Seireitei Communication
Kanji 瀞霊廷通信
English Court of Pure Souls Correspondence
Romaji Seireitei Tsūshin
Headquarters 9th Division Barracks
Affiliation 9th Division, Soul Society
Purpose Publication of the Seireitei Communication magazine

The Seireitei Communication (瀞霊廷通信, Seireitei Tsūshin; lit. "Court of Pure Souls Correspondence"), or Seireitei Communication Monthly, is a magazine released in Soul Society. The publication of the magazine is part of the duties of the 9th Division.


The monthly magazine is printed by the Reishi Printing Company[1] and costs 380 Kan for regular issues.[2] However, the price of special issues vary, with the special mid-summer edition that featured the Ryoka Invasion costing 680 Kan.[3] The magazine is printed on paper that is 100% Reishi and can be subscribed to for delivery straight to your doorstep. As an incentive for subscription, the magazine offered a sake-flavored rice cake dessert as a gift in their special mid-summer edition.[1] The magazine conducts reader survey of content, including new features using special postcards. However, the magazine does not accept survey information delivered by Jigokuchō.[4]


According to Yamamoto, the Seireitei Communication magazine was founded to raise morale and build solidarity among Shinigami and has been continuously published for more than a thousand years. The magazine used to be published using a gariban, which used special stencils made from wax paper and ink drums were used used to print the copies of the magazine. The drums made the sound "gari-gari", which gave rise to the name "gariban".[5]

Yamamoto also mentioned that while messenger services are common today, this was not the case in the past and the only modes of communication were the Riteitai or by Jigokuchō. However, he cuts off by stating that he is going off topic and it is therefore, unknown if the difficulty in communication and delivery in the past had something to do with the magazine.[5]

Editing Department


Editing Department

The Editing Department (瀞霊廷通信編集部, Seireitei Tsūshin Henshūbu; lit. "Court of Pure Souls Correspondence Editorial Department") is located in 2-5-10 Ryūsei, District 1, Seireitei, 119-0163.[1]




Other Known Members

  • IShin'ōe Sannen - Design and Layout [1]
  • Takehiko Higashiyama (Freiheit) - Layout[1]
  • Shunji Harigane (Arrancha) - Layout[1]
  • Akira Ichibanboshi - Articles [1]
  • Umiomi Itō - Articles [1]
  • Shigeru Daidō - Articles [1]
  • Hiroyuki Yagamo - Articles [1]
  • Hiroyuki Ishishiro (Nōdō) - Articles [1]
  • Mizuhō Hayakawa (Kurōbādō) - Articles [1]


  • Renji Abarai, author of Let's Do Shikai, a much-touted, three-part series in which Renji gave tips on the essentials of battle. [6]
  • Sōsuke Aizen, author of a now suspended column The Yin of the Pine Needle.[7]
  • Yumichika Ayasegawa, author of Are you okay with that?[8] and Good morning to you[9]
  • Shūhei Hisagi, author of the serialized article Please Teach Me! Shūhei Sensei!! (教えて修兵先生, Oshie te Shūhei Sensei). It had a dreadful debut, coming third least popular. When Hisagi discovered Rangiku's responses for his article, he did not leave the editorial office for three days.[10] The column published three lessons on Shinigami and Soul Society before being canceled.[11] He is also the author of This Hand, That Hand, The Hand Over There and Goodbye To Yesterday's Me.[9]
  • Tōshirō Hitsugaya, in every issue Hitsugaya featured items such as carvings and chairs sculpted from ice in his hugely popular serial Beautiful Crystal. However, the column is currently on hiatus, but is scheduled to resume in due course.[12]
  • Tetsuzaemon Iba, author of Overflowing with Chivalry: the Hiroshima Dialect Cram School (漢だまりで男気あふるる広島弁講座塾, Kan da Mari de Otokoke Afuru ru Hiroshima Ben Kōza Juku) for the Seireitei News's feature, Manly Silence.[13]
  • Gin Ichimaru, author of the now suspended column That's Absurd.[7]
  • Nanao Ise, author of the serialized article Please Don't Get Carried Away (大概にしてください, Taigai ni Shi te Kudasai) which is one of the top three most popular columns and is very popular among the male readers. The column resounds with readers' problems and complaints.[14]
  • Izuru Kira, was given an award for his haiku: "The persimmon tree bears fruit. Aaah, the persimmon tree bears fruit again this year". He also writes a serial novel titled I Want to Apologize to You in which every new chapter begins with a haiku piece. [15] In addition, he writes Kira Izuru's Haiku Time.[9]
  • Sajin Komamura, is the author of A Puppy's Feeling[8] and A Kitten's Feeling.[9]
  • Byakuya Kuchiki, has a column titled All About Etiquette.[2]
  • Rukia Kuchiki, her report on Ichigo titled the Substitute Shinigami Work Diary, along with her illustrations, are slated for publication in the magazine.[16]
  • Mayuri Kurotsuchi, is the author of the surprisingly popular serialized article Medicine for the Brain (脳にキく薬, Nō ni ki ku Yaku) which has information about the practical uses of medicine as well as detailed reports about nearly every experiment he undertakes.[17]
  • Shunsui Kyōraku, author of a very unpopular romance novel titled Rose-colored Path (バラ色の小径, Bara Iro no Shōkei).[18]
  • Ikkaku Madarame, co-authors Manly Silence with Tetsuzaemon Iba.[2] He also has a column of his own titled You're In Luck, You're On A Roll.[9]
  • Rangiku Matsumoto, once contributed pictures of Hitsugaya to the magazine.[19] She is also the author of the column The Many Faces of a Wet Cat in the uncut pages.[8]
  • Suì-Fēng, has a column titled I'll Do Anything to Live[2] and The Road To Assassination.[9]
  • Kaname Tōsen, was the author of the serialized article The Path of Justice (正義の道, Seigi no Michi), which was never canceled despite its unpopularity due to Tōsen's position. The column used to focus on themes like "What is Justice". However, Tōsen had started exploring other ideas like Recipe for Justice (正義のレシピ, Seigi no Reshipi), which contained cooking recipes. As a result, the column started gaining popularity, especially among female Shinigami.[20]
  • Jūshirō Ukitake, the author of the serialized novel Warning of the Twin Fish (双魚のお断り!, Sōgyo no Okotowari) which is an action-adventure novel in which the main character, Sōgyo, fights evil and saves innocent villagers. Sōgyo's catchphrase is "I refuse that!" (そいつはお断りだ!, Soitsu ha Okotowari da!) and is hugely popular among the children in Seireitei. The serial is frequently on hiatus, but when it is in the magazine, it ranks in the top three features.[21]
  • Retsu Unohana, has a column titled 'Tis the Season and another column titled Every Nook And Cranny[9]. Also published recommendations for sweet shops.[2]
  • Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto, author of Got a minute?.[8]
  • Shinigami Women's Association, have provided bonus content in the form of trading cards[8] and printed their Gotei 13 Apptitude Test: Which Division Is Perfect For You? in the magazine.[3]


Seireitei Communication Cover

Reprinted Cover


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