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Rise of Uryū Ishida is an event taking place during the Quincy Blood War, focusing on Yhwach declaring Uryū Ishida as his successor and the reactions of several Sternritter to this news.



The Wandenreich gathers before Yhwach.

Three days after the Wandenreich razes the Seireitei, in Silbern, Sternritter "B" Jugram Haschwalth approaches Yhwach sitting on his throne, and when asked about the subject, Haschwalth steps aside so Uryū Ishida can walk forward, now dressed in a Sternritter uniform. Welcoming Uryū as his son, Yhwach invites him to fight together with them.[2] Later, in the cathedral, the Sternritter and Soldat gather before a stage where the Schutzstaffel stand[3] and salute with their Quincy Crosses as Yhwach walks onstage and announces that he has news to share with them.[4]

Shocking Announcement[]


Yhwach announces that Uryū Ishida will be his successor.

Yhwach bids Uryū to come onto the stage, still dressed as a Sternritter. With those assembled wondering why he is here, Yhwach reveals that Uryū, the Last Quincy and survivor, is his successor. The entirety of the Wandenreich is shocked by this, with Sternritter "H" Bazz-B stomping his foot and demanding that Yhwach wait before Haschwalth holds an arm out to stop him. In turn, Yhwach asserts that there is no need for objection or concern because the Wandenreich will learn of Uryū's power in the battles to come prior to departing with him.[5]

Spreading Discontent[]


Bazz-B and the other Sternritter discuss Uryū's appointment with confusion and anger.

Moments later, in a hallway, Bazz-B throws a bottle to the ground hard enough to shatter it and declares that he does not understand this at all before inviting those around him to explain what is happening, but Sternritter "S" Mask De Masculine counters that none of them know either and Sternritter "K" BG9 muses that only Yhwach himself could explain this. Further frustrated by this, Bazz-B refuses to accept the situation, pushes away the attendant offering drinks to them, and leaps between the pillars on one side of the hallway to fall to the floor below, where he tells a bewildered Mask that he intends to enter Yhwach's throne room and talk to him.[6]


Bazz-B confronts Jugram Haschwalth over his lack of protest to Uryū's appointment.

With Mask in disbelief at him believing Yhwach will accept this, Bazz-B suddenly finds Haschwalth standing in his path, and when the latter wonders where Bazz-B is going, Bazz-B asserts Haschwalth should be going somewhere too and brings up how he assumed the latter would be Yhwach's successor, something nearly all of the Sternritter would have accepted without complaint, only for Haschwalth to respond to Bazz-B inquiring about his lack of protest by stating that Yhwach's word is everything, which leaves him no room to complain. Calling him cowardly for this, a disappointed Bazz-B demands Haschwalth give up his position to him.[7]


Haschwalth and Bazz-B are prevented from fighting by Askin Nakk Le Vaar's Gift Ball.

As Bazz-B reasons that Haschwalth must have no problem with Bazz-B taking his position if he is willing to let Uryū be Yhwach's successor, Haschwalth places a hand on his sword and orders Bazz-B to calm down, though a grinning Bazz-B insists that he is far calmer than Haschwalth. However, before either of them can move, a Gift Ball forms between him and Bazz-B, shocking them both while Sternritter "D" Askin Nakk Le Vaar sarcastically praises Bazz-B's calm in not immediately charging in to attack. When Bazz-B questions what he is doing, Askin asserts that he was saving them because fighting is not good and they are being watched.[8]


Uryū drinks a cup of Yhwach's blood to receive a Schrift from him.

With Sternritter "L" PePe Waccabrada chuckling from an alcove above them, Askin walks over and disperses the Gift Ball while telling Haschwalth and Bazz-B to let this go because they cannot gain anything from fighting like this and asserting that it could be poisonous for someone like Haschwalth, whom he addresses as their next emperor. Simultaneously, in his throne room, Yhwach sits before a kneeling Uryū, who drinks his blood from a cup emblazoned with the Wandenreich emblem, and reveals that this has completed the ritual before promising that Uryū's power will awaken soon and that he will have the Schrift of "A", just like Yhwach himself.[9]


Yhwach reveals that Uryū was the only Quincy to survive the Auswählen conducted nine years prior.

Uryū inquires about why he has been appointed as Yhwach's successor, to Yhwach's surprise, and points out how the manner in which Yhwach did this will only create friction among the Sternritter. In turn, Yhwach admits that he is relieved Uryū is not a fool who accepts things blindly, but asserts that it should be obvious if Uryū thinks about it for a moment. With Uryū remaining silent, Yhwach assumes he still cannot figure it out and asks Uryū why he is still alive, to Uryū's shock, before elaborating that every Gemischt Quincy perished under the Auswählen he conducted nine years ago except for Uryū, making him the only one to ever survive the consecration and leading Yhwach to call him the last survivor.[10]


The Bambies confront Bambietta Basterbine over her habit of relieving stress by killing attractive young men.

