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Stray Snake, Tortured Monkey
Kanji 迷子の蛇 受難の猿
Romanji Maigo no hebi, jyunan no zaru
Episode Number 258
Manga Chapters None
Arc Beast Swords arc
Previous Episode A New Enemy! The True Nature of the Beast Swords
Next Episode Terror! The Monster That Lurks Underground
Japanese February 16, 2010
English June 17, 2012
Theme Music
Opening Anima Rossa
Ending Tabidatsu Kimi e
Episode 258 Screenshots

Stray Snake, Tortured Monkey is the two hundred and fifty-eight episode of the Bleach anime.

6th Division Lieutenant Renji Abarai and his Zanpakutō Spirit, Zabimaru, must defeat a Tōjū, but Hebi wants freedom.


Renji and his Zanpakuto arrive in Karakura Town

Renji and Zabimaru step out of the Senkaimon.

In Karakura Town, as a Senkaimon opens, Lieutenant Renji Abarai and his manifested Zanpakutō Spirit, Zabimaru, step out as the Senkaimon closes behind them and vanishes. When a frog hops in front of them, Hebi draws Saru and Renji's attention to it.

258Saru pulls

Saru pulls Hebi back.

When Hebi attempts to leap toward the frog, Saru pulls him back by yanking on his chain. Expressing pain, Hebi asks Saru what is wrong with her, prompting Saru to state they do not have time to chase frogs. Saying he understands, Hebi states he was just looking as Renji says he only brought Saru and Hebi here because he thought they would help him capture the Tōjū faster.

Zabimaru splits up

Saru detaches the chain from Hebi's collar.

Telling Saru and Hebi to stop fooling around, Renji states they should get going and walks away. As Saru says they know and begins to walk after him, Hebi pulls on her chain, prompting Saru to turn around and ask him what he wants now. Asking Saru if she is forgetting something, Hebi states she will likely have to cut him loose if they are splitting up. When Saru narrows her eyes and asks him if he is going to behave, Hebi promises to be on his best behavior. As Saru leans over and detaches the chain from Hebi's collar, an explosion occurs in the distance.

Renji hit in the back with the Toju's boomerang

The boomerang hits Renji in the back.

As Saru notes the Tōjū is close, Renji says they need to go. As Renji and Saru run off, Hebi sees a fish jump out of the water and expresses confusion before smiling. Meanwhile, Renji releases his Zanpakutō, Zabimaru, and stands before a man wielding a golden boomerang. When the man throws the boomerang at him, Renji expresses surprise before jumping into the air. As the boomerang passes underneath him, Renji lands on the ground and smiles before raising his sword, only for the boomerang to turn around in midair and hit him in the back.

258Boomerang Toju leaps

The Tōjū leaps back as Saru slashes at him.

Smiling, the Boomerang Tōjū asks Renji if this is all he has got. Rushing forward with Zabimaru in her hands, Saru proclaims this is not the case. Expressing surprise, the Boomerang Tōjū catches the boomerang and leaps back as Saru slashes at him. When the tip of Zabimaru cuts his arm, the Boomerang Tōjū expresses pain. Smiling, Saru expresses surprise when the Boomerang Tōjū moves to the air and leaps away. Proclaiming the Boomerang Tōjū is not getting away, Renji leaps after him as Saru does the same. As Renji notes the Boomerang Tōjū is very fast, Saru confirms this before stating Hebi is in the same direction which the Boomerang Tōjū is moving in.

258Saru lands

Saru lands on the ground with Hebi in her arms.

As Saru says the Boomerang Tōjū is finished because of this, the Boomerang Tōjū sees Hebi standing on the ground below him and curses. When Saru calls out to Hebi and tells him the Boomerang Tōjū is coming his way, Hebi turns around with the fish in his hands and begins to tell Saru how he caught the fish before expressing surprise. Lunging toward Hebi, the Boomerang Tōjū tells him to move out of the way and slashes at him, sending Hebi flying into Saru, before leaping away. Landing on the ground with Hebi in her arms, Saru looks up to sees the Boomerang Tōjū has vanished and curses before demanding to know what Hebi was thinking.

