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Senbonzakura, Crushed! Zangetsu Thrusts through the Sky
Kanji 千本桜、粉砕! 天を衝く斬月
Romanji Senbonzakura, funsai! Ten o tsuku zangetsu
Episode Number 57
Manga Chapters Chapter 159, Chapter 160, Chapter 161
Arc Soul Society: The Rescue arc
Previous Episode Supersonic Battle! Determine the Goddess of Battle
Next Episode Release! The Black Blade, the Miraculous Power
Japanese November 8, 2005
English March 30, 2008
Theme Music
Opening Ichirin No Hana
Ending Life
Episode 57 Screenshots

Senbonzakura, Crushed! Zangetsu Thrusts through the Sky is the fifty-seventh episode of the Bleach anime.

Ichigo Kurosaki and Captain Byakuya Kuchiki continue their battle.



Yoruichi Shihōin counters and nullifies Suì-Fēng's Shunkō strike with Hanki.

Having been shocked alongside Yoruichi Shihōin by the latter's Shunkō blast, 2nd Division Captain Suì-Fēng stands speechless several meters away from Yoruichi, who inquires if Suì-Fēng knows why Yoruichi never showed her this technique until now. With Yoruichi asserting that it is too dangerous, a screaming Suì-Fēng runs toward her with her own Shunkō active and attacks, only for Yoruichi to nullify her strike with Hanki.


Yoruichi tells Suì-Fēng that she is not ready to use Shunkō yet.

As she lifts up a stunned Suì-Fēng's hand and Shikai, Suzumebachi, with the same hand she performed Hanki with, Yoruichi concludes that she is not ready to use this technique yet while Suì-Fēng internally identifies Hanki as a technique that neutralizes an opponent's Kidō with Kidō of equal but opposite force. Angered by how easily Yoruichi accomplished this, Suì-Fēng frees herself from Yoruichi's grasp and swipes at her with both hands before leaping into the air and diving at Yoruichi with a kick while proclaiming that she is superior.


Suì-Fēng and her family watch the royal procession.

After Yoruichi sidesteps her kick, Suì-Fēng skids along the ground upon landing and declares that she should have already surpassed Yoruichi due to a century of isolation making her stronger and the latter weaker. Demanding to know why Yoruichi is still standing before and dominating her, Suì-Fēng orders Yoruichi to answer her. In the past, a child Suì-Fēng and three members of her family in their Keigun attire watch a younger Yoruichi pass along a bridge above them in a royal procession, where the man next to her points out and identifies Yoruichi, who is dressed in a ceremonial kimono and being carried on a palanquin, as the Tenshiheisōban to Suì-Fēng.


Suì-Fēng is told that she will devote everything to Yoruichi.

When the man explains that Yoruichi will one day lead the Keigun and that their Fēng Family devote everything to her, Suì-Fēng expresses surprise at the idea of devoting everything, which the man affirms is their shared duty and destiny. Having addressed her as Shāolíng, the man declares that she will be known as Suì-Fēng from now on and live only to serve Yoruichi, whom Suì-Fēng continues to stare at in awe as she mentally admits that seeing Yoruichi for the first time was like looking upon a goddess. While dozens of Keigun train in a pavilion, Suì-Fēng, now older and dressed in a Keigun outfit, notes that her family was a low-ranking Noble House.


Suì-Fēng spars with one of four Keigun surrounding her.

Suì-Fēng observes that strength means everything to her family and that those who cannot even join the Keigun are disowned before sparring with one of four Keigun surrounding her, where she blocks and counters each of his strikes before leaping overhead and landing a flying kick to his face, sending him crashing to the ground. After Suì-Fēng lands on him and holds her fist to his face, the Keigun yields, followed by Suì-Fēng punching the second Keigun repeatedly in the gut and sending him flying with a roundhouse kick to the face. Upon being kicked back by the third Keigun who approached her from behind, Suì-Fēng is caught and restrained by the fourth Keigun.


Yoruichi rapidly defeats five Keigun around her.

With the Keigun berating her for standing out as a woman, Suì-Fēng kicks him in both knees and elbows him in the chest, allowing her to elbow him in the face and send him flying with a palm strike when he loses his grip. Flipping over the third Keigun when he rushes at her, Suì-Fēng notes that she wanted to become stronger than anyone as she looks over at Yoruichi, who rapidly incapacitates five Keigun around her in her standard uniform with less than three strikes each, leaving the last three to fall to the ground behind her. Upon noticing Suì-Fēng landing behind her, Yoruichi kicks at her head, only to be surprised when Suì-Fēng dodges and catches her leg at the ankle.


