Substitute Shinigami Work Diary
Kanji 死神代行業務日記
Romaji Shinigami Daikō Gyōmu Nikki
Host Rukia Kuchiki
Type Information Corner
Episode Span Episode 206 to Episode 219

The Substitute Shinigami Work Diary (死神代行業務日記, Shinigami Daikō Gyōmu Nikki) was first introduced in the Shinigami Illustrated Picture Book at the end of Episode 206 and ran until Episode 219.


It initially starts with Rukia Kuchiki asking Ichigo Kurosaki's opinion on her drawings. Ichigo comments that her drawings are of their usual quality and Rukia cheers. She reveals that she will submit a series of drawings with her report to Soul Society on the work of the Substitute Shinigami, so that Soul Society can understand Ichigo's role better. The subsequent episodes highlight different things expected of the Substitute Shinigami.



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