258Renji sheathes

Renji sheathes his sword.

As Hebi groans, Renji lands next to them and states it does not matter before pointing out how the Boomerang Tōjū is injured now. Saying the Boomerang Tōjū could not have gotten far, Renji returns Zabimaru to its sealed state and sheathes it as Saru states the same thing happens every time she unchains Hebi. As Saru says Hebi knows where this behavior will get him, Hebi looks away as Renji says the Boomerang Tōjū is getting away. Later, in a park, Hebi appears on a path and wonders what Saru's problem is. Walking forward, Hebi notes he does not get to be on his own every day.

258Boomerang Toju holds

The Boomerang Tōjū holds his boomerang in front of him.

Wondering why he cannot have some fun, Hebi expresses surprise upon seeing a puddle of blood on the ground in front of him. As the Boomerang Tōjū crouches on a tree branch and clutches his wounded arm, Hebi notes he is injured before noting he can handle the Boomerang Tōjū by himself. When Hebi calls out to him, the Boomerang Tōjū curses and notes they found him. Rising up to the Boomerang Tōjū, Hebi asks him if he wishes to give up. Stating he is finally able to choose his own path, the Boomerang Tōjū holds his boomerang in front of him and proclaims he will not give up his freedom now.

258Boomerang Toju asks

The Boomerang Tōjū asks Hebi to look the other way.

Noting the Boomerang Tōjū is going solo, Hebi asks him if freedom is really so great. Expressing surprise, the Boomerang Tōjū lowers his boomerang before saying being on one's own is great. Stating a free being can roam where they want whenever they want to do so, the Boomerang Tōjū says it is a miracle for beings like him and Hebi to have even gotten a taste of it. When Hebi notes he called it a miracle, the Boomerang Tōjū confirms this and asks Hebi to look the other way before pointing out how Hebi gets to be his own man as long as the Boomerang Tōjū is on the loose.

258Renji and Saru appear

Renji and Saru appear next to Hebi.

As the Boomerang Tōjū states Hebi will be chained again once the Boomerang Tōjū is caught, Hebi recalls Saru telling him how he knows where his behavior will get him and looks down. Chuckling, the Boomerang Tōjū leaps away as Renji tells him to wait. As Hebi descends to the ground, Renji and Saru appear next to him as Renji notes the Boomerang Tōjū got away again. When Saru demands to know why he was just standing here, Hebi stammers, prompting Renji to ask him if he let the Boomerang Tōjū get away. Telling Renji to shut up, Hebi denies this.

258Saru holds

Saru holds up Hebi's chain.

Holding up Hebi's chain, Saru apologizes and says she does not wish to do this before stating it is time. Telling Saru to hold on, Hebi says he has been thinking about it and states he is not so sure he wishes to spend all of his time chained to Saru anymore. Saying Hebi has been hindrance from the moment which he was let loose, Saru states is enough is enough, prompting Hebi to ask her if he has been slowing her down. Asking Saru why she is chomping at the bit, Hebi asks her if she wishes to complete this mission and return to being a regular Zanpakutō Spirit.

258Renji stops

Renji stops Saru.

Saying Saru has to be kidding him, Hebi recalls the Boomerang Tōjū stating he is finally able to choose his own path and says he is finally able to exercise some free will before proclaiming he does not wish to be bound to Saru anymore. As Saru expresses shock, Hebi moves away. When Saru expresses anger and begins to move forward, Renji stops her before telling Saru to give Hebi some space. Elsewhere, Hebi walks past a businessman on his cellphone and states he is done with Saru and Renji before saying it is time for him to strike out on his own.


Karin stands next to Hebi.

Realizing something, Hebi proclaims he can do anything he thinks of if he is alone. Wondering what the first thing he wants to do is, Hebi sees a convenience store across the street. Inside, Hebi lays several onigiri on the ground and states he has always wished to stuff his face without being told to mind his manners before proclaiming it is a dream come true. When someone asks him what he thinks he is doing, Hebi expresses shock and looks up to see Karin Kurosaki standing next to him. When Hebi asks her if he can help her, Karin tells him to pay for the food which he is about to eat.

258Yuzu walks

Yuzu walks up with the store manager.