Suì-Fēng is appointed to Yoruichi's personal guard.

As Suì-Fēng expresses shock at whom she is fighting, Yoruichi wraps her other leg around Suì-Fēng's head and flips her onto her back by letting her upper body fall and reach the ground. Yoruichi walks over to a prone Suì-Fēng and inquires what her name is, and after Suì-Fēng assumes a kneeling position and relays it, Yoruichi acknowledges this with a smile and walks off while Suì-Fēng admits that she went beyond adoring Yoruichi to worshiping her. Seven years after joining the Onmitsukidō, Suì-Fēng is appointed to Yoruichi's personal guard, resulting in her kneeling at the open entrance to Yoruichi's quarters and proclaiming herself to be at Yoruichi's service.


Yoruichi welcomes Suì-Fēng to her personal guard.

Sitting on a cushion chair with a Keigun kneeling on either side, Yoruichi expresses delight at Suì-Fēng coming already, prompting Suì-Fēng to begin swearing that she will sacrifice her body and soul to Yoruichi from this day forward. However, Yoruichi interrupts by complaining about how formal this is and assures Suì-Fēng that she can address her as Miss Yoruichi. Though a stunned Suì-Fēng initially refuses to be so impolite, upon seeing Yoruichi's expression, she relents and questions if she can use Lady Yoruichi, leaving Yoruichi exasperated by her stiffness before concluding that Suì-Fēng can call her whatever she likes because she wants Suì-Fēng here for her skill.


Yoruichi ruffles Suì-Fēng's hair for addressing her formally.

With Yoruichi expressing hope that Suì-Fēng will do well at her post, a touched Suì-Fēng affirms this as she remembers her conversation with her family member about living only to serve Yoruichi. Later, Yoruichi walks along a bridge flanked by Keigun with her two guards, where she approaches Suì-Fēng and inquires if she is becoming accustomed to her duties in the Onmitsukidō. When Suì-Fēng addresses her formally while confirming this, an annoyed Yoruichi pretends to hear a buzzing sound as a pretense to ruffle a startled Suì-Fēng's hair and claim there is a bee here. As Suì-Fēng expresses confusion, Yoruichi reminds her of their conversation about formality.


Suì-Fēng purifies a large Hollow with her Zanpakutō.

After Suì-Fēng acknowledges this and addresses her as Lady Yoruichi, a smiling Yoruichi runs down the bridge while ordering Suì-Fēng to come along, and when a surprised Suì-Fēng remains standing where she is, Yoruichi stops and clarifies that Suì-Fēng is to follow her whenever she tells her to come along, which Suì-Fēng affirms while frantically running up to Yoruichi. As a pleased Yoruichi ruffles her hair again, Suì-Fēng internally observes that she was happy and did not hesitate. Some time later, Yoruichi and Suì-Fēng run along a path through an open plain, where Suì-Fēng slashes through the mask of a large Hollow with her Zanpakutō, purifying it.


Yoruichi embeds her Zanpakutō in the Hollow's skull.

Suddenly, another large Hollow rears up behind Suì-Fēng and grabs her in its hand before attempting to devour her, only for Yoruichi to sever its hand with a slash of her own Zanpakutō, which she proceeds to embed in the Hollow's skull, causing energy to pour out. While Yoruichi lands on the ground behind Suì-Fēng, the Hollow disintegrates, leaving Suì-Fēng to note that she was incredibly happy even in the midst of battle. When Yoruichi begins walking away, Suì-Fēng apologizes profusely for not being strong enough to protect Yoruichi yet despite this being her duty, only for Yoruichi to laugh briefly and instruct Suì-Fēng to not worry about this if that is all.


Suì-Fēng trains by herself after failing to protect Yoruichi.

Though Suì-Fēng attempts to protest this, Yoruichi asserts that it is okay if she says it is okay, and upon hearing Suì-Fēng beginning to address her formally, Yoruichi leans in with an eyebrow raised inquisitively, leading Suì-Fēng to correct herself and thank Yoruichi properly, which pleases the latter. That night, Suì-Fēng trains alone in a forest of cherry trees and criticizes herself as not being able to protect Yoruichi like this. After Suì-Fēng performs several slashes at the empty air with her Zanpakutō and suddenly comes to a stop, Yoruichi leans in from behind her and takes Suì-Fēng's sword hand in her own while stating that this is how one swings a sword.


