The Cursed Cockatiel


Ichigo Kurosaki vs. Shrieker

Rukia Kuchiki & Yasutora Sado vs. Shrieker

The Death Trilogy Overture: Death & The Strawberry


Karakura Town, Human World

Powers & Abilities



  • Superhuman Strength
  • Artillery
  • Tuning Fork Bomb
  • Flight
Damage Sustained/Casualties

Rukia Kuchiki is injured. Yasutora Sado is injured.

Shrieker is uninjured.

Rukia Kuchiki & Yasutora Sado vs. Shrieker is a battle involving Rukia Kuchiki and Yasutora Sado against the Hollow named Shrieker after Sado acquires a cursed cockatiel whose previous owners have all died horrible deaths (the bird actually being the container for the spirit of a dead child, placed there by Shrieker as bait). It is Sado's first fight against a Hollow despite his inability to see it and Rukia's first fight against a Hollow with Sado.



Chad saves everyone from the falling girder.

A few days after Ichigo Kurosaki becomes a Shinigami, Sado is talking with his friends Gitano Shigeo and Harutoki Ide. Harutoki explains that he has come upon a cockatiel. He offers the bird to both of them as he is scared to have it. The bird is apparently cursed as all of its owners have died horrible deaths. As Shigeo tells Sado to not take the offer, an enormous steel beam suddenly falls on them. Sado, however, protects his friends by catching the beam with his back. As both Shigeo and Harutoki express their concern, the bird thanks Sado for saving him and gives its name while asking for Sado's name. Sado responds back.[1] The next day, Sado goes to school and brings the cockatiel with him. Ichigo, Rukia and their friends learn that Sado has apparently taken several injuries. Ichigo notices that the bird has a spirit inside of it. Rukia also notices, but tells Ichigo not to worry, thinking it is probably a lonely spirit and nothing dangerous. However, she does tell Ichigo that it should be sent to the afterlife tonight as it could become a Hollow.[2] Later that day, Ichigo encounters Sado again who has come into the Kurosaki Clinic because of serious injuries on his back. Upon seeing Sado's injuries, Ichigo immediately senses that the injuries came from a Hollow. Sado is laid down to rest, but runs away from the Clinic with the cockatiel while Ichigo confirms with Rukia that Sado's wounds feel to be from a Hollow.[3]


Shrieker sneaks-up on Rukia.

After learning that Sado is gone, Ichigo leaves with Rukia to try and track him down. As Ichigo expresses his frustration that they will only be able to find Sado after the Hollow has attacked, he comes up with the idea to track Sado down by sensing the spirit's Reiryoku that dwells inside the bird. Although Rukia tries to tell Ichigo that it cannot be done, Ichigo quickly surprises her by using Reiraku. Sado is then revealed to be hiding in a factory. As he converses with the spirit on whether they finally escaped from the Hollow, Sado senses that the Hollow found them. He tells the spirit that he will definitely save the spirit's mother. Sado then encounters Rukia and Ichigo, but runs from them. While Sado runs, the two also come upon Karin Kurosaki. Rukia offers for Ichigo to take Karin home while she gives chase after Sado.[4] Rukia gives chase after Sado and as she does, she finds that she is unable to keep up because her Gigai's physical abilities are equivalent to a "normal" Human. As she starts running out of breath, Shrieker suddenly appears behind her. He tells her that she smells nice. Turning her head back, Rukia notices Shrieker. Shrieker goes on; stating that she has a very tasty scent and so tells Rukia to let him eat her soul. As Shrieker moves to attack, Rukia curses the fact that she was so busy chasing Sado that she did not watch her back.[5]



Rukia faces-off against Shrieker.

Although Shrieker manages to injure her, Rukia is able to rebound back from the strike. Shrieker is impressed at Rukia's resilience and wonders what she is, since she can see him. Rukia then suddenly surprises Shrieker by kneeing him and getting on top of the Hollow. Rukia proceeds to chant the incantation for Hadō #33, Sōkatsui and blasts Shrieker from behind. Thinking that she had succeeded because her firing the spell means some of her powers were returning, she is surprised to see that her attack had no effect as Shrieker attacks her. Shrieker tells her that he recognizes her spell to be Kidō and taunts Rukia at her spell's ineffectiveness as he felt nothing. Shrieker goes on, deducting that Rukia is a Shinigami which explains her tasty scent. He then recalls that he had eaten the two Shinigami who had come to perform Konsō (Soul Burial) on the "brat" and that they were the tastiest. Rukia asks if he means the spirit inside the cockatiel, to which Shrieker confirms. Rukia then questions why Shrieker is chasing that spirit only for Shrieker to taunt Rukia again, saying that he might tell her if she quietly lets him eat her. Far ahead, Sado notices a sound from behind. Yūichi Shibata informs him that it is Rukia being attacked by their pursuer. Sado then places the bird cage down and despite Yūichi's protests that he will get killed especially because he cannot see ghosts, runs back to go help.


Shrieker overpowers Rukia.

Meanwhile, Rukia is trapped against the wall by Shrieker's arm. He questions why Rukia is so weak and tells her to get out of her Gigai. Just as it looks as though Shrieker will eat Rukia, Rukia notices a presence. Shrieker is then sent away by a punch to the face by Sado. As Shrieker yells in pain, Sado wonders if he hit him. Rukia is surprised that Sado hit Shrieker and questions if he can see Hollows. However, this is quickly disproved by Sado's attacks on empty space. Shrieker is relieved to find this out. He had been surprised for a moment, but concludes that it is a mere fluke. Suddenly, Sado's punch connects and hits Shrieker right in the face. Sado confirms to himself that he did hit him. Rukia is shocked at Sado's apparent lack of fear against an enemy that he cannot sense as while normal Humans can touch Hollows and Shinigami because of their high density spirit bodies, they cannot see or hear them.


