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Saigo no Getsuga Tenshō (最後の月牙天衝, The Final Moon Fang Heaven-Piercer) is a technique of Ichigo Kurosaki's Bankai, Tensa Zangetsu.


By using this technique, Ichigo becomes Getsuga (月牙, Moon Fang) itself. It is referred to as the "Final" Getsuga Tenshō due to the fact that, once used, Ichigo loses all of his Shinigami powers.[1] For the duration of the ability, Ichigo's hair color turns black and rapidly grows to waist-length. A bluish-gray, bandage-like carapace forms around his torso, right arm, neck, and over the nose and mouth in mask fashion. Black, flame-like markings spread across his chest and wrap around his left arm, and the remains of a tattered black cloak cover his lower body. In this form, Ichigo's body constantly emits smoky black Reiatsu, most of which is focused around his right arm.[2]

Being in this form allows Ichigo to use Mugetsu.[3] Once it is used, the transformation dissipates. Afterwards, he will lose consciousness, accompanied by intense pain, with the loss of his Shinigami powers following. Any remaining Reiryoku will stabilize, and he will awaken some time later (roughly a month), followed shortly by the loss of his remaining Reiryoku.[4] However, when Ichigo lost his Reiryoku, a tiny portion of it accumulated in a single location inside of him over time,[5] and he began to regain it slightly after a year and a half.[6]

Ichigo uses Mugetsu.

  • Mugetsu (無月, Moonless Sky): Generating a blade of deep black Reiatsu in his hand, Ichigo swings it towards his target. Doing so causes a massive veil of black Reiatsu to erupt upwards and approach the target, darkening the sky and heavily damaging anything caught within the blast.[7][8] Afterwards, the energy continues to rise before dissipating into the sky.[9] The technique is strong enough to severely damage Sōsuke Aizen in his strongest evolutionary stage and force him to regenerate at a previous stage.[10]


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