Yoruichi helps Suì-Fēng perform a proper sword swing.

Having Suì-Fēng grasp her Zanpakutō with both hands, Yoruichi moves her arms to help her perform a proper upward swing. Despite being left smiling at her success, Suì-Fēng quickly realizes what is happening and leaps away to a kneeling position, where Yoruichi assures her she is doing fine and does not need to think so hard. Suì-Fēng counters that she is not doing good enough and needs to be more powerful in order to protect Yoruichi before asserting she is lacking in everything, only to be surprised when Yoruichi ruffles her hair and gently states this is enough. With Suì-Fēng touched by this, Yoruichi compares them and admits she thinks of Suì-Fēng as her little sister.


Suì-Fēng discovers Yoruichi's quarters are empty.

As Suì-Fēng claims that she is not worthy of such words, Yoruichi lies down on the grass with her head in Suì-Fēng's lap and points out how it is a full moon tonight, which Suì-Fēng acknowledges. While cherry blossoms fall around them, Yoruichi slowly closes her eyes, and when Suì-Fēng tenderly promises to always be there to protect her, Yoruichi confirms that this is a promise, startling Suì-Fēng with the revelation that she is still awake before she calms down and smiles while observing that she was happy until a certain day arrived. Some time later, Suì-Fēng runs down a long hallway toward Yoruichi's quarters, which she is shocked to find empty upon opening the doors.


Suì-Fēng unleashes a blast of Kidō at Yoruichi.

A stunned Suì-Fēng walks toward Yoruichi's chair as she notes that Yoruichi disappeared suddenly without any words of farewell and recalls their conversation under the full moon before concluding that it was a betrayal from her master whom she adored like a goddess, which leads her to call Yoruichi a liar. In the present, Suì-Fēng rushes toward Yoruichi and declares that she was disappointed in the latter to the point of hating and cursing her. Reiterating her vow to become stronger than Yoruichi and capture the latter herself, Suì-Fēng leaps into the air and unleashes a blast of Kidō, forcing Yoruichi to leap into the air in order to evade it.


Yoruichi stops Suì-Fēng's assault with a massive blast.

After meeting Yoruichi in midair, Suì-Fēng proclaims that she will never forgive Yoruichi for betraying her devotion and trust before attacking, which prompts Yoruichi to unleash a massive blast of her own Kidō that completely counters Suì-Fēng's attack and leaves her standing on the ground below with Yoruichi's outstretched fist held inches from her face in the middle of a crater. As Yoruichi deactivates her Shunkō and lowers her fist, Suì-Fēng drops her guard and tearfully inquires why Yoruichi did not take her along when she left. With Yoruichi merely responding that Suì-Fēng has gotten stronger since they last met, Suì-Fēng collapses and wails loudly in sadness.


Ikkaku Madarame and Tetsuzaemon Iba relax and drink.

Elsewhere, as he and 7th Division Lieutenant Tetsuzaemon Iba sit back against two separate trees with styptic on their faces, 11th Division 3rd Seat Ikkaku Madarame comments on the intense lightning they just witnessed and claims that it would have struck him if he had been holding his sword up in the air, prompting Iba to berate him for not realizing this was actually Kidō and that they are in no danger because it was aimed at something else while drinking sake from a gourd. When Iba tosses the gourd to him and admonishes him for not learning how to perform Kidō, Ikkaku catches the gourd and drinks from it as well before stating that he is not naturally skilled in Kidō.


Iba explains his motivation for being well-rounded.

With Ikkaku pointing out how he was not born a well-rounded fighter with skill in Zankensoki, Iba admits that he was not always well-rounded, but merely reached that point because one is more likely to become a lieutenant if one displays versatility. Noting that this does not sound like fun, Ikkaku tosses the gourd back to Iba, who asserts that men should strive to rise through the ranks and that it is indeed fun. While Iba drinks from the gourd once more, Ikkaku counters that this is really just what Chikane Iba wanted, though Iba questions who would want to become a lieutenant for the sake of an old hag like her before suddenly realizing that they are out of sake.


Ikkaku and Iba play janken to decide who get the advantage.

