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Ryūnosuke Yuki (行木 竜ノ介, Yuki Ryūnosuke) is one of the Shinigami that replaces Zennosuke Kurumadani as the guardian of the Karakura Town area.


Ryūnosuke has black hair and green eyes. He wears a standard Shinigami shihakushō. He has three circular hair clips on the left side and two on the right side of his hair.


Ryūnosuke is a timid and soft person.[1] He is also shown to be nervous and easily gets frightened, this is shown when four large Hollows appeared to attack him.[2] However, he has shown the ability to overcome his fear during critical situations as evidenced by his preparation to take action when Shino was endangered by the said Hollows,[3] or when he was under attack in Soul Society. Furthermore, he is shown to be compassionate as evidenced when he is seen worrying about Ichigo Kurosaki's safety during his battle with Asguiaro Ebern despite having only recently met him.


The Thousand-Year Blood War arc

Ryūnosuke being scolded.

On the day he is scheduled to take over guarding Karakura Town from Zennosuke Kurumadani, a sleep deprived Ryūnosuke arrives late and is told off by Zennosuke. Ryūnosuke explains that he did not sleep due to being nervous about his new assignment. Shino greets Ryūnosuke and tells him to prepare for their mission. He tells her that he is scared about the high rate of Hollows in Karakura Town. Shino scolds him over this attitude. She asks why he doesn't proudly stick out his chest. He is hit for making a comment about how she is flat chested. That evening, Ryūnosuke and Shino are brought to the Human World by Zennosuke, who leaves them after offering them some encouragement. Shino tells a reluctant Ryūnosuke to split up.[4]

Ryūnosuke sees Shino unconscious in the hands of Hollows.

Ryūnosuke quickly finds a Hollow and runs from it, calling for Shino. However, when he finds her, she is being held by a large Hollow. Ryūnosuke draws his sword and decides to save her, but he is attacked and left lying on the ground badly injured. He is saved by Ichigo Kurosaki, who defeats the Hollow and introduces himself.[5]

Ryūnosuke gets a call from Soul Society.

Ryūnosuke wakes up in Ichigo's room and is told he can leave. Orihime arrives, happy that he has woken up. He sits confused as Ichigo and his friends bicker. After some time he screams, noticing that Ichigo is the person he met yesterday. Ichigo comments that he is slow and corrects him saying that he has been asleep for a day. He then remembers Ichigo and the others defeating the Hollows. He is shocked that they were able to defeat the Hollows so quickly despite how strong he heard Ichigo was. Ichigo hands him some bread and tells him to get in his Gigai. Ryūnosuke comments that he shouldn't do that when Shino arrives. He is happy to see her and the two bicker with each other.[6] The pair then look on as Asguiaro Ebern appears in the room and is promptly kicked out a window by Ichigo, wondering who he was.[7]. When Ichigo returns from his short battle with Asguiaro, he gets called by Akon, informing him of the infiltration of the Wandenreich and Chōjirō Sasakibe's death and funeral.[8]

Ryūnosuke about to face a Sternritter.

They later return to Soul Society and are sent to their post. As they are discussing the reason for fighting the Quincy, the 6th Seat of 13th Division Hidetomo Kajōmaru approaches them. He explains them the difference between Shinigami and Quincy and comments the ongoing war.[9] Hidetomo tells Ryūnosuke that the enemy will likely attack via one of the gates and they will receive a warning of their arrival. However, Yhwach appears above them and Ryūnosuke informs Hidetomo that he is already inside the barrier protecting Seireitei.[10] Ryūnosuke looks on as Hidetomo is confronted and struck down by a Wandenreich member.[11]

Ryūnosuke is later notified by Rin Tsubokura that Ichigo is currently heading to Soul Society.[12]

Powers & Abilities


Ryūnosuke's Zanpakutō resembles a regular katana with a light blue hilt and a rectangular tsuba.[13]

Appearances in Other Media

Novel Appearances
Letters From The Other Side
The Honey Dish Rhapsody
Spirits Are Forever With You
The Death Save The Strawberry
Can't Fear Your Own World

  • In Bleach: WE DO knot ALWAYS LOVE YOU, set three years after the Quincy Blood War, Ryūnosuke is revealed to have survived the conflict and resumed his duties in Karakura Town. He briefly returns to Soul Society to deliver Kisuke Urahara's gift for Rukia Kuchiki and Renji Abarai's wedding. He is introduced to the pair by his brother, Rikichi Yuki. Rukia recognizes him, is shocked by his presence, and questions why he is not still stationed on duty. He explains that he is delivering a gift from Urahara, and that Tessai Tsukabishi is aiding Shino while he is gone. Rukia accepts this, but still seems nervous by his presence for some reason. When the gift is opened a holographic recording of Urahara suddenly appears, and Ryūnosuke ducks down in fear. After the recording has ended, it's revealed that Ryūnosuke was once inspired by Urahara, but no longer is due to the pranks the latter has played on him the past few years.[14]


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