Asking Karin what the big deal is, Hebi says he just wanted a snack before telling Karin to leave before he beats her up. When Karin calls out to the manager and states there is a boy who is trying to eat without paying, Hebi tells her to be quiet and says Renji and Saru will have his tail in a sling if he gets in trouble here. When Yuzu Kurosaki walks up with the store manager and asks her what is going on, Karin states Hebi is getting into the onigiri, only to express surprise upon seeing Hebi is no longer there as Yuzu asks her who she is talking about.

258Hebi sleeps

Hebi sleeps against a wall.

Later, in the park, Hebi walks along a path and says Karin is a jerk before wondering what her problem was. Upon seeing some pigeons nearby, Hebi expresses happiness and leaps toward them, only to land in a heap as the pigeons fly away. After chasing and catching a frog, Hebi sits against a wall and sleeps. Later, Hebi walks down a street and states being one's own boss is awesome before saying he should have broken away a long time ago. Stating Saru never lets him have fun like this, Hebi proclaims he can do whatever he wishes as his stomach growls.

258Hebi drools

Hebi drools.

As Hebi expresses surprise, a woman asks a nearby vendor for a chicken breast and some of his eggs. As the vendor prepares the food, Hebi drools and runs up to the vendor before asking him for a chicken breast and some eggs. Giving the woman her food, the vendor thanks her as she walks away before turning to another woman and asking her what he can get for her. As the woman places her order, an irritated Hebi reiterates his order. As the vendor prepares the other lady's food, Hebi demands to know what her problem is and says he was in line first.

258Hebi wonders

Hebi wonders what is going on.

As the woman asks the vendor for some more food, Hebi wonders what is going on. Noting the vendor and the woman cannot see him, Hebi wonders how Karin was able to see him. Later, Hebi sits on a railing as a woman and her daughter walk past. As Hebi's stomach growls again, a man tells his girlfriend her ice cream looks a little thick for soft-serve. As the man's girlfriend laughs, Hebi drools while wondering what the ice cream is. Admitting he does not know what he is looking at, Hebi states it looks absolutely delicious as his tail wags back and forth.

258Karin watches

Karin watches Hebi.

As Karin watches Hebi from several feet away, Yuzu runs up to her and asks Karin what is wrong. When Karin says she can see Hebi here, Yuzu expresses confusion, prompting Karin to say he was the weird boy in the goofy outfit. When Yuzu asks her where Hebi is, Karin expresses surprise before realizing she is the only one who can see Hebi, who continues to drool. When Karin calls out to him, Hebi expresses surprise before recognizing her. When Karin states he is only a kid, Hebi tells her to shut up and says he is not a kid as Yuzu asks Karin who she is talking to.

258Hebi wipes

Hebi wipes his mouth.

When Karin states he is a weird little boy in a goofy suit, Hebi expresses surprise and demands to know whom she is calling weird before saying Karin is more of a kid than he is. When Karin, who is facing away from Hebi, bows and states it is nice to meet him, an irritated Hebi says he is over here. Asking Hebi if he is hungry, Karin points out how he is drooling everywhere, Hebi wipes his mouth and states he is not drooling before saying it is none of Karin's business if he is hungry. Telling Hebi to forget about it, Karin tells Yuzu they should get going.

258Hebi sees

Hebi sees an onigiri.

As Yuzu nods, she and Karin walk away as Hebi states Karin is a piece of work. Upon seeing an onigiri on top of a nearby pole, Hebi expresses surprise before proclaiming he would never eat any of it. Saying this rice can sit here and rot, Hebi leans toward the onigiri and proclaims he does not need Karin to give him anything. Elsewhere, as Karin and Yuzu walk down the street, Hebi calls out to Karin, who turns around as Hebi runs up to her. When Karin asks him what is wrong, Hebi stammers, prompting Karin to ask him if he wants more onigiri.

258Karin tells

Karin tells Hebi to work on his story.