An incredulous Ikkaku accuses Iba of drinking too much as usual, and when Iba claims that it is only natural for sake to disappear, Ikkaku angrily confronts him and proclaims that he should not make it sound like the sake evaporated while Iba stands up and drops the empty gourd. When Ikkaku decides that they should do it again, Iba agrees, and the two of them back up before repeatedly playing janken until Iba wins by playing "scissors" against Ikkaku's "paper". Iba celebrates his victory and leaps up the nearby cliff to take the high ground, where he responds to Ikkaku's protests by blaming his lack of skill in janken for this always happening.


Iba and Ikkaku discuss the battle in the distance.

However, Iba is interrupted when he notices the fierce clash on Sōkyoku Hill in the distance, leading him to ask Ikkaku who is fighting 6th Division Captain Byakuya Kuchiki near the Sōkyoku since he is unfamiliar with their Reiatsu. Upon being informed by Ikkaku that it is likely Ichigo Kurosaki, Iba expresses a lack of recognition of this name, leading Ikkaku to remind him that Ichigo is the Ryoka whom Ikkaku himself fought earlier. While Iba comments on how strong Ichigo is, Ikkaku joins him on the high ground and assumes a battle stance with his Shikai, Hōzukimaru, as he tells Iba to assume his own, which Iba complies with by holding his own Shikai forward.


Ichigo Kurosaki and Byakuya Kuchiki clash.

Iba reminds Ikkaku that whoever loses has to get more sake, and after Ikkaku continues that whoever wins gets to rest, the two of them conclude that easing up will result in death before resuming their clash. Meanwhile, on Sōkyoku Hill, Ichigo and Byakuya clash fiercely, generating electricity as the force overturns a large portion of the rock beneath their feet, and repeatedly cross blades while their Reiatsu surges around them. When Byakuya forces his Shikai, Zangetsu, aside and slashes at him with his own Zanpakutō, Ichigo evades by leaping back with Shunpo to the overturned chunk of rock as Byakuya moves to a different overturned rock.


Ichigo demands that Byakuya use his Bankai.

Observing that Ichigo has mastered Shunpo as well, Byakuya begins to downplay this, but Ichigo interrupts him by commenting on his cool-headed nature and asserts that Byakuya analyzing him like he is not a threat is just an act before reminding Byakuya of his promise to kill Ichigo. After pointing out how Byakuya has not even scratched him yet and reiterating Byakuya's promise to kill him, Ichigo demands to see his Bankai and brings up Byakuya's promise to execute Rukia Kuchiki himself. Though Byakuya does not understand why this is relevant, Ichigo proclaims that Byakuya makes him sick and that he plans to hit Byakuya with everything he has got.


Byakuya releases his Shikai, Senbonzakura.

As he declares he will crush all of Byakuya's powers because of his twisted promise to execute his own sister, Ichigo concludes he does not care about Byakuya's sense of duty or honor and asserts he will never let Byakuya say this in front of Rukia again before demanding once more that Byakuya activate his Bankai so he can crush it. Despite this, Byakuya merely describes Ichigo's remarks as a cheap provocation that will not change Byakuya's mind on his or Rukia's fates no matter how much he yells. After claiming Ichigo is a thousand years too early to die by his Bankai, Byakuya releases his Shikai, Senbonzakura, separating his sword into a thousand blade petals.


Ichigo blasts Senbonzakura with a Getsuga Tenshō.

However, with the blade petals swirling toward him, Ichigo raises Zangetsu and unleashes a large Getsuga Tenshō that tears through the entirety of Senbonzakura in one blast, stunning Byakuya as it roars past him and carves a deep trench into Sōkyoku Hill. Having been caught in the blast, Byakuya's left arm loses its tekkō and begins bleeding as Byakuya questions if this flash of light was the power of Ichigo's Zanpakutō. Ichigo stands in front of a large chasm with Zangetsu over his shoulder and confirms this before revealing the Getsuga Tenshō consists of Zangetsu absorbing his Reiryoku and firing highly concentrated Reiatsu from the tip.


Ichigo succeeds in firing a Getsuga Tenshō at will.

Concluding that the blast is then magnified and discharged, Ichigo admits that he could not use it at will and did not even know how to discharge it until today as he recounts Kisuke Urahara stating that all he could teach Ichigo was the proper state of mind, which he finally understood after training with Zangetsu because the latter was the only one who could teach him about Zangetsu. In the past, while training within the Study Chamber inside Sōkyoku Hill, Ichigo succeeds in firing a Getsuga Tenshō at will through the ground, leading Zangetsu to explain to Ichigo that the energy released by this technique differs greatly depending on whether or not Ichigo knows its name.


