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Ryoka (旅禍, Traveling Evil(s)) is the term the Gotei 13 use to identify those who are not aligned with Soul Society, either allies, rebels, intruders, deserters, or invaders. It is said that no good can come from Ryoka.

Ryoka Invasion

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Left to right, Uryū, Yoruichi (cat form), Ichigo, Orihime and Chad in Seiretei.

During the first Ryoka Invasion, Ichigo and his friends invaded Soul Society and were labeled as Ryoka. Their purpose for invading was the rescue of Rukia Kuchiki.

List of first Ryoka Invaders

Bount Invasion

Main article: Bount Invasion After the Bount broke into Soul Society they too were labeled as Ryoka. Their purpose was the destruction of Soul Society. While the former group also came into Soul Society at this time, they were no longer considered as Ryoka.

List of Bount Invasion Ryoka

Wandenreich Invasion

Main article: Quincy Blood War When an army of Quincy, known as Wandenreich, intruded upon Soul Society to declare war, Mayuri Kurotsuchi labelled them as Ryoka.[1]

List of Wanrendreich Invasion Ryoka


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