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Sklaverei (聖隷 (スクラヴェライ), Sukuraverai; German for "Slavery", Japanese for "Holy Slave") is a technique used by various Sternritter with their Quincy: Vollständig active.



Quilge Opie absorbs Ayon but his holy wings become tainted.

This technique uses the most basic ability to gather Reishi in the most powerful way: by enslaving it. It can literally tear away the components that make up spiritual objects, such as those that make up Hueco Mundo and Soul Society, as well as the bodies of spiritual beings.[1][2] However, this ability is not efficient against those who possess Hollow Reiryoku, as it is poison to Quincy;[3] absorbing a Hollow results in the Quincy gaining Hollow-like features and the user is unable to completely control the acquired power.[4] The absorbed power and any associated transformation vanish over time.[5] Additionally, Sklaverei requires the user's Heiligenschein to function and the technique automatically ceases if the halo is destroyed while in use.[6]


  • The English localization of the manga and the anime adaptation of the Thousand Year Blood War Arc both transcribe the technique as Sklave Rai.[7][8]
  • In Ryōgo Narita's novel Bleach: Can't Fear Your Own World, it is established that Sklaverei is an ability that all Sternritter can use with their Quincy: Vollständig active, which is confirmed in the anime adaptation of the Thousand Year Blood War arc.[9] The novel also states that Sklaverei decomposes Reishi to its most fundamental level upon absorption, hence allowing Quincy to assimilate Hollow Reishi without danger.[10] However, this is contradicted by the anime adaptation of the Thousand Year Blood War arc, which establishes that even Sklaverei cannot safely absorb Hollow Reishi, as evidenced by Quilge's mutations.[4]


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