Suì-Fēng, Surround the Zanpakutō
Kanji 砕蜂、斬魄刀を包囲せよ
Romanji Suì-Fēng, zanpakutō o hōi seyo
Episode Number 237
Manga Chapters None
Arc Zanpakutō Unknown Tales arc
Previous Episode Release! The New Getsuga Tenshō
Next Episode Friendship? Hatred? Haineko & Tobiume
Japanese September 15, 2009
English January 15, 2012
Theme Music
Opening Shōjo S
Ending Mad Surfer
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Suì-Fēng, Surround the Zanpakutō is the two hundred and thirty-seventh episode of the Bleach anime.

11th Division 3rd Seat Ikkaku Madarame and 2nd Division Lieutenant Marechiyo Ōmaeda encounter their Zanpakutō Spirits, and Ichigo Kurosaki spots 6th Division Captain Byakuya Kuchiki.


237Ichigo sits

Ichigo meets with Ukitake and Shunsui in the 4th Division barracks to discuss what he has learned about Muramasa.

In the Seireitei, at the 4th Division barracks, Ichigo sits at a table with 13th Division Captain Jūshirō Ukitake, 8th Division Captain Shunsui Kyōraku, and 4th Division Captain Retsu Unohana, who asks Ichigo if Muramasa is the one controlling the manifested Zanpakutō Spirits.

237Ichigo states

Ichigo states it is not as simple as Muramasa controlling the Zanpakutō Spirits.

Stating it is not this simple based on what he has seen and experienced, Ichigo theorizes Muramasa has stirred up the resentment the Zanpakutō Spirits feel towards their masters instead of simply controlling them with his mind and notes Muramasa is using their anger to lead them against the Shinigami before recalling what Zangetsu said about being willing to cross blades with him in order to obtain his answer during their battle.

237Shunsui says

Shunsui notes it will take time to find their Zanpakutō spirits.

Ichigo states there is only one way to get their Zanpakutō Spirits back before revealing that they must fight and defeat them so the Zanpakutō Spirits will surrender their power to them once more. Saying he understands, Ukitake smiles and states it appears they have found a way to solve this problem, but Shunsui tells him to hold on before noting it will take time to find their Zanpakutō Spirits and make them surrender despite it sounding like a good solution. Shunsui asks Ukitake if he believes Muramasa will sit by while they do this and states he does not think so.

237Renji walks

Renji arrives at the meeting with Saru and Hebi.

Looking down, Ichigo says they will have to do this regardless as the door to the room opens. 6th Division Lieutenant Renji Abarai walks in with his Zanpakutō Spirit, Zabimaru, as Ukitake greets him. When Renji states he was told the captains want to see him, Ukitake confirms this before stating that they were told Renji had forced his Zanpakutō Spirit to submit, causing Renji to expresses uncertainty over this statement as Ukitake states he called Renji here so he could tell them anything he learned from his battle which could help them.

237Renji states

Renji states he will get Hebi food later.

Renji admits that he wishes he could do this before revealing Saru and Hebi do not remember anything about what happened. As Saru confirms this, Hebi complains about being hungry to Renji, who turns around and states he will get Hebi food later. Hebi repeatedly says he wants to eat now as Renji demands to know if they are sure they do not remember anything. When Saru confirms this once more, Renji proclaims they are both stupid, prompting Saru to claim they take after Renji because they are his Zanpakutō Spirit, which causes Renji to state he think Saru is trying to say he is an idiot.

237Hebi says

Hebi says he does not want to return to sword form.

As Hebi leaps onto Renji's shoulders and wraps his arms and legs around Renji's head, Saru sarcastically states Renji catches on fast, prompting an angered Renji to order them to turn into his sword immediately. Expressing confusion, Hebi smirks and says he does not want to do so because they will not be able to tease Renji if they are in their blade form, prompting Renji to attempt to grab him. Hebi leaps off of Renji's shoulders and runs around the room while proclaiming Renji will have to catch him if he wishes to have Hebi return to blade form.