Ichigo declares that he will defeat Byakuya.

In the present, having been told the name of the technique by Zangetsu, Ichigo repeats it out loud and embeds Zangetsu in the ground in front of him before demanding once again that Byakuya use his Bankai and declaring that he will defeat Byakuya.

Yuzu's Super Warmhearted Diary[]


Yuzu Kurosaki finds "Bostov".

Walking by Kon reading an erotic magazine as she vacuums Ichigo Kurosaki's room, Yuzu Kurosaki comments on how there has been something strange about her brother ever since he came home from his trip because he seems to be afraid of her. With Kon nervously backing up to the window and escaping through it while sweating profusely, Yuzu notices the leg of Kon's plushie body sticking out of the drawer Kon put it in and joyously picks it up while identifying it as Bostov.

Characters in Order of Appearance[]

  1. Suì-Fēng
  2. Yoruichi Shihōin
  3. Tetsuzaemon Iba
  4. Ikkaku Madarame
  5. Byakuya Kuchiki
  6. Ichigo Kurosaki
  7. Kisuke Urahara (flashback)
  8. Zangetsu (recollection)


Powers and Techniques Used[]

Zanpakutō Techniques:

Hohō Techniques:

Kidō Techniques:

Zanpakutō released:



Timestamp Track Listing
01:47 Bleach 5th Anniversary Box CD 1 - 03 - BL_73
03:36 Bleach OST 1 - 08 - Raw Breath Of Danger
05:03 Bleach 5th Anniversary Box CD 1 - 02 - BL_56
08:08 No Official Release
10:53 Bleach OST 1 - 10 - Will of the Heart
13:14 Bleach OST 1 - 13 - Burden of the Past
16:13 Bleach OST 1 - 05 - Head In The Clouds
17:25 Bleach 5th Anniversary Box CD 1 - 05 - BL_86
19:28 Bleach OST 1 - 09 - Enemy Unseen
20:47 Bleach OST 4 - 20 - Number One's One Else

Anime Notes[]

  • Suì-Fēng calling Yoruichi Shihōin's name a second time prior to her flashback.
  • Suì-Fēng mentioning that lifelong service in the Keigun is the destiny of every member of the Fēng Family.
  • Suì-Fēng detailing how she was the youngest member of the six-sibling ninth generation to join the Keigun, the function of the Keigun as the highest-ranking division of the Onmitsukidō who terminate lawbreakers and act as scouts against Hollows, and the deaths of her five brothers on their early missions, which she felt more shame than pride for.
  • Suì-Fēng's description of Yoruichi as the 22nd and first female head of the Shihōin Clan, with transcendent skill in combat, nobility, elegance, and frightening strength, everything which Suì-Fēng herself wanted to be.
  • Suì-Fēng noting that she swore to die for Yoruichi if necessary over and over in her heart.
  • Yoruichi stealing food from Suì-Fēng while they are eating together.
  • Suì-Fēng feeling unhappy with her appearance after cutting her hair and Yoruichi cheering her up by comparing Suì-Fēng's shorter hair to her own hairstyle.
  • Suì-Fēng learning of the charges levied against Yoruichi and the loss of her two commander positions within the Onmitsukidō, which she calls a scandal.
  • Ikkaku Madarame beginning to say something about Tetsuzaemon Iba prior to the latter discovering that they are out of sake.
  • Iba observing that it would be fun to fight someone like Ichigo Kurosaki and Ikkaku noting that Iba has remained a warrior to the core.
  • Ichigo promising to make Byakuya beg Rukia for forgiveness.
  • The flashback to the chasm left in the ground by Ichigo's second unconscious usage of the Getsuga Tenshō.

