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Uryū Ishida vs. Jin Kariya

Tōshirō Hitsugaya vs. Gō Koga

Bount Invasion


Seireitei, Soul Society


Tōshirō Hitsugaya is victorious.

Powers & Abilities
  • Axemanship
  • Doll (Dalk)
Damage Sustained/Casualties
  • Hitsugaya is uninjured.
  • Koga is grievously injured.

Tōshirō Hitsugaya vs. Gō Koga is a battle taking place during the Bount Invasion between 10th Division Captain Tōshirō Hitsugaya and the Bount Gō Koga, who is the last able-bodied subordinate of Jin Kariya.


Gō Koga is confronted by Shinigami after healing himself.

Several hours after being betrayed and grievously wounded by Jin Kariya, Koga finishes healing the hole in his abdomen with absorbed Reishi and springs off his hands onto his feet, where he warns Kariya to not be reckless and ruin the future of the youths by destroying the Seireitei as he walks into the shadows. Suddenly, Koga finds himself confronted by five Shinigami waiting on the other end of the alleyway, and though Koga demands that they get out of his way since he has somewhere to go, the Shinigami report their encounter with him.[1]

Koga physically overpowers the Shinigami attacking him.

10th Division Captain Tōshirō Hitsugaya and his lieutenant, Rangiku Matsumoto are informed of this by another Shinigami, leading Hitsugaya to order that they not engage Koga until he arrives. When one of the Shinigami responds to Koga advancing by rushing forward and slashing down at him, Koga sidesteps the attack and shoves the Shinigami away as he dodges a second Shinigami's strike and sends him flying with a punch to the side. Ducking to evade a horizontal slash from a third Shinigami, Koga lifts him up by the throat and throws him overhead prior to disarming a fourth Shinigami of his Zanpakutō.[1]

Dalk defeats the Shinigami.

Keeping the Shinigami restrained while holding out the sealed form of his Doll, Dalk, to the other four Shinigami, who maintain their combat stances and glare at him, Koga releases the Shinigami he was restraining and summons Dalk, who rushes forward to attack the rushing Shinigami at Koga's command. Having lost contact with the Shinigami after they began screaming, the Shinigami running with Hitsugaya and Rangiku relays this to them, resulting in a cursing Hitsugaya deciding to pursue Koga nonetheless as Koga and Dalk stand over the defeated Shinigami.[1]

Hitsugaya discovers the Shinigami were left alive by Koga.

Soon afterward, Hitsugaya rushes to the scene alongside his subordinates, where he finds the five Shinigami sprawled defeated across the alleyway. When Hitsugaya kneels beside one of the Shinigami and inquires about his condition, the Shinigami apologizes and recounts how they tried to apprehend Gō Koga, but were incapacitated when he summoned Dalk. In response, Hitsugaya assures the Shinigami that he will be contacting the Fourth Division and lets him lie back down before declaring that they are going to pursue Koga since he seems to still be close by and noting that the fighting style seems to match that of the Bount whom 3rd Division Lieutenant Izuru Kira fought in the Human World.[2]

Hitsugaya learns of Kurōdo's Bount sensor capabilities.

Hitsugaya warns his subordinates to be careful of Koga's power, which they acknowledge, while 6th Division Lieutenant Renji Abarai runs up behind him with Kurōdo. As Kurōdo comments on everyone being here, Hitsugaya questions why Renji is here, and when Renji explains that he followed the Reiatsu of a Bount, Hitsugaya is surprised by this, prompting Rangiku to recall that Kurōdo was created and used for this purpose, which Kurōdo cheerfully confirms. With Hitsugaya confused by this, Rangiku realizes that he was not informed of this and details how Kurōdo is one of the Mod-Souls with Bount sensors whom Ichigo Kurosaki and his friends used in the Human World.[2]

Hitsugaya has Renji Abarai lend him Kurōdo.

