Kanji 帰刃 (レスレクシオン)
Rōmaji Resurekushion
English Spanish for "Resurrection"

Japanese for "Returning Blade"

Technique Type Arrancar Technique
User Arrancar

Resurrección (帰刃 (レスレクシオン), Resurekushion; Spanish for "Resurrection", Japanese for "Returning Blade") returns the essence of an Arrancar's offensive Hollow abilities to their humanoid bodies.[1]


Arrancar usually seal the nuclei of their abilities within the form of a sword, which is entirely different from what the Shinigami use. When they release their weapons' seals, they unleash their true power and their true form.[2] The only time they can return to Human form is when they reseal their powers in sword form. Changing their form without resealing their powers in a sword is the same as burning off an arm, and if they were to discard part of their released form, while in it, they can never return to normal again.[3]

Most known Resurrección give the Arrancar user an animal-like appearance, but this is not always the case. While most unreleased Shinigami Zanpakutō take the form of a katana or wakizashi, there is a significantly broader range for Arrancar. Typical examples include a wide variety of melee weapons as sai, axes, or uniquely shaped weapons such as Nnoitra Gilga's double-crescent scythe-esque Zanpakutō. More exotic sealed states include organic appendages such as Aaroniero Arruruerie's Zanpakutō, or even an entire, sentient being such as Lilynette Gingerbuck being the Zanpakutō of Coyote Starrk.

An Arrancar's release drastically increases the combat viability and power of the Arrancar in question, and allows them full access to all of their abilities. The post-release form usually reflects to varying degrees what the Arrancar looked like as a pure Hollow. A Resurrección restores an Arrancar to its "true" form, resulting in significantly various increases in speed, strength, stamina, durability and spiritual power, as well as allowing access to both more powerful variations of previous techniques and completely new abilities. Some Arrancar even gain new weapons as a part of their released form.

Kisuke Urahara and Mayuri Kurotsuchi liken an Arrancar's Resurrección to a Shinigami's Bankai, as they both are manifestations of the respective individual's increase of power, and cannot be repaired if damaged while in full release. The difference is that since a Hollow's power is equivalent to poison for a Quincy, they cannot medalize a Resurrección the same way they can a Bankai.[4] Additionally, upon using their Resurrección, an Arrancar's Reiatsu transforms into that of a Hollow, making them especially dangerous to Quincy.[5]

Resurrección: Segunda Etapa

Ulquiorra Cifer, the 4th Espada, has demonstrated the ability to attain a second form of Resurrección called Segunda Etapa (刀剣解放第二階層 (レスレクシオン・セグンダ・エターパ), Resurekushion Segunda Etāpa; Spanish for "Resurrection: Second Stage", Japanese for "Sword Release: Second Level"; Viz "Second Stage Resurrection"), and to date he is the only member of the Espada capable of the transformation.[6]