  • Yoruichi being shocked by her first Shunkō blast alongside Suì-Fēng.
  • The man beside Suì-Fēng during the royal procession specifying that Yoruichi is the one on the palanquin.
  • Suì-Fēng training against four Keigun and incapacitating them all with some effort, then briefly sparring with Yoruichi after she dispatches five Keigun with little effort, leading Yoruichi to develop an interest in her.
  • Suì-Fēng noting that she wanted to become stronger than anyone.
  • Suì-Fēng recalling the man beside her at the procession instructing her to live only for Yoruichi, which she promised to do.
  • Yoruichi talking with Suì-Fēng while walking down a bridge lined with Keigun and instructing her to follow after reminding her of their agreement to address her less formally.
  • Yoruichi and Suì-Fēng battling two Hollows, the first of which Suì-Fēng purifies before being captured by the second, which Yoruichi frees her from and purifies, after which Suì-Fēng apologizes for not being strong enough to protect Yoruichi.
  • Suì-Fēng training by herself in the forest after failing to protect Yoruichi, who shows her how to perform a proper sword strike and describes Suì-Fēng as feeling like her younger sister before lying in her lap as Suì-Fēng promises to remain by her side and protect her forever.
  • Suì-Fēng running to Yoruichi's personal quarters and entering them after learning of Yoruichi's disappearance.
  • Suì-Fēng calling Yoruichi a liar after learning of her disappearance.
  • Yoruichi commenting that Suì-Fēng has grown stronger since the last time they met and Suì-Fēng wailing in sadness as she collapses.
  • Ikkaku walking over to Iba, who stands up in response, as he confronts the latter over the sake disappearing.
  • Ikkaku's reaction to his loss in janken.
  • Ichigo and Byakuya Kuchiki clashing multiple times prior to separating and Ichigo escaping with Shunpo, with Byakuya being visibly angry during his last strike.

  • 159Yoruichi and Sui-Feng battle

    Yoruichi's Keisen Shōzoku as depicted in the manga.

    • The sides of Yoruichi's breasts and her outer thighs are covered by her white undergarment instead of being exposed by her Keisen Shōzoku.

  • In the manga, Yoruichi does not change the direction she is facing while explaining her refusal to show Shunkō to Suì-Fēng prior; here, she turns to the right, then looks to the left at Suì-Fēng while continuing her explanation.
  • In the manga, when charging at Yoruichi after the latter explains her refusal to display Shunkō before now, Suì-Fēng accuses her of lying; here, she simply screams.
  • In the manga, when freeing herself from Yoruichi, Suì-Fēng simply jabs once with her free hand, then leaps back; here, she jabs at Yoruichi with both hands and leaps into the air to perform a diving kick before sliding back when Yoruichi evades her.
  • In the manga, after identifying Yoruichi to Suì-Fēng, the man beside her asserts that Suì-Fēng will serve Yoruichi with her life and inquires if Suì-Fēng understands; here, he instead states that the Fēng Family devotes everything to Yoruichi, which is the fate of both Suì-Fēng's family and Suì-Fēng herself.
  • In the manga, Suì-Fēng changes her name to match that of her great-grandmother; here, the man beside her during the royal procession informs her that she will be known by the name Suì-Fēng from that day forward and live only to serve Yoruichi.
  • In the manga, Suì-Fēng noting that her promotion to Yoruichi's guard after seven years of service in the Onmitsukidō came during her first proper meeting with Yoruichi; here, it takes place before the meeting.
  • In the manga, the panel depicting Yoruichi and Suì-Fēng battling together had Suì-Fēng blocking the claws of a Hollow; here, she does not perform such a feat.
  • In the manga, sometime prior to Yoruichi's disappearance, Suì-Fēng cuts her hair to its current shorter length; here, she does not.
  • In the manga, when Suì-Fēng attacks Yoruichi after her flashback, she does so on the ground with a jab of her left hand enhanced by the swirling wind-like Kidō of her Shunkō; here, she instead leaps into the air and unleashes an energy blast.
  • In the manga, Yoruichi and Suì-Fēng remain on the ground for the remainder of the fight after Suì-Fēng's flashback; here, Yoruichi leaps into the air and Suì-Fēng follows suit, where she claims that she will never forgive Yoruichi for what she did, after which Yoruichi attacks her and they somehow end up standing on the ground once more.
  • In the manga, upon being informed that Ichigo is the one fighting Byakuya, Iba questions if Ichigo is a member of the Eleventh Division; here, he simply does not recognize the name.
  • In the manga, when resuming his duel with Iba, Ikkaku remains on the low ground; here, he moves to the high ground while Iba is thinking about the fight between Ichigo and Byakuya.
  • In the manga, when Ichigo finally learns how to fire the Getsuga Tenshō at will, he is still fighting Zangetsu's clones; here, he is not fighting anyone and is simply practicing the move.

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