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Shūhei Hisagi is victorious.

Powers & Abilities
Damage Sustained/Casualties
  • Hisagi is lightly injured.
  • Kazeshini is defeated.

Shūhei Hisagi vs. Kazeshini: Final Fight is the final conflict between 9th Division Lieutenant Shūhei Hisagi and his Zanpakutō spirit, Kazeshini.



Ikkaku, Iba, Izuru, and Hisagi run through the forest.

As 11th Division 3rd Seat Ikkaku Madarame, 7th Division Lieutenant Tetsuzaemon Iba, 3rd Division Lieutenant Izuru Kira, and 9th Division Lieutenant Shūhei Hisagi run through the forest, Ikkaku notes Tōjū are attacking Rukongai.[1]

260Izuru tells

Izuru tells the others to keep running.

Confirming this, Iba reveals the Tōjū have teamed up and are on a rampage before stating they had better hope they are not too late. Saying this is enough talk, Izuru tells the others to keep running. As Hisagi notices something, a kusarigama hurtles toward the group from the from the treetops.[1]

260Kusarigama hurtles

A kusarigama hurtles toward Hisagi.

As Ikkaku, Iba, Izuru, and Hisagi leap away, the kusarigama crashes into the ground. As Hisagi lands, another kusarigama hurtles toward him from the side, prompting him to leap forward. As the kusarigama slices through a tree, which is cut in half and falls over, Hisagi lands before the rest of the group as Ikkaku wonders what this was. When Iba notes they appear to have found a Tōjū, Hisagi denies this and reveals they were not attacked by a Tōjū. Standing on a tree limb above them with his kusarigama over his shoulder, Kazeshini chuckles as Izuru recognizes him.[1]

260Hisagi tells

Hisagi tells the others to go on without him.

As Iba begins to note Kazeshini is Hisagi's Zanpakutō spirit, Hisagi tells them to go on without him and states he is the one whom Kazeshini is after before leaping into the air. As Ikkaku calls out to Hisagi, Izuru says they have to keep moving and runs past them. Attempting to protest, Ikkaku looks at Iba before running after Izuru as Iba follows him. Meanwhile, Hisagi moves from tree branch to tree branch before standing on the uppermost branch of the tree in front of Kazeshini. As Kazeshini compliments him on dodging his attacks, Hisagi notes he is using surprise attacks again.[1]

Kazeshini fights Hisagi

Hisagi and Kazeshini clash.

When Hisagi states he does not quit, Kazeshini confirms this before proclaiming he will do whatever it takes to get Hisagi and will pursue him to the ends of the earth until they settle their fight. As Hisagi releases his Zanpakutō, Kazeshini, he and Kazeshini leap toward each other before clashing. Elsewhere, as the group continues to run through the forest, Iba asks Izuru what this was all about before pointing out how they were attacked by Hisagi's Zanpakutō spirit. When Ikkaku asks him if Kazeshini has joined the Tōjū, Izuru denies this.[1]

260Hisagi deflects

Hisagi deflects Kazeshini's kusarigama with his own.

As Hisagi dodges a kusarigama, which scratches the tree whose limb he is standing on, he leaps forward before expressing surprise upon seeing another kusarigama hurtling toward him as Izuru says Kazeshini is unlike any other Zanpakutō spirit. Deflecting Kazeshini's kusarigama with his own, Hisagi embeds one of his kusarigama into a tree and swings to one of the tree's branches before pulling his kusarigama back as Izuru reveals Kazeshini has continued to act independently of Hisagi even after the Muramasa incident was resolved.[1]

260Ikkaku notes

Ikkaku notes Hisagi is stuck with a difficult Zanpakutō spirit.

Recalling his own fight with Kazeshini, Izuru states Kazeshini is a Zanpakutō spirit who reaps lives and reveals Hisagi told him Kazeshini will continue to pursue his target until their fight is settled once he has targeted them, regardless of who his target is. As Iba expresses disbelief at Kazeshini being willing to take his own life in order to kill, Ikkaku notes Hisagi is stuck with a Zanpakutō spirit who is very difficult to deal with, prompting Izuru to confirm this. Meanwhile, Hisagi stands behind a tree as Kazeshini notes Hisagi is continuing to run and hide from his blade.[1]

260Kazeshini waits

Kazeshini waits for Hisagi below.