Denying this, Hebi states no one would want any onigiri and claims he did not even touch the first one. Seeing grains of rice on Hebi's mouth, Karin smiles and tells Hebi to work on his story and clean up his face. Expressing surprise, Hebi realizes there are grains of rice on his mouth and wipes them off with his sleeve. Walking up to Karin, Yuzu asks her if she is talking to the boy in the goofy suit again and says Hebi may need more food in his stomach. When Karin states she did not know Pluses even felt hunger, Hebi says he is not a Plus before revealing he is a Zanpakutō Spirit.

258Saru states

Saru states Hebi acting like a Tōjū is pathetic.

As Karin expresses disbelief, Yuzu states she has a great idea and suggests Hebi stay at their house, prompting Karin and Hebi to express surprise. Later, Saru sits on a park bench as Renji stands next to her. When Renji asks her if she is still worried about Hebi being on his own, Saru says she knows Hebi will be okay, prompting Renji to ask her what is wrong. When Saru states Hebi acting like a Tōjū is pathetic, Renji chuckles and says Saru does not really believe this. Calling out to Renji, Ichigo Kurosaki walks up and states he sensed Renji's Reiatsu.

258Ichigo asks

Ichigo asks Renji what they are doing here.

When Ichigo asks him what they are doing here, Renji says Ichigo has probably heard about it before stating the Tōjū are still on the loose. Noting Saru is here, Ichigo points out how Saru is usually paired with Hebi. Revealing Hebi ran off, Renji says he is probably still in the area, prompting Ichigo to express surprise. Meanwhile, at the Kurosaki Clinic, Yuzu walks over to Hebi, who is sitting at the table, and apologizes for the wait before telling Hebi to drink his tea slowly. When Yuzu sets the tea down on the wrong side of the table, an annoyed Hebi states he is sitting over here.

258Hebi asks

Hebi asks Karin if Ichigo and Isshin are always around.

As Yuzu walks away, Karin tells Hebi that Isshin Kurosaki and Ichigo are not here right now and says Hebi will have to find a place to hide for a bit if they return because Ichigo will likely be able to see him as well. When Hebi asks her who Ichigo is, Karin reveals he is her brother, prompting Hebi to ask her if Ichigo and Isshin are always around. Confirming this, Karin asks him what is wrong with this, prompting Hebi to state this is lame and say he prefers to fly solo before stating he can do anything he wishes on his own. When Karin points out how he cannot buy lunch, Hebi expresses annoyance.

258Karin asks

Karin asks Hebi where his mother and father are.

When Karin says there is nothing cool about being on one's own, Hebi proclaims he is his own man before stating it is the coolest thing ever. When Karin asks him where his mother and father are, Hebi says he never had any. When Karin expresses confusion, Hebi recalls Saru and Renji before proclaiming he does not have any because he is a Zanpakutō Spirit. As Karin apologizes and admits she does not understand, Yuzu walks over and reveals she found some pudding in the fridge which Hebi can have. Setting the pudding on a chair, Yuzu states it belongs to Ichigo before saying she knows how hungry Hebi is.

258Hebi eats

Hebi eats the pudding.

Reiterating his statement of being over here, Hebi wonders why it is always so difficult for Yuzu to figure out where he is. When Karin points at Hebi, Yuzu expresses surprise before moving the pudding to the table in front of Hebi, who picks up the plate and eats the pudding . As his eyes widen, Hebi states this was good before proclaiming it was the most delicious thing he has ever tasted. Smiling, Karin points out how Hebi never told them his name. Telling them his name, Hebi asks Karin and Yuzu what they go by, prompting them to introduce themselves.

258Hebi, Karin, and Yuzu play

Hebi, Karin, and Yuzu play a board game.

Saying he understands, Hebi repeats their names. When Yuzu asks him and Karin if they wish to play a board game, an annoyed Hebi states he is still over here. Later, as he and Karin play video games, Hebi throws the controller down and says he cannot do this before crossing his arms as Karin states he must be kidding her. Later, as they play a board game, Hebi says he does not understand what the point of all of this is. When Karin states games and Pluses do not appear to mix, an irritated Hebi demands to know how many times he must tell her he is not a Plus.

258Hebi watches

Hebi watches a stand-up comedian on the television.

