Shinigami Women's Association
Kanji 女性死神協会
English Female Shinigami Society
Romaji Josei Shinigami Kyōkai
Headquarters Club Room in Kuchiki Estate
Affiliation Soul Society
Purpose Improving the lives of Shinigami

The Shinigami Women's Association (女性死神協会, Josei Shinigami Kyōkai; lit. "Female Shinigami Society") is an organization of Shinigami women; most of the members shown are higher-ranking Shinigami in Gotei 13.


Other known members include:



The headquarters.

Initially meeting in a conference room, the club eventually creates its own headquarters hidden away within the Kuchiki Family Manor, much to Captain Byakuya Kuchiki's chagrin.[2] The club is also known to have had a swimming pool within the Kuchiki estate, which Byakuya destroyed using Senbonzakura.[3]


The Shinigami Women's Association is notable for pushing for various means of improvement for all Shinigami. When not hanging out for their own purposes, the members have been known to work on various items both to help out others, as well as raise funds. However, most of the major decisions and means in creating these items usually falls on Yachiru, who ends up having the most say in the matter. When pursuing a new design for cellphones, Yachiru ignored the rest of the club's suggestions and ended up choosing a cute bunny style that only interested her (and Rukia). Another incident involving creating a "popular Shinigami calendar" that ultimately lead to Yachiru taking photos of nearly all of the targets, but with nearly all of them blocked off by Captain Kenpachi Zaraki's hair, with the exception of a successful picture of Captain Jūshirō Ukitake taken by Kiyone and Suì-Fēng and one of Lieutenants Izuru Kira and Shūhei Hisagi taken by Rangiku (although they were 'too' revealing). Unfortunately, since Yachiru controls all funds for the club, she spends all of it on toys and sweets for herself.

Outside Yachiru, Nanao is another prominent member of the Shinigami Women's Association both as vice president and as its key spokesperson and representative. She usually is the one who gets in conflict with Shinigami Men's Association leader Tetsuzaemon Iba over the similarly outlandish activities their opposing clubs perform. However, Yachiru occasionally sees a closer ally in Nemu, who shows more loyalty toward the president and assists her in various schemes, including the creation of new Soul Candy, which replaces the personality of various members of a task force taking on the Arrancar (including fellow member Matsumoto as well as Lieutenant Renji Abarai, Captain Tōshirō Hitsugaya, Ikkaku Madarame and Yumichika Ayasegawa) with bizarre substitutes while they are on duty.[4]

Their known activities include the publication of an aptitude test in Seireitei Communication, trading cards - which were also featured in Seireitei Communication and the publication of Captain Photo Collections. The list of known photo collection and their current status is given below,[5]



Budget Distribution Chart held up by Nanao Ise.

The Shinigami Women's Association has a budget of 250,000 Kan, which is the highest of all the clubs. Their budget stands in contrast to those of the Shinigami Men's Association's budget of 90,000 Kan, which is the lowest of all the clubs. It must also be noted that the budget meeting appears to be headed by Nanao Ise, who is the vice president of the women's association.[6]

In addition to their assigned club budget, the Shinigami Women's Association is known to undertake additional fund-raising activities. Chiefly, they raise money by publishing Captain Photo Collections. However, when the photo collection production was experiencing difficulties, they resorted to selling trading cards.[5] The Captain's Photo Collection books are sold for 2,480 Kan each.[7]



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