Shinigami and Zanpakutō, Total Sortie
Kanji 死神&斬魄刀、総出撃
Romanji Shinigami & zanpakutō, sou shutsugeki
Episode Number 242
Manga Chapters None
Arc Zanpakutō Unknown Tales arc
Previous Episode For the Sake of Pride! Byakuya vs. Renji
Next Episode One-on-one! Ichigo vs. Senbonzakura
Japanese October 20, 2009
English February 25, 2012
Theme Music
Opening Shōjo S
Ending Mad Surfer
Episode 242 Screenshots

Shinigami and Zanpakutō, Total Sortie is the two hundred and forty-second episode of the Bleach anime.

As Ichigo Kurosaki, 2nd Division Captain Suì-Fēng, and 3rd Division Lieutenant Izuru Kira begin their battles, 11th Division 3rd Seat Ikkaku Madarame fights and defeats his Zanpakutō Spirit, Hōzukimaru.


242Hozukimaru notes

Hōzukimaru notes the Zanpakutō Spirits have been surrounded.

As dozens of Keigun surround the Zanpakutō Spirits and Captain Suì-Fēng,Lieutenant Izuru Kira, 3rd Seat Ikkaku Madarame, 11th Division 5th Seat Yumichika Ayasegawa, and Ichigo stand on top of nearby roofs, Hōzukimaru notes the Zanpakutō Spirits have been surrounded.

242Keigun draw

The Keigun draw their blades.

Stating it is not too surprising after all of the commotion they caused, the blue-haired man says the Shinigami were bound to discover them. As Suì-Fēng proclaims they are here to take 6th Division Captain Byakuya Kuchiki and the Zanpakutō Spirits into custody, the Keigun draw their blades. Asking if this is so, Hōzukimaru notes there are many of them here and asks Suì-Fēng if she would not rather fight them, prompting Ikkaku to ask him what he said.

242Kazeshini states

Kazeshini states they should just do it.

Stating they will oblige Hōzukimaru if this is his wish, Yumichika says they are ready to fight at any time, prompting Suì-Fēng to tell him to not let the Zanpakutō Spirits get to him. Stating they will begin by forming a perimeter around the area to prevent the Zanpakutō Spirits from escaping, Suì-Fēng says they can fight them one at a time afterwards, prompting Kazeshini to ask her why it must be so complicated. Stating they should just do it if they are going to do it, Kazeshini says none of them will run away and hide like cowards.

242Kazeshini cuts

Kazeshini cuts down a Keigun.

Appearing in front of two Keigun, Kazeshini cuts one of them down. Stating Kazeshini is right, the blue-haired man wonders what they are waiting for before running up and slashing away a Keigun. Telling the Keigun to hold their ground, Suì-Fēng proclaims they will not let the Zanpakutō Spirits leave the boundaries of the 6th Division barracks as the Keigun run forward. As Tenken and the brown-haired man move away, two Keigun are blasted away by purple lightning as three more Keigun are sent flying away when a fireball crashes into the ground in front of them.

242Izuru blocks

Izuru blocks Kazeshini's attack.

Saying anyone with a death wish should come at him, Kazeshini proclaims it would a pleasure to cut them down with his blade. Appearing in front of two Keigun, Kazeshini cuts one of them down before spinning around and cutting down the other one. Running toward another Keigun, Kazeshini attacks him, only for Izuru to block Kazeshini's kusarigama with his sword. As Kazeshini expresses surprise, Izuru apologizes and states he cannot let Kazeshini run wild any longer, prompting Kazeshini to ask him if this is the case.

242Ikkaku and Hozukimaru clash

Ikkaku and Hōzukimaru clash.

Meanwhile, a yelling Ikkaku and Hōzukimaru run toward each other before clashing. Noting there is no one who will stop their fight this time, Ikkaku asks Hōzukimaru if he wishes to finish the fight they started the other day. Noting Ikkaku wishes to settle the score, Hōzukimaru states he will not hold anything back. As Ikkaku says they may have fun, he and Hōzukimaru separate before moving away. As lightning crackles through the air and hits a building, two Keigun are sent flying away by the resulting explosion.

