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A Study Chamber (勉強部屋, Benkyō Heya; Viz "Underground Training Room")[1] is a place where a person can go to train and become stronger without having to do so publicly, allowing them to focus more on training or hide from others while training.

Urahara Shop Study Chamber

Before beginning his mission into Soul Society to rescue Rukia Kuchiki, Kisuke Urahara takes Ichigo Kurosaki to a huge Study Chamber beneath the Urahara Shop, intended to resemble the Sōkyoku Hill Study Chamber.[1] Here, over a period of several days, Urahara helps Ichigo regain his lost Shinigami powers and teaches him the basic techniques of Shinigami combat. Ichigo's partial transformation into a Hollow also takes place here, and Urahara opens the Senkaimon into Soul Society from this room.

The Urahara Shop Study Chamber is a large room with a ceiling and walls painted to resemble a cloudy sky over a floor of desolate, brown, craggy land dotted with dead trees. Urahara claims to have built the room, using Soul Society's technology, in a single day and night.[2]

The final, staged confrontation between the Ryoka and the Mod-Souls Ririn, Kurōdo and Noba also takes place in the Study Chamber.

The Study Chamber is used again by Yasutora Sado as he spars with Renji Abarai to master higher levels of his power; from there, Ichigo, Chad, and Uryū Ishida make their way through the Garganta into Hueco Mundo.

Sōkyoku Hill Study Chamber

Urahara styled his shop's secret Study Chamber on one he built beneath Sōkyoku Hill while young. In this Study Chamber, he and Yoruichi Shihōin would play and train. When Ichigo Kurosaki narrowly escapes defeat by Byakuya Kuchiki, Yoruichi takes him to this Study Chamber in order that he might rapidly attain Bankai through use of the Tenshintai. Renji also attains Bankai in this space.

While very similar in appearance to the Urahara Shop's Study Chamber, the Sōkyoku Hill Study Chamber also sports a hot springs whose waters have the power of healing injuries[3].

Visored warehouse Study Chamber

Beneath the Visored's warehouse hideout is another secret Study Chamber, bearing a strong resemblance to those beneath the Urahara Shop and the Sōkyoku Hill. Ichigo's mastery of his inner Hollow and his training with the Visored takes place here; Orihime Inoue also meets and befriends Hachigen Ushōda here as he heals Tsubaki.

Karakura Hospital Study Chamber

Ryūken Ishida has constructed a Study Chamber inside Karakura Hospital. In this stark, metallic chamber, Ryūken fights Uryū to exhaustion, finally shooting him with a Quincy Spirit Arrow to restore his lost abilities.


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