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The Sanrei Glove (散霊手套, Sanrei Shutō; lit. "Spirit-Scattering Hand Envelope"; Viz "Scattered Spirits Glove"),[4] also known as the Leiden Hant (苦難の手袋 (ライデンハント), Raidenhanto; German for "Suffering Grip", Japanese for "Glove of Suffering"),[5] is a powerful Quincy item.


It is a white glove which extends up the forearm, stopping two inches from the elbow. It was given to Uryū Ishida by his grandfather and teacher, Sōken Ishida.


The variant worn by Wandenreich members is black with their empire's symbol on the back, and extends only to the wrist.[6]

Mask De Masculine wears a belt instead that serves the same purpose as the glove.[7]

Training Usage

A Quincy's power can be significantly enhanced using the Sanrei Glove.

Uryū holding the Sanrei glove bow.

  1. The glove operates by repelling Reishi, making it far more difficult for the Quincy to summon their Bow. The first step is to simply create the Bow.[8]
  2. Next, a Quincy needs to complete a week of intense training in order to be able to use the glove effectively.[4] This is a difficult task, as the user must keep their bow from dissipating while simultaneously firing arrows as frequently as possible.[8] Even without the glove on, such a feat would be taxing on the wielder, and it eventually causes some injury to the wielder's hands by the end of the week.
  3. After the week of endurance training, any Quincy who is able to successfully utilize their powers while wearing the glove can thus reach much higher levels of power, as they are now far more skilled at collecting Reishi. His/her power, speed, and stamina have now all been increased to a degree which is at least equal to a higher-seated Shinigami officer (3rd seat - 6th seat.)
  • Sōken Ishida referred to the mastery of the Sanrei Glove as the "peak of Quincy power."[4] This training is the basis for the Quincy: Letzt Stil, which may have been what Sōken was referring to.

Bestowed Abilities

Removing the Glove

Sanrei Glove upon Removal.

It is possible to remove the Sanrei Glove, but this is done only as a last resort when the user is facing an opponent beyond their current level of strength. It was only used once during Uryū Ishida's fight against Mayuri Kurotsuchi. The glove completely dissipates after removal, since the user is going beyond their limits as a Quincy. The glove should be removed only in the most desperate of situations or to protect one's pride of the Quincy. After it is removed, one can never use their Quincy powers again, unless they are aided by another Quincy (see below). The Sanrei Glove is the only known way a Quincy can gain access to the powerful Quincy: Letzt Stil.[9]


The only way for a Quincy to regain their powers after using the Quincy: Letzt Stil is to first exhaust themselves both mentally and physically, then be hit exactly 19 mm to the right of their heart with a Heilig Pfeil. After this, a pentacle-shaped scar will form on the point of impact, and their powers will be restored.[10]

Other Abilities

The destruction chips created by the Sanrei Glove.

The Sanrei Glove can be used to create Demolishing Chips (崩壊チップ, Hōkai Chippu; Viz "Collapse Chips"). If activated by the owner's Reiatsu, the Reishi accumulated by the chips will be combined. Uryū is confident that, with enough chips, the resulting mass of Reishi can destroy an entire city.[11]


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