242Lightning discharges

Lightning discharges from the end of the pike.

Leaping onto a roof, the brown-haired man points his pike forward as lightning discharges from the end of it. As the lightning hits the ground in front of two Keigun and sends them flying away, Suì-Fēng attacks the brown-haired man, who leaps away. As Suì-Fēng tells him to halt, the brown-haired man runs off. Following him, Suì-Fēng jumps to avoid a stream of fire from a nearby roof. As Suì-Fēng falls to the ground, the brown-haired man thanks Tenken as Suì-Fēng states two against one is fine with her. Elsewhere, as Yumichika and the blue-haired man appear on a roof, the blue-haired man says it has been a while and asks Yumichika how he is doing.

242Ruri'iro Kujaku expresses

The blue-haired man expresses irritation.

Stating he is not bad, Yumichika says the blue-haired man is looking well. Stating this is thanks to Yumichika, the blue-haired man says he was able to get away from the cause of his stress. Realizing he has not introduced himself, the blue-haired man asks Yumichika how he knew his identity. Stating he could tell immediately, Yumichika says he felt disgusted the moment he laid eyes on the blue-haired man and refers to him as Fuji Kujaku. Expressing irritation, the blue-haired man asks Yumichika to not refer to him with this name and states it offends him.

242Ichigo lands

Ichigo lands behind Rukia and Renji.

Saying his real name is Ruri'iro Kujaku, he states he will kill Yumichika if he refers to him with any other name, prompting Yumichika to tell him to give it his best shot. Meanwhile, Ichigo lands behind Rukia Kuchiki and a panting 6th Division Lieutenant Renji Abarai. When Ichigo expresses concern for them, Rukia tells him to not worry about her and says Renji is worn out. As Renji states it is not this bad, Ichigo says Renji can stand down now because he is going to bring Byakuya and Senbonzakura to their senses.

242Ichigo clashes with Senbonzakura

Ichigo clashes with Senbonzakura.

As Ichigo approaches them, Senbonzakura steps forward. As Ichigo stops, Senbonzakura tells Byakuya to leave Ichigo to him and return to Muramasa. As Byakuya agrees, Ichigo draws Zangetsu and assumes a battle stance while saying Byakuya's name. Running forward, Senbonzakura clashes with Ichigo, who tells Senbonzakura to stand back. As Senbonzakura states he will not let Ichigo through, he and Ichigo separate as Ichigo slashes at him. Blocking, Senbonzakura strikes at Ichigo, forcing him to block with Zangetsu.

242Saru pushes

Saru pushes two large rocks away.

When Byakuya begins to walk away, Renji appears in front of him with Shunpo. When Byakuya asks him what he wants, Renji pants heavily before saying he is not finished talking with Byakuya yet, prompting Byakuya to state Renji still does not understand it is useless. Raising his sword, Renji proclaims he will stop Byakuya even if it means he will die. Telling Renji to calm down, Saru pushes two large rocks away and says they do not want to appear to have nothing left. Agreeing, Hebi states they have not even begun to get serious yet.

242Senbonzakura releases

Senbonzakura releases his Shikai.

Thanking Saru and Hebi, Renji says he appreciates it as Byakuya narrows his eyes. Clashing several times with Senbonzakura, Ichigo slashes at him. Deflecting Ichigo's strike, Senbonzakura slashes at Ichigo, who blocks with Zangetsu. As he and Ichigo separate, Senbonzakura holds his sword in front of him and releases his Shikai, Senbonzakura, causing the blade to separate into dozens of blade petals. As the blade petals hurtle toward him, Ichigo states this will not happen and slashes away the blade petals.

242Ichigo activates

Ichigo activates his Bankai.

