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Seireitei (瀞霊廷, Court of Pure Souls; Viz "Quiet Spirit Court") is in the center of Soul Society.


Seireitei is a circular shiro with four main entrances, ten days walk apart,[1] each guarded by one of the Gatekeepers. These gates are collectively called the Four Great Pure Soul Gates (四大瀞霊門, Shidai Seireimon): these gates are made up of the Northern Black Ridge Gate (黒隆門, Kokuryōmon), the Eastern Blue Stream Gate (青流門, Shōryūmon), the Southern Red Hollow Gate (朱洼門, Shuwaimon), and the Western White Way Gate (白道門, Hakutōmon; Viz "White Road Gate").[2][3] The gates are so heavy that it takes the full might of Jidanbō Ikkanzaka to lift one, while during the Bount-led attack on Seireitei, siege machines were needed to open the gates. There are, however, doors within the gates, to allow passage of individuals when needed, such as when Momo Hinamori first entered the Shin'ō Academy.[4]

The walls of the Seireitei, known as the Seireiheki (瀞霊壁, Pure Soul Wall), are made of Sekkiseki (殺気石, Spirit Reducing Stone), a rare type of stone known to negate all Reiryoku, similar to magnetic lodestones. The stone also forms a spherical barrier around the city, extending above and below, stopping anything spiritual from breaching it from ground level, from the sky or from underground.[5]

The wall that surrounds the Seireitei is commonly held up, only closing down when there is an emergency. When it is not down protecting the Seireitei, the wall protects the Soul King Palace, located in an inner dimension.[6]

Information about the Seireitei is confidential. What is known is that in the center of the Seireitei is a white tower known as the Senzaikyū, where criminals are imprisoned; on the hill adjacent to it is the Sōkyoku, where prisoners are executed. Those permitted to live in the tranquility of the Seireitei are Shinigami and the Noble Houses. Shinigami live in the Division barracks, while high-ranking officers commute from their own homes.[7]

The majority of the residents of Seireitei, nobility and Shinigami alike, do not interact with the citizens of Rukongai. However, residents of Rukongai, like Renji and Rukia, are allowed to apply for the Shin'ō Academy, which is often the only escape from the poorest conditions of Rukongai.

Following the Quincy War 1000 years ago, the Quincy who would later become the Wandenreich fled to the Seireitei and used Reishi to create space in the "shadows", effectively creating a world within the Seireitei, unseen to outsiders. These Quincy were able to move between their world and the Seireitei, as they were technically there to start with. The Wandenreich can absorb the Reishi particles of the Seireitei to reveal their hidden world. [8] The area is known as the Schatten Bereich (影の領域 (シャッテン・ベライヒ), Shatten Beraihi; German and Japanese for "Shadow Realm"), which Yhwach cannot leave for more than a certain period of time before having to retreat.[9]