Later, as they watch a stand-up comedian on the television, a fascinated Hebi stands close to the screen as Yuzu yawns and stretches. When Yuzu asks her if this appeals to Hebi more, Karin confirms this, prompting Yuzu to say they should have turned on the television from the start. Continuing to watch the comedian's routine, Hebi states the television is cool and asks Karin and Yuzu how it works. Seeing they are asleep, Hebi smiles. Later, Ichigo announces his arrival and opens the door, only to find Karin and Yuzu sleeping on the couch with a game of go on the television screen.

258Ichigo demands

Ichigo demands to know what Hebi is doing here.

Wondering if everyone is sleeping in the living room tonight, Ichigo turns off the television and expresses surprise upon seeing Hebi sleeping on the floor. As Hebi says he cannot eat anymore, Ichigo wakes him up and demands to know what Hebi is doing in his living room. When Hebi asks him who he is, Ichigo reveals his name and his position as a Substitute Shinigami. When Hebi expresses confusion, Ichigo tells him to forget about it before revealing Renji and Saru are worried about Hebi, who expresses surprise and demands to know how Ichigo knows about Renji.

258Hebi proclaims

Hebi proclaims he hates Karin.

Stating it does not matter, Ichigo says Renji and Saru do not know where Hebi is right now before stating Hebi should head back. When Hebi proclaims it is none of Ichigo's business, Karin wakes up and asks them what is going on. Telling Karin she should never have brought him to her stupid house, Hebi proclaims he hates Karin before running out of the room. Expressing surprise, Karin runs after Hebi and tells him to wait as Ichigo calls after her. Outside, Hebi runs along the street and says everyone is ganging up on him as the Boomerang Tōjū asks him how it is going.

258Zabimaru manifests

Zabimaru manifests in Hebi's hand.

Expressing surprise, Hebi looks up to see the Boomerang Tōjū sitting on top of a nearby telephone pole. As Hebi recognizes him, the Boomerang Tōjū notes Hebi is still on his own before asking Hebi how his newfound freedom is suiting him. As Hebi remains silent, the Boomerang Tōjū states he was able to buy time to recuperate thanks to Hebi before saying he just has to track Renji, Saru, and Hebi down and finish them off individually. Realizing this was the Boomerang Tōjū's plan from the beginning, Hebi proclaims he can handle the Boomerang Tōjū alone as Zabimaru manifests in his hand.

258Hebi blocks

Hebi blocks the boomerang with Zabimaru.

Running along the street, Karin hears Hebi yell and calls out to him. Meanwhile, Hebi says his release command and sends Zabimaru crashing into the Boomerang Tōjū. As Hebi smiles, the Boomerang Tōjū leaps into the air and asks Hebi if he was aiming at him before throwing his boomerang toward Hebi, who blocks with Zabimaru. Pushing Hebi back, the boomerang returns to the Boomerang Tōjū. Admitting this was not bad, Hebi tells the Boomerang Tōjū to watch this and proclaims he should not underestimate him before sending Zabimaru toward the Boomerang Tōjū once more.

Snakey surrounds the Toju with his Shikai

The Boomerang Tōjū is surrounded by blade segments.

As the Boomerang Tōjū leans to the side, Zabimaru hurtles past him and rebounds off of several surfaces until the Boomerang Tōjū is surrounded by blade segments. When the Boomerang Tōjū demands to know what this is, Hebi smirks and pulls on Zabimaru, causing the blade segments to condense around the Boomerang Tōjū in a ball. When Hebi swings Zabimaru, the Boomerang Tōjū is sent flying back and screams in pain as he slides across the ground. As the Boomerang Tōjū slams into a railing, Hebi retracts Zabimaru and proclaims he is more than equipped to deal with the Boomerang Tōjū.

258Boomerang Toju moves

The Boomerang Tōjū moves behind Karin.

Looking up, the Boomerang Tōjū curses. When Karin calls out to Hebi and runs toward them, the Boomerang Tōjū expresses surprise before smiling and moving behind Karin. As Karin looks over her shoulder in surprise, the Boomerang Tōjū sends her flying forward with a chop to the back of the head. As Karin lands on the ground, Hebi calls out to her as the Boomerang Tōjū appears next to her. Telling Hebi to not worry, the Boomerang Tōjū states she is fine for the moment before threatening to kill Karin if Hebi continues to attack him.

