Sajō Sabaku
Kanji 鎖条鎖縛
English Locking Bondage Stripes
Technique Statistics
Type Bakudō
Number 63
Used By Shinigami

Bakudō #63. Sajō Sabaku (鎖条鎖縛, Locking Bondage Stripes; Viz "Ethereal Binding Chain") is a Kidō spell.


Raising his/her palm up to the target, the practitioner closes his/her hand into a fist and calls forth yellow energy, taking a form of very thick rope, which binds the upper body of the target. According to Hachigen Ushōda, physical strength alone should not be enough to break out of this. However, Kensei Muguruma freed himself from this Kidō while in his Hollow form.[1]



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