races whose members are capable of firing Cero are Hollow, Arrancar, and Visored, and Kūgo is none of those as far as we know. In addition, it's best to just stay away from his Fullbring section in general because it's been explained about as well as Unohana's Bankai has in terms of abilities, so for right now we're erring on the side of caution and not making any claims as to what that beam really is. Hope that helps.--Xilinoc (talk) 03:44, April 4, 2014 (UTC)

The facts are:

  • Kūgo already has an Energy based attack that has nothing to do with Cero and in the manga it is just an upgraded version of that attack!!
  • It was the anime that added the sound and yet the sound was never made before when he used energy based attacks but during that fight when he goes "I have Hollow in me" they suddenly make an attack that had nothing to do with Cero in the first place, sound like a Cero!!
  • There is no evidence that any other Fullbringer can use Cero and they all have Hollow in them as well, every single one of them since that is how Fullbringers are created!! The only one of them who used Energy based attacks like that was Kūgo and to suddenly change that attack into a Cero because the Anime changed it once wouldn't be accurate!!

If he shows up later and says "I can use Cero" fine proof its a Cero but the Manga outweighs the Anime which only made a Cero sound after he was specifically talking about the Hollow parts within him which looks more like an error since there was always Hollow parts within him, he was always using his abilities given to him as a result of a Hollow attack!! So yeah, this discussion has been brought up time and again, no point in going in circles, discussion closed!! SunXia (Chat) 05:20,4/4/2014 

Fullbring Distribution

As a former Substitute Shinigami, Kugo has the power to transfer Fullbring power between himself and his other Fullbringers. That power also extends to where he can forcibly take it from someone else, such as in the case of Ichigo's fullbring. I've noticed several different abilites (Fullbring absorption, FUllbring transferance, and to the extent ability replication) outlined in his Abilties category and concluded that its all under that same category.