258Boomerang Toju slashes

The Boomerang Tōjū slashes Hebi across the chest.

Cursing, Hebi drops Zabimaru, which clatters on the ground. Grinning, the Boomerang Tōjū leaps forward and slashes Hebi across the chest, sending him flying away, before calling him a fool as Hebi lands on the ground. As Hebi sits up, the Boomerang Tōjū grabs him by the collar and lifts him into the air before hitting him repeatedly across the face with his boomerang. Laughing, the Boomerang Tōjū throws Hebi to the ground and notes Hebi learned how to stand on his own two feet before the end. As the Boomerang Tōjū says Hebi should be thanking him, Hebi stands up.

258Renji stands

Renji stands before Hebi, having deflected the boomerang.

As Hebi turns to face him, the Boomerang Tōjū notes he is stubborn and proclaims no one is going to rob him of his freedom. As the Boomerang Tōjū proclaims no one needs friends or a master to bow down to and laughs maniacally, Hebi says he feels sorry for the Boomerang Tōjū, who expresses confusion. When Hebi states having friends around is a privilege, the Boomerang Tōjū laughs and says this is funny before telling Hebi to die as he throws his boomerang toward him. As the boomerang hits something and flies away, Hebi opens his eyes to see Renji standing before him, having deflected the boomerang.

258Hebi walks

Hebi walks toward Ichigo while carrying Karin.

Thanking Hebi for keeping the Boomerang Tōjū busy, Renji states they can handle this from here. Saying it was a good call to cut Hebi loose even though it may have taken some time, Saru asks him if he agrees as Hebi expresses happiness. Later, Ichigo runs through the streets and yells Karin's name. Upon seeing Hebi walking toward him while holding Karin on his back, Ichigo greets him and picks up Karin. Stating Karin is okay, Hebi says she had a long day. As Ichigo thanks him, Hebi turns around and begins to walk away, prompting Ichigo to ask him if he is going.

258Ichigo states

Ichigo states he thought they would sleep here all night.

Asking Ichigo to do him a favor, Hebi states he does not want Karin or Yuzu to know anything about him. As Ichigo expresses surprise, Hebi looks over his shoulder and says it is better this way before walking away. Later, Karin wakes up on the couch and looks around in confusion. When Yuzu asks her what is wrong, Karin asks her where Hebi is, prompting Yuzu to ask her what happened. Entering the room, Ichigo states he thought they would sleep here all night. When Karin stands up and asks Ichigo where Hebi is, Ichigo asks her what she is talking about.

258Hebi looks

Hebi looks over his shoulder at the Kurosaki Clinic.

Expressing surprise, Karin envisions Hebi walking away and shakes her head before smiling and telling Ichigo to forget it. As she, Hebi, and Renji stand in the air above the Kurosaki Clinic, Saru asks Hebi if he is ready to go, prompting Hebi to confirm this. When Hebi says he is fine, Renji chuckles as Hebi states he is a Zanpakutō Spirit before claiming Saru would be heartbroken if she did not have him around. As Saru chuckles and tells Hebi to dream on, a Senkaimon opens behind them as Renji says they should go home. As Renji and Saru walk into the Senkaimon, Hebi pauses and looks over his shoulder at the Kurosaki Clinic before walking forward as well.

Shinigami Illustrated Picture Book[]


Saru and Hebi wear sunglasses with Renji.

When Hebi proclaims he, Saru, and Renji need to stick together forever, Renji expresses surprise. As Saru and Hebi eat with him, wear sunglasses with him, and sleep alongside him, Renji expresses irritation at Saru and Hebi following him everywhere. When Renji states he needs to use the restroom, Saru and Hebi say they will come with him, prompting an exasperated Renji to ask for a break.


Characters in Order of Appearance[]

  1. Renji Abarai
  2. Zabimaru
  3. Boomerang Tōjū
  4. Karin Kurosaki
  5. Yuzu Kurosaki
  6. Ichigo Kurosaki

Powers and Techniques Used[]

Shinigami techniques used:

Zanpakutō released:



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