Shinigami Research and Development Institute
Kanji 技術開発局
English Technological Development Department
Romaji Gijutsukaihatsu Kyoku
Founder(s) Kisuke Urahara
Headquarters 12th Division HQ, Seireitei, Soul Society
Leader(s) President Mayuri Kurotsuchi & Vice-President Akon
Senior Member(s) Rin Tsubokura
Other Members Nemu Kurotsuchi
Affiliation 12th Division, Soul Society
Purpose Research and Development

The Shinigami Research and Development Institute (技術開発局, Gijutsukaihatsu Kyoku; lit. "Technological Development Department") is an organization within Soul Society.



Former President Kisuke Urahara, Vice-President Mayuri Kurotsuchi and head researcher Hiyori Sarugaki.

110 years ago, the Shinigami Research and Development Institute was conceptualized and created by Kisuke Urahara, then the newly-promoted captain of the 12th Division, who intended for it to be attached to the 12th Division.[1]

The institute is behind the development of many of the technologies that aid the Shinigami, and is currently headed by Mayuri Kurotsuchi[2]. It was founded by Kisuke Urahara, during the time when he and the Visored were captains and lieutenants. The SRDI has close ties with the 12th Division of the Gotei 13 and both presidents of the institute have also served as captains of that division.


  • The main function of the S.R.D.I. is to research and develop new technology and spiritual tools. They have invented countless items. Throughout the day and night, experiments are conducted at the Reinō Spiritual Ability Research Facility to develop new spiritual tools and instruments. The department brings together the Soul Society's top technicians, who were recruited by Mayuri Kurotsuchi.
  • The second function of the S.R.D.I. is to measure spiritual waves and oversee communications. The Spiritual Wave Measurement Lab closely monitors the world of the living to ensure spiritual stability. The Communications Research Section oversees transmissions between the Human world and Soul Society, carrying out the other important function of the institute. If an incident occurs, things become pretty hectic, but otherwise, it is usually slow.[3]

Notable Members

Position Name In Office Status
2nd PresidentMayuri Kurotsuchi? - CurrentActive
2nd Vice-PresidentAkon? - CurrentActive
Chief Operator of the C.R.S.Rin Tsubokura? - CurrentActive
Primary Gigai ExpertHiyosu? - CurrentActive
UnknownNemu Kurotsuchi? - CurrentActive
UnknownKuna? - CurrentActive
UnknownTorue? - CurrentActive
Former Members
Founder & 1st PresidentKisuke Urahara1891 A.D. - 1901 A.D.Exile
1st Vice-PresidentMayuri Kurotsuchi1891 A.D. - ?Promotion
Head of the Research OfficeHiyori Sarugaki1891 A.D. - 1901 A.D.Discharged
Chief of Precipice World StudiesKagerōza Inaba (anime only)? - 2001 A.D.Discharged
Chief of Project SpearheadŌko Yushima (anime only)? - 1905 A.D.Discharged

Research and Inventions



Rukia Kuchiki using the Gokon Tekkō on Ichigo Kurosaki

  • Gokon Tekkō (悟魂手甲, Soul Apprehension Gauntlet): A glove which forcibly removes the soul from the body.
  • Gikongan (義魂丸, Artificial Soul Pill) : The Shinigami Research and Development Institute has performed extensive research into the modification of souls; the results of this research were artificial souls, both in the form of "soul candy" and Project Spearhead.
  • Gigai Development: Maintains Gigais and developing new ones.
  • Soma Fixer (内魄固定剤 (ソーマフィクサー), Sōma Fikusā; Japanese for "Inner-Soul Fixer"; Viz "Internal Soul-Fixing Medicine"): An item used by Shinigami to help them synchronize with their Gigai.[4]



Mayuri Kurotsuchi's office.

The Shinigami Research and Development Institute is nothing more than a series of labs specializing in particular types of research. These specialized labs include:

  • Reinō Spiritual Ability Research Facility: Develops new spiritual tools and instruments.[3]
  • Spiritual Wave Measurement Lab (電波計測研究科, Denpa Keisoku Kenkyūka; lit. "Wave Measurement Department"): Closely monitors the world of the living to ensure spiritual stability. Rin Tsubokura is a member of this lab.[6]
  • Communication Research Section (通信技術研究科, Tsūshingijutsu Kenkyūka; lit. "Communication Technology Research Department"): Oversees transmissions between the Human world and Soul Society. This lab is responsible for the development of communication technology, including soul cellphones.[7]


  • The SRDI was not involved with Ran'Tao's creation of the Bount, with the Bount's creation predating the establishment of the SRDI by some centuries.[8]


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