Supernal Jail
Kanji スパーナル・ジェイル
Rōmaji Supānaru Jeiru
Technique Statistics
Type Magic
Number 68
Used By Witches/Wizards

Magic #68. Supernal Jail (スパーナル・ジェイル, Supānaru Jeiru) is a spell used by the Witches and Wizards of Wing Bind.


The practitioner holds their hands aloft and recites the incantation, summoning a dozen massive javelins of energy with handles near the bottom that embed themselves in a circle around the target and bind themselves together with a thick band. When used in unison by Noel Niihashi and Ninny Spangcole with a full incantation, this spell managed to briefly restrain Cinderella, a Märchen, in her fully-grown and molted form.[1]


"The high starry path at the edge of the night, forming the queue of White Alva. Leeds wreath, light right, thereupon in the end do we look up towards the heavens."

"高く 星の道 夜の果て ホワイト・アルヴァが 列をなす リーズ・リース ライト・ライト 天を仰いで そこで終わり"

"Takaku, hoshi no michi, yoru no hate, Howaito Aruva ga retsu o nasu. Rīzu rīsu, raito raito, ten o aoi de, sokode owari."[2]

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