237Unohana asks

Unohana reprimands Renji in a menacing manner.

Chasing Hebi around the room, Renji trips and slides across the table to Unohana, who says he is a bundle of energy as Renji looks up at her. Unohana says Renji must not move around like a child in a playground in this room and tells him to remember he is in the 4th Division's barracks before opening her eyes and asks him if this is clear with a menacing look on her face, prompting Renji to sweat in fear. Elsewhere, in the cave of the Zanpakutō Spirits, Kazeshini and Gegetsuburi sit at a table as Hōzukimaru walks up to them.

237Gegetsuburi says

Gegetsuburi proclaims he did not have a choice in serving his former master despite the latter's weakness.

Hōzukimaru asks Kazeshini and Gegetsuburi if they heard about Zabimaru losing a battle to a Shinigami, prompting Kazeshini to confirm this before proclaiming it is pathetic for any of them to get beaten by a Shinigami. Asking Kazeshini if he thinks he is better than the others because he won his battle, Gegetsuburi eats a cracker from his bag and proclaims the Shinigami which Kazeshini fought was a third-rate Shinigami, only for Kazeshini to claim Gegetsuburi's former master was even worse because he was only the 2nd Division's lieutenant before stating he is surprised Gegetsuburi worked for a wimp like him. Standing up, Gegetsuburi angrily proclaims he did not have a choice in serving his master.

237Haineko says

Haineko notes she dislikes men who only live to fight.

Slamming his fist on the table, Hōzukimaru tells Kazeshini and Gegetsuburi that this is enough and states none of this matters now before telling them to focus on destroying the ones who ruled them. As Kazeshini snorts in derision, Gegetsuburi does the same and sits down as Haineko looks at them while noting she dislikes men who only live to fight very much. Moving to Haineko, Tobiume asks her what makes her better than the three Zanpakutō Spirits at the table. Haineko snorts in derision as Tobiume holds one of her ribbons up to her mouth and claims Haineko is just as confused as they are.

237Haineko sprays

Haineko sprays perfume on herself while ridiculing Tobiume's appearance and mannerisms.

When an irritated Haineko tells Tobiume to keep saying what she is saying if she wished to get slapped, Tobiume smiles and asks Haineko if she hit a nerve. Haineko states Tobiume is not cute and sprays perfume on herself while claiming this is why men always run away when they see Tobiume. Stating Haineko is not one to talk, Tobiume pinches her nose and proclaims men would have to cut their noses off in order to come within a half-mile of Haineko because of how putrid the perfume she wears is, but an irritated Haineko notes Tobiume acts very innocent before proclaiming real men do not fall for this act anymore.

237Hyorinmaru watches

Hyōrinmaru watches Haineko and Tobiume scuffle on the ground from a distance.

Tobiume moves up to Haineko and proclaims men like their women to be as pure and innocent as she is before claiming nobody would want to be with a redhead in a pink cat suit, which prompts Haineko to angrily tell her to shut up before scratching Tobiume's face as Tobiume tackles her. As Haineko and Tobiume scuffle on the ground, Hyōrinmaru watches impassively. Noticing Hyōrinmaru, Tobiume and Haineko stop fighting as Hyōrinmaru continues to look at them. Haineko pushes Tobiume away and cries out in anguish before running to Hyōrinmaru, whose sleeve she grabs onto while telling him that he must protect her.

237Haineko teases

Haineko teases Tobiume from behind Hyōrinmaru's back.

When Haineko proclaims Tobiume is picking on her, Tobiume tells her to stop lying as Haineko teases her from behind Hyōrinmaru's back. Haineko tells Hyōrinmaru Tobiume is a mean person, prompting Tobiume to state Haineko needs to go away because she is annoying Hyōrinmaru. When Muramasa asks them what is going on here, Tobiume and Haineko stop fighting as Muramasa stands on the stairs. Haineko claims it is nothing and states they were simply talking, prompting Tobiume to confirm this. When Hyōrinmaru walks away, a surprised Haineko tells him to wait.

