Solita Vista
Kanji 共眼界 (ソリタ・ヴィスタ)
Rōmaji Sorita Visuta
English Spanish for "Accustomed View"

Japanese for "All-Eyes World"

Technique Type Unique Ability
User Ulquiorra Cifer

Solita Vista (共眼界 (ソリタ・ヴィスタ), Sorita Visuta; Spanish for "Accustomed View", Japanese for "All-Eyes World") is a technique used by Ulquiorra Cifer.


Ulquiorra can replay events he has seen to others by removing and crushing an eye, which turns into dust and flows around those he intends to use it on. In addition to his sight, the dust also relays what he felt at the time.[1]


  1. Bleach manga; Chapter 198, pages 7-9. In the manga, Ulquiorra keeps the empty eye cavity open after using this technique, but in the anime, due to censorship, Ulquiorra keeps his eye closed.


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