Noting Kazeshini refuses to stand where he can see him and fight, Hisagi says Kazeshini is always trying to pull a surprise attack on people and states he does not like the way which Kazeshini does battle. Proclaiming he does not care, Kazeshini says his only goal is to reap Hisagi's life and states it is meaningless to debate their methods for achieving this goal. Laughing, Kazeshini dives down as a surprised Hisagi ducks. As a kusarigama slices through the tree where his head was, Hisagi falls to the ground below, only to express surprise upon seeing Kazeshini waiting for him below.[1]

260Hisagi uses

Hisagi uses Bakudō #62. Hyapporankan.

Laughing, Kazeshini one of his kusarigama at Hisagi, who uses Bakudō #62. Hyapporankan. As dozens of glowing rods pin his kusarigama to a tree, a startled Kazeshini falls and lands on the ground below. When Hisagi lands in front of him, Kazeshini curses before pointing out how Hisagi has finally gotten what he wants. Saying it is a start, Hisagi turns around and tells Kazeshini he has no intention of settling their fight until Kazeshini agrees to attack him head-on. Stating Hisagi is always pushing to have them fight his way, Kazeshini says he hates it.[1]

260Izuru and Iba look

Izuru and Iba look at the wreckage.

Noting they are in agreement, Hisagi looks over his shoulder and points out how they both hate the way the other one chooses to fight before leaping away. Expressing anger, Kazeshini punches the tree behind him. Meanwhile, as smoke rises from several destroyed buildings in Rukongai, Izuru and Iba look at the wreckage as Hisagi runs up to them and apologizes for being late. When Iba asks him how things turned out, Hisagi states things are fine for now before asking Iba what the situation here is. Walking up, Ikkaku says they were too late.[1]


Haineko, Wabisuke, and Hōzukimaru appear behind Kazeshini.

As Ikkaku reveals the Tōjū had already done their damage and disappeared by the time they arrived, Izuru states they must hunt down the Tōjū before they do this again. Elsewhere, Kazeshini looks over Rukongai before looking over his shoulder in surprise when Haineko says she heard Kazeshini attacked Hisagi again. As Wabisuke and Hōzukimaru appear behind her, Haineko tells Kazeshini to give them a break before revealing the Shinigami are afraid of the Zanpakutō spirits acting as crazy as he is and causing trouble for them because of Kazeshini's violent and destructive behavior.[1]

260Haineko states

Haineko states she does not really care what Kazeshini does.

Asking Kazeshini why he is still trying to take Hisagi's life, Hōzukimaru wonders if he is still under Muramasa's mind control. When Kazeshini says this is none of their business, Haineko expresses disbelief and states she does not really care what Kazeshini does before telling him to stop stirring up trouble for the rest of them in the process. Saying they are all Zanpakutō spirits, Hōzukimaru states they will not stop Kazeshini if he wishes to isolate himself before saying they will not help him either, prompting Kazeshini to state this sounds fine to him because he has no intention of asking them for help.[1]

260Hisagi cuts

Hisagi cuts the red-eyed Tōjū across the chest.

Wishing them good luck out there, Kazeshini leaps off the cliff. When Wabisuke notes Kazeshini is very gloomy, a surprised Haineko tells him to look at who is talking. Meanwhile, as several panicking Rukongai denizens flee down a street, Hisagi steps forward as a red-eyed Tōjū runs toward him before slashing at Hisagi with his sword. Blocking, Hisagi pushes the red-eyed Tōjū back before cutting him across the chest. Stumbling, the red-eyed Tōjū turns around and runs away. As Hisagi tells the red-eyed Tōjū to stop, a kusarigama bursts out of the building next to him.[1]

260Hisagi elbows

Hisagi elbows Kazeshini in the chest.

Pulling his kusarigama back, Kazeshini bursts through the rest of the wall and greets Hisagi before throwing his kusarigama at him. Seeing the villagers panicking behind him, Hisagi blocks the kusarigama with his sword before forcing it back. Proclaiming Hisagi is his, Kazeshini slices Hisagi's shoulder with his kusarigama. Stumbling back, Hisagi moves to Kazeshini with Shunpo before elbowing him in the chest, which sends him crashing into another building. When Hisagi says he is done wasting time with him and runs off, Kazeshini angrily tells him to come back here.[1]

260Kazeshini presses

Kazeshini presses up against the side of the building.

Demanding to know why it is so important to Hisagi to protect people whom he does not know, Kazeshini expresses anger before leaping away. Later, Kazeshini runs through another part of Rukongai before stopping. As a panting Kazeshini notes he lost Hisagi, a man screams out from inside of a nearby building. Pressing up against the side of the building, Kazeshini moves to the entrance and assumes a battle stance, only to express surprise upon seeing a man fall to the ground with a cut on his back. As the man begs Kazeshini to help him, the red-eyed Tōjū stands over him.[1]

Kazeshini baby (ep260)

A baby stares at Kazeshini's kusarigama.

