Ryōdoji Family
Family Head Ganryū
Affiliation Seireitei, Soul Society

The Ryōdoji (龍堂寺, Ryōdoji) Family was once a noble family in Soul Society who were exiled from their position 1,000 years ago. They are now known as The Dark Ones.[1]


The Ryōdoji Family was known as the House of Ryōdoji (龍堂寺, Dragon Hall Temple) during their stature as one of the Noble Houses in Soul Society. After their banishment, the title of "Fallen" was affixed to their name. For an unknown reason, the Ryōdoji family fell from their high status position, and were exiled from Soul Society forever. Soon after this point they rid themselves of their affiliation to Soul Society, becoming known as The Dark Ones. After their banishment from Soul Society, the Ryōdoji Family's last surviving members, united by Ganryū, sought refuge in the Dangai, before coming across the Valley of Screams. As a result of their banishment from Soul Society, the Ryōdoji Family sought the destruction of their former home, utilizing the powers of the beings who resided in the Valley, known collectively as Blanks.[1]

Clan Structure


Family Members

(† = confirmed death)

Ryōdoji Family
Name Relation Status
GanryūHead of the Ryōdoji Family and leader of the Dark Ones.Deceased †
RiyanMember of The Dark Ones and Ganryū's second in command.Deceased †
JaiMember of The Dark Ones.Deceased †
BeninMember of The Dark Ones.Deceased †
BauMember of The Dark Ones.Deceased †
MueMember of The Dark Ones.Deceased †


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