Shinigami Men's Association
Kanji 男性死神協会
English Male Shinigami Society
Romaji Dansei Shinigami Kyōkai
Headquarters Varies
Affiliation Soul Society
Purpose Whatever Iba wants them to do

The Shinigami Men's Association (男性死神協会, Dansei Shinigami Kyōkai; lit. "Male Shinigami Society") is a men's club of Shinigami that sees themselves both as a men's meeting facility and the rival towards the Shinigami Women's Association.


Other known members include:


They originally had their meetings in a normal room, but were somehow forced out by Nanao Ise who wanted to use the room as storage for the Shinigami Women's Association.[5] They then relocated to a men's bathroom[1] and have also made use of Ichigo Kurosaki's room in the Human World because none of the Divisions would allow them to use their assembly halls.[6]


The purpose of the club is unknown, but it seems to be a place where Iba can show off. All members are required to wear uniforms similar to Iba, including a mandatory pair of sunglasses that must be worn at each meeting. The club (and its president) are constantly mocked by the Women's Association, particularly in the heated relationship between Iba and Vice-President Nanao Ise.[5]


Kira proposing a fox shaped phone.

Like the Shinigami Women's Association, they too have tried to design the most "macho" cellphone. However, they have just as little success in doing so as the Women's Association. Iba called Hisagi's suggestion too old-fashioned and also berated him for using a Hiroshima dialect. Ōmaeda's was considered too expensive and self-advertising, Iba considered Kira's suggestion of a fox shaped cellphone as having too much reference to Gin Ichimaru, Ukitake actually held back on the manliness and Iba claimed that Harunobu Ogidō's design scared him. Hisagi submitted a second phone design but this too was rejected. When they all agreed on Iba's design, Akon came in and told them that their budget had been cut, so they could not afford the design.[7][8]


Since Mayuri Kurotsuchi needed extra money to conduct his experiments, the Association's entire budget went to him. Prior to that, the Men's Association's budget was 90,000 Kan, the lowest of all the clubs. Because of this, Iba went to work on the construction site to somehow regain their money.[9]



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