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This article contains information from anime sources that were not written by Tite Kubo and therefore are not considered canon material by the wiki.

Fried (フリード, Furīdo; German for "Protection") is the Doll of Ryō Utagawa.[1]


Fried is a medium-size golden snake with black horizontal stripes along her back and two inward-curving vertical stripes on the top of her head, green eyes with rectangular pupils, a ridge of four rocky protrusions between her eyes and above her snout, two rows of large and sharp teeth, a long and thin pink tongue with purple gums, and a pale tan underbelly. Her crest takes the form of a golden pocket watch on a chain emblazoned with the Bount crest; Utagawa summons her by withdrawing the watch from his vest pocket and flaring the chain outward with a swing of his hand, causing it to transform into the tail and body of Fried while the watch itself becomes her head.[1]


Fried is vicious, sadistic, and remorseless like Ryō Utagawa himself; per the latter, the two are of one mind and body.[2] She is largely loyal to Utagawa and is happy to follow his commands,[1][2][3] but is quick to anger and will not always listen to him when enraged.[1] Additionally, Fried considers herself a realist where Utagawa is an idealist regarding the behavior of others,[2] and is not above threatening to stop lending her power to Utagawa if he shows any sign of weakness or is injured in battle.[3]


Bount arc (anime only)[]

Note: Events occurring in this arc are only in the anime and do not constitute canon material.


Fried has her snakes constrict Goethe.

When Ryō Utagawa tracks down Yoshino Sōma fighting Ichigo Kurosaki with her Doll, Goethe, Fried turns nearby pipes into snakes that leap into the air and constrict Goethe while he is creating a massive fireball, causing him to burst apart and disperse in flames. Baring her fangs at Ichigo when he tries to interrogate Utagawa, Fried restrains Yoshino's legs and wrists at Utagawa's behest when she tries to summon Goethe once more, and after turning another pipe into a snake to attack Ichigo as he continues to try to get answers out of them, Fried wraps herself fully around Yoshino and allows Utagawa to pull the two of them up to a nearby rooftop, where he runs off.[1]


Fried takes the woman hostage for Utagawa.

The next day, Utagawa summons Fried once more when Ichigo and his friends find him attempting to consume a woman's Soul in a parking lot. Having carved several gouges into the concrete with the tail of Fried, Utagawa has her create snakes from within them to attack Ichigo's group and Fried demonstrates the potency of her ability by turning Orihime Inoue's purse strap into a snake as well.[1] After generating more snakes, Fried has one of them wrap itself around the unconscious woman to use her as a hostage, and when Uryū Ishida offers himself up as a replacement hostage, Fried has the snake restraining him slam his head into the ground.[2]


Utagawa turns Fried into a blade to fight Ichigo.

Utagawa and Fried explain that she did this due to her realistic outlook on how Ichigo's group was planning to work around the hostage situation before being interrupted by Yoshino, who attacks them with Goethe and rescues Uryū. Angered by this, Utagawa has Fried create even more snakes to attack Ichigo and his friends, but Fried is forced to shield Utagawa and retreat alongside him when Ururu Tsumugiya arrives and blasts them with her Senren Bakusatsu Taihō.[2] Two days later, when Ichigo and his friends attack the Bount Mansion, Utagawa initiates a duel with Ichigo in the main hall after he protects his friends from Fried, where he turns Fried into a blade to attack with.[3]


Utagawa has Fried steal what he believes to be Jin Kariya's crest so he can lead the Bount.

Once Ichigo succeeds in wounding him despite the defense of Fried, Utagawa decides to get serious and has Fried initiate Snake Net, eventually overwhelming Ichigo with the onslaught of snakes produced wherever he moves. However, Ichigo withstands this using his Reiatsu and responds to Fried attacking him with another surge of snakes by firing a Getsuga Tenshō that tears through the horde. In the aftermath of this, Utagawa has Fried steal what he believes to be Jin Kariya's crest so he can wrest leadership of the Bount away from him, but Kariya proves that he still has his crest by deflecting Fried with a barrier; following this, Fried dies alongside Utagawa when Maki Ichinose brutally assaults and kills him for betraying Kariya.[3]

Powers & Abilities[]


Fried displays her strength by restraining Yoshino.