237Hozukimaru states

Hōzukimaru notes that letting a Shinigami get away is not like Muramasa.

Calling out to Muramasa, Hōzukimaru says he heard Muramasa let a Shinigami get away and notes this is not like him, prompting Muramasa to ask Hōzukimaru if he is referring to Ichigo before noting Ichigo possesses a special power. Kazeshini laughs and proclaims he will peel Ichigo's face off if he shows up, but Muramasa states he wants Ichigo to be captured alive if possible as he walks down the steps. As Tobiume says she wishes to help and asks Muramasa how he plans to catch him, Gegetsuburi stands up and tells Muramasa to count him in because it could turn out to be a good challenge.

237Ichigo meets

Ichigo visits the injured Rukia in the 4th Division barracks.

Haineko states her charms should making catching Ichigo easy as Wabisuke rustles his ball and chain, which prompts Ruri'iro Kujaku to note that Wabisuke is in as well as Muramasa smiles. Meanwhile, at the 4th Division barracks, 4th Division Lieutenant Isane Kotetsu sits next to Rukia Kuchiki, who is lying on a bed. Telling Rukia her actions were reckless, Isane states it may take a while for Rukia to heal and tells Rukia she wants her to take it easy and rest up. Rukia thanks Isane and looks at Ichigo before apologizing, prompting Ichigo to ask her why she returned alone.

237Ikkaku asks

Ikkaku asks Ichigo if he really got his Zanpakutō back.

When Rukia looks away, Ichigo points out how Byakuya is strong and will not go down easily. Stating she knows what Ichigo is saying is true, Rukia recalls Byakuya being engulfed by blade petals and tells Ichigo she has a very bad feeling, but Ichigo promises her that they will find Byakuya before telling her to get better. As Rukia agrees, Ikkaku proclaims he finally found Ichigo, who expresses surprise, and asks him if he really got his Zanpakutō Spirit back before stating that he wishes to hear all about it. Elsewhere, two Shinigami guard an entrance.

237Byakuya enters

The figure walks through the entrance after knocking out the guards.

One of the Shinigami guards yawns, prompting the other one to tell him to stop doing so before stating that he must stay alert. Saying he does not need to tell him, the first Shinigami is hit from behind and collapses. As the other Shinigami expresses shock, a mysterious figure appears behind him with Shunpo and knocks him out with a chop to the neck. The Shinigami falls over as the figure turns and walks through the entrance. Meanwhile, Marechiyo walks along with six Shinigami behind him and states it is ridiculous to make him check out the archive records to see if a Zanpakutō called Muramasa ever existed.

237Shinigami tells

One Shinigami tells another that Marechiyo is a whiner.

Taking a bite of his cracker, Marechiyo proclaims it is a pain as a Shinigami in the back of the convoy tells the Shinigami across from him that Marechiyo is a whiner, prompting the other Shinigami to say Marechiyo took Ukitake's offer because he knew investigating the Seireitei would be much more work. Marechiyo looks over his shoulder and asks them if they said something, prompting the two Shinigami to turn to him and deny this. As Marechiyo frowns, his foot catches on something, causing him to flail his arms before falling over as his crackers spill on the ground in front of him.

237Marechiyo discovers

Marechiyo discovers one of the unconscious guards.

As the convoy runs up to Marechiyo, one of the Shinigami asks him if he is alright. Marechiyo gets up and wonders who left a log in the middle of the path before looking down to see one of the unconscious Shinigami. Expressing shock, Marechiyo stands up and looks into the courtyard, where he sees several more unconscious Shinigami lying on the ground. As Marechiyo wonders what happened here, what is going on, and who is responsible for this, the Shinigami are sent flying past him and land on the ground behind him.

237Omaeda pats

Marechiyo encounters Gegetsuburi and recognizes him as his Zanpakutō Spirit.