In turn, Kurōdo bashfully greets Hitsugaya, who wonders why a Mod-Soul is stuck in a plushie and ignores Kurōdo's attempt to explain to ask Rangiku if he is being used to track the Bount. Affirming this, Rangiku nonchalantly assures Hitsugaya that Kurōdo is more useful than he appears to be, to the latter's irritation. When Hitsugaya requests that Renji let him borrow Kurōdo, Rangiku envisions him wearing Kurōdo strapped around his shoulder and observes that the two of them do match, only for an annoyed Hitsugaya to clarify that she will be carrying him instead, which she is disappointed by. Though he does not mind lending Kurōdo to Hitsugaya, Renji is uncertain of what he should do.[2]

Rangiku Matsumoto summons a swarm of Jigokuchō to take advantage of Koga's lack of familiarity with the area.

Upon being instructed by Hitsugaya to take care of Hitsugaya's injured subordinates, Renji is left exasperated that he will not be fighting once again as he hands over Kurōdo. After Rangiku slings him over her shoulder, Kurōdo expresses perverse delight in finally being carried by a woman instead of a stuffy man, prompting Renji to sarcastically apologize for this. Shortly afterward, Hitsugaya and Rangiku reappear on a rooftop in a different part of the Seireitei with Shunpo, where Kurōdo confirms that they are definitely headed in the right direction. When Rangiku inquires about what they are going to do, Hitsugaya asserts that they will be surrounding Koga since they are likely more familiar with the geography than he is, which leads Rangiku to acknowledge this and summon a swarm of Jigokuchō to contact the other groups of Shinigami around the Seireitei with.[2]

Koga sees the Shinigami searching for him in the streets.

Through the Jigokuchō, one of which flies to each group, Rangiku relays the location and movement direction of Koga to the Shinigami groups, the first and second of which she orders to change course and head through the sixth eastern district while the third and fourth groups detour to close off the roads and the remaining groups hurry from the third northern district to Koga's location in order to begin the siege. As one of the groups runs through the streets, Koga watches from behind a corner at the end of an alleyway and notes to Dalk that the encircling net cast by the Shinigami is getting tighter, but remains silent when Dalk asks him about what they are going to do about it in turn.[2]

Koga and his Doll, Dalk, move through the canal network.

Back on the rooftop, Kurōdo is shocked to sense Koga's Reiatsu weakening, and when he reveals its direction to her and Hitsugaya, Rangiku realizes that Koga is near the seventh eastern district as Hitsugaya muses on the fact that Koga only weakened his Reiatsu instead of completely concealing it during his traversal. Meanwhile, having found one of the entrances to the underground canal network, Koga walks along one of the walkways with Dalk, who complains about potentially rusting down here. However, Koga points out that they can buy some time by moving through the canal network and responds to Dalk bemoaning the relative lack of combat by stating they need to search for Jin Kariya.[2]

Koga decides to stop running away and counterattack.

With Koga claiming that they cannot leave Kariya alone, Dalk picks up on the fact that he did not refer to Kariya with an honorific and inquires if the two of them got into a fight, thought Koga insists that this is not what happened and that they simply have different ways of living. Suddenly, Koga hears the sound of approaching footsteps and hides behind a wall with an amused Dalk as several Shinigami run down a different walkway, leaving Koga to expresses irritation at the search expanding down to the canal network. When Dalk wonders if he is going to continue running around, Koga denies this and proclaims that they will break through no matter what, which means that they must strike.[2]

Dalk confronts the third group of Shinigami.

Simultaneously, Rangiku confirms Hitsugaya's theory that Koga is moving through the canal network, which Kurōdo praises as exemplifying how captains notice things others do not, and presumes that Koga will surface once he is noticed before observing that being able to track him in the canal network would be helpful. In response, Rangiku instructs the groups who are investigating the western district to move to the canal network as backup. However, as the third group prepares to change course to the northwestern roads, Dalk bursts out of the ground in front of them, prompting the startled lead Shinigami to reveal to Rangiku that they have discovered the Doll of the Bount.[2]

Rangiku loses contact with the third group.

After telling the Shinigami to lure the Bount to a wide road and wait for backup, Rangiku departs alongside Hitsugaya with Shunpo, only for Dalk to quickly defeat the Shinigami and bemoan how her expectations for the fight went unfulfilled while Koga notices a Jigokuchō flying above him. Upon landing on a wall with Hitsugaya, Rangiku finds herself unable to contact the third group and reprimands Kurōdo when he deduces from the disappearance of Koga's Reiatsu that the Shinigami lost the battle. Hitsugaya turns to Rangiku and orders her to have the groups make sure they wait for backup instead of rashly engaging Koga on their own before leaping away.[2]

Koga is cornered by the sixth group of Shinigami.

