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Stealth Scale
Kanji 透色竜鱗 (ステルス・スケイル)
Rōmaji Suterusu Sukeiru
English Japanese for "Transparent Colored Dragon Scales"
Technique Statistics
Technique Type Dragon
Used By Märchen

Stealth Scale (透色竜鱗 (ステルス・スケイル), Suterusu Sukeiru; Japanese for "Transparent Colored Dragon Scales") is a technique used by Märchen.


Märchen can turn invisible at will, allowing them to lurk stealthily in an area[1] and evade attacks in combat while taking their enemies by surprise, making select parts of their body visible when desired.[2] According to Bruno Bangnyfe, this is an incredibly rare technique and can only be used by Märchen.[3]

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Stealth Scale Manga Images


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