Noting Shikai is not enough, Senbonzakura drops his sword into the ground and activates his Bankai, Senbonzakura Kageyoshi. As several large blades rise from the ground, Ichigo activates his Bankai, Tensa Zangetsu, causing him to glow with blue Reiatsu, which swirls along Zangetsu before dissipating to reveal Ichigo in his Bankai. As the blades around Senbonzakura separate into blade petals and surge forward, Ichigo fires a Getsuga Tenshō.

242Yumichika expresses

Yumichika expresses surprise.

Hurtling toward each other, the blade petals and the Getsuga Tenshō collide, creating a large explosion. Elsewhere, Ruri'iro Kujaku smiles and says Yumichika looks very good while holding his sword. As Yumichika expresses surprise, Ruri'iro Kujaku notes the feather on Yumichika's face is a nice touch despite likely being faux. Stating he had never gotten the chance to examine Yumichika, Ruri'iro Kujaku says he is loving Yumichika's style so far. As Yumichika asks him what he is talking about, Ruri'iro Kujaku states Yumichika would come across even better if he made the effort to coordinate with genuine accessories.

242Ruri'iro Kujaku lifts

Ruri'iro Kujaku lifts his feathered arm.

As Ruri'iro Kujaku notes Yumichika does not want to overdo it and look trashy or cheap, Yumichika lowers his blade and asks Ruri'iro Kujaku if there is a point to any of this as Ruri'iro Kujaku proclaims he understands. Lifting his feathered arm, Ruri'iro Kujaku says his feathers are genuine and states he could give Yumichika one of them. When Yumichika says they are ugly, Ruri'iro Kujaku lowers his arm and notes it would be nice to add a few extra flourishes to Yumichika's uniform. When Ruri'iro Kujaku proclaims this is fabulous, Yumichika expresses irritation as Ruri'iro Kujaku wonders how to make Yumichika's outfit compliment his complexion.

242Yumichika states

Yumichika states Ruri'iro Kujaku is mocking him.

When Yumichika angrily states Ruri'iro Kujaku is mocking him and he does not appreciate it, Ruri'iro Kujaku says he does not know what Yumichika is talking about. Looking away, Yumichika states Ruri'iro Kujaku looks hideous. Saying Ruri'iro Kujaku's face is the absolute worst, Yumichika states it does not matter to him how insulting Ruri'iro Kujaku is and asks him if he knows why he chose such a distant and secluded location for their battle. When Ruri'iro Kujaku says Yumichika probably does not want anyone else to see his powers, Yumichika confirms this.

242Yumichika says

Yumichika says he never regrets anything.

When Ruri'iro Kujaku states Yumichika may come to regret his confidence, Yumichika says he never regrets anything and states this is the way he does battle before referring to Ruri'iro Kujaku as Fuji Kujaku once more. Narrowing his eyes, an irritated Ruri'iro Kujaku says he will destroy Yumichika if he continues to refer to him with this name. Meanwhile, as purple lightning arcs and crackles through the air, Suì-Fēng repeatedly flips backward to avoid the lightning surging along the center of the roof she is standing on.

242Sui-Feng kicks

Suì-Fēng kicks the brown-haired man away.

When the lightning reaches the end of the roof, Suì-Fēng appears next to the brown-haired man with Shunpo and kicks him away. As the brown-haired man crashes into a wall, a pair of fiery bolas hurtle through the air. Leaning back to dodge them, Suì-Fēng flips off the edge of the roof before landing on the ground below. As she stands up, Tenken appears in front of Suì-Fēng and slashes at her. As Tenken's sword crashes into the ground, the two halves of Suì-Fēng's shihakushō fall to the ground. Appearing on a rooftop behind Tenken, Suì-Fēng asks him if he is looking for someone.

242Gonryomaru proclaims

The brown-haired man proclaims his name is Gonryōmaru.

