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Shinobu Eishima (衛島 忍, Eishima Shinobu) was the 4th Seat of the 9th Division in the Gotei 13 who served under Captain Kensei Muguruma.


Eishima has long red hair with bangs that curve to the right side of his face. He wears a standard shihakushō with a long-sleeved white jacket worn over it that has a high collar. This appears to be the usual uniform worn by officers in the Ninth Division during the first tenure of Kensei as captain.


Eishima appears to be a calm, quiet and serious Shinigami. Along with the other members of the group, Eishima tries to keep his captain's anger under control by restraining him when his lieutenant irritated him. He did not seem to be as annoyed by the 9th Division's lieutenant's antics, unlike Kensei.


Turn Back the Pendulum arc

The officers of Ninth Division restrain Kensei from attacking Mashiro.

Eishima was first introduced when Kensei and other high ranking seated officers of the 9th Division were sent to investigate the disappearance of the Rukongai residents. He and the other 9th Division members were seen saving a young Shūhei Hisagi and his friends from a Hollow. When Kensei told Hisagi to smile, Eishima told his captain that it was too much to expect from him.[1] After the battle, they learned from Mashiro Kuna (who was absent during the fight) that there were missing Shinigami as well after she discovered 10 empty shihakushō near the Hollow attack site. Kensei connected the number of empty shihakushō that Mashiro found with the number of members in a vanguard that was sent to investigate earlier. Realizing the seriousness of the situation, Kensei gave various orders to his men.

Eishima having been cut down.

Eishima was ordered to contact Central 46 to alert them of the first Shinigami victims in the case.[2] Later in the night, Tōdō returned back from the 12th Division as Eishima and Kaname Tōsen stood guard outside. Tōdō offered to take over guard duty watch from Tōsen so that he could have a break, but Tōsen refused, insisting that all three of them stood guard. Eishima told Tōdō that they were alternating guard duty in short periods as Heizō Kasaki and Kensei were inside resting and instructed Tōdō to keep watch at another spot.[3] While Lieutenant Mashiro, Kensei, and 3rd Seat Kasaki were resting, they heard Eishima's voice as he was attacked. Kensei and Kasaki rushed outside to find a bloody Eishima and Tōsen lying on the ground.[4]

Powers & Abilities

Swordsman: As a 4th Seat officer of the Gotei 13, he possesses skills in the use of swords during combat and knowledge of swordsmanship.


His Zanpakutō had a dark blue hilt, as well as a triangular bronze guard.[5]


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