Upon seeing Gegetsuburi and Hōzukimaru, Marechiyo demands to know who they are as Hōzukimaru notes they were division members before proclaiming this is pathetic because they were not even good for a warm-up. Expressing surprise, Marechiyo and Gegetsuburi walk towards each other, each carrying a bag of crackers, and look at each other before each taking a cracker, eating it, and proclaiming it is tasty. When Marechiyo asks him if he is who Marechiyo thinks he is, Gegetsuburi confirms he is the mighty Gegetsuburi. As they laugh, Marechiyo pats Gegetsuburi's shoulder and says he understands.

237Omaeda states

Marechiyo states he is not going bald when Gegetsuburi insults his hairstyle.

Marechiyo looks over Gegetsuburi and proclaims he is a stylish man like him, prompting Gegetsuburi to express surprise before asking Marechiyo when he last looked in the mirror. When Gegetsuburi proclaims he has seen more hair on a baby's bottom, a surprised Marechiyo states he is not going bald and claims this is simply the way he styles his hair. Stating this is lame, Gegetsuburi proclaims Marechiyo is the reason his manifestation is so overweight before saying he is lazy, prompting an angered Marechiyo to claim Gegetsuburi lacks the basic understanding of what beauty is despite being his Zanpakutō Spirit.

237Omaeda draws

Marechiyo prepares to fight Gegetsuburi.

As Gegetsuburi expresses anger, his bag of crackers transforms into Gegetsuburi. Asking Gegetsuburi if he wishes to fight, Marechiyo draws his sword and proclaims he will make Gegetsuburi surrender to him once they are done. Gegetsuburi claims this is not likely before telling Hōzukimaru to stay out of this, prompting Hōzukimaru to note it is not his style to interfere with the battles of other people before stepping aside as Marechiyo and Gegetsuburi stare at each other. As Marechiyo and Gegetsuburi begin to circle each other, a drop of sweat rolls down each of their faces.

237Ichigo notes

Ichigo notes he knocked over the wrong guy.

Marechiyo and Gegetsuburi yell and prepare to attack, but a large chunk of stone is launched from a nearby wall and hits Marechiyo, who is sent flying away before crashing into a wall. As the portion of the wall Marechiyo hit falls over, Gegetsuburi and Hōzukimaru express surprise as Ichigo, having kicked the chunk of stone, notes he hit the wrong guy, prompting Ikkaku to state it is no big deal because it is Marechiyo. Walking into the corridor, Ikkaku says he did not expect to find Zanpakutō Spirits here and proclaims this is perfect because Ichigo will see the results of his training.

237Hozukimaru strikes

Hōzukimaru strikes at Ikkaku after confirming his identity.

As Gegetsuburi demands to know who Ikkaku is, Hōzukimaru yells as he runs forward before striking at Ikkaku with Hōzukimaru. Blocking with his sheathed blade, Ikkaku struggles with Hōzukimaru, who states he has missed Ikkaku. A confused Ikkaku asks Hōzukimaru what he is saying before expressing surprise upon seeing Hōzukimaru. Confirming his identity as Ikkaku's Zanpakutō Spirit, Hōzukimaru twirls his spear over his head before striking at Ikkaku once more, breaking part of the ground beneath him as Ikkaku leaps back several feet.

237Hozukimaru agrees

Hōzukimaru agrees to prove his identity to Ikkaku.

Hōzukimaru walks forward as Ikkaku asks him if he is really Hōzukimaru. When Hōzukimaru asks him if he wishes to confirm this, Ikkaku asks him how he would do this, prompting Hōzukimaru to proclaim Ikkaku can do it however he wishes. Agreeing, Ikkaku says they will do "that" because Hōzukimaru seems ready and willing. Hōzukimaru asks Ikkaku what "that" is, but Ikkaku says Hōzukimaru will be able to keep up with him when they go for it if he is really Hōzukimaru. Chuckling, Hōzukimaru states he understands and says they will go.

237Ikkaku and Hozukimaru perform

Ikkaku and Hōzukimaru perform their Tsuki-Tsuki Dance.