Walking up, the brown-haired man compliments her and states this is what he would expect from the leader of the Onmitsukidō. When Suì-Fēng expresses surprise, the brown-haired man asks her what is wrong. Saying it has been bothering her for some time now, Suì-Fēng asks the brown-haired man whose Zanpakutō he is. When the brown-haired man proclaims his name is Gonryōmaru, Suì-Fēng apologizes and states she has never heard of him. When Gonryōmaru says he is the Zanpakutō Spirit of 1st Division Lieutenant Chōjirō Sasakibe, Suì-Fēng states she could not tell because Gonryōmaru is so boring. As Gonryōmaru expresses anger, Tenken puts his hand on Gonryōmaru's shoulder.

242Sui-Feng asks

Suì-Fēng asks Gonryōmaru if this is the reason why he betrayed Chōjirō.

When Gonryōmaru looks at him, Tenken nods his head. Telling Tenken to not worry, Gonryōmaru says he is alright and states Chōjirō is the reason for all of this because he never had a presence in his own division. When Suì-Fēng asks him if this is the reason why he betrayed Chōjirō, Gonryōmaru leaps onto a roof in front of her and tells Suì-Fēng to shut up. Saying this is pretty stupid, Suì-Fēng states this will not matter in a few seconds and says Gonryōmaru can say whatever he wishes to his master when she immobilizes him. Raising his hand with two fingers outstretched, Gonryōmaru states he will not go down so easily as lightning crackles along his pike. As storm clouds emanate from the pike and move overhead, Suì-Fēng wonders what this is.

242Izuru looks

Izuru looks at his sleeve.

Elsewhere, as Izuru moves through the air, Kazeshini's kusarigama follows him. As the kusarigama cuts his sleeve, Izuru dodges it and lands on a roof. As Izuru looks at his sleeve, Kazeshini asks him what is wrong and says Izuru is running away like a coward despite saying he will defeat Kazeshini. When Izuru asks Kazeshini if he just called him a coward, Kazeshini confirms this and states Izuru ran away the last time they fought because he could not beat Kazeshini, which makes Izuru a true coward.

242Kazeshini states Izuru says a lot of nonsense

Kazeshini states Izuru says a lot of nonsense.

Saying battles are waged according to the situation, Izuru states he does not consider pulling back to be cowardice and says it is foolish to force a fight which one cannot win. Stating Izuru says a lot of nonsense, Kazeshini points his kusarigama at him and proclaims he will slice Izuru into pieces before he can run. Sighing, Izuru says he finds it hard to believe Kazeshini is 9th Division Lieutenant Shūhei Hisagi's Zanpakutō Spirit, prompting Kazeshini to express surprise. As Kazeshini lowers his kusarigama, Izuru theorizes Hisagi must have been suppressing his negative energy without even realizing it.

242Izuru slashes

Izuru slashes at Kazeshini.

Stating Kazeshini is a manifestation of Hisagi's stress and darkest impulses, Izuru asks him if this is correct. Demanding to know what Izuru is saying, Kazeshini demands to know if Izuru believes Kazeshini is stress. When Izuru asks him if he is wrong, Kazeshini angrily tells Izuru to not mess with him and throws his kusarigama at him, prompting Izuru to dodge with Shunpo. Appearing in front of Kazeshini, Izuru slashes at him. Jumping into the air, Kazeshini pulls on the chain of his kusarigama.

242Kazeshini shields

Kazeshini shields himself.

As the kusarigama hurtles toward him from behind, Izuru moves out of the way. When Kazeshini pulls on the chain once more and sends the kusarigama at him, Izuru fires Hadō #31. Shakkahō, which creates an explosion upon hitting the kusarigama. As Kazeshini shields himself from the blast, Izuru moves through the smoke and slashes at him. As Kazeshini moves away, he and Izuru land on two nearby roofs. Stating Hisagi has always had his back, Izuru says he owes it to Hisagi to get his revenge, prompting Kazeshini to curse.


Hōzukimaru punches Ikkaku in the stomach.

