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== Information in new Light Novel ==
The new light novel co-authored by Kubo, ''Cannot Fear Your Own World'', has some revelations about Ichigo and the current state of his powers.[[User:Arawn 999|Arawn 999]] <sup>([[User talk:Arawn 999|talk]])</sup> 17:42, May 6, 2017 (UTC)
Indeed, according to the novel, Ichigo still has his powers as Urahara was afraid that if Aizen spoke with Ichigo during the war's aftermath, he'd somehow mess with Ichigo's Hollow powers. Maybe we don't move his Former powers back, but make a note at the start of his Former Powers section mentioning this. And also, I think that we need to remove the part that mentions that the reason his Bankai crumbled away to reveal his old Shikai being because he only had his Shinigami powers. We really don't know why that happened, and even then, that reasoning is faulty as we know that his Hollow powers and Shinigami powers are one in the same. The implication in the manga, and bolstered by the novel is that when Tsukishima altered the past, allowing Orihime to repair Tensa Zangetsu, that Ichigo's powers also returned. He couldn't even have a Bankai without having his Hollow and Quincy powers, since they together make up the true Tensa Zangetsu. If there's no objection, I'm going to go ahead and change that~ [[User:SilverRain|SilverRain]] <sup>([[User talk:SilverRain|talk]])</sup> 22:29, June 6, 2017 (UTC)
: Wasn't it co-written by Kubo? Also, was it confirmed he retained his Quincy powers? I only remember hearing he still has his Hollow powers. [[User:Arawn 999|Arawn 999]] <sup>([[User talk:Arawn 999|talk]])</sup> 00:33, June 7, 2017 (UTC)

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