Seireitei Locations

Illustrated Guide to Seireitei
Ep88Senzaikyu.png Ep57SokyokuHill.png
Senzaikyū (懺罪宮, Palace of Penitence; Viz "Repentance Palace") Sōkyoku Hill
At the center of Seireitei is the large white tower of the Senzaikyū, which is linked to the Sōkyoku Hill where executions take place using the Sōkyoku (双殛, Twinned Punishment)
Ep59Central46Compound.png Ep59Central46InnerCompound.png Ep60Seijōtōkyorin.png Ep125Daireishokairō.png
Central 46 Compound Underground Assembly Hall Seijōtōkyorin Daireishokairō
The Central 46 Compound is a highly restricted underground complex and contains the Assembly Hall of the government of Soul Society and the Seijōtōkyorin, residential district for the Central 46, as well as the Daireishokairō, the repository of all the knowledge and history of the Soul Society
Ep184Shin'oAcademy.png Ep46ZanjutsuHall.png Ep32ShinōAcademy.png Ep46AcademyTrainingField.png
Shin'ō Academy Zanjutsu Training Hall Shin'ō Academy Classroom Kidō Training Field
The Shin'ō Academy is the primary education center for prospective Shinigami. It specializes in teaching the four branches of Shinigami combat: Hohō, Kidō, Hakuda, and Zanjutsu.
Ep227FirstDivisionBarracks.png Ep187YamamotoOffice.png Ep179AmagaiProposesTraining.png Ep227LieutenantsMeeting.png
1st Division Headquarters & Barracks Captain-Commander's Yamamoto's Office Captains' Assembly Hall Lieutenants' Assembly Room
Location of the office & living quarters of the Captain-Commander, as well as the Assembly Hall where he addresses the captain's of the Gotei 13.[10] It is also the location for the lieutenants assembly.[11]
Ep206SecondDivisionBarracks.png Ep312MarechiyoSweepsCourtyard.png Ep312MarechiyoExplainsAbsence.png Ep208NestOfMaggots.png
2nd Division Headquarters & Barracks 2nd Division Courtyard Shihōin Crest Room Nest of Maggots
Location of the office & living quarters of the captain of the 2nd Division/Commander-in-Chief of the Special Forces. Also found within the 2nd Division grounds is the Nest of Maggots, a heavily guarded and secluded from the rest of the division buildings.
Ep182ThirdDivisionBarracks.png Ep168ThirdDivisionBarracksInterior.png
3rd Division Headquarters & Barracks
Location of the office & living quarters of the captain of the 3rd Division
Ep259FourthDivisionBarracks.png Ep257FourthDivisionBarracks.png
4th Division Headquarters & Barracks: Sōgō Kyūgo Tsumesho (綜合救護詰所, Coordinated Relief Station)
Location of the office & living quarters of the captain of the 4th Division and also the primary medical facility of the Gotei 13 and all of Soul Society
5th Division Headquarters & Barracks
Location of the office & living quarters of the captain of the 5th Division
Ep51SixthDivisionBarracksGate.png Ep186SixthDivisionBarracks.png 6thDivision.png Ep241ByakuyaOffice.png
6th Division Headquarters & Barracks Byakuya's Office
Location of the office & living quarters of the captain of the 6th Division
7th Division Headquarters & Barracks
Location of the office & living quarters of the captain of the 7th Division
Ep35EighthDivisionBarracks.png Ep264ShunsuiOffice.png
8th Division Headquarters & Barracks Shunsui Kyōraku's Office/Room
Location of the office & living quarters of the captain of the 8th Division
9thDivision.png Ep138SeireiteiCommunicationEditingDepartment.png
9th Division Headquarters & Barracks Editing Department of the Seireitei Communication magazine
Location of the office & living quarters of the captain of the 9th Division. The 9th Division also controls the editing department of the Seireitei Communication magazine
Ep337TenthDivisionBarracks.png Ep227HitsugayaOffice.png
10th Division Headquarters & Barracks Tōshirō Hitsugaya's Office
Location of the office & living quarters of the Captain of the 10th Division.
Ep227EleventhDivisionBarracks.png Ep303EleventhDivisionBarracks.png
11th Division Headquarters & Barracks
Location of the office & living quarters of the captain of the 11th Division
Ep207TwelfthDivisionBarracks.png Ep210TwelfthDivisionBarracks.png Ep317SRDIEntrance.png Ep78MayuriLaboratory.png
12th Division Headquarters & Barracks Shinigami Research and Development Institute
Location of the office & living quarters of the captain of the 12th Division, also controlled by the 12th Division is the Shinigami Research and Development Institute, which is the primary research and development facility of the Gotei 13 and all of Soul Society. The Charismatic Dr. Mayuri Kurotsuchi's Magical Clinic ((カリスマDr.[ドクター]涅マユリの マジカル☆クリニック, Karisuma Dr.[Dokutā] Kurotsuchi Mayuri no Majikaru Kurinikku) is also run by the 12th Division.
Ep227ThirteenthDivisionBarracks.png Ep138UkitakeRecoveryRoom.png
13th Division Headquarters & Barracks Ugendō (雨乾堂, Rain Dried Hall) Quarters
Location of the office & living quarters of the captain of the 13th Division. Ugendō Quarters is set aside for use by Jūshirō Ukitake, the captain of the 13th Division. He is known to rest there to recover from his frequent bouts of illness.[12] The pond around the Ugendō Quarters is filled with Koi stolen from the Kuchiki Manor by Yachiru Kusajishi.[13]
Ep208KuchikiManor.png Ep208KuchikiFamilyCompound.png Ep180KasumiojiCompound.png
Kuchiki Manor Compound Shihōin Family Manor Compound Kasumiōji Family Manor Compound
Ancestral seat and home of the Kuchiki family. It holds the single most complete and extensive archives detailing the history of Soul Society. Ancestral seat and home of the Shihōin family. Ancestral seat and home of the Kasumiōji family
Ep204GinTonbo.png Ep74ShinigamiHealthLand.png Ep81TigerPharmacy.png
Gin Tonbo (The) Purgatory Company (煉獄商会, Rengoku Shoukai) Shinigami's Health Land (死神健康ランド, Shinigami Kenkō Rando) Tomorrow's Tiger Pharmacy (明日虎薬局, Ashita Tora Yakkyoku)
A store specializing in eye-wear that is very popular among the Shinigami of the Gotei 13.[14] A mail-order business located minutes from Black Ridge Gate.[15] A Spa to which Rangiku once took Hitsugaya.[16] A pharmacy where Rangiku buys her make-up.[17]


The Four Great Seireimon (四大瀞霊門, Shidai Seireimon; Seirei Gates) are protected by the Four Great Seireimon Gatekeepers (四大瀞霊門門番, Shidai Seireimon Monban). They are all giants who have the strength to lift the gates made of Sekkiseki.

Gatekeeper Gate Direction Gate Name
Jidanbō Ikkanzaka West White Road Gate (白道門, Hakutōmon)[18]
Higonyūdō South Red Hollow Gate (朱洼門, Shuwaimon)[18]
Danzōmaru North Black Ridge Gate (黒隆門, Kokuryōmon)[18]
Kaiwan East Blue Stream Gate (青流門, Shōryūmon)[18]


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