Meanwhile, as Hōzukimaru moves back, Ikkaku slashes at him, cutting off the top of a nearby post. When Ikkaku slashes at him once more, Hōzukimaru blocks with Hōzukimaru. Pushing Ikkaku's sword away, Hōzukimaru twirls Hōzukimaru. When Ikkaku blocks two of his attacks, Hōzukimaru punches him in the stomach. As Ikkaku flies backward and falls into a lake, Hōzukimaru runs forward and proclaims he is not yet finished with Ikkaku. Leaping out of the water, Ikkaku slams the hilt of his sword and his scabbard together.

242Ikkaku appears

Ikkaku appears next to Hōzukimaru.

As Hōzukimaru expresses surprise, Ikkaku successfully releases Hōzukimaru. As Hōzukimaru notes Ikkaku has regained access to his Shikai, Ikkaku confirms this and strikes at Hōzukimaru, who leaps away as Hōzukimaru crashes into the ground. As Hōzukimaru moves through the air, Ikkaku appears next to him and slashes at Hōzukimaru, who is sent flying toward the ground. Landing, Hōzukimaru slides back several feet before stopping. As Ikkaku lands, Hōzukimaru runs out of the dust. As Ikkaku runs toward him, he and Hōzukimaru attack each other as they pass each other in midair.

242Hozukimaru blocks

Hōzukimaru blocks Ikkaku's stabs with Hōzukimaru.

As they stop, Ikkaku and Hōzukimaru look at each other as blood drips from a cut on Hōzukimaru's shoulder. When Hōzukimaru expresses irritation, Ikkaku asks him what is wrong. Stating he hopes Hōzukimaru is not done already, Ikkaku says he is weaker than he was during their previous battle. Stating this is not true, Hōzukimaru asks Ikkaku if he believes Hōzukimaru has been fighting with all of his power. Admitting he remembers Hōzukimaru taking a long time to get going, Ikkaku assumes a battle stance and proclaims he will light a fire under Hōzukimaru right now before rushing forward. As Ikkaku repeatedly stabs at him, Hōzukimaru blocks with Hōzukimaru.

242Ikkaku jabs

Ikkaku jabs Hōzukimaru in the chest.

As Ikkaku continues to attack and Hōzukimaru continues to block, Hōzukimaru blocks a slash from Ikkaku before leaping away. As Hōzukimaru lands, Ikkaku appears in front of him and stabs at his chest, only for Hōzukimaru to block with Hōzukimaru. When Hōzukimaru forces Ikkaku's Hōzukimaru away, Ikkaku jabs Hōzukimaru in the chest with the tasseled end of Hōzukimaru. Yelling in pain, Hōzukimaru crashes though a rock and bush before smashing into a nearby building. Appearing in front of the building, Ikkaku asks Hōzukimaru what is wrong and if this is all he has got.


Ikkaku blocks the spade.

As dust billows from the hole in the building, Hōzukimaru activates his Bankai, Ryūmon Hōzukimaru. As Ikkaku expresses surprise, the dust clears to reveal a whirlwind with two streams of red Reiatsu emerging from the center. As the spade of Ryūmon Hōzukimaru hurtles out of the whirlwind, Ikkaku blocks with Hōzukimaru, but is pushed back by the large spade. Smashing into a large rock, which is destroyed by the impact, Ikkaku hits the ground and slides back several feet as the spade is pulled back.

242Hozukimaru stands

Hōzukimaru stands with the spade over his shoulder.

As Ikkaku looks up, Hōzukimaru tells him to not push his luck. Seeing Hōzukimaru standing over him with the spade over his shoulder, Ikkaku springs to his feet and notes Hōzukimaru has gotten serious. Assuming a battle stance, Ikkaku says the real fight begins now. As Ikkaku rushes forward, Hōzukimaru swings the spade at him, knocking back several feet. Landing, Ikkaku sees Hōzukimaru has vanished. As Ikkaku looks for him, Hōzukimaru draws his attention as he falls to the ground with the guandao of Ryūmon Hōzukimaru in his hands.

