Shelby (セルビー, Serubī) is a Disguiser Dragon that has lived in London for 10 years, masquerading as Balgo Parks's childhood friend.


In his Human form, Shelby appears to be a young, stockily-built man with thick, curly hair and large eyebrows. He wears a light shirt with colored sleeves that is emblazoned with "NO9 VJP" on the front, as well as jeans and sneakers.

In his true form, Shelby is a large, dark and serpentine Dragon, with multiple small arms ending in white claws, two tattered wings, tentacles in place of legs, and a long neck ending in a screw-like head with two large eyes.[1]


In life, the original Shelby was very selfless and heroic even as a child, protecting Balgo from an oncoming train at the cost of his own life.[2]

While disguised as a Human, Shelby is fairly skeptical, flatly rejecting Balgo's story of Noel Niihashi disappearing to Reverse London because he considers the latter to be a "fairy tale". However, he is a steadfast friend to Balgo and is very fond of his dog, Osushi.[3]

After revealing himself to be a Disguiser, Shelby expresses a fervent desire to attain immortality by devouring a witch, despite this process apparently being a myth, and is very brutal and relentless in attaining this goal.[4] He is also proud of his unique status as a Disguiser who has lived in secret among humans for a full decade.[5] However, he still cares about Balgo and does not want to harm or kill him,[6] even promising to leave his object of affections, Noel, alone if devouring Ninny Spangcole does grant him immortality;[7] this goodwill does have its limits, though, as when Balgo refused to run away from the fight and tried to talk Shelby out of eating Ninny, Shelby decided to simply devour him as well because Balgo was not listening to him.[8]


When he was 7, Shelby died protecting Balgo from an oncoming train.[2] Shortly afterward, his body was possessed by a Disguiser[9] who proceeded to assume his identity and live among humans for the next 10 years.[5]


Shelby attacks Ninny, revealing his true nature as a Disguiser.

In London, Shelby sits with Balgo and berates him for being obsessed with seeing Noel Niihashi's panties. When Balgo reminds him that he rejected the story of Noel disappearing into thin air, Shelby confirms this because he considers the idea of people going to Reverse London preposterous, as it is a "fairy tale" like Santa Claus. Foisting Osushi onto Shelby, who is overwhelmed by his cuteness, Balgo convinces his friend to listen to his woes.[10] Later, Balgo brings Shelby to the phonebooth Noel disappeared in and wonders what the WB that appeared on the booth meant. As Shelby begins to leave, Osushi suddenly distorts and transforms into an enormous Dark Dragon.[11] While they hide from the rampaging Dark Dragon, Noel and Ninny Spangcole burst out of the Coin Gate behind the Dragon. When Shelby tries to flee the scene, Ninny pursues him despite Noel's warning that there are two Dragons present, only for Shelby to suddenly unfurl his body and attack Ninny.[12]

Noel kills Shelby with Absolute Dragon Shatter.

With her left arm broken by the attack, Ninny rolls to safety as Shelby reveals himself to be a Disguiser as well. Noting that he does not want to kill Balgo, Shelby declares that he will devour the witches and become immortal as he attacks Ninny once more, only for Noel to swoop in and rescue her. As Noel reveals that Shelby died when he was 7 while protecting Balgo from the impact of a train, Ninny remarks on the strangeness of a Dark Dragon living among humans for 10 years before Shelby suddenly appears next to them and attacks, sending Ninny crashing into the city below. When the dust clears to reveal Ninny landed next to Balgo, Shelby tells him to leave so he can devour Ninny and attempts to do so, but Balgo blocks his mouth with his arms and reveals that he is doing so because he still believes Shelby is his friend. Shelby prepares to devour them both, but is kicked away by Noel, who proceeds to destroy Shelby with Absolute Dragon Shatter.[13]

Powers & Abilities

Elongated Mouth: In order to consume things, Shelby can "unscrew" his mouth and envelop his target before closing it once more, puncturing and crushing them. This action possesses considerable strength, as demonstrated when Shelby effortlessly broke Ninny Spangcole's arm while attempting to eat her.[14]

Energy Blasts: Shelby can fire powerful energy blasts from his eyes. Upon being hit by one of these blasts, Ninny was sent crashing into the city below, destroying a building in the process.[15]

Enhanced Durability: Shelby possesses considerable durability; when Ninny fired an explosive blast at him with her gun, Shelby simply caught it with one of his hands and suffered no visible injury as he continued attacking her.[6]

Flight: Despite the tattered state of his wings, Shelby can use them to fly at high speeds.[15]


  • (To Balgo Parks) "Hurry up and get out of here, Balgo. Killing you was never the plan. I just wanna eat those witches and become immortal!"[6]
  • (To Balgo regarding Ninny Spangcole) "Abandon her. Osushi was a Dragon, and that girl is about to be my snack. So give up on her. If it's Noel you're worried about, then wait around just a bit. Because if eating this one turns me immortal, I've got no problem letting Noel live."[16]
  • (To Balgo) "Ridiculous...if words won't convince you, maybe death will."[17]


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