Masaki's blut

Shouldn't we list Masaki as an expert? Isshin did say that her blut was exceptionally strong. Ginhikari (talk) 14:03, May 16, 2013 (UTC)

Switch Durability and Endurance

I was just thinking that involving the events such as Bazz-B taking Toshiro's attack and the Sternritter girls getting hit by Bazz-B's Burner Finger 1, Shouldn't those be label as use of Blut Vene? Primarch11

No, as Blut Vene is supposed to block attacks from piercing the body. Kamikaze839 (Talk To Me!!) 04:46 06/13/2014 
Well, not really, since Ichigo's Blut let the tip of Yhwach's sword enter his neck. But anyway, I suppose it makes sense for all the Sternritter to be labeled as having Blut for instances where they withstand attacks with less damage than would expected, aka Enhanced Durability, because Isshin revealed that all Echt Quincy (which the Sternritter undoubtedly are, otherwise they wouldn't be alive) naturally possess Blut from birth. However, it would probably be best to have some other committee members and admins throw in their two cents before making any changes.--Xilinoc (talk) 05:09, June 13, 2014 (UTC)
I'm hesitant to attribute any act of durability/endurance to Blut unless we are explicitly told that it was in use. It's not like Hierro, which is a passive ability. Well, except in Ichigo's case. Mohrpheus (Talk) 06:17, June 13, 2014 (UTC)

As I already stated the likelihood of seeing or having stated every usage of an ability makes no sense. Thats like expecting every time a Shinigami uses Shunpo or hakuda for them to say it. There would be no need for blut at all if Quincy were so supernaturally durable. The fact is they were using Blut left and right during the first invasion with varying degrees of success, in which case if recalled we found out that Blut is not infallible. We tend to see alot of Quincy getting thrown through buildings and surviving, least we recall they are just as vulnerable as any human would be. If they were so durable they would have no need for Blut. I would also point out if one can use blut by instinct as well as consciously then either way it would only be turned on and off while in immediate danger and likely just as fast to turn off. Blut only accounts for the durability the Endurance on the other hand is something all together a different issue.--Salubri (Chat) 14:52,6/13/2014 

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