Known Resurrección

Name Sealed Form Release Command
Ira (憤獣(イーラ), Īra; Spanish for "Anger", Japanese for "Angry Beast")[7]KatanaBe Enraged[7]
Los Lobos (群狼 (ロス・ロボス), Rosu Robosu; Spanish for "The Wolves", Japanese for "Wolf Pack")[8]Lilynette GingerbuckKick About[8]
Arrogante (髑髏大帝 (アロガンテ), Arogante; Spanish for "Arrogant", Japanese for "Great Skull Emperor")[9]Battle AxeRot[10]
Tiburón (皇鮫后 (ティブロン), Tiburon; Spanish for "Shark", Japanese for "Imperial Shark Empress")[11]Hollow SwordDestroy[12][13]
Gamuza (羚騎士 (ガミューサ), Gamyūsa; Spanish for "Chamois", Japanese for "Antelope Knight")[14]KatanaDeclare[15][16]
Murciélago (黒翼大魔 (ムルシエラゴ), Murushierago; Spanish for "Bat", Japanese for "Black-Winged Great Demon")[17]KatanaEnclose[18][19]
Santa Teresa (聖哭螳螂 (サンタ テレサ), Santa Teresa; Common Spanish language name for "Mantis religiosa", or in English, "Praying Mantis", Japanese for "Sacred Crying Mantis")[20]Scythe-like WeaponPray[20]
Pantera (豹王 (パンテラ), Pantera; Spanish for "Panther", Japanese for "Panther King")[21]KatanaGrind[22][23]
Trepadora (蔦嬢 (トレパドーラ), Torepadōra; Spanish for "Climbing Vine", Japanese for "Ivy Girl")[24]KodachiStrangle[24]
Brujería (呪眼僧伽 (ブルヘリア), Buruheria; Spanish for "Witchcraft", Japanese for "Sangha of the Bewitching Eyes")[25]KatanaSuppress[26]
Fornicarás (邪淫妃 (フォルニカラス), Forunikarasu; Spanish for "You Will Fornicate", Japanese for "Lewd Concubine")[27]KatanaSip[28][27]
Glotonería (喰虚 (グロトネリア), Gurotoneria; Spanish for "Gluttony", Japanese for "Eating Hollow")[29][30]Tentacle AppendageDevour[30]
Privaron Espada
Name Sealed Form Release Command
Giralda (暴風男爵 (ヒラルダ), Hiraruda; Spanish for "Weather Vane", Japanese for "Storm Baron")[31]KatanaWhirl[32]
Golondrina (車輪鉄燕 (ゴロンドリーナ), Gorondorīna; Spanish for "Swallow", Japanese for "Car Wheel Iron Swallow")[33]Whip VariationRip Off[34]
Dragra (龍拳 (ドラグラ), Doragura; Japanese for "Dragon Fist")[35]Knuckle DaggersUnknown
Name Sealed Form Release Command
Águila (空戦鷲 (アギラ), Agira; Spanish for "Eagle", Japanese for "Sky Battle Eagle")[36]KatanaScalp[36]
Reina De Rosas (宮廷薔薇園ノ美女王 (レイーナ・デ・ロサス), Reīna de Rosasu; Spanish for "Queen of Roses", Japanese for "Beautiful Queen of the Palace Rose Garden")[37]KatanaSparkle[38]
Pinza Aguda (蟄刀流断 (ピンサグーダ), Pinsagūda; Spanish for "Sharp Pincer", Japanese for "Crab Sword Cutting Current")[39]KatanaEngrave the Surface of the Water[40]
Tigre Estoque (虎牙迅風 (ティグレストーク), Tiguresutōku; Spanish for "Tiger Rapier", Japanese for "Tiger Fang Swift Wind")[41]KatanaBite Off[41]
Calderón (巨腕鯨 (カルデロン), Karuderon; Spanish for "Pilot Whale", Japanese for "Giant-Armed Whale")[42]KatanaBreathe[42]
Mamut (巨象兵 (マムート), Mamūto; Spanish for "Mammoth", Japanese for "Giant Elephant Soldier")[43]KatanaTrample[44]
Cierva (碧鹿闘女 (シエルバ), Shieruba; Spanish for "Doe", Japanese for "Blue Deer Battle Girl")[45]Chakram BraceletsThrust[45]
Leona (金獅子将 (レオーナ), Reona; Spanish for "Lioness", Japanese for "Gold Lion General")[46]Broad SwordDevour[45]
Anaconda (白蛇姫 (アナコンダ), Anakonda; Spanish for "Anaconda", Japanese for "White Snake Princess")[46]SaiStrangle to Death[46]
Verruga (牙鎧士 (ベルーガ), berūga; Spanish for "Wart", Japanese for "Tusked Armored Warrior")[47]Katana VariationCrush[47]
Volcánica (火山獣 (ボルカニカ), Borukanika; Spanish for "Volcanic", Japanese for "Volcanic Beast")[48]KatanaErupt[48]
Tijereta (五鋏蟲 (ティヘレタ), Tihereta; Spanish for "Earwig", Japanese for "Five-Pincered Insect")[49]KatanaSnip[49]
Del Toro (蒼角王子 (デルトロ), Derutoro; Spanish for "Of the Bull", Japanese for "Pale-Horned Prince")[50]KatanaSkewer[50]
Números & Others
Name Sealed Form Release Command
Suzumushi Hyakushiki: Grillar Grillo (鈴虫百式狂枷蟋蟀 (グリジャル・グリージョ), Gurijaru Gurījo; Spanish for "Chirping Cricket", Japanese for "Cricket Hundredth Ceremony: Lunatic Shackles Cricket")[51]KatanaNone[51]
Extinguir (滅火皇子 (エスティンギル), Esutingiru; Spanish for "To Extinguish", Japanese for "Prince of Extinguished Flames")[52]ClaymoreUnknown
Escolopendra (百刺毒娼 (エスコロペンドラ), Esukoropendora; Spanish for "Centipede", Japanese for "Hundred Stings, Poisonous Harlot")[53]DaggerPoison[53]
Árbol (髑髏樹 (アルボラ), Arubora; Spanish for "Tree", Japanese for "Weathered Skull Tree")[54]KatanaGrow[55]

Appearances in Other Media

Name Sealed Form Release Command
Fénix (不滅王 (フェニーチェ), Fenīche; Spanish for "Phoenix", Japanese for "Immortal King")KatanaUnknown
Jabalí (ハバリー, Habarī; Spanish for "Boar")[56]KatanaGet Them[56]
Dientes (ディエンティス, Deienteisu; Spanish for "Teeth")[57]KatanaCrunch[57]
Erizo (エリッソ, Erisso; Spanish for "Hedgehog")[56]ClaymoreStab[56]
Gerifalte (ヘリファルテ, Herifarute; Spanish for "Gyrfalcon")[58]KatanaPollute[58]
Ikomikidomoe Hō'ōraku Hakkei (已己巳己巴 鳳落八景, Hō'ōraku Hakkei means "Eight picturesque views of the Fenghuang's fall")[59]Unique white broadswordNone

Hōgyoku Resurreccións

Bleach: Brave Souls features alternate universe versions of the Espada who have fused themselves with the Hōgyoku, causing them to attain transcended versions of their Resurreccións which resemble their standard released forms while incorporating the Hōgyoku and adding further onto their animal motifs.[60]

Hōgyoku Resurreccións
Espada Special Technique Appearance
Yammy LlargoEl Gigante de la Ira (エル・ヒガンテ・デ・ラ・イーラ, Eru Higante de ra Īra; Spanish for "The Giant of Anger")BBSYammy's Hogyoku Resurreccion
Coyote StarrkRevólver de Los Lobos (レーボルバー・デ・ロス・ロボス, Rēborubā de Ros Robos; Spanish for "Revolver of The Wolves")BBSStarrk's Hogyoku Resurreccion
Baraggan LouisenbairnDestino Arrogante (デスチノ・アロガンテ, Desutino Arogante; Spanish for "Arrogant Destiny")BBSBaraggan's Hogyoku Resurreccion
Tier HarribelDientes de Tiburón (ディエンティス・デ・ティブロン, Deienteisu de Tiburon; Spanish for "Shark Teeth")BBSHarribel's Hogyoku Resurreccion
Nelliel Tu OdelschwanckLanza de Luz Gamuza (ランサ・デ・ルス・ガミューサ, Ransa de Rusu Gamyūsa; Spanish for "Lance of Light Chamois")BBSNelliel's Hogyoku Resurreccion
Ulquiorra CiferTormenta de Murciélago (トルメンタ・デ・ムルシエラゴ, Torumenta de Murushierago; Spanish for "Bat Storm")BBSUlquiorra's Hogyoku Resurreccion
Nnoitra GilgaSanta Teresa Guadaña (サンタ・テレサ・グアダニャ, Santa Teresa Guadanya; Spanish for "Praying Mantis Scythe")BBSNnoitra's Hogyoku Resurreccion
Grimmjow JaegerjaquezPantera Destrucción (パンテラ・デストルクシオン, Pantera Desutorukushion; Spanish for "Panther Destruction")BBSGrimmjow's Hogyoku Resurreccion
Zommari RureauxBrujería Gobernante (ブルヘリア・ゴベルナンテ, Buruheria Goberunante; Spanish for "Witchcraft Ruler")BBSZommari's Hogyoku Resurreccion
Szayelaporro GranzLa Vida Fornicarás (ラ・ビダ・フォルニカラス, Ra Bida Forunikarasu; Spanish for "You Will Fornicate Life")BBSSzayelaporro's Hogyoku Resurreccion
Aaroniero ArruruerieGlotonería Fuerte (グロトネリア・フエルテ, Gurotoneria Fuerute; Spanish for "Strong Gluttony")BBSAaroniero's Hogyoku Resurreccion


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