As the red-eyed Tōjū recognizes him, Kazeshini expresses disappointment and prepares to leave. Telling him to wait, the red-eyed Tōjū asks Kazeshini who he is. As Kazeshini expresses confusion, the red-eyed Tōjū notes he is not a Tōjū and demands to know if he is one of the Shinigami's dogs before being cut off when a kusarigama slams into him. Pulling back his kusarigama, Kazeshini states the red-eyed Tōjū has a lot of nerve to call him a Shinigami's dog. As he prepares to leave, Kazeshini expresses surprise upon seeing a baby staring at his kusarigama.[1]

Babysitting an Infant

260Man begs

The man begs Kazeshini to look after his baby.

As the baby looks at Kazeshini and smiles, the man notes Kazeshini is not a Tōjū. As Kazeshini tells him to not group him with the Tōjū, the man begs him to look after his baby before collapsing. Expressing surprise, Kazeshini points his kusarigama at the baby and says he is not a Tōjū or a nanny before stating he has no interest in anything besides reaping lives. When the baby walks toward his kusarigama, Kazeshini pulls it back and curses. Noting the baby's blood would probably rust his blade, Kazeshini expresses surprise upon seeing the baby clinging to his leg.[1]

260Kazeshini begins

Kazeshini begins to panic.

When Kazeshini tells it to let go, the baby laughs, prompting Kazeshini to shake it off of him. Bouncing back several feet, the baby begins to cry as Kazeshini tells it to stop. When Iba says he can hear a baby, Kazeshini begins to panic as Ikkaku notes it is coming from over there. Telling the baby to shut up, Kazeshini picks it up and states it has left him no choice before leaping away. Elsewhere, as the baby sits against a tree, Kazeshini says it being alive is a miracle before telling the baby to be grateful for this and go disappear somewhere.[1]

260Kazeshini proclaims

Kazeshini proclaims he has had it.

When the baby expresses confusion, Kazeshini states it needs to learn to take a hint and turns around. When Kazeshini begins to walk away, the baby crawls after him. Expressing anger, Kazeshini spins around and tells the baby to stop following him before proclaiming he has had it. When Kazeshini picks it up and hangs it by its shirt on a tree branch, the baby expresses happiness. Noting the baby likes hanging around like this, Kazeshini tells the baby to hang in there and says they will find it before turning around and bidding the baby farewell. When Kazeshini begins walking away, the baby expresses distress.[1]


Kazeshini stands with the baby on his head.

When the baby begins to cry, Kazeshini looks back at it before looking away. Later, on a plateau, Kazeshini stands with the baby on his head as Haineko laughs hysterically. As Hōzukimaru wonders what Kazeshini has on his back, Haineko states the baby looks good with him before breaking into hysterics once more as Kazeshini threatens to kill her. Walking up to Kazeshini, Wabisuke tells the baby to laugh. When the baby looks away, Wabisuke says it is a gloomy kid, prompting Haineko to state Wabisuke is not very happy himself as Hōzukimaru asks Kazeshini if he and the baby have become buddies.[1]

260Kazeshini says

Kazeshini says he somehow got stuck with the baby.

When Wabisuke says he should have left the baby in the middle of a lake, Kazeshini tells him to shut up and states it simply turned out this way. Picking up the baby, Kazeshini turns around and says he somehow got stuck with the baby before asking the others if they wish to take the baby instead, only to express surprise upon seeing Hōzukimaru, Haineko, and Wabisuke facing away from him. Asking Kazeshini if he is whining, Haineko points out how he stated he had no intention of asking them for help earlier, prompting Kazeshini to say this is not what he meant.[1]

260Kazeshini notes

Kazeshini notes the lieutenants are on the move.

As she, Hōzukimaru, and Wabisuke walk away, Haineko states they wish Kazeshini good luck in raising a child and bids him farewell as they move away. Telling them to wait, Kazeshini sighs as the baby touches his forehead. Later, Kazeshini sits in a tree with the baby on his head and wonders what is going on. Noting something does not feel right, Kazeshini wonders why this is happening to him before expressing surprise. Standing up while holding his kusarigama up, Kazeshini notes the nearby Reiatsu means the lieutenants are on the move again.[1]

260Baby touches

The baby touches the blade of the kusarigama.