When the sixth group relays their arrival at the fourth street of the south district to her, Rangiku asks them if there is any sign of Koga, who is standing behind a corner opposite the group of Shinigami, and as they deny this, Kurōdo detects Koga's Reiatsu once more and informs an astonished that it is in the direction of the fourth street of the south district, which prompts her to tell the sixth group that Koga is confirmed to be in their vicinity. While the sixth group requests that the other groups come to their location for backup, Koga concludes that there is a Jigokuchō for each team and instructs Dalk to crush all of them at once, which she agrees to do despite her pity for them.[2]

Koga has Dalk obliterate the Jigokuchō aiding the Shinigami.

Dalk swings up her lower body and fires a medium-sized sphere high into the air that bursts apart into dozens of smaller spheres, which proceed to obliterate all the Jigokuchō keeping Rangiku in contact with the Shinigami groups, leaving her and Hitsugaya shocked. With Rangiku's connection to the seventh group fading, Kurōdo realizes that Koga has discovered their means of communication and Rangiku reveals the complete loss of communication with all groups to an angered Hitsugaya. During this, Dalk steps out in front of the panicking sixth group and invites them to play with her as she levels her left machine gun arm at the group and grins maliciously at Koga's behest.[2]

Hitsugaya decides to personally confront Koga alone.

Some time later, Hitsugaya, Rangiku, and Kurōdo find the incapacitated sixth group, whom they are both relieved and confused to discover are still breathing and have been left alive. Standing up from his kneeling position beside one of the Shinigami, Hitsugaya tells Rangiku to take care of them, and when Kurōdo informs Hitsugaya at his inquiry that Koga is heading away from them, Rangiku wonders what he plans to do. In response, Hitsugaya explains that Koga knew they were moving as a military unit and has been waiting for the commander to confront him once all the subordinates have been defeated prior to affirming he will be going alone, which Rangiku acknowledges while she wishes him luck.[2]

Hitsugaya confronts Koga over his assault of the Shinigami.

With Hitsugaya departing with Shunpo, Koga walks through a different part of the Seireitei, but comes to a halt when Hitsugaya suddenly reappears before him. After confirming Koga's assumption that he is the captain of the Shinigami he and Dalk have been fighting, Hitsugaya admonishes him for the trouble he has caused, though Koga insists that he held back because he does not like harming young people. After thanking Koga for doing so, Hitsugaya declares that he will not be holding back, prompting a grinning Koga to summon Dalk once more as Hitsugaya pulls his Zanpakutō through its dissolving sheath and exerts his white Reiatsu in a circle around his feet on the ground.[2]


Hitsugaya rapidly attacks Dalk, who finds herself damaged.

Once Dalk finishes assembling herself and promises to play with him, Hitsugaya leaps forward with a yell and begins rapidly slashing and jabbing at Dalk, who calls him impatient and jumps backward into the air, where she sees that Hitsugaya has broken off a small chunk near the point of her upper left arm with his attacks. Moving to Dalk in midair, Hitsugaya slashes downward at her, resulting in his Zanpakutō severing her arm at the point where it was damaged. While the arm section shatters a few tiles of the nearby roof that it crashes into, Hitsugaya lands on a flat rooftop opposite a stunned Dalk and throws the crescent blade on the end of his Zanpakutō's chain at her.[2]

Dalk reforms herself into a large metal web.

Though Hitsugaya manages to wrap his chain around her neck and pull her forward, a grinning Dalk simply swings up her lower body and begins firing medium-sized metal spheres at Hitsugaya, who evades them with Shunpo and moves to Dalk once more before decapitating her with a horizontal slash. Floating in midair, the annoyed head of Dalk separates her body into spheres and admits that Hitsugaya is skilled, only to chastise him for doing this as she splits her head and the spheres into smaller spheres that connect to each other with metal beams, forming a large web with her head emerging from a patch of metal at the center, where she proclaims that disobedient children will be punished.[2]

Hitsugaya counters Dalk with his Shikai, Hyōrinmaru.