Concluding that Uryū has some kind of power that exceeds his own and has been named his successor for this reason, Yhwach tells him to accept this because there is no need for doubt and invites Uryū to come with him, which Uryū accepts. Shortly afterward, an exasperated Sternritter "E" Bambietta Basterbine invites Marcel Halpmann, a Soldat, to her room since she needs relief. Shortly after agreeing to do so, a flustered and shirtless Marcel is cut in half by Bambietta. With Bambietta zipping up her top, Sternritter "T" Candice Catnipp chastises her for making such a mess as she, Sternritter "P" Meninas McAllon, Sternritter "G" Liltotto Lamperd, and Sternritter "Z" Giselle Gewelle enter the room.[11]

544Candice is interrupted

Bambietta interrupts Candice Catnipp and Giselle Gewelle's squabbling by blowing a hole through several walls due to her concern about the Wandenreich.

Though Bambietta brushes this off since they make messes too, Liltotto counters that cookie crumbs and blood splatters are not the same thing, Meninas asserts Bambietta could at least do it outside, Candice insists this does not matter and Bambietta needs to do something about her urge to kill attractive men every time she is angry, and Giselle assumes Candice wants to be fraternizing with the men instead. With Candice confronting Giselle over this, the two of them are interrupted by Bambietta blowing a square-shaped hole through the wall nearby that punches through two walls behind it as well, and when a worried Candice responds to her telling them to keep it down because she has a lot on her mind by asking about what is bothering her, Bambietta states she is worried about the future of the Wandenreich.[12]

544Haschwalth returns

Haschwalth returns to his private quarters in the tower behind Silbern and is met by his attendant, who voices concern over Uryū's appointment.

Simultaneously, in the tower behind Silbern, Haschwalth returns to his quarters, where his female attendant welcomes him back. Though Haschwalth instructs her to rest since it is late, the attendant brings up Yhwach's announcement and suggests Haschwalth should provide his counsel on the matter to Yhwach. When Haschwalth inquires about her lack of approval for Uryū's appointment, the attendant questions if Haschwalth does approve, leading Haschwalth to inform her that this was Yhwach's wish and point out how naming his successor in this manner was guaranteed to breed unrest among the Sternritter, which means Yhwach fully intended to cause this reaction because it will create great scrutiny that will be focused on Uryū. After elaborating that this will prevent Uryū from making any move against Yhwach regardless of who he is, what power he possesses, or what he plans to do, Haschwalth concludes that Uryū's only path now is to dedicate himself to Yhwach's will.[13]


Haschwalth calls the Sternritter to a meeting and informs them of Yhwach's ruling about stolen Bankai.

Some time later, within the Wörtlich hall of Silbern, Haschwalth sits at the end of a long table across from his fellow Sternritter, where Sternritter "N" Robert Accutrone questions why they have been ordered to defeat the captains whose Bankai they stole and BG9 points out that the Soldat should be able to handle such powerless Shinigami. In response, Haschwalth asserts that the Shinigami can also have their pride taken and brings up Yhwach's assumption that the captains who have lost their Bankai will use the limited time available to them to compensate by training their other powers.[14]


Bambietta promises to kill Sajin Komamura and anyone else in her way.

Noting that the captains believe they can win without Bankai and reclaim their Bankai in the process, Haschwalth concludes that striking down both their pride and Zanpakutō at once to etch true defeat into the hearts of the Shinigami is Yhwach's intention. In response, Äs Nödt muses that this disturbing plan sounds fun and Bambietta promises to kill 7th Division Captain Sajin Komamura and anyone else who gets in her way before Haschwalth reiterates Yhwach's order for them to annihilate the enemy instantly.[14]



Yhwach, Haschwalth, and Uryū look over the Seireitei, now replaced by the Wandenreich city, as the Wandenreich's second invasion of Soul Society commences.

Days later, the Wandenreich's Schatten Bereich engulfs the buildings, encircling wall, and Shakonmaku of the Seireitei, replacing the entire city with the Wandenreich's city while Yhwach, Uryū, and Haschwalth stand atop Silbern. In the SRDI, 12th Division 3rd Seat Akon and Hiyosu struggle to understand what is happening due to their measuring equipment delivering impossible readings. As Akon realizes the Seireitei is gone, Yhwach asks Uryū if he knows the Kaiser Gesang, which Uryū recites as the confined Quincy king regaining his heartbeat in 900 years, his mind after 90 years, and his strength after 9 years. However, Yhwach reveals there is a fourth verse stating that the king will regain the world in 9 days and invites Uryū and Haschwalth to join him in the last nine days.[15]


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