Enhanced Strength: Fried possesses considerable strength, allowing her to be used as a means of restraint and capture by Ryō Utagawa; when tasked with apprehending Yoshino Sōma, a Bount with noticeably superhuman strength herself, Fried bound her legs, wrists, and eventually her entire body without visible effort despite Yoshino's struggles and easily hoisted her into the air when Utagawa pulled her to a rooftop.[1] She can also leap considerable distances without aid from Utagawa.[3]


The durable hide of Fried protects Utagawa.

Enhanced Durability: The hide of Fried is incredibly resistant to damage; she can easily break and dislodge concrete when whipped toward it,[1] endure intense heat without injury, protect Utagawa from the powerful blasts of Ururu Tsumugiya's Senren Bakusatsu Taihō,[2] and withstand a direct strike from Ichigo Kurosaki's Shikai, Zangetsu, unharmed in both her snake and shield form.[3]

Size Manipulation: Fried can freely alter her size from being just a few feet long to extending over several meters in length, which allows her to effectively restrain opponents and be used as a long whip by Utagawa.[1]


Utagawa uses Fried as a blade, a whip, and a shield.

Multi-Functional Weapon: Due to her control over her shape, Fried can be reshaped into multiple different weapons for offense and defense:
  • Whip: When engaging others in direct combat, Utagawa most commonly uses Fried as a long and powerful whip whose movement can completely cover an area around him several feet in diameter,[3] with her tail becoming an arrow-like point that can sever telephone wires and leave deep gouges in solid concrete.[1][2]
  • Shield: Fried can coil herself tightly to form a protective barrier; either by forming a flat circle in front of his hands that he can use to block projectile or melee attacks[2][3] or by wrapping herself around Utagawa's body to completely envelop him so that he can be effectively shielded from a barrage of attacks aimed at different parts of his body.[2]
  • Blade: When engaging in close melee combat, Utagawa can morph the lower half of Fried into a medium-length, double-edged blade widening toward the hilt that is strong enough to clash evenly with Ichigo's Zangetsu.[3]

Fried uses Snake Animation.

Snake Animation: Fried can turn any inanimate object that either she strikes or Utagawa concentrates on into large snakes that resemble gray versions of herself; she generally uses this ability on elongated objects like pipes, ropes, and cracks in the concrete formed by her strikes, with the created snakes tending to retain the size of their original form. She can control dozens of these snakes at a time and commonly uses them to attack, restrain, ensnare, and defend her targets. If the snakes are cut or destroyed in any way, they revert to a damaged form of the original object she used to create them, like broken rocks or bent pipes.[1][2]

  • Poisonous Venom: According to Utagawa, these snakes have highly poisonous venom that can be used to disfigure victims.[2]

A wave of snakes produced by Snake Net attacks Ichigo.

  • Snake Net (スネーク ネット, Sunēku Netto): After creating numerous cuts and gouges in the area surrounding Utagawa, Fried can initiate this technique, causing a large, glowing, eight-pointed pentagram to appear beneath Utagawa's feet. Once this ability is activated, whenever Utagawa's opponent takes a step or reappears near him, another glowing, eight-pointed pentagram will appear beneath their feet and a large wave of snakes will spawn from it to surge toward the opponent, forcing them to keep moving and preventing them from effectively attacking Utagawa himself. Eventually, the sheer mass of snakes will overwhelm the opponent and slam into them to crush them against a nearby surface.[3]


  • (To Utagawa) "How sloppy of you. I don't see why I should give you my strength if you're going to be so weak."[3]


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