English Stone Wave
Kanji 石波
Technique Type Earth Magic
User Ganju Shiba

Seppa (石波, Stone Wave; Viz "Rock Wave") is a technique used by Ganju Shiba.


By moving his hand in the same pattern as the trembling current, the sign of the Shiba Clan, Ganju can reduce anything he touches to sand. He normally uses this as a delay tactic, blasting through walls in order to run away,[1][2] but he has demonstrated other potential uses of it in a fight, such as using it to sink Ichigo Kurosaki's Zangetsu into the ground up to the handle, effectively rendering it useless,[3] and projecting a Seppa in order to break the fall of himself and Ichigo upon arriving in the Seireitei.[4] Ganju can perform Seppa with his feet.[5]


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Ganju Shiba Techniques
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