Sado uses a telephone pole to battle Shrieker.

Shrieker, slightly irritated by Sado's attacks, decides to take to the air. He then taunts them, laughing that they will not be able to attack him when he is in flight. Rukia then yells at Sado to not space out and run away because Shrieker is flying. Sado does not retreat, instead voicing his surprise that Rukia can see ghosts. He then interrupts Rukia's statement of their inability to attack from this distance and asks where. Rukia is slightly confused to which Sado asks which direction Shrieker is in since he is flying. Still confused, Rukia asks what he can do if he knows that. As Shrieker continues to taunt the two, wondering if he ought to attack like a falcon, he is suddenly surprised by Sado again. Sado answers Rukia's question by using his super-human strength to lift up a telephone pole. Again, Sado asks which direction and Rukia tells him to just swing down. Sado then swings the pole like a bat and knocks Shrieker down to the ground.[6]


Shrieker's creatures.

As Rukia and Sado stand before the fallen Hollow, Rukia tells him to give up and stay still as another Shinigami is coming to get rid of him soon. Shrieker, however, simply begins chuckling. As Rukia asks Shrieker what he finds so funny, Shrieker tells her that it is nothing. He then states that he is wondering that if she had not thought about why he had been able to kill and devour two Shinigami until now. Rukia, however, still does not understand and Shrieker expresses his exasperation on how the carelessness of the Shinigami allow them to be defeated by Hollows. Suddenly, Rukia and Sado notice that they are surrounded. Both are trapped by the Hollow-like creatures. Shrieker goes on to boast on how he has gained the advantage and how simple-minded the Shinigami are in assuming that he fights alone. He then asks the two who should he eat first.


Sado throws off the little creatures.

Sado though, is able to completely throw off the creatures with his bare strength alone. Shrieker is once again utterly surprised by Sado's superhuman strength and just barely dodges Sado's punch. Shrieker is impressed by Sado's acute senses despite not being able to see him. Rukia then calls for Sado to kick away all the Hollow creatures holding her down. Seeing that his "prey" have gotten back on their feet, Shrieker appears to give some orders to some of the Hollow creatures and takes flight. As Sado tries to attack, Rukia calls for him to stop as Shrieker is in the sky. Wondering how they would reach Shrieker, Rukia tells him to not worry as she has an idea.


Chad prepares to launch Rukia.

Setting themselves up, Sado asks Rukia if she really is going through with this. Rukia affirms her confidence in having Sado use his superhuman strength to toss her into the air. However, they briefly start bickering on the angle for Sado to toss Rukia. Shrieker takes notice of this, but is confident that they cannot reach him because he is above the telephone pole. Yet, Shrieker is shocked to find that Rukia is flying right at him. He then acts as though he will give up, though he was truly bluffing and secretes one of the Hollow creatures from his body. The creatures fire numerous leeches at Rukia and cause her to fall to the ground. Sado successfully catches Rukia, asking what happened.


Shrieker releases his leeches.

Rukia apologizes for being taken by surprise and she realizes that there are leeches attached to her body as she tries to take them off. Shrieker lands back on the ground, confirming Rukia's realization and that those leeches are not ordinary as they are his "targets." He then causes the leeches to explode by vibrating his fork-shaped tongue, injuring Rukia significantly. Sado, being unable to see the Hollow, asks what just happened. Shrieker explains that the leeches are explosive and explode according to his tongue's vibrations, boasting that it was careless to think flying was his only ability. Shrieker then reveals that he had successfully recaptured Shibata's birdcage. Confused on why Shibata's birdcage was there, Shibata tells him that he has been captured.


Shibata is held hostage.

Keeping Shibata as a hostage, he then tells Rukia to run around so that he can hunt her. Rukia tells Sado to not move as Shrieker will blow up the cage if he makes a move. Concerned, Sado tries to protest, but Rukia tells him that there is no need to worry about her and that she promises to not mess up. Rukia then runs away and tries to dodge Shrieker's Hollow creatures' leech launches. Unfortunately, one of the creatures is able to attach leeches onto her and Shrieker quickly detonates the leeches. Rukia continues to run, despite her injuries causing her to bleed. As Shrieker continues to taunt her, Rukia makes a sudden stop. Confused, Shrieker wonders if Rukia has already given up. Rukia tells him that she has not given up, but that there is no longer a need for her to run.[7]



Ichigo arrives.

Still confused, Rukia tells him that she is going to take Shrieker's advice to retaliate. Ichigo Kurosaki finally intervenes, stepping on Shrieker's head. Rukia and Ichigo then bicker briefly about Rukia's causing Ichigo to worry. Ichigo then jumps off Shrieker's head and introduces himself to Shrieker, preparing to enter combat.[7] Ichigo Kurosaki intervenes and takes over the fight from Rukia. Shibata is taken hostage by Shrieker. Shrieker reveals his abilities as well as how he has been able to slip away from the Shinigami for so long while also injuring Rukia. Shrieker then proceeds to battle against Ichigo while Rukia and Sado watch on.


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