242Ikkaku falls

Ikkaku falls into the water.

As Ikkaku leaps away, Hōzukimaru crashes into the ground where he was standing. As dust billows over Ikkaku, Hōzukimaru states there is more where this came from. When the spinning guandao hurtles out of the dust, Ikkaku blocks with Hōzukimaru and is forced back by the impact. Sliding across the ground, Ikkaku trips over the stones surrounding the lake and falls into the water. Walking over, Hōzukimaru asks Ikkaku if this is all he has got as Ikkaku grabs the side of a rock in the middle of the lake.

242Ikkaku asks

Ikkaku asks Hōzukimaru what he said.

Pulling himself out of the water, Ikkaku tells Hōzukimaru he is simply getting warmed up. Saying Ikkaku's spirit is impressive, Hōzukimaru states Ikkaku will need more than this to defeat him as Ikkaku climbs to the top of the rock and stands on top of it. Telling Ikkaku to cling to his stubbornness, Hōzukimaru proclaims Ikkaku will always be defeated in head-to-head battles. When Ikkaku looks over his shoulder and asks Hōzukimaru what he said, Hōzukimaru says Ikkaku needs to possess the same level of skill as the person he acts like.

242Hozukimaru smashes

Hōzukimaru smashes his guandao into Ikkaku.

Cursing, Ikkaku jumps toward Hōzukimaru, who smashes his guandao into Ikkaku. Sent flying away by the impact of Hōzukimaru's attack, Ikkaku rolls along the ground for several meters before stopping. Stating Ikkaku fell short despite being warned, Hōzukimaru asks Ikkaku if he is stupid. Looking up, Ikkaku chuckles and says Hōzukimaru is the stupid one. Asking him if this is so, Hōzukimaru realizes his guandao has a chip in the blade from where it hit Ikkaku. When Hōzukimaru asks him how he did this, Ikkaku stands up and admits what Hōzukimaru said about him being stubborn is correct.

242Hozukimaru is cut

Hōzukimaru is cut in half.

Proclaiming he will fight the way he always does and defeat Hōzukimaru, Ikkaku states a man is not a man if he cannot be himself in battle. Grinning, Hōzukimaru tells Ikkaku to give it his best shot and defeat him. Assuming a battle stance, Ikkaku says Hōzukimaru does not have to tell him twice and runs forward. As Hōzukimaru runs forward with his guandao raised over his head, he and Ikkaku yell. When Hōzukimaru is cut in half, Ikkaku hits Hōzukimaru in the face with the tasseled half of Hōzukimaru, prompting Hōzukimaru to smash the backside of the guandao into Ikkaku's stomach.

242Ikkaku attacks

Ikkaku attacks Hōzukimaru.

Blocking the guandao with the two halves of Hōzukimaru, Ikkaku smashes the tasseled half of Hōzukimaru into Hōzukimaru's face once more, prompting Hōzukimaru to punch Ikkaku in the stomach. When the two halves of Hōzukimaru begin to fall from his hands, Ikkaku grabs them and attacks Hōzukimaru. Blocking with his guandao, Hōzukimaru slashes at Ikkaku, who moves to the side to avoid the attack before hitting Hōzukimaru in the face with the tasseled half of Hōzukimaru.

242Guandao cracks

The guandao cracks.

As Hōzukimaru holds his guandao in front of him, Ikkaku repeatedly attacks him, causing a crack to form in the center of the guandao. As Ikkaku continues to attack Hōzukimaru, the guandao cracks and shatters as the bladed half of Hōzukimaru stabs through it, prompting Hōzukimaru to express surprise. Separating, Ikkaku and Hōzukimaru pant heavily. When Ikkaku admits Hōzukimaru is good and states this is what he expected from his Zanpakutō Spirit, Hōzukimaru says he thinks the same thing of Ikkaku.

