Spatial Manipulation
English Spatial Manipulation
Technique Type Zanpakutō
User Kagerōza Inaba
Ōko Yushima

Spatial Manipulation is a Zanpakutō technique of Kagerōza Inaba's Raikū and Ōko Yushima's Sumitsukigasa.[1]


Inaba or Yushima can spin their Zanpakutō in either direction and use it to create portals to the Dangai. They can use these portals to drag their unwilling targets into the Dangai.[2] When they twirl their respective Zanpakutō to the right, it creates a portal which can both negate an attack and record it for further use. Subsequently, when they twirl the Zanpakutō to the left, the portal which they create can replicate the recorded event and can use this event as many times as he wishes. Inaba and Yushima can extend this ability to various events including an opponent's attacks, their movements, and their Zanpakutō's attacks and attributes.[3][4] Using this ability in quick succession can be very taxing on Inaba's energy reserves, but upon acquiring Nozomi Kujō's Arazome Shigure, Yushima as able to counter this flaw by absorbing enemy's energy.[5]


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