As Kazeshini says this is his cue, the baby touches the blade of one of his kusarigama. Pulling the kusarigama away, a shocked Kazeshini tells the baby to not touch this and asks it if it wishes to die before stating the baby is going to cut itself. As Kazeshini proclaims this is final, the baby begins crying and clutches Kazeshini's head, prompting Kazeshini to concede defeat and tell it to stop whining. When Kazeshini holds his kusarigama near it, the baby stops crying and touches the blade of the kusarigama as Kazeshini says the baby is getting under his skin.[1]

260Kazeshini screams

Kazeshini screams in horror upon realizing what happened.

When the baby concentrates, Kazeshini expresses surprise as the baby expresses happiness. As fluid drips from the baby's diaper, Kazeshini realizes what has happened and screams in horror. Later, as Kazeshini leaps through the tree, the baby clings to his shoulder and begins to laugh. Afterward, as Kazeshini sits against a tree, the baby happily rubs his kusarigama as Kazeshini notes this really messes things up. Upon seeing Ikkaku, Iba, Izuru, and Hisagi running through the forest, Kazeshini prepares to attack them, only to stop in surprise when the baby grabs the cloth around his neck.[1]

260Kazeshini holds

Kazeshini holds the baby.

Picking the baby up, Kazeshini asks it what this was for as he readjusts his collar. When the baby yawns, Kazeshini tells it to not start falling asleep and holds it in his arms. Upon seeing the baby fast asleep, Kazeshini sighs. Meanwhile, Izuru asks Hisagi if he has heard the latest. When Hisagi expresses confusion, Izuru reveals some of the Zanpakutō spirits have told him there is an interesting rumor going around about Kazeshini. As Hisagi expresses surprise, Kazeshini steps onto a rooftop several feet away from the group and notes they are here as the baby sleeps on his shoulder.[1]

260Kazeshini climbs

Kazeshini climbs up the roof.

Looking at the baby, Kazeshini sighs and picks it up before gently setting it down on the roof. Telling the baby to stay here, Kazeshini stands up and prepares to attack, only to express shock upon seeing the baby rolling down the roof. Rushing after it, Kazeshini crashes into several objects before climbing up the roof with the baby over his shoulder. Looking around, Kazeshini sees an abandoned shack several meters away. Moving to the shack, Kazeshini steps inside and gently lays the baby on the ground before telling it to remain quiet and stay here for a while.[1]

260Kazeshini smiles

Kazeshini smiles.

When the baby smiles in its sleep, Kazeshini smiles before turning away. Meanwhile, two more Rukongai denizens run away from a trident-wielding red-eyed Tōjū, whom Iba runs up to and slashes with his sword. When the red-eyed Tōjū runs away, Iba curses and says he is not getting away before running after him. As another red-eyed Tōjū bursts through a nearby door and lands on the ground, Ikkaku walks out and states this is taking too much of his time. When the red-eyed Tōjū gets up and runs away, Ikkaku curses and runs after him as Izuru chases a third red-eyed Tōjū.[1]

260Kazeshini prepares

Kazeshini prepares to attack.

When the red-eyed Tōjū turns around and slashes at him, Izuru blocks with his sword as Hisagi chases a fourth red-eyed Tōjū past them. As he and the red-eyed Tōjū run out of a building, Hisagi turns in surprise as the trident-wielding red-eyed Tōjū stabs at him. Stumbling back with a cut on his shoulder, Hisagi blocks an attack from another red-eyed Tōjū, whom he pushes back before cutting down. As Hisagi blocks an attack from the trident-wielding red-eyed Tōjū, Kazeshini watches from a nearby roof and prepares to attack before stopping upon hearing the baby crying.[1]

260Kazeshini sees

Kazeshini sees a woman holding the baby.

Wondering what it is now, Kazeshini looks toward the abandoned shack before looking at Hisagi, who continues to clash with the trident-wielding red-eyed Tōjū. Noting this is his best opportunity yet, Kazeshini expresses discomfort and tightens his grip on his kusarigama before yelling. As a woman tells the baby it is fine, Kazeshini appears in the doorway of the abandoned shack and tells the baby to not cry before expressing surprise upon seeing a woman holding the baby. Expressing shock, the woman drops the baby and begs Kazeshini to not hurt them as the baby walks toward him.[1]

260Kazeshini blocks

Kazeshini blocks the red-eyed Tōjū's sword with his forearm.

As the woman tells the baby to not go to Kazeshini, the baby walks up to him and clutches his leg. Looking at the baby, Kazeshini asks the woman if she tried to take the baby with her. Confirming this, the woman says the baby was crying here all alone. Patting the baby's head, Kazeshini asks the woman to do him a big favor and begins to tell her to take the kid as a red-eyed Tōjū walks up behind him and raises his sword over his head. As the woman screams, Kazeshini blocks the red-eyed Tōjū's sword with his forearm as the red-eyed Tōjū notes he caught a Shinigami's dog.[1]

260Kazeshini stabs

Kazeshini stabs his other kusarigama into the Tōjū.