242Hozukimaru raises

Hōzukimaru raises the central blade above his head.

As the stripe on his chest glows red, Hōzukimaru proclaims he is now at full strength. As Hōzukimaru raises the central blade of Ryūmon Hōzukimaru above his head, Ikkaku lays the tasseled half of Hōzukimaru on the ground. Expressing surprise, Hōzukimaru asks Ikkaku what he is doing. Stepping over the tasseled half of Hōzukimaru, Ikkaku states this is the end and says he will not back away past the line marked by the tasseled half of Hōzukimaru. Proclaiming he will take all of Hōzukimaru's force and send it back at him, Ikkaku says this is a promise.

242Reiatsu surges

Hōzukimaru's Reiatsu surges around him.

When Hōzukimaru asks him if he knows how powerful this attack is going to be, Ikkaku states this sounds perfect before raising the bladed half of Hōzukimaru and telling Hōzukimaru to come at him. As red Reiatsu emits from his body, Hōzukimaru yells as he spins the central blade of Ryūmon Hōzukimaru above his head. As red Reiatsu emanates from Ikkaku as well, Hōzukimaru yells as his Reiatsu surges around him. As Ikkaku yells, his Reiatsu dissipates. Running forward, Hōzukimaru slashes at Ikkaku, who blocks with the bladed half of Hōzukimaru.

242Column extends

A column of red Reiatsu extends into the sky.

As Ikkaku struggles to hold the central blade of Ryūmon Hōzukimaru back, the eye of the dragon crest glows yellow as Hōzukimaru's Reiatsu surges. As Hōzukimaru's Reiatsu envelops him, Ikkaku begins to slide back until his foot touches the tasseled half of Hōzukimaru. Looking up, Ikkaku states he is the 3rd Seat of the 11th Division. Thinking of 11th Division Captain Kenpachi Zaraki, Ikkaku shouts his own name as his eyes glow red. As Hōzukimaru expresses surprise, a column of red Reiatsu extends into the sky before dissipating.


Ikkaku stands as Hōzukimaru falls over.

As rubble falls from the sky, the smoke clears to reveal Ikkaku and Hōzukimaru facing away from each other in the middle of a crater. Grinning, Hōzukimaru tells Ikkaku he did very well. As Ikkaku confirms this, the central blade of Ryūmon Hōzukimaru cracks and shatters as Hōzukimaru falls over. Chuckling, Ikkaku says he told Hōzukimaru the truth before falling over as well. Elsewhere, 7th Division Lieutenant Tetsuzaemon Iba runs past several destroyed buildings. When 4th Division Lieutenant Isane Kotetsu calls out to him, Iba runs over and asks her what the situation is.

242Ashisogi Jizo tilts

The baby-like creature tilts its head.

Revealing Suì-Fēng and the others are fighting at the 6th Division barracks, Isane states the Onmitsukidō has the enemy surrounded and is preventing them from escaping. Saying he understands, Iba states they should hurry to their position and provide backup. As Isane agrees and says there are many fighters who have already been wounded, a nearby Shinigami screams in terror and collapses. When Iba expresses confusion and asks the Shinigami what is wrong, the Shinigami draws their attention to a nearby entrance, where the baby-like creature is floating. As Isane wonders what it is, the baby-like creature tilts its head.

Shinigami Illustrated Picture Book

242Yumichika and Ruri'iro Kujaku discuss

Yumichika and Ruri'iro Kujaku discuss outfits for Ikkaku.

Telling Yumichika his partner, Ikkaku, should change his uniform, Ruri'iro Kujaku suggests it be made into a red kimono which matches the markings around Ikkaku's eyes. Ruri'iro Kujaku states Ikkaku can add a red ribbon on his head or yellow feathers on his eyes like Yumichika, who agrees with Ruri'iro Kujaku and suggests adding a flower print to the kimono. As Yumichika and Ruri'iro Kujaku continue talking, Ikkaku sneezes and wonders what happened.


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