Shiba Clan
Family Head Kūkaku Shiba
Family Seat Rukongai
Affiliation Soul Society, Yoruichi Shihōin
Specialty Fireworks

The Shiba Clan (志波家, Shiba-ke; lit. "Shiba family") was the fifth noble house of what would become the Four Great Noble families of Soul Society.


The family was apparently the 5th noble family, having prestige along the lines of the Kuchiki and Shihōin family. For an unknown reason, the Shiba family fell from their high status position after the death of its most prominent member, the former lieutenant of the 13th Division, Kaien Shiba. The family specializes in fireworks.

The family's symbol is known as the "Collapsing Whirlpool of the Crashing Heaven" (墜天の崩れ渦潮, Tsuiten no Kuzure Uzushio), which members have on their clothing, as Ganju Shiba has them embellished on his pants.[1]

Clan Structure


Family Members

(† = confirmed death)

Shiba Clan
Name Title Relation Status
Kūkaku ShibaHead of the Shiba Clan Sister of Kaien & GanjuAlive
Ganju ShibaFormer Nobleman Brother of Kaien & KūkakuAlive
Former Members
Kaien ShibaFormer Head of the Shiba Clan Older Brother of Kūkaku & GanjuDeceased †
Miyako ShibaFormer Lady of the Shiba Clan Wife of KaienDeceased †
Isshin ShibaFormer Head of a Branch of the Shiba Clan UnknownAlive


Shiba Clan Retainers
Name Job Status
Koganehiko and ShiroganehikoGatekeepers of the Shiba Clan & Kūkaku Shiba's AssistantsAlive


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