When Kazeshini pushes him back, the red-eyed Tōjū states they kill their enemies and rushes toward Kazeshini, who shields the baby as the red-eyed Tōjū's sword slices into his back. When Kazeshini throws his kusarigama at him, the red-eyed Tōjū dodges and grins before proclaiming Kazeshini is done. As the red-eyed Tōjū raises his sword over his head, Kazeshini pulls on the chain of his kusarigama, which embeds itself in the red-eyed Tōjū's back. Turning around, Kazeshini yells and stabs his other kusarigama into the red-eyed Tōjū, who falls over and returns to his sword form.[1]

Kazeshini Gives Away The Baby

Kazeshini asks the woman to take the baby.

Panting, Kazeshini recalls Hisagi protecting several Rukongai denizens from Kazeshini's attack. When the baby crawls over to his knee and smiles at him, Kazeshini picks it up and throws it at the woman, who catches it. Walking out of the abandoned shack, Kazeshini asks the woman to take the baby and get far away from here. As the woman agrees and runs past Kazeshini with the baby in her arms, the baby looks over the woman's shoulder at Kazeshini, who faces away from it, and begins to cry. Meanwhile, Hisagi cuts down another red-eyed Tōjū before panting heavily.[1]

260Kazeshini states

Kazeshini states he is here to attack Hisagi head-on.

As Hisagi looks up, Kazeshini steps out in front of him before greeting Hisagi. Saying he is here for Hisagi, Kazeshini points out how this is what he wanted before reminding Hisagi of how he said he had no intention of settling their fight until Kazeshini agreed to attack him head-on. When Kazeshini asks him if this is correct, Hisagi confirms this. Turning to face Hisagi, Kazeshini states this is why he is here, which Hisagi confirms as he and Kazeshini both release their Zanpakutō.[1]


260Hisagi blocks

Hisagi blocks Kazeshini's kusarigama with his own.

As he and Hisagi cross kusarigama, Kazeshini jumps back before leaping toward Hisagi, who blocks Kazeshini's attack with one of his kusarigama. When Hisagi asks him what he did with the baby, Kazeshini expresses surprise before proclaiming he does not know what Hisagi is talking about. Pushing Hisagi back, Kazeshini spins his kusarigama before throwing it at Hisagi, who leans to the side in order to avoid it. As the kusarigama begins to return to Kazeshini, Hisagi runs toward him as Kazeshini grins. Noticing the kusarigama travelling toward him, Hisagi blocks with his own kusarigama.[1]

260Kazeshini clashes

Kazeshini clashes with Hisagi.

When Hisagi deflects the kusarigama, Kazeshini leaps into the air and grabs it before clashing with Hisagi, who struggles before pushing Kazeshini back. Landing, Kazeshini grins as blood drips from his forearm. When Kazeshini asks him if they should end this once and for all, Hisagi agrees and says this is a good idea. As he and Hisagi assume battle stances, Kazeshini notes they can get along, prompting Hisagi to ask him if he thinks so. Running toward each other, Hisagi and Kazeshini clash as Kazeshini spins around in midair before attacking Hisagi.[1]

260Hisagi slashes

Hisagi slashes Kazeshini down the chest.

Pushing Kazeshini back, Hisagi leaps over him as Kazeshini slashes at him. As Hisagi lands behind him, Kazeshini leaps into the air before slashing at Hisagi, who blocks with his kusarigama. When Hisagi turns around and slashes at him, Kazeshini ducks before blocking another attack from Hisagi with his kusarigama. Stepping back to avoid another attack, Kazeshini leaps back as Hisagi slashes at him. As Kazeshini lands, blood spurts from the wound on his back. Expressing pain, Kazeshini sees Hisagi leap into the air before slashing him down the chest.[1]


Kazeshini defeated by Hisagi1

Kazeshini falls back and lands on the ground.

Falling back, Kazeshini asks the baby to not cry before landing on the ground. As Hisagi stands up, Kazeshini asks him if he is going to revert to his sword form and wonders if he will become a normal Zanpakutō. When Hisagi confirms this, Kazeshini asks him what they will be fighting for when he is a Zanpakutō, prompting Hisagi to state they will fight to protect something. When Kazeshini says he understands, Hisagi asks him if he sounds like a hypocrite, prompting Kazeshini to confirm this before admitting it does not sound like a bad idea. Later, Hisagi pulls Kazeshini out of the ground and states it is over before walking away.[1]


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