As Ikkaku states they will do it, Hōzukimaru agrees, and they begin walking on their toes while chanting. Extending their right legs behind them, Ikkaku and Hōzukimaru hold their weapons in front of them while continuing to walk on their toes. Ikkaku and Hōzukimaru extend their left legs behind them while holding their weapons in front of them and cross their feet before leaping into air while chanting. Stabbing their weapons into the ground, Ikkaku and Hōzukimaru land on the ground and hold their weapons in front of them with their legs spread out before finishing their chant.

237Ikkaku states

Ikkaku states Hōzukimaru's dancing was perfect.

As Ichigo and Gegetsuburi watch in confusion, Ichigo asks Ikkaku what they were doing, prompting an enraged Ikkaku to ask Ichigo if he forgot about it. Gegetsuburi moves away as Ikkaku proclaims this was his Tsuki-Tsuki Dance and angrily says Ichigo should remember. Telling a confused Ichigo to forget about it, Ikkaku turns to Hōzukimaru and states his dancing was perfect before noting this proves he is Hōzukimaru. Ikkaku proclaims this is perfect because all of his Zanpakutō's power will once again be his to use after he defeats him.

237Gegetsuburi tells

Gegetsuburi tells Ichigo to not blame him.

Hōzukimaru asks Ikkaku if he believes he can defeat him, prompting Ikkaku to say he will give it a shot. When Gegetsuburi rushes forward and proclaims he has got him, Ichigo jumps away as Gegetsuburi crashes into the ground where he was standing. Ichigo lands on a nearby roof as Gegetsuburi groans and states he thought he had him. When Ichigo asks him what this was about, Gegetsuburi tells Ichigo to not blame him and says Ichigo is the one who needs to pay attention, prompting Ichigo to state Gegetsuburi is a cheater.

237Hozukimaru assumes

Hōzukimaru assumes a battle stance.

Proclaiming that winning is the only thing which matters here, Gegetsuburi throws Gegetsuburi at Ichigo, who leaps back as Gegetsuburi crashes into the roof, prompting Gegetsuburi to move away. When Ikkaku states Hōzukimaru should know his rules for fighting because he is Ikkaku's Zanpakutō Spirit, Hōzukimaru confirms this and says battles are always fought one-on-one. Unsheathing his sword, Ikkaku confirms this and begins to state whoever dies has no regrets as Hōzukimaru assumes a battle stance and finishes Ikkaku's sentence.

237Hozukimaru jabs

Hōzukimaru jabs at Ikkaku with Hōzukimaru.

Ikkaku leaps forward and strikes at Hōzukimaru with his scabbard. As Hōzukimaru blocks, Ikkaku slices at him with his sword before attacking him with his sword and scabbard. Hōzukimaru blocks before jabbing at Ikkaku with Hōzukimaru, which Ikkaku knocks to the side with his sword. Forcing Hōzukimaru back, Ikkaku repeatedly strikes at him with his sword and scabbard, which Hōzukimaru block with Hōzukimaru. As his sword cuts Hōzukimaru's abdomen, Ikkaku continues attacking Hōzukimaru and cuts his face.

237Hozukimaru separates

Hōzukimaru separates into a sansetsukon.

Cutting Hōzukimaru's bicep, Ikkaku continues to slash at him while demanding to know what is wrong with him before proclaiming his Zanpakutō Spirit would not be this weak in a battle. Hōzukimaru blocks Ikkaku's strikes and tells him to not be so quick to judge before proclaiming this battle has only just begun as he swipes at Ikkaku with Hōzukimaru, which separates into a sansetsukon. As the bladed segment of the sansetsukon swings toward him, Ikkaku ducks and knocks the sansetsukon aside with his scabbard before slashing at Hōzukimaru with his sword.

237Ikkaku slashes

Ikkaku slashes at Hōzukimaru with his sword.

