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Shadows (影, Kage) is a teleportation skill used by Quincy, notably members of the Wandenreich.[1]


The user's shadow expands and becomes a doorway between dimensions, including but not limited to the Schatten Bereich,[1] the Soul King Palace,[2] and even one's inner world,[3] and the user's Reiatsu instantly disappears from the area of departure.[4] The size of these portals can manipulated via gestures, and can become big enough to allow large groups of Soldat to pass through; the larger shadows tend to take the form of a Quincy cross.[5][2] The technique requires shadows; therefore, it cannot be used in a room where there are no shadows.[6] Individuals are still able to use their abilities even if they're within the shadows, such as when Nianzol Weizol was able to use his The Wind to protect Yhwach.[7]

Known Practioners


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  • Asguiaro Ebern stated that these "shadows" are only of accessible use for the "chosen ones".[1]


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