In response, Hitsugaya releases his Shikai, Hyōrinmaru, and surges with white Reiatsu while leaping toward Dalk, who angles the web into a net facing him and meets Hitsugaya in midair to envelop him in a large metal sphere studded with smooth protrusions. However, as she revels in having captured Hitsugaya, Dalk is perplexed to find frost spreading across the sphere and screams in pain when an ice dragon bursts out of the sphere into the sky, alerting Koga, who leaps over a nearby wall to head toward her. After Dalk separates into dozens of still-frozen spheres, allowing a freed Hitsugaya to land on the roof below, she floats down and slowly reforms her body.[2]

Hitsugaya rolls away to evade the stabbing legs of Dalk.

Koga joins Dalk on the roof and recommends that she return to her sealed state for a moment because it is difficult for her to combine and separate while frozen, but Dalk refuses and assures him that she will find a way to keep fighting somehow. When Hitsugaya moves between them and attempts to attack Koga, Dalk fires one of her tethered spheres at him from behind, forcing Hitsugaya to dodge and giving Koga the opportunity to kick him solidly in the abdomen. Landing on his back, Hitsugaya begins rolling down the slanted roof to evade the downward stabs of the four legs of Dalk and falls off the roof prior to unleashing another ice dragon upward, which causes Dalk to scream in fright.[2]

A completely frozen Dalk is left shattered on the ground.

With Hitsugaya leaping up to join the coiling dragon in midair, Koga asks Dalk to pull back again, only for her to refuse once more and insist that she can do this by herself while Hitsugaya sends the dragon hurtling toward her. As she declares that her burning heart cannot lose to a hunk of ice, Dalk throws herself toward the approaching dragon and cackles while preparing to attack, but is swallowed by the dragon, which proceeds to disperse in midair, leaving the completely frozen body of Dalk to fall to the ground below and shatter into dozens of small pieces on impact. When Koga rushes over and picks up her damaged head in concern, Dalk apologizes for losing.[2]

Koga explains his role as a teacher to Hitsugaya.

However, Koga assures Dalk that she did well, which leads her to smile and admit that she is glad to have joined him before her head cracks and shatters into hundreds of shards. Behind Koga, Hitsugaya lands on the ground and notes that this is different from the report he received stating that a Bount will die once they lose their Doll, which he wants to know the reason for. After smirking at this, to Hitsugaya's confusion, Koga stands up and details how there were various roles within his tribe, with his being to train young people to become full-fledged Bount and with some growing up well while others did not, as he observes that he just remembered something from long ago.[2]

Koga reforms Dalk into a large, lopsided battle axe.

An irritated Hitsugaya questions where this is coming from and points out how it does not answer his question, and as he acknowledges this, Koga reveals that he has not collapsed because Dalk still is not dead, to Hitsugaya's disbelief, before holding out his left hand and transforming the shattered pieces of Dalk into a large, lopsided battle axe in his palm. When Hitsugaya wonders what this is, Koga explains that it is the core of Dalk, who lives on within the steel, and asserts that Hitsugaya's strength as a Gotei 13 captain matches his expectations since he cannot go any further without using his full strength prior to proclaiming that he still has something which he must do.[2]

Koga exerts his Reiatsu in a powerful surge.

With Koga warning Hitsugaya that he will eliminate the latter should he choose to get in the way of this, Hitsugaya assumes a battle stance and counters that he is not about to let Koga go so easily. In response, Koga notes that quite a bit of the power of Dalk remains in the axe and asserts that he will infuse it further with his own Reiatsu to strike Hitsugaya down while absorbing Reishi from the surrounding structures and telling Dalk to fight alongside him. As he completes his Reishi absorption, Koga exerts his light teal Reiatsu in a powerful surge that damages the area around him, leaving Hitsugaya astonished by its strength and realizing that this is where the real battle is going to begin.[2]

Koga evades an ice dragon generated by Hitsugaya.

Deciding to get serious as well, Hitsugaya activates his Bankai, Daiguren Hyōrinmaru, releasing a wave of white Reiatsu that overwhelms Koga's and creating another ice dragon that coils around Hitsugaya to form his ice wings, claws, and petals. Though he is impressed by this, Koga refuses to lose at this stage and rushes forward alongside Hitsugaya to clash with him, causing their combined Reiatsu to surge around them and through the surrounding area. Pushed back and into the air by this, Hitsugaya unleashes another dragon from the tip of his Zanpakutō that slams into the ground where Koga was standing, forcing him to evade while more dragons crash down and become pillars.[2]

Hitsugaya's ice dragon catches Koga between its jaws.

When four of the ice petals floating behind him shatter simultaneously from the strain of this, Hitsugaya flies down between the ice pillars, only to be forced to dodge one when Koga slams his axe into the base, causing it to fall over and knocking over multiple other pillars in the process. Koga leaps up the fallen pillars and springs off the side of an intact one toward Hitsugaya, whom he clashes fiercely with in another explosion of Reiatsu that sends him flying back into another pillar. When Koga leaps toward him once more, Hitsugaya unleashes another ice dragon that catches Koga in its jaws, forcing him to hold them open while the dragon slams into the ground and gouges through it.[2]

Hitsugaya cuts Koga down with a horizontal slash.

In the aftermath, Hitsugaya descends to the ground in front of a prone Koga as another four of his ice petals shatter simultaneously. With Koga struggling to his feet and gripping his axe once more, Hitsugaya inquires if he still wants to continue, prompting Koga to smile and insist that he must pursue Kariya before screaming as he absorbs more Reishi to heal his injuries and increase his power. Seeing Koga trembling as he glows with Reiatsu, Hitsugaya deduces that his body cannot endure the Reishi that he has absorbed, but Koga merely proclaims that he must finish this before it breaks and runs toward Hitsugaya with a yell, only for the latter to calmly cut him down with a horizontal slash.[2]


Koga sees the wound in his abdomen and admits that he has lost to Hitsugaya after his axe shatters.

With the slash cutting through the surrounding ice pillar and causing them to collapse, which alerts the nearby Shinigami with the ensuing rumbling of the ground, Koga stands with a frozen cut in his abdomen and sees his axe shatter, which leads him to conclude that this is it and that he has lost. After deactivating his Bankai, Hitsugaya turns to face Koga and inquires about what he would have done once he reached Kariya, prompting Koga to admit that there was not anything he could have done and assert that this is a dispute between the two of them. When Hitsugaya asks him where he would have gone, Koga simply states that he wanted a future with no wars prior to turning around and falling backward, with the remnants of the ice pillars around him breaking apart and burying his body, leaving Hitsugaya to look down somberly.[2]

Yoruichi Shihōin saves Koga from the ice he was buried in.

Shortly afterward, Yoruichi Shihōin retrieves Koga's unconscious body from the ice and brings him to Ran'Tao's underground dwelling, where he remains sleeping and recovering from his injuries on a mattress until some time after Kariya's defeat, where he wakes up and wonders where he is. When Ran'Tao notes his awakening and walks over, a stunned Koga mistakes her for Yoshino Sōma, only for Yoruichi to correct him while leaning against the wall nearby. After learning that Yoruichi saved him, Koga is confused as to why someone from Ichigo Kurosaki's group would help him, but Yoruichi declines to answer, and when Koga asks her about what happened to Kariya, Ran'Tao reveals he died.[3]

Ran'Tao asks Koga to tell her his story.

Koga acknowledges this and stares up at the ceiling while he reflects on recent events and concludes that he will have to accept the fate of the Bount being to die out if that is what it is. With Yoruichi noting this, Ran'Tao encourages Koga to stay here until his wounds heal and admits that she no longer has anything to do since she does not plan on returning to the Seireitei. As Ran'Tao expresses a desire to hear the story of the last Bount, Yoruichi decides to return to the Human World and promises that there is no need for them to worry since she has left everything to Ukitake. Before she leaves the dwelling, Koga asks her to pass on his thanks for stopping Kariya to Ichigo, which Yoruichi agrees to do.[3]


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