Ikkaku ducks behind Hōzukimaru, who grabs the other segments of his sansetsukon before lunging at Ikkaku. When Ikkaku strikes at him with his scabbard, Hōzukimaru blocks and swings the tasseled section of the sansetsukon at Ikkaku, who slashes at him with his sword, forcing Hōzukimaru to block. Stepping backward, Ikkaku leans back to avoid the bladed segment of the sansetsukon and stands up, only to dodge two jabs from the sansetsukon before leaping back to avoid a third. As he lands, Ikkaku compliments Hōzukimaru on his fighting skills.

237Hozukimaru activates

Lightning crackles as Hōzukimaru activates his Bankai.

When Hōzukimaru notes Ikkaku is bloodthirsty, Ikkaku chuckles and says they are both bloodthirsty before proclaiming this is where the real fight starts. Chuckling, Hōzukimaru states he should get serious in this case before rejoining the segments of his sansetsukon. Hōzukimaru raises Hōzukimaru above his head and twirls it before slamming its tassel into the ground, causing a large amount of steam to emanate from the ground as lightning crackles around him before an explosion occurs, creating a large amount of smoke.

237Ichigo vs. Gegetsuburi

Gegetsuburi stands in the smoke behind Ichigo.

Elsewhere, as smoke billows past him, Ichigo wonders what this is as Gegetsuburi moves away. Meanwhile, Ryūmon Hōzukimaru falls from the sky and embeds itself in the ground around Hōzukimaru. As Ikkaku grins at the sight of his Bankai, Ichigo calls out to Ikkaku and asks him if he is alright. The smoke clears to reveal Gegetsuburi standing behind Ichigo, who turns around in surprise as Gegetsuburi throws Gegetsuburi at him. Moving away with Shunpo, Ichigo lands on a tree branch, only to move away once more as Gegetsuburi crashes through the branch.

237Ichigo draws

Ichigo draws Zangetsu as Gegetsuburi attacks him.

Appearing in the courtyard, Ichigo proclaims Gegetsuburi only has cheap shots and turns around before telling Gegetsuburi to stop sneaking around and to fight him. Gegetsuburi states Marechiyo was pitiful before explaining how this is the fighting style he knows because Marechiyo is in the Onmitsukidō. As Ichigo states he understands, Gegetsuburi appears in the air above him and says he hopes Ichigo is ready and proclaims he is taking Ichigo out before throwing Gegetsuburi at him, prompting Ichigo to draw Zangetsu.

237Gegetsuburi is hit

Gegetsuburi is hit in the face by the other half of Gegetsuburi.

As Gegetsuburi hurtles toward him, Ichigo grabs Zangetsu with both hands and proclaims this will not happen before firing a Getsuga Tenshō at Gegetsuburi. Cutting through Gegetsuburi, the Getsuga Tenshō hurtles towards Gegetsuburi before hitting him. Though dazed by it, Gegetsuburi endures the blast and proclaims this was nothing before being hit in the face by one half of Gegetsuburi. Knocked back, Gegetsuburi is hit in the face by the other half of Gegetsuburi and crashes into a roof. As Ichigo puts Zangetsu over his shoulder, Ikkaku is sent flying past him.

237Hozukimaru asks

Hōzukimaru asks Ikkaku if this is all he has got.

Ikkaku crashes into the stairs in front of Ichigo, who calls out to him. Running to Ikkaku, Ichigo asks him if he is alright as Hōzukimaru asks Ikkaku what is wrong while standing behind them with Ryūmon Hōzukimaru. As Hōzukimaru asks Ikkaku if this is all he has go, Ichigo turns to him and curses, but Ikkaku tells him to wait and steps out of the crater. Walking forward, Ikkaku tells Ichigo to not interfere and assumes a battle stance before proclaiming that it is his battle and he will handle this, prompting Ichigo to tell him to get Hōzukimaru.

237Keigun surround

Several Keigun surround Ikkaku and Hōzukimaru.

Panting, Ikkaku leaps forward as Hōzukimaru does the same. However, they are interrupted when 2nd Division Captain Suì-Fēng appears and tells them to stop. As Ikkaku and Hōzukimaru express surprise, several Keigun surround them as Ukitake says they have Ikkaku and Hōzukimaru surrounded. Shunsui apologizes and states they will have to interrupt, prompting Ikkaku to demand to know what they are doing and before proclaiming that it is his fight because it is his Zanpakutō Spirit, only to express surprise upon hearing something.

237Hozukimaru spins

Hōzukimaru spins Ryūmon Hōzukimaru above his head.

Ikkaku turns around to see Ryūmon Hōzukimaru embedded in the ground next to Hōzukimaru, who says it is not much of a fight. When Ikkaku asks him what he said, Hōzukimaru states he is done fighting for today, prompting Ikkaku to proclaim Hōzukimaru cannot quit now. Grabbing the central segment of Ryūmon Hōzukimaru by the handle, Hōzukimaru yells as the dragon crest on the blade begins to fill. As a strong wind blows through the area, Hōzukimaru continues to yell as he spins Ryūmon Hōzukimaru above his head.

237Keigun hold

Two Keigun bring a restrained Gegetsuburi to the captains after Hōzukimaru escapes.

Telling the Keigun to not just stand there, Suì-Fēng orders them to bring Hōzukimaru down, prompting the Keigun to run towards Hōzukimaru, who slams the central segment of Ryūmon Hōzukimaru into the ground. As red Reiatsu erupts from the central segment, several Keigun are thrown back as an explosion occurs. The smoke clears to reveal Hōzukimaru is gone. As the Keigun wonder where Hōzukimaru went, Suì-Fēng orders them to chase him, prompting Ukitake to say it is no use because his Reiatsu is gone. When one of the Keigun calls out to them, Suì-Fēng and Ukitake turn and look up to see two Keigun holding a restrained Gegetsuburi.

237Omaeda lies

Marechiyo lies unconscious on the ground.

One of the Keigun states they managed to get one of the Zanpakutō Spirits as the other one asks Suì-Fēng if they should hand Gegetsuburi over to Marechiyo. When Suì-Fēng wonders where Marechiyo is, a Shinigami calls out to her and brings her an attention to Marechiyo, who is lying unconscious on the ground as another Shinigami tries to wake him up. Suì-Fēng tells the Shinigami to not bother and to leave Marechiyo, prompting Shunsui to note Suì-Fēng is very strict as Ukitake suggests they hand Gegetsuburi over to the Department of Research and Development for a full investigation.

237Ichigo is engulfed

Ichigo is overwhelmed by the blade petals.

Turning away, Suì-Fēng states this is fine before moving away with Shunpo. Ukitake realizes something and wonders where Ichigo is, prompting Shunsui to say it is obvious where he is. Elsewhere, Ichigo chases Hōzukimaru through a corridor. As Ichigo tells Hōzukimaru to not think he will get away from him, a blade petal cuts his face. When a mass of blade petals obscures Hōzukimaru and moves towards him, Ichigo draws Zangetsu and slashes at the petals. The blade petals overwhelm Ichigo, but he activates his Bankai, Tensa Zangetsu, and deflects all of the blade petals.

237Byakuya stands

Byakuya stands atop a tower.

Ichigo wonders if this was Senbonzakura before looking up to see a figure standing on top of a nearby tower. As the figure moves away with Shunpo, a shocked Ichigo recognizes it as Byakuya.

Shinigami Illustrated Picture Book

237Frog leaps

A frog leaps onto Renji's face.

Finishing his training, Renji Abarai walks over to his lunchbox and proclaims there is nothing like a meal after training. As he opens the lunchbox and thinks about what he has in it, a frog leaps and lands on his face. Renji takes the frog off his face and wonders what is going on, prompting Hebi to angrily tell him to not let his frog get loose. As Saru says he is still very green, Renji demands to know what they did with his food. When Saru reveals the frog ate it, Renji laments the loss of his food as the frog croaks.

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