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Silbern (銀架城 (ジルバーン), Jirubān; German for "Silver", Japanese for "Silver-Wrought Castle"; Viz "Silver Cross Fortress")[1] was a large, ice-encrusted palace that the Wandenreich used as its main base of operations during the Quincy Blood War.


The Sternritter and their subordinates reside in Silbern with their emperor, Yhwach.[2][3] It is surrounded by a massive, similarly ice-encrusted city comprised of seemingly abandoned buildings[4][5] which is approximately as large as the Seireitei.[6]

Silbern itself is a wide, two-tiered building. The bottom tier is supported by six thick columns, while the upper tier is roughly half as wide and long, instead being held up by pillars; it also features windows consisting of two thin slats in the wall on either side. The ground below it has a set of stairs leading up to the lower tier, and the entire complex is surrounded by an angular barrier with octagonal joints. Silbern is framed by two gutted, curving, tusk-like structures arching toward each other in front of it, and is dwarfed by a large, rectangular tower with a cross on each side rising up behind it; during the war with the Gotei 13, Yhwach uses this tower as a platform to enter the Soul King Palace.[7][8] The entire area is covered in varying amounts of ice, giving every surface a jagged look with dozens of stalagmites.[9]

The rooms within Silbern vary drastically in size and purpose, ranging from spacious assembly halls[10] to a medium-sized throne room where Yhwach operates as the emperor of the Wandenreich[2][11] to personal and private rooms for the Sternritter themselves.[12] Sternritter Grandmaster Jugram Haschwalth's private quarters are located in the tower behind Silbern,[13] while Yhwach resides within the lower tier of Silbern in a small room lit by torches and decorated with filigree, featuring only a small throne on a platform.[14][15] There is a separate room in midair where Tier Harribel, the former ruler of Hueco Mundo, is imprisoned.[16] During the second invasion of Soul Society, Yhwach oversaw the war from a large, open-air, torch-lit room while sitting on the same throne,[17] and slept in a barren, open-air room on a more ornate throne.[18] These rooms are connected by wide hallways that are comprised of the pillars supporting the upper tier of Silbern on one side, allowing inhabitants to easily move between levels.[19] Housed within Silbern are multiple ornate metal plates known as Gates of the Sun (太陽の門, Taiyō no Mon) that can be quickly moved between using Keys of the Sun (太陽の鍵, Taiyō no Kagi);[20] one of these gates was used to invade Soul Society.[21]

Silbern and the city surrounding it reside in a dimension within the Seireitei known as the Schatten Bereich (影の領域 (シャッテン・ベライヒ), Shatten Beraihi; German for "Shadow Realm", Japanese for "Shadow Area"; Viz "Shadow Area"), which the Quincy created after fleeing to Soul Society from the war with the Shinigami 1,000 years ago. This dimension cannot normally be seen or detected by the Shinigami, which is why the Quincy called their new army the "Invisible Empire." When leaving the Schatten Bereich, the Wandenreich does not need a method of bypassing the walls surrounding the Seireitei because they have always been inside the Seireitei; furthermore, the Wandenreich can decompose the Reishi particles that make up the Seireitei to reveal Silbern and its city.[22] However, Yhwach cannot leave this area for more than a certain period of time before having to retreat.[23]

Wahrwelt, the new palace Yhwach forms in the Royal Realm, featuring the Silbern building at the top.

During the second major battle of the Quincy Blood War, Yhwach replaced the Seireitei with Silbern and the Wandenreich city in order to bypass the time constraint that ended the previous conflict and negate any traps that the Shinigami had prepared.[24] After absorbing the Soul King, Yhwach brought Silbern and entire Wandenreich city to the Soul King Palace and drastically altered its appearance. Yhwach named this new stronghold Wahrwelt (真世界城 (ヴァールヴェルト), Vāruveruto; German for "True World", Japanese for "True World Castle"; Viz "Castle of True World") because it would be the cornerstone of his new world.[25] Having made a new, larger throne room within the relocated Silbern,[26] Yhwach created large stone guardians lining the hallways to stop intruders.[27] During Ichigo Kurosaki's decisive battle with Yhwach, Silbern was largely destroyed by Ichigo unleashing the Reiatsu of his Merged Hollow Form.[28]

Silbern Locations

Illustrated Guide to Silbern
587Group departs.png 547Shunsui and Nanao watch.png 629Sternritter arrive.png 628Zeichen Palace.png
Tower behind Silbern[29] The Wandenreich City[30] Silbern as part of Wahrwelt[31] The Wandenreich City in the Royal Realm[32]
Silbern and the city surrounding it in their various forms.
485Yhwach ascends.png 485Harribel in captivity.png 542Wandenreich assembles.png 543Silbern Hallway.png
The stairs leading to Harribel's prison[33] Harribel's prison[34] Silbern's assembly hall[35] One of the spacious hallways within Silbern[36]
554Silbern War Room.png 629Gate of the Sun.png 661Statues appear.png
Yhwach's open-air war room[37] A Gate of the Sun[38] The guardian statues within Silbern[39]
The interior of Silbern.
485Yhwach permits.png 489Yhwach is told.png 672Ichigo and Orihime reach.png 672Ichigo confronts.png
Yhwach's throne room[40] Yhwach's Throne[41] The entrance to Yhwach's throne room[42] Yhwach's revamped throne room[43]
Yhwach's throne and throne rooms.
544Bambietta kills.png 544Haschwalth returns.png 543Yhwach bestows.png 565Yhwach sleeps.png
Bambietta's private quarters[44] Haschwalth's private quarters[45] Yhwach's private quarters[46] Yhwach's open-air quarters